The 9 Cutest Disney Bags Of 2023

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Have you ever wandered around Disneyland or Disney world and wander where everyone buys their cute Disney bags and what’s in style this year? Same! Every time we head out to our favorite Disney park, we are bombarded with cute and iconic bags; we go searching like crazy, only then to find out that over half the bags we love aren’t even available anymore! So We decided to create this list instead so you guys know the cutest and latest Disney bags that Disney has to offer!

This post is all about the best Disney bags available for 2022! Some of these you can pick up at the park, and others you find at your favorite stores like box lunch, kate spade, hot topic, and more!

The 9 Best Disney Bags Available in 2022

1. Minnie Mouse EARidescent Loungfly Mini Backpack

Why We Love It:

This bag is perfect for those who cherish collecting Disney bags! Especially since this version is the 50th-anniversary EARidecent edition. We love the versatility of this bag as its gold can pair with almost anything; the gold sequins are snuggly attached to the bag, and we have little worry of them falling off. It’s also a loungefly bag, and they make their bags pretty high quality. However, we will warn about overloading the bags and taking care of them because they can wear down over time.

Bag Details:

  • Gold Sequins cover the ears, bow, and front zipper
  • Navy blue Trim
  • Gold iridescent body
  • Gold Zippers
  • Top Carry Handel
  • Backpack-style padded straps that are adjustable
  • Main compartment and front mini zipper compartment
  • mini style!

2. Mickey Mouse Holiday Treats Loungefly Mini Backpack

Why We Love It:

Okay, you have to be crazy not to love this bag! It’s So freaking cute!!! It literally screams Christmas, and we are here for it. It’s a minty blue base for the body that is decorated with adorable mickey mouse-shaped gingerbread, candy canes, and lollipops. Paired with a sequined peppermint mickey mouse-shaped front-shaped zipper compartment and finished with an undeniably cute mickey gingerbread man zipper pull. It has stripped padded straps that mimic peppermint or candy canes and is lined on the interior with a festive lining. Needless to say, we had to buy it for our upcoming Christmas holiday trip to Disneyland!

Bag Details:

  • Blueish minty base covered in mickey gingerbread, candy canes, and lollipops
  • Padded straps that are colored like peppermint
  • Sequined peppermint-style mickey mouse front zipper compartment
  • mickey mouse Gingerbread man zipper pull
  • Top handled with metal loops attaching to bag
  • festive lined interior
  • Main compartment style bag with a front zipper compartment
  • Metal Zipper pulls

3. Mickey Mouse Woven Loungefly Mini Backpack

Why We Love It:

If you are more into timeless looks and appreciate a classic-looking mini backpack, then you’ll love this option. This bag is a pure black mini backpack with a woven texture from simulated leather covering the whole bag. It’s paired with silver color zipper pulls and a matching black loungfly and Disney logo plate across the bag. If you don’t have room for a ton of mini backpacks in your luggage and just need a classic-looking bag that can work outside of Disney, then we suggest this bag for you. Plus, This bag is perfect for Disneyland Halloween Time!

Bag Details:

  • Black Simulated Leather Woven Material
  • Padded backpack straps that are adjustable
  • Main compartment with a front mini zipper compartment
  • Silver colored zippers
  • Top Handle
  • Mickey mouse ears on top of the bag are also made of woven material.

4. The Bride Mini BackPack

Why We Love It

Not a fan of loungeflys Halloween-style bag this year? No worries, Disney came out with this cute haunted mansion-style bag that is bigger than the mini backpacks and has an open-concept top with easy to access flap. It’s decorated with embossed outlines of the groom and bride, along with copper-colored frames and the words kiss the bride. For haunted mansion fans and Halloween fans altogether, this bag is lovely and will be easier to access the loungefly bags.

