Ultimate Guide To Disney Pin Trading: How To Master And Collect Them All!

It’s hard not to notice the abundance of eager Disney fans sporting their various shiny new and old Disney pins. Decked out on backpacks, lanyards, hats, vests, Disney pin boards, and more, it’s hard to not want to get into this super fun and addicting activity of Disney pin trading! However, it can be very confusing where to even start. Where do you get Disney pins? how do you trade Disney pins? What are the rules of Disney pin trading? So we created this official guide to Disney pin trading so you have all the answers you need and to master this fun hobby!

This post is all about the tricks and tips of Disney pin trading and where to get them! Plus, we include everything there is to know about pin trading at Disney, how to start your collection, and how to store and wear your favorite Disney pins!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Disney Pins Trading

How does Disney pin trading work?

Disney pin trading is a fun activity that involves Disney park guests, and Disney cast members. Basically, this activity involves various parties and you go around trying to trade your Disney pins. The first choice is Disney cast members which carry around pins that can be traded for. The second choice is finding like-minded Disney tourists who also are into Disney pin trading. However, dont harass anyone for a pin because the Walt Disney World company doesnt allow the selling of any material, and they dont allow the pestering of guests.

How do you get Disney trading pins?

You can get Disney trading pins from a variety of sources, first and obvious choice is of course at the multiple Disney parks around the world. Each park offers pin trading locations and stores, and will even have location-specific pins that you can’t get anywhere else! You can also order pins online via the Disney shop store, amazon, or eBay but beware scrappers!

Does Disney still do pin trading in 2022?

Yes, Disney pin trading is still very much active in the multitude of Disney parks.

What is Disney pin trading like during covid?

During covid, the pin trading Disney cast member will ask you to set down your pin so they can sanitize it first, and then you can trade it for another pin of your choosing. There are also constraints s on how many people can be in the pin traders area so keep that in mind as the line can get long waiting for them.

What is a scrapper pin?

A scrapper pin is an illegitimate Disney pin that was either scrapped by the Disney warehouse and sold to a third party for reselling or is a fake pin that is created by the boat load for cheap trading. It’s hard to tell the difference between the scrappers and downright inauthentic pins, but there are a few tell-tale signs. Also, keep a lookout when trading with other guests, some are innocent and honestly do not know they have scrapper pins that are trading, and others know what they are doing and carry around binders for trading. These other guests either have valuable pins to trade or a book full of scrappers so be careful.

How can I tell the difference between a scrapper pin and an authentic Disney pin?

The tell-tale sign for identifying a scrapper pin against the official pins is to check the color of the enamel on the pins, usually, the colors will not be as bright or as dark. The second is to check ridging on the pins, the fake pins will usually be flatter with fewer grooves. The third is to check for pin defects such as bubbles, dents, paint deformities, etc, these pins are usually ht ones that Disney warehouse got rid of and third-party resellers sell for cheap.

Does Disney allow scrapper pins?

Unfortunately, Disney hasn’t made a stance against scrapper pins, especially since some of them come from their very own warehouses as defective pins that are thrown out. To make things even wilder, Disney cast members accept them for pin trading!

Is Disney allowing pin trading even if they’re not authentic?

Yes, as mentioned above, Disney does allow pin trading of scrapper pins at their Disney parks. Knowing this information, you’ll want to be careful with trading with Disney cast members, because you may trade for a scrapper pin! That’s why it’s really important that you learn to tell the difference between a scrapper pin and an official Disney pin.

Is Disney still doing pins?

Yes, Disney has continued to release new pins for trading and collecting. These collections are seen in park-specific pins, limited edition pins, anniversary pins, and much more!

How can you tell if a Disney pin is rare?

If you find a complete silver pin that is free of any enamel coloring or embellishments, then you my friend have found yourself a rare pin! Rare pins are not just limited to silver pins, in fact, you can find rare complete pins, rarer completer pins, and hidden mickeys pins.

