The Best Disneyland Food In 2023: Best Quick Bites & Yummy Food

The magical touch Disney has implemented into its food is endless, from Mickey Mouse seasonal beignets, Famous churros stand, sweet and savory popcorn stands of various flavors, and the infamous dole whip (the secrets pineapple juice!)

After all, we wouldn’t make a Best Disneyland Food 2023 post if it wasn’t warranted, and it is!

The savory food stands and the dazzling-themed diners feature menu items such as pretzels, Giant turkey legs, pizza, and extremely detailed to-the-plate meals corresponding to their respective movies. Then, there is Disney’s fully decorated down to the last minuscule detail upper-scale restaurants which boast spendier dinners and unique experiences.

This post is all about the best Disneyland food in 2023: Unforgettable snacks and seasonal food, original Disney food favorites, the best Disney restaurants, and amazing themed dining.

Disneyland Food Guide For 2023

We created this detailed, comprehensive list of top food picks because Disneyland is already a headache to plan with the recent change in the rides system; finding souvenirs and planning how you’re going to visit everything in a few days is already stressful as hell.

So let us help you by letting us do the research and giving you our personal experience and opinions on the top food spots Disneyland has to offer:

  • Disneyland Dining Packages
  • Disneyland Snacks
  • Disneyland Food
  • Disney California Adventure Park Food
  • Downtown Disney Food
  • Disneyland Hotel Dining
cozy cone fried corn fritters
Cozy Cone Esquites Cone

Disneyland Dining Packages

Fantasmic Dining Package

Blue Bayou

This unique restaurant is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which is nice to hear the serene sounds of water, hear the pirates of the Caribbean theme music in the distance and enjoy a quiet, dimly lit atmosphere.

They are famously known for their creme brûlée, which we highly recommend. The blue bayou also has a non-alcoholic mint julep and lemonade served with a souvenir glow cube.

Plus, they have a pretty extensive alcoholic beverage selection, such as wines and beers. Plus they have quite a few non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy as well. A plus for this restaurant is that it can be included in the Fantasmic dining package, which lets you dine and then watch the Fantasmic show.

River Belle Terrace

This eatery offers bites, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and kids’ meals. The unique thing about the river belle is it can be included in the Fantasmic dining package, which allows you to dine and then watch the Fantasmic show either from your table or from reserved seating.

World of Color Dining Package

Wine Country Trattoria

This eatery offers calamari, salad, bruschetta, and soup for the starters. For the entrees, they have steak, salmon, a Tuscan salad, and a variety of pasta. They offer a tiramisu for dessert. The World of Color dining package includes a 3-course meal consisting of a starter, entree, and a dessert plus a voucher for the World of Color preferred viewing area.

They have a few options for the kid’s menu. The food is wonderful but we recommend their drinks! To learn more about their drinks…

Storytellers Cafe

The storyteller’s cafe offers an all-you-can-eat buffet along with a special dessert and a voucher for the world of color preferred viewing area.

Tomorrowland Dining Package

Enjoy a meal on the Tomorrowland skyline lounge balcony with this dining package that includes an entree, dessert, and a drink all while viewing the park from a gorgeous view.

Plaza inn

Choose a meal package at the plaza inn and benefit from reserved seating for the parades and festivities.

Disney Princess Breakfast Dining Package

Treat the kiddos to this Disney breakfast experience at the Napa Rose. The package includes starters, main courses, and desserts. This experience consists of the Disney princesses greeting you, and storytime, and you can take photos on a private patio with them.

Magic Key Terrace- Only Available To Magic Key Holders

This dining experience is only for magic key holders and requires a reservation. It’s located above the Golden Vine Winery in Disney California Adventure Park. They offer signature cocktails, wines, beers, and seltzers.

They also have bites and appetizers like beef sliders, cauliflower ceviche, and meatballs. Whether going for food, drinks, or the ambiance, this is definitely a worthwhile visit for all you magic key holders.

Disneyland snacks popcorn
Disneyland Popcorn Cart

Disneyland Food & Snacks On the Go

Best Disney Snacks

Popcorn Carts and More: A favorite For Our Best Disneyland Food 2023

Located: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure park

These convenient popcorn carts are pretty much everywhere in the Disneyland Resort and as well Walt Disney World Resort, so you can get your popcorn craving whenever you want. They offer delicious flavors and unique seasonal popcorn buckets to go with them. They’ve previously offered R2D2 buckets, Simba, and so many more. The latest is a cute little dragon.

If you’re really into popcorn, you must visit Tokyo Disney Resort for their crazy Disney Popcorn Buckets and popcorn flavors!

  • Whether you’re buying freshly pooped butter popcorn at the carts or picking up a bag of various flavored popcorn from Main Street, you’re sure not to be disappointed. Some of the bagged flavors you can get are:
    • Caramel popcorn
    • butter popcorn
    • cheese popcorn
    • fruity mix popcorn
    • cookies and cream popcorn
    • churro popcorn
    • chocolate popcorn
best Disneyland food: Mickey Pretzel
Famous Disney Pretzel

Kat Saka’s Kettle: A Tasty Disneyland Snack

Located: Disneyland park- Stars wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  • Outpost mix: A bright and colorful mix of seasonal flavors that change
  • Shaak cheese popped grains: This popcorn favorite is white cheddar
Disneyland dining that offers Turkey leg
Edelweiis Snacks: Turkey Leg Vendor

Turkey Leg Carts: A popular option for Disney Food

Located: Disneyland Resort

These carts can be found at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, they offer smoked turkey legs, corn on the cob, and some other small snacks like chips. There are a bunch of carts located throughout both Disneyland Park and California adventure, so whenever you’re feeling like eating a giant turkey leg, just find the nearest cart to you.

Turkey Leg Cart Locations:

Poultry palace: Right next to senor buzz churros in California adventure park

Hot foods close to Walt Disney and Mickey statue

Ship-to-shore marketplace: Close to Mark Twain Boat Dock

Edelweiss snacks: Close to matter bobsledc

cozy cone chili con queso
Cozy Cone Chili Con Queso

Cozy Cone Motel – Offers a Variety Of Disney Snacks, Disney food, frozen treats, and drinks

Located Disney California Adventure – cars land

The Cozy Cone Motel offers quick eats such as churros, popcorn, soft serve ice cream cones, chili cone queso, iced drinks of ale, other alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and kids drinks!

Corn Dog Castle – Favorite Disneyland Snacks!

Located: Disney California Adventures – Paradise gardens park

The Corn Dog Castle features, you guessed it, delicious and probably not that good for your battered corn dogs!

Breakfast sausage and egg corn dog: A traditional corn dog topped with powdered sugar and raspberry jelly and served with mandarins and or a small bag of chips.

Hotlink Corn dog: A spicy hot link corn dog, served with Cuties mandarin or a small bag of chips.

The Bengal Barbecue

Located: Disneyland

The Bengal Barbecue spot has some yummy skewers! I personally loved the pork belly skewer, bengal beef skewer, and banyan beef skewer! It’s one of my favorite Disneyland snacks for a quick but yummy pitstop! After you’re done stop at the tiki juice bar for some Disney Magic delicious dole whip!

Disneyland corn dog
Corndog Castle Corn dog

Best Disneyland Food

Worried about having to choose between disneyland food and disney california adventures park dining options? No worries! Just get a Disneyland park hopper pass and you’ll be able to hop between parks and try both!

Alien Pizza Planet: Best Disneyland Food 2023

Located: Disneyland park- Tomorrowland

This place offers a travel mug that can be purchased with a beverage. They also offer a souvenir sipper that can be purchased with a fountain beverage. They also have an alien-shaped premium sipper which can be ordered with a fountain beverage. They also have reusable cutlery set for purchase as well. Besides the cool souvenirs, they also offer pizza by the slice and pasta. For the sides, they have salads and bread and the typical beverages.

Hawaiin-style pizza slice: If you think pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, then you can kindly exit this post by clicking the X….. Cool for the rest of you that appreciate good food this Hawaiin-style pizza is the bomb, not too much pineapple, and a plus they added green onions and bell pepper which really even out the sweetness of the pineapple.

Count down chicken fusilli: We were not expecting to like this but it was surprisingly good for being a theme park pasta. Usually, fast food pasta is pretty terrible and extra greasy. However, this pasta had the right amount of grilled chicken, parmesan-pesto ultra-creamy sauce and the sun-dried tomatoes really kicked this up a notch for us.

