Disneyland Holiday Desserts & Holiday Drinks: What You Need To Try!

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Disneyland parks always have so many holiday-themed desserts that will put you in the jolliest of spirits! You’ll find something you like, whether it’s their peppermint churro, their super famous gingerbread man cookie, or their cookies and cream hot cocoa. These desserts taste not only amazing but also look amazing, like their grey stuff, their alien macaron, or their churro milkshake! If you’re like us and love to try new things, or if your just love taking photos of your food, then you’ll want to try all of these amazing holiday treats.

This post is all about the best Disneyland holiday desserts and drinks that you can get this season!

disney holiday rice crispies

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Disney Holiday Churros You Need To Try!

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Cherry Pistachio Churro- Churro cart in Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure

We were definitely not sure about the combination of flavors for this churro; cherry and pistachio together just seemed a little weird. Ultimately we decided to try this one, and it did not disappoint. The cherry pistachio churro was rolled in cookie bits, drizzled with a cherry sauce, and topped with crushed pistachios. It’s a messy churro, so definitely get napkins and wipe your face off when you’re done! No one wants to walk around Disneyland with Churro sauce all over their face!

disney pistachio cherry churro

Abuelitas churro- with condensed milk dipping sauce, Churro cart near Goofy’s Sky School, Disney California Adventure

Abuelitas chocolate is a staple in Hispanic culture, so we figured the Abuelitas churro wouldn’t disappoint, and we were right! This churro, paired with a condensed milk dipping sauce, definitely created that creamy Abuelitas chocolate flavor that we all love so much.

disneyland holiday peppermint churro

Peppermint churro- Churro Cart near Grizzly Peak, Disney California Adventure

As we all know, peppermint is a staple in all of our favorite Christmas treats and snacks. This churro takes peppermint to the next level as it is topped with crushed candy cane and drizzled with a chocolate vanilla sauce. This one is pretty messy, so be sure to grab napkins!

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Other Disney Sweet Treats

disney holiday grey stuff

Grey stuff- Red Rose Tavern Disneyland Park

This one is like your typical year-round grey stuff, but it’s topped off with some extra festive sprinkles and a white chocolate star to add to its Christmas tree-like shape. Definitely try the Grey stuff, as it won’t disappoint you!

Travel Tip: If you love the grey stuff and trying out different versions, make sure to try the Orignal version available during the nonseasonal times and the Disneyland Halloween Grey Stuff version that’s only available during the fall time!

disney gingerbread cookie

Gingerbread cookie- Jolly Holiday, Disneyland Park

This Gingerbread cookie is super famous and is one of those items you do not want to wait on as it can typically sell out pretty early on in the day. It was probably our favorite special holiday treat from Disney. They did this gingerbread cookie exactly right, and we couldn’t imagine it any other way! The cookie was chewy, moist, and had the perfect gingerbread flavor.

disneyland holiday sweets brownie

Chocolate Mousse Brownie- Jolly Holiday, Disneyland Park

The Chocolate Mouse Brownie was a festive dessert that looked super cute, so we tried it! It has a vibrant chocolate flavor, so you’ll want something to drink with it. With it being so rich, we could share this dessert amongst a few of us.

Disneyland haunted mansion cake

Haunted Mansion Cake- French Market Restaurant, Disneyland Park

This Haunted Mansion Cake had some unique flavors in it that paired well together. The cake is essentially a raspberry-flavored dessert paired with cocoa which balanced each other out pretty well. Plus, the little slices of cake they give you look super cute!

disney holiday alien macaron

Alien macaron- Alien Pizza planet, Disneyland Park

This super cute Alien Macaron comes in the shape of the Green aliens from Toy Story and is filled with Marshmallow creme and chocolate ganache. It’s super tasty and such a cute little dessert!

holiday beignet

Maple Beignet, Mint Julep Bar, Disneyland Park

While Disneyland has its famous Beignets year-round, this Maple flavor is a special seasonal edition. The Beignet is rolled in maple-flavored powdered sugar.

disneyland holiday treat rice crispy

Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Crisped Rice Treat – Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, Pooh Corner, Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen in Disneyland Park

This is a typical Rice Crispy shaped like Mickey Mouse and is topped off with cute festive coloring and sprinkles!

disneyland seasonal apples

Candy apples- Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, Pooh Corner, Candy Palace, and Candy Kitchen in Disneyland Park

These are your usual Candy apples but with festive designs and flavors to them. There are various flavors to choose from with varying festive toppings on them.