Bag Details

  • Open top cover style bag, with a flap that lays over
  • Simulated leather and polyester base
  • The simulated leather front top flap that is embossed with the groom and bride outlines and the words kiss the bride, on the bottom of the bag
  • Three copper-colored frames with the groom and bride images inside them are placed on the flap.
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • carrying handle
  • interior is lined
  • copper colored zippers

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5. Minnie Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Why We Love It:

This bag is a bit larger than the loungefly bags and will be able to hold your water bottle, a few snacks, and the rest of your daily Disney needs. It’s also decorated with little OG Minnie Mouses all over the bag! Plus, it’s a kate spade bag, so you already know the quality is good and will look rugged over time in a tasteful manner. The other thing loved about this bag is the drawstring opening.

Bag Details:

  • leather
  • drawstring style bag
  • interior slip-style pocket and zipper pocket
  • lined interior
  • Minnie mouse designs all over the bag with glitter details

6. Danielle Nicole Disney Mickey and friends BoxLunch exclusive backpack

Why We Love It:

This bag is way too stinking cute! It’s the perfect shade of pink that doesn’t scream hot pink but is blush color. The cute breakfast-shaped Micky and friends characters are all over the bag and way too cute not to focus on when looking at the bag. The interior is lined black, which we appreciate since having a light interior is a disaster waiting to happen. We also appreciate the slightly larger front mini zipper compartment.

Bag Details

  • Pale Pink base with mickey characters as breakfast favorites such as pancakes, toast, and bacon.
  • Side pockets
  • front zipper pocket
  • main compartment
  • lined black interior
  • padded straps that are adjustable
  • carrying top handle
  • gold-colored zippers

7. Disney Mickey Mouse Uptown Cooler bag

Why We Love It:

We love bringing our own water and snacks. However, mini backpacks don’t cut it when you’re lugging around snacks for a group of friends. Thus we went on the hunt for the cutest cooler bag that doesn’t look absolutely horrendous. Wallah! This tasteful white base tote style cooler bag is the perfect Disney park tote for lugging around rinks and snacks while being fashionable! Plus, it’s so lowkey and only has mickey mouse patterns and nothing else. Thus it’s not too overwhelming, but it also makes a statement by saying, yes, I love Disney, but no, I’m not tacky. This bag is perfect for either Disneyland or Disney world!

Bag Details:

  • White base style tote vegan pebbled leather
  • Black vegan pebbled leather handles
  • front zipper compartment
  • insulated cooler-style tote bag
  • mickey mouse pattern stamped all over the bag

8. Disney Sketch Satchel By Dooney and Burke

Why We Love It:

This is a little bit spendier of a bag, but we love how lowkey it looks while still nailing every Disney lover’s heart. The black leather is embossed with various Disney characters and icons all over the bag, creating a beautiful but not too extreme bag. It’s a tote-style bag that can be carried or on one’s shoulders with longer straps. The gold zippers and accents also elevate this bag up another notch! Overall we love this bag! It’s definitely a beautiful bag that can be sued beyond your Disney parks vacation, so that’s why the price point doesn’t hurt us too much ☺️.

Bag Details:

  • Black Leather
  • Embossed Disney characters and icons on the bag
  • Gold-colored zippers and accents
  • Strap for carrying on shoulders
  • Handles for carrying
  • small zippered front compartment
  • zippered main compartment

9. Darth Vader Crossbody bag by vera Bradley

Why We Love it:

For our fellow dark-side lovers and star wars fans, this bag is for you, yes, even you, Rise of the Resistance fans ?! It’s meant to really only hold a few things, but that’s why we love it, sometimes you don’t want to carry your whole house with you. This bag can hold your phone, a snack, makeup, wallet, and charger. It’s also super lightweight and can be thrown across your shoulders for a shoulder bag and easily forgotten as you go about your day. Plus, hello, Darth Vader is across the front!

Bag Details:

  • small disk-shaped bag
  • crossbody style bag
  • black body
  • floral design with embroidered Darth Vader

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