Docking bay 7 disneyland food dining spot
Galaxys Edge Docking Bay 7 Diner

Docking Bay 7:

located: Disneyland – Galaxy’s edge

This Disney food location is located in star wars: Galaxy’s Edge so it’s star wars themed as it should be. They offer entrees such as fried chicken tip-yip, an Endorian roasted chicken salad, plant-based hummus, some kid’s meals, and beverages like milk, soda, and water. They also offer many of these same meals in allergy-friendly versions.

For example, they have the Endorian roasted chicken salad available for people with fish/shellfish allergies, milk allergies, and peanut allergies. Always be sure to inquire about any food allergies you have so you have the most enjoyable time.

Felucian Kefta and hummus garden spread: Plant-based meal that features the awesome impossible brand as meatballs! Paired with herb-flavored hummus, and a dollop of tomato-cucumber relish, and then wrapped in soft pita bread. Perfect if you’re looking for a light and refreshing filling meal.

Endorian fried chicken tip-yip: We love us some chicken, and if you do too then you should also try this favorite because it features crispy fired chicken, roasted vegetable mash, and a questionably green but good gravy. The gravy really makes this meal feel like it’s a meal off of Star Wars.

galactic grill chicken sandwich
Galactic Grill Chicken Sandwhich

Carnation Cafe

Located: Disneyland Park – Main street u.s.a

The carnation cafe gets busy! So make sure to reserve dining ahead of time to save yourself the headache of trying to join the walk up list. You’ll find american style cuisine, and personally I think the breakfast time is the best time to go. The mickey shaped waffle is divine and so is the breakfast skillet!

Head on over to Jolly holiday bakery afterwards to grab the famous mickey macaron or a matterhorn macaroon!

Galactic Grill: Great Burgers And Breakfast

Located: Disneyland Park – Tomorrowland

This place offers breakfast in the form of a breakfast sandwich, a breakfast burrito, fruit, and french toast sticks. They also offer lunch and dinner in the form of burgers, a chicken sandwiches, and salad. They also offer a plant-based veggie wrap, some ice cream bars, and Sandwiches for dessert. Plus, some kid’s meals like macaroni and burgers.

You can also utilize mobile order here so you dont have to worry about waiting in line to grab food!

A cool thing about this place is some souvenirs on the menu like their travel mug that comes with a beverage, the space mountain stainless steel bottle that comes with a fountain beverage, and the Kylo Ren premium mug that can be ordered with fries or a fountain beverage.

The Mandalorian stainless steel tumbler has a fountain beverage, coffee, hot cocoa or hot tea. The Kylo Ren premium mug is so cute, it’s shaped like Kylo’s lightsaber. These cool souvenirs are seasonal so they may or may not always be available on the menu.

Loaded Breakfast Sandwich: We stopped here to get breakfast; when you’re on a tight schedule you want to try to do as many travel-friendly meals as possible and this is one of them. We love this Breakfast sandwich because it has all the staples that make up a good breakfast staple such as sausage, cheese, bacon, and hashbrowns ?

Plus, they serve it on a potato bun which is neat since usually breakfast joints default to bagels or croissants or English muffins, this was a nice change. and potato bread is sooo soft and yummy.

Oga’s Cantina:

Located: Disneyland Park – Galaxy’s Edge

Luckily Ogas Cantina is found at both Disney parks: Walt Disney World and Disneyland. This eatery offers cheeseburgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries, and onion rings. They also have kids’ meals such as a burger meal and a chicken tender meal. Also on the menu are shakes, beverages, and alcoholic beverages.

This place offers a mickey ear hat bowl that comes with a side of fries for those wanting cute Disney souvenirs and they offer a set of reusable Disney cutlery. This place also offers allergy-friendly meals and a plant-based burger as well for inclusivity of all diet types. These souvenirs are seasonal so they may or may not always be available on the menu.

Disney Food Note: if you are feeling famished, we would advise you to stop and eat somewhere before going to Oga’s cantina because they only offer appetizers.


Five-blossom bread: knot pretzel served with a nice honey mustard cream foam and Calabrian cheese sauce. Pretty good, and typically, we don’t like cheese sauce, especially not Disney cheese sauce ? (story mentioned later in the post, lol).

Happabore sampler: This is essentially a charcuterie board that contains the usual artisan cheeses, cured meats, crackers, hummus, and vegetables. We wanted to try it but couldn’t justify the price for such a small serving. However, the presentation of this charcuterie board is aesthetically pleasing, so if you’re one to take photos of your food, try it because food selfie never needs to be justified!