What are the rarest Disney pins?

The rarest Disney pins are those that were made with jewels and created in limited batches. The rarest pin as noted by Dana from Money inc is most likely the steamboat willy pin that is only given to Disney cast members who have worked with the company for more than 50 years! However, if you’re looking for pins that were specifically made to be sold, then it would be Ariel the little mermaid riding a pink seahorse, Alice in wonderland pin, Marie from the Aristocats, and a jeweled mickey mouse pin.

How do you get free Disney pins?

While Disney does just give out free pins for anything, they will happily gift you a free pin for a certain event such as a birthday or anniversary or during celebrations. When you enter the parks, head on over to the guest relations desk, inform them of your special event and they will gift you a free Disney pin.

How much is a Disney trading pin at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resorts?

Pins range from $7 all the way up to $20 depending if you are getting a basic pin or special event pin.

History Of Disney pin trading: How Disney Pin Trading started

Disney trading of pins started in October 1999, during the launch of the millennium celebration. This event catapulted the trading of different pins since then and has created a cult following of dedicated traders!

Disney parks are perfect for finding unique and limited edition disney pins

Trade Disney Pins With a Cast Member Rules and Guide

*Check here to see what Disney says about pin trading*

Helpful Tips

To find a pin trading cast member, just keep a lookout for the workers that carry around pin lanyards. Or you can head on over to a pin trading location and check out the pinboards they have to see what you can trade for.

Trade non-valuable and not your favorite pins: We suggest buying packs of Disney pins at the various Disney stores around the resorts, or online from a reputable seller.

Check various pin boards to decide what to trade for first, the last thing you want is to be looking for a certain special item and then find out you traded too early and now have no expendable pins.

Always check the quality before accepting it as a trade, you dont want to end up with defective ones.

Be very wary of trading with fellow guests, the reason is that there are fellow collectors who know everything there is to know about collecting these valuable Disney trading pins. If it turns out you are approached by someone, especially if they are carrying a binder of pins, or have a large assortment of them, listen to what they have to say and quickly research online the value of your pin and what they are willing to trade it for. if they try offering cash or multiple pieces for one, then you know you have a valuable treasure and should put it away for safekeeping.

Trading with a Cast Member Rules

  • Only trade pins that are in good condition, this means no scratches, peeling paint, dents, etc
  • All pins must have the office Disney logo stamped on the back of the pin
  • Walt Disney company-associated brands are accepted
  • Non-metal pins are not accepted for trade
  • When you trade with cast members, keep in mind you’ll be limited to only 2 pin trades per cast member.
  • When handing the pin over, do it a single pin at a time and make sure the pin back is on the pin for safety measures.
  • There are certain pins that only kids can trade for so be mindful of that
  • Keep in mind, when you offer a trade you have to make sure that on the crew members’ pin board there isn’t already the same pin.
  • Do not try to bribe the cast members or fellow guests with money, gifts, or other things, you will get kicked out.

How to Start Collecting Disney Pins: A Beginners Guide

  • Buy packs of starter packs of pins, this method will usually be the most basic ones but will give you ammo for trading.
  • Collect your favorite characters, special events, limited releases, and new locations, and keep an eye out for rare varieties!
  • Disney fans are crazy about these fun activities and collection builders, so get out there and mingle (dont harass or stalk anyone) Chances are you’ll find someone who wants what you have and has what you want!
  • This fun activity is not only limited to the states, you can trade at Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney sea, shanghai Disney resort, and hong kong Disney resort.
  • Purchasing pins can also be done at Disney Springs, Downtown Disney, various other shipping areas dedicated to Disney, and Walt Disney company affiliates.
  • Search pin boards for the newest additions and do trades to trade up basic pins for more valuable ones.

Where to shop online for Disney pins for trading





tokyo disneysea at night: has unique specific disney pins only available at the tokyo resort

Where To purchase Disney Pins At Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventