About Us

Let’s keep this short,

Hello, and welcome to our Humble Travel Blog which is dedicated to Theme Parks, Washington State Travel, International travel, and way more! We chose the name The Sisters Who Voyage because we love to travel! We have been exploring the globe since 2014! With 9 years of experience in making travel mistakes and countless travel wins. We know a thing or two about travel now!

We personally love traveling abroad, whether it be Europe or Asia, we are game for any destination! We also have made it a goal to travel more of the USA, Canada, and Mexico and will be writing about our journeys as we discover new places!

However, what we loveeee especially is traveling to theme parks! We are the biggest nerds and not ashamed to call ourselves total Disney Adults hehe! Catch us having way too much butterbeer at Universal Studios with fellow Harry Potter fans, or riding all the Star Wars rides at Disneyland and Disney World!

Why Should You Listen To Us? Well, we started off just like you, two clueless youngsters who had noooo idea all the travel mistakes a person could make. from overpacking, not planning, overplanning, procrastinating, safety travel nightmares, and way more. Ugh safe to say we have pretty much made every mistake when it comes to travel.

But that’s what makes us useful now, we learned so much from first-hand travel experience, and each long trip and day trip to a theme park, we learn countless more things and we want to share all that valuable travel knowledge and theme park tips with you guys!

So join us as we unravel the best travel tips for your chosen destinations, or simply join us as we visit popular travel spots and hidden gems, and munch to hearts contents yummy food while we travel and then wish we hadn’t while on roller coasters lol.

Meet the Voyagers:

S as in Self-Reliant!


Color: Blue

Food: Mexican but really everything (they don’t call me the bottomless pit for anything)

Tv Shows: The Vampire Diaries, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve… I enjoy re-watching them over and over again!

Hobbies: Games, Music, binging the latest shows and movies.

Ambitions: To open a nonprofit animal shelter and help endangered species.

Y as in Yee-Haw!


Color: Pink

Food: Asian and anything with spice!

Tv Shows: Anime, The Witcher, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Emily in Paris, and tons more.

Hobbies: Art, Reading fiction books, and hunting for reselling stuff!

Ambitions: Becoming successful beyond the typical definition and giving back!