Batuu bits: Dried savory snacks like crackers, wasabi peas, fried vegetables, chips, and other unique items make this snack a weird one, but honestly, we eat pretty much everything, so we enjoyed it. If you’re a picky eater, maybe stay away from this one.

Mint Julep Bar

Located: Disneyland Park- New Orleans Square

Okay, this isn’t really food, but hey, stopping at the Mint Julep Bar for some Mickey beignets always deserve a stop by when visiting the Disney parks! You can get these Mickey-shaped beignets in 3 packs or six packs and they come in different flavors depending on the season. Right now, it’s traditional mickey shaped beignets and banana powdered sugar versions.

Alright, since we are breaking the rules in this post, we might as well mention going to try the grey stuff at the Red Rose Taverne. Okay, promise the last one, go visit Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe and get the famous Mickey Macaron, Elizabeth from Sugar Geek Show also recommends this! If you love desserts as much as we do then make sure to check out our Best Disneyland Desserts!

clam chowder bread bowl at cafe orleans
Cafe Orleans Bread Bowl Clam Chowder

Cafe Orleans- Ratatouille

Located: Disneyland

This eatery offers a plant-based ratatouille, so if you’re a fan of Ratatouille, we’d try this! They also have sandwiches, roasted chicken, shrimp pasta, and more.

Ratatouille Farro Risotto: Market vegetables, blistered cherry tomatoes, and wilted greens.

Battered and fried monte Cristo sandwich: Sliced turkey, ham, and swiss with seasoned preserves and pommes frites.

Mickey’s cheesy macaroni: perfect for kids and comes with 2 side choices of your choosing and either milk or water.

Hungry Bear Restaurant

Located: Disneyland

This restaurant is located past the haunted mansion and near splash mountain and specialises in good ole american food! We tried the classic cheeseburger and chicken sandwich and both were pretty good! You can also find beignets here too!

Best Food At Disney California Adventures Park

flos v8 cafe blt sandwich and fries
Flos V8 cafe blt and fries
flos v8 cafe chicken strips and fries
Flos V8 Cafe Chicken Strips and Fries

Flo’s V8 Cafe

Located: Disney California Adventure Park – Cars Land

This car-inspired Route 66 eatery has burgers, chicken, plant-based items, and salads. They also offer chicken tenders and macaroni for the kiddos. As well as other types of American sides such as fries, fountain drinks, beverages, and alcoholic beverages. For dessert they have Flo’s classic shake topped with “road gravel” and this can be ordered with a souvenir glass or can be ordered by itself. They also have the Cruz Ramirez straw clip and reusable cutlery set for purchase.

Seasonal offering: If you love trying new things then try out the seasonal offerings that they offer here, currently (Spring 2023) they are offering a spicy guacamole bacon cheeseburger that sounds delicious! It features an Angus patty, spic guacamole, bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo (which is fire by the way), and lettuce, along with your choice of side from cuties mandarin oranges or steak fries.

disneyland burger and fries
Smokejumpers Grill Burger and onion rings

Smokejumpers Grill:

Located: Disney California Adventure park – grizzly peak

If you’re looking for great American food right after you get soaked from riding the Grizzly River Run, then you’ll want to stop here and try their spicy chicken sandwich and chipotle bbq bacon.

Lamplight Lounge- Waterfront Dining

Located: Disney California Adventure Park- Pixar pier

Lamplight is located on pixar pier and is known for its aesthetic drinks and appetizers, however, we have heard that the dinner and brunch are worth visiting, our friends recommend the Salmon Plt and egg white frittata bake, and crab and potatoes cake benedict all of them are highly praised for this restaurant.

We’ve only tried the drinks here?, which reminds us! if you are interested in finding the best Drinks at Disneyland then read this post for Disneyland Drinks!

Crab and potato cake benedict: If you’re a fan of benedict’s then this will leave you satisfied, the potato cake benedict has sautéed spinach, beautiful soft poached eggs, and topped with chipotle hollandaise and fresh fruit.