Cake pops- Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, Pooh Corner, Candy Palace, and Candy Kitchen in Disneyland Park

These are cake pops created with cute Disney designs and made with some festive flavors and sprinkled with festive cheery Christmas colors.

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Maybe you’re all sugared out and are in desperate need of some Savory Holiday Food when visiting Disneyland during the winter season.

Since you'll be in Disneyland during the winter, make sure to visit Los Angeles during the wintertime too!

Disney Holiday Drinks That Are Beyond Amazing!

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disneyland peppermint hot cocoa

Peppermint hot chocolate: French Market Restaurant, Disneyland Park

This peppermint hot chocolate was very creamy and smooth while also being not too sweet. Plus, during the colder winter months, it definitely is nice to have a warm beverage. Let’s just say in the freezing rainy weather, this warm hot cocoa tasted like the best thing ever, but maybe I’m being dramatic. Anyways definitely try it!

disneyland cookies and cream hot cocoa

Cookies and cream hot cocoa: Festival of Holidays, Disney California Adventure

Okay, now for this one. This was the absolute best hot cocoa ever. The cookies and cream flavoring really stand out in this cocoa. We had never tasted anything like it, so definitely look out for this cocoa at the Festival Marketplace booths during the holidays!

Gingerbread Milkshake Flo’s V8 Cafe: Disney California Adventure

This Gingerbread milkshake was actually pretty great and wasn’t too sweet. The shake isn’t too thick nor too runny and is topped off with a whipped topping and a cute little Gingerbread cake doughnut! So, while you get to drink the shake, you can munch on the doughnut topper in between drinks!

disney churro drink

Churro Delight: Hollywood Lounge, Disney California Adventure

This drink is essentially the well-known Mexican drink Horchata with Disney’s spin on it. The drink is very sweet with a hint of Churro flavoring and is topped off with these cute mini churros.

disneyland holiday drink taro cold brew

Cold Brew Black Caf With Taro Topper: Galaxys Edge, Disneyland

At first, I wasn’t sure I would like this cold brew. To be honest, coffee at Disneyland can either be s trng yes or a buzzkill. Luckily this cold brew is the perfect amount of sweetness and creaminess without overpowering the coffee flavor. The taro milk topper is absolutely phenomenal, and I loved it! Definitely recommend it, and if you’re a fan of this one, then you’ll also love the original version with coco puffs on top ?. Read our guide on Disneyland drinks that we mentioned at the top of this holiday drinks section ?.

disneyland festival of holidays hot chocolate churro sign

Disney Treats we didn’t try yet but will for 2023!

Of course, if we had all the money and time in the world, along with the world’s biggest sweet tooth, then we would’ve tried every single dessert at Disneyland. But unfortunately, that just isn’t the case, so these were some of the treats we did not get to try, but they still looked super good, and we would definitely try them next time, even if they make slight tweaks to them.


  • Mint chip churro
  • pumpkin pie churro
  • caramel apple churro
  • bride churro

Other Sweet Treats

  • a cup of cheer
  • snowman cinnamon roll cheesecake
  • peppermint cookie donut
  • peppermint mocha funnel cake
  • Bananas foster funnel cake fries
  • Mexican chocolate cheesecake
  • peppermint donuts
  • holiday cookie pretzel
  • pear oat cobbler
  • pan dulce ice cream sandwich
  • gingerbread bundt cake
  • holiday cake
  • ice cream cookie sandwich
  • cinnamon brown sugar ice cream
  • Ghirardelli sundaes
  • chocolate peppermint sundae
  • peppermint holiday sundae

Dessert Drinks and Holiday Drinks

  • Thai iced tea with sea salt cream and brown sugar boba
  • dulce de leche mickey mouse shake
  • chocolate cherry yule log shake
  • everything spice
  • gingerbread mule
  • butterscotch soda
  • holiday cocktail (Alcoholic beverage)
  • holiday martini (Alcoholic beverage)
  • peanut butter whiskey cocktail (Alcoholic beverage)

While every year Disneyland’s holiday treats will be slightly different, they will sometimes bring back fan favorites. Typically they make a lot of gingerbread-flavored desserts and snacks as well as peppermint, so always look out for that. They also usually bring back some things, but with the smallest twist, so chances are if you liked something a previous year and see a new version with a tiny change, we recommend trying it!

Also, keep on the lookout for their crazy amount of churro flavors. The treats they served for the 2022 year were amazing. We can’t wait to see what Disney holiday treats there are in 2023. Travel Tip: Bring loose pants while enjoying these sweet and delicious treats; you’ll need them ?.

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