Disneyland For Adults: 11 Things Every Adult Should Do When At Disneyland!

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Wondering if Disneyland is fun for adults? Well, you aren’t the only one who has asked that question; it’s pretty common for adults to wonder if Disneyland For Adults is a thing or a myth.

You’ll be happy to know that Disneyland wasn’t just made for kids; it was made for everyone! That’s why there are so many types of rides, food, drinks, and attractions that fit different age groups.

Walt Disney wanted Disneyland to be a place for adults and kids to enjoy; this is why Disneyland is awesome for Adults! Now, that you know let’s break down some more reasons why the happiest place on earth is amazing for adults!

Disneyland Galaxy's edge is fun for adults

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7 Reasons Disneyland is Magical for Adults!

1. Walt Disney Created Disneyland For Everyone: Adults and children and everyone in between!

Walt Disney planned to make a park for everyone! Not just children! He was tired of visiting parks with his kids and not having fun himself. So he fixed his problem by creating the famous and original Disneyland park!

Here adults can feel just as welcomed as children can! Plus, there are a variety of attractions, drinks, and food for everyone!

Don’t forget. Mickey Mouse was made for all of us!

2. Have the chance to be a kid again!

One of the best things about visiting the Disneyland parks is that you get to experience what it feels like to be a kids again! Sometimes, all you need a is a break from the reality of life and enjoy a cup of dole whip and ride one of your favorite rides.

For some of u, that moment we step into the parks is making a childhood dream a reality, because we never got the chance to experience Disneyland as a kid. For us that was our story and reason for loving Disneyland so much and ultimately becoming Disneyland Adults.

If you’re wondering what a Disney Adult is, then make sure to read our guide to everything there is to know about Disney Adults!

3. There are rides that you will actually like!

Don’t get us wrong, we love some good ole slow rides like It’s a small world or Ariel’s Grotto, especially when it’s hot outside and we need a break from the scorching elements or dodging sudden rain.

But when we are visiting Disneyland, we have a goal and like most adults who love thrill rides. We are bee lining to the most popular thrill rides at Disneyland!

Sudden Drops, total darkness, loud sounds, and fast roller coasters? Enjoy them all! After all, Disneyland is a place for everyone so have the most fun you can while visiting the most magical place on earth!

Ogas Cantina mixed drinks for adults

4. Try foods and drinks without feeling bad!

This is your trip, so live a little! Enjoy that Disneyland Pickle and Delicious Churro, and don’t for a second feel bad about how much you are spending on them.

Of course, though, always be mindful of your budget, especially if your goal is to budget your trip to Disneyland as much as possible.

Conversely, don’t budget so much that you are not actually enjoying yourself. The whole point of vacation is to have fun and wind down from the everyday stress of what we call life.

Anywho, eat that yummy dessert, and guess what? You don’t have to front your kids that Churros aren’t breakfast food.

5. You can explore Disneyland at your own pace

You don’t have to worry about taking the day slow because the kids are with you. This is your trip, so if you want to Rope Drop and ride every ride possible and do as much as you can in one day. Then gosh, you better do it!

The opposite can be said if you usually have to knock out everything on a Disneyland itinerary. Then maybe this time, focus on what you want and really live in the moment rather than checking a few boxes on your Disneyland bucket list.

6. Experience something new each time you visit

One of the best parts about visiting Disneyland, no matter how many times you go there is always something new to do or try! Whether that be a new seasonal snack or a new attraction, or trying something you normally would never do.

We made this a goal of ours. We always try at least one new item whenever we visit Disney theme parks. Because while we do loveeee our usual Disneyland desserts, sometimes it’s worth a shot to stray from tradition and trying something new!

Worst case, you don’t like it, or it’s not something you would ever do again. But at least you know you tried something new at the parks!

7. Disneybound with style

If you have no clue what Disneybound is, read our complete Guide on Disneybounding. Still, a quick answer is it’s the act of dressing up for the theme parks in a color scheme that matches your favorite characters—for example, matching Minnie Mouse dress color and black tights and having ears.

These are technically regular clothes and not a costume, so you are not breaking the no-costume rule for over 14 park guests. Plus, as long as it follows Disney Park guidelines and you follow the Disney rules, then go for it!

This trend is viral on Tik tok so you can effortlessly search up the word Disneybound and see some cool examples and get inspired!

We know Disneybounding has become controversial because of the actions of some overzealous Disney park guests, but also because sometimes people like to be mean or say mean things about things people love doing.

We don’t see a problem with Disneybounding. Do it! As long as you are following park rules, not impersonating anyone that works for Disney, and don’t confuse the kids. Then why not?

Plus, it’s a load of fun and a way to show off your creativity! We always try to compliment others when we see how awesome their ideas are. We once saw a girl dressed as peter pan, but her rendition was beyond amazing!

Best Time To Visit Disneyland as an adult?

weekdays and not during breaks that align with kids breaks.

Disney California ADventure Park is great for adults

Disneyland or Disney California Adventure for Adults?