Downtown Disney District Food Options

Napolini Pizzeria:

Located: Disneyland Resort- Downtown Disney

This pizzeria is one of our favorite Disney foods because it offers various pizza flavors like the more traditional Italian Margherita, Funghi, Salsiccia, Gorgonzola e Pere, Finocchiona, and the Messicana. If you like sweet and savory we definitely recommend the Gorgonzola e Pere and for a more traditional flavor you can never go wrong with the Margherita pizza. They also offer other more Americanized flavors such as Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and California. They also have Gelato, beverages, and a few alcoholic drinks.

Gorgonzola E Pere: Okay this might sound weird if you’re not used to trying new flavors on your pizza but hear us out lol. The gorgonzola cheese and pears pair perfectly together because of the fattiness of the cheese and the balancing of that with the light sweetness fro the pears. Imagine pineapple pizza but less sweet.

Margherita: If you’ve been to Italy then you know this flavor is a staple there, its simple ingredients might seem underwhelming but we promise Margherita pizza is underrated and bomb! Its tomatoes abuse sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and that’s it. Simply delicious!

Black Tap Craft Burgers and Shakes – Best Disneyland Food

Located: Downtown Disney District

This sit down restaurant offers a variety of snacks wings and fries. For entrees, they offer burgers, salads, and sandwiches. They also offer their crazy shake milkshakes. Also available are non-alcoholic beverages, Beers, Wines, and cocktails. For the kiddos, they offer a burger, tenders, grilled cheese, juice, and soda.

The Wagyu Steakhouse Burger: Wagyu beef, pepper jack cheese, bacon, onion strings, A1 sauce, roasted garlic mayo, and comes with fries.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich: Korean bbq, buttermilk coleslaw, cilantro, fresh lime, and spicy mayo and comes with fries.

Tortilla jos restaurant entrance in downtown disney
Tortilla Jo’s Restaurant Entrance

Tortilla Jo’s

Located: Disneyland Resort – Downtown Disney district

This restaurant offers Mexican style dishes such as huevos con chorizo, pozole rojo, and chilaquiles for breakstaft

Rancho Del Zocalo

Located: Disneyland

This eatery offers some Mexican cuisine like Enchiladas, burritos, and tacos. They have some salads and for kids’ meals some tacos and burritos. Some seasonal offerings are horchata and lime-flavored Agua Fresca. They have Flan and cinnamon crisps for desserts and some regular beverages as well.

Chilaquiles: corn chips, scrambled eggs, cotija cheese, cilantro and onion nmix, crema fresca and salsa roja or salsa verde.

Street tacos: they have either tacos de carnitas served with pickled vegetables or tacos de carne asada served with adobe sauce and onion-cilantro mix.

Uva Bar

Located: Downtown Disney district

This cute bar is located in the downtown Disney district and will satisfy your desire for a south of the border and good ole American-style food. They have delicious recipes such as corn arepas, carne asada fries, California fish tacos, veggie burgers, skirt steak and other yummy foods.

California fish tacos: The refreshing citrus coleslaw, spicy aïoli, fresh pico de gayo and cilantro really make this a delicious meal for a hot summer day. The beer battered fish and cotija cheese also add a star-studded base for the corn tacos.

Ballast point Brewery and kitchen in downtown disney
Ballast Point Brewing Entrance In Downtown Disney

Ballast Point Brewing co.

Located: Downtown Disney district

American-style goodness to wrap up your long day at Disneyland, you can even hop over here during lunch break since it’s located so close to the Disney theme parks. The Baja fish tacos are delicious as well as the buffalo fried chicken sandwich.

Buffalo fried chicken sandwich: The fried chicken is tossed in buffalo sauce and served on a brioche bun and topped with pickles and coleslaw and served with fries. Bomb!

Baja-style fish tacos: our favorite version of fish tacos is definitely Baja style! I mean come on cilantro crema is the bomb! Plus the beer-battered fish they use in this is superb and paired perfectly with pico de Gallo, queso fresco, and cabbage. Plus you got chips and salsa with this meal! Win-Win!

Naples Ristorante e Bar

Located: Downtown Disney district

Sometimes you just need good ole Italian food, give us all the carbs, all the cheesy goodness, and perfect sauces, and we’ll be happy. Naples ristorante does just that and offers traditional appetizers such as burrata, la bruschetta classical, and calamari fritti along with other delicious snacks.

For dinner fill up on eggplant alla parmigiana, this was Y’s favorite meal when she was a vegetarian for years so delicious is an understatement! if you want something cheesier than make sure to try the cheese ravioli paired with a. delicate creamy tomato sauce and pesto drizzle, or if you’re not feeling pasta, then grab a wood-fired pizza traditional Napoli style!

Pesto Genovese: A wood-fired pizza with pesto sauce, tomato, mozzarella, and basil.

Eggplant alla parmigiana: Breaded perfectly eggplant, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and a side of spaghetti and marinara.

la brea bakery
Downtown Disney Dining La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery

Located: Downtown Disney District

If you love bread, pastries, breakfast, and American fashion dinner then make sure to stop at this bakery! They have amazing brioche french toast, breakfast croissants for on-the-go, blueberry pancakes, and more for the morning. Plus, for dinner, they switch to a more rustic vibe and have soups and salads for starters and sandwiches, a mix of Italian and California-style dinner meals such as pan-fried salmon, blackened fish tacos, Fusilli alfredo, and more!

Fettuccini chicken brand cream: Beyond amazing fettuccini! This wholesome Italian dish features chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms, peas, garlic, and fresh herbs, and is cooked in a rich brand-infused cream sauce with parmesan.

Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen

Located: Downtown Disney District

Cajun-Creole French-style dishes that are phenomenal! You’ll feel like you are in Louisiana with how much flavor they are adding to these dishes! *chef kiss*. best believe they have gumbo, pasta jambalaya, blackened chicken “mac &cheese” and Gulf shrimp a la creole, plus you guess it is way more delicious menu items.

Blackened chicken “Mac&Cheese”: This wholesome dish is full of fatty goodness but balanced well with baby arugula, oven-roasted tomatoes, and caramelized onions. The applewood smoked bacon is cooked perfectly and while the “mac & Cheese” penne is less traditional mac and cheese we still loved it because the gouda cream sauce is great!

Disneyland Hotel Dining

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

Located: Disneyland Hotel

This place is not inside the park but rather it is near the Disneyland hotel. Due to this, you don’t need to have Disneyland tickets and you don’t need to be staying at the Disneyland hotel to get in. We highly recommend this place because it’s not only an eatery but its an experience. This place has some amazing food offerings, a super unique atmosphere, and offers some super cute souvenir mugs that can be ordered with their drinks.

This place is super hard to book a reservation at, so we recommend booking months in advance otherwise risk an hours-long wait time to get into the establishment. We don’t recommend waiting because it’s not guaranteed that you will get in due to its high popularity so always try to book a reservation beforehand. They limit each reservation to 90 minutes and those under 21 are not allowed inside the bar after 8 pm.

Be sure to check out more of their reservation and guest policies on Disney’s website. While this place is known for its cool drinks, if you’re not a drinker they do have some amazing food options and the experience alone is worthwhile.

Tangaroa Terrace

Located: Disneyland hotel

This restaurant is located at the Disney hotel and offers polynesian-style food and vibes! Prices are in the middle, expect to pay around 15-22 per dish. They offer seafood platters, Japanese-style dishes, Hawaiian dishes, an American-style breakfast, and more.

Thick and fluffy Japanese pancakes: thick and fluffy pancakes! Served with a fresh tropical fruit blend of starfruit, guava, syrup, and a side of bacon.

Disneyland Snacks and Food FAQ

What should I budget for food at Disneyland?

Each meal costs around $12-$15 a meal, and snacks are usually around $6-$8, so expect to spend around $70 per person per day.

What is the most popular Disneyland food?

Popular Disneyland foods include Dole Whip, Churros, Mickey Mouse pretzels, and other delicious snacks and yummy food.

What is the secret restaurant in Disneyland?

Club 33 is an exclusive Disneyland club that only the most elite members are allowed to join and it has a long wait list, plus an expensive membership, to say the least.

What is the most popular snack at Disneyland?

Mickey mouse pretzel is very popular, as well as popcorn and turkey legs.

What foods are best to take into Disneyland?

Food that won’t perish in the heat, great options include granola bars, fruit bars, jerky, and other packable items.

What food is worth it at Disneyland?

Disneyland has numerous “worth it” food options:
– Mickey beignets
– Not so little chicken sandwich
– Dole whip
– Churros
– Turkey Leg
– Chili con queso
– Tigger Tails
– Bengal Beef Skewer, Pork Belly Skewer, Chieftain Chicken Skewer

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