Disneyland for the magical nostalgia

Suppose you are all about reliving your childhood and experiencing it again as an adult. Then you will want to choose Disneyland.

The original park is full of magical touches that really cannot and have not been beaten by other later and new Disney park additions.

Walt Disney created Disneyland Park, so it only makes sense why this park would be your first choice if magical nostalgia is your priority while visiting.

Nostalgic reasons you’ll want to make this park your first choice:

  1. Original rides from childhood classic movies and shows
  2. Magical Photo Ops with childhood classics and characters
  3. Delicious Food and scrumptious Desserts and drinks
  4. Better Rides overall
  5. Way more attractions than California Adventure

Best themed land at Disneyland for adults?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Best Experience At Disneyland for adults?

Fantasmic Show

California for the grown-up vibe

  1. Awesome Thrill Rides
  2. Better Food and Drinks
  3. Seems to cater more to adults
  4. Fun festivals that feature eating and drinking around the park 👀

Best Themed Land at Disney California for Grown-ups?

Avengers Campus

Best Experience at Disney California for Grown-ups?

World of Color Show

Why Choose? Park Hopping between both of these might be the choice for you! Depending on your goals and strategy, though!

 This is why you should read our Comprehensive Park Hopping At Disneyland Guide. 
Rise of the resistance

Best Rides for Adults at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

Best thrill ride for adults

Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

Space Mountain

Indiana Jones ADventure


Splash Mountain

Best Interactive ride for adults

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Tok Story Midway Mania

Best Immersive rides

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Soarin Around The World

Star Tours

Radiator Springs Racers

Best rides for adult groups?

Millenium falcon

Web Slingers

Best Chill Rides for grown-ups?

Haunted Mansion

Pirates of the Caribbean

Grizzly river Run

Jungle Cruise

Pixar Pal A Round – Swinging and non swinging


Fantasmic show

Is Disneyland for adults fun?

Disneyland for grown-ups is beyond fun There are so many things you can do at the parks as an adult that you couldn’t do as much or at all as a kid. Let’s look at all the things you can do now!

  • Ride any ride you want! Most likely, you will be over the height requirements for each ride, and you will be old enough to not have to ride with a buddy adult. Plus! you can use Single rider lines, and rider switch incase you have the kids with you!
  • Eat whatever you want, when you want! That’s right, you can gorge on a dozen mickey shaped beignets and then wash it down with a crazy shake. No can tell you no!
  • Drink whatever you want! If you are over 21 then you can help yourself to Disney’s adult beverages like ciders, ales, boozy mixed drinks at Ogas Cantina, mimosas, and wine at Disney California Adventure!
  • Start at the park when you want; it’s your trip, so you don’t have to wake up early unless you want to! The same is valid for staying out till the park closes!
  • Buy whatever your heart desires! From Mickey Mouse ears to that collectible popcorn bucket to that insanely Adorable Disney bag!
  • Enjoy the park at your pace! Whether that means Disney park hopping and riding every ride possible or taking it slow and enjoying the moment.

11 Disneyland for Adults Must Do’s

1. Grab a coffee it’s going to be a long day!

2. Visit during a festival

  • Disney Festival holidays
  • Lunar New Year
  • Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival
    • Sip and savor pass
    • 59 for guest and 54 for magic key holders
    • 8 tabs to enjoy on food items not alcoholic
  • Plaza de la familia

3. Visit during a Disneyland After Dark Event

Disneyland After Dark Events are limited ticketed events that Disney holds throughout the year! They are beyond incredible and will usually be focused on a specific holiday. The ticketed event will take place at either Disney California or Disneyland, the chosen park then closes earlier than usual for the After DArk Event. The Event is 4 hours long and each guest is allowed a 3 hour prepparty park entry to explore before the event!

Some of the most popular after-dark events that take place at Disneyland Resort for 2023 are:

  • Sweethearts nite Event – January/February 2023
  • Princess Nite – March 2023
  • After Dark Star Wars Event – May 2023
  • After Dark Pride Event – June 2023
  • Oogie Boogie Bash – Fall 2023
Downtown Disney Splitsville bowling for adults

4. Explore Downtown Disney!

What we love about Downtown Disney is the amount of things you can do there, especially as an adult! From shopping till you drop, bowling with friends, munching on delicious food, and sipping refreshing drinks.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes – Bowling

Go bowling with friends at the luxurious Splitsville Luxury Lanes; this upscale, retro Bowling Lane venue is much more than just bowling. You’ll be able to grab drinks with friends, munch on some yummy dinner, and beat your friend’s bowling scores.

5. Have a relaxing dinner

Disneyland doesn’t have to be pure thrill rides, Snapping Disney selfies, and theme park food.

You can relax and sip on wine while enjoying a prime dinner while enjoying the scenery and vibes of the resort. We listed our favorite fine dining and regular dining spots under the Dining for Adults overview.

6. Treat yo self with Tenaya Stone and Spa

Located in Disney’s Grand Californian, The Tenaya Stone and Spa is a luxurious spa where you can immerse yourself in various amenities such as head-to-toe pampering with body treatments, massages, a steam room, and a relaxation lounge to relax at after a day at Disneyland.

Plus, you don’t have to be a hotel guest at the Grand Californian to enjoy this wonderful spa; anyone can stop by and unwind.

7. Stay till closing

We think the best time to enjoy the parks is actually at night! After 9 pm, the park will start losing its busy midday crowds, as most families will call it a day around this time. This is the perfect time as adults to explore the park, ride those rides that had never ending queues before, grab a drink at Ogas cantina, or do some last-minute shopping on the main street.

8. Do rope drop

Rope drop is one of the best ways to get on as many rides as possible in a single day. If you plan your rope drop strategy correctly, you can even ride some popular rides twice.

Of course, you could always stay till closing, and the lines are usually smaller, but we highly recommend trying both and seeing what works best for you. Or if you have it in you, do both in a single day.

9. Single rider lines

One of the best parts about being an adult is you don’t have to ride with a group or someone else unless you want to! Which means! You can take advantage of Single Rider Lines! These lines are for guests who are okay with riding with strangers and will fill in the odd number seat on attraction to ensure each vehicle.

10. Pin Trade!

One of the most wholesome parts about Disney parks is the pin trading part! You have probably seen park guests with decorated bags full of pins, Disney lanyards stuffed with pins, and hats adorned with them. It’s a great hobby to get into!

Disney Pins can be bought at pretty much most stores across the resorts. The trick to trading is to trade with a cast member or a park guest.

Want to learn more about the tips and tricks to mastering Disney Pin Trading? Read our Disney Pin Trading Guide!

11. Take a dip at a Disneyland pool

Unlike Disney World which has Water Parks, you can’t just go chill and enjoy a lazy pool at Disneyland Resort. However if are a Disney Hotel guest you can enjoy the amazing pools that the three Disney Hotels Offer!

Plus, there are a variety of Disney Neighbor Hotels that offer pools too! Honestly, a pool is a pool, so we’ll take what we can get.

If you are looking for the Best Hotels with a Pool near Disneyland, read our Disneyland Hotels With Pool Guide!
Dining for adults at disneyland

Disneyland Dining for Adults Overview

Best Places to get Drinks at Disneyland Resort

Ogas Cantina

Where: Disneyland – Galaxy’s Edge

Lamplight Lounge

Where: Disney California Adventure – Pixar Pier

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

Where: Disneyland Hotel

Fine Dining For Adults at Disneyland Resort

  • Carthay Circle Restaurant
  • Wine Country Trattoria
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant
  • Cafe Orleans
  • Plaza Inn
  • River Belle Terrace

The Best Hotels For Adults at Disneyland

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

The Nicest Disney Hotel you can stay at! This hotel is located in the Disneyland Resort and has direct access to Disney California Adventure park.

Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is being renovated right now, but despite that, it’s still a wonderful stay if your goal is Disney!

It’s located across the street from the parks and features a stunning outdoor pool with a small water park, shopping venues, and Trader Sams’ Enchanted Tiki Bar.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel is across the street from the park’s entrances. This hotel also features special access to Disney California Adventure, which is located near Grand California.

This hotel is undergoing some renovations, as they reimagine the hotel to something new 👀.

The Westin Anaheim Resort

The Westin is all things we love about hotels, its luxurious, clean, offers amazing amenities, is super close to Disneyland and the price doesn’t make us want to get a second job.

Don't forget to Book your stay at the Westin Anaheim Resort; it's beyond amazing and fills up quickly!

Hilton Anaheim

We love the Hilton and have stayed at multiple ones across the country, and we are taken care of, even if there are a few hiccups. This hotel specifically is gorgeous and right across the street from Disneyland. The hotel lobby is massive, and you’ll have no problem finding quick snacks, a coffee for the parks, and unwinding down with their hotel amenities.

Looking for a luxury stay that is close to Disneyland? Then book your stay!

Also, if you rent a car from the Enterprise in this location, it’s located in this lobby. It isn’t clear to find based on maps, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.

World of color show

Disneyland for Grown-ups FAQ

Is Disneyland good for adults?

Disneyland is fantastic for adults; there are various things to do that are super fun for adults. Like riding the biggest thrill rides, enjoying beverages and adult beverages, shopping, relaxing at a spa, and more!

Which Disneyland Park is best for adults?

Disney California Adventure Park has a more grown up vibe with thrill rides, adult beverages, and better food!

What is the deal with Disney adults?

Disney Adults are grown-ups who love all things, Disney, they have recently come under scrutiny because of the adverse impact they have on the parks and their so called “cringe” obsession with Disney.

Why is Disneyland fun for adults?

Disneyland is fun for adults because Walt Disney imagined Disneyland for everyone to enjoy. It has a variety of amenities, attractions, drinks and food that are suitable for adults and keeps them coming back.

What is there at Disneyland for adults?

Disneyland has adult beverages, tasty food, thrill rides, fantastic entertainment, and hotels that suit the adult demographic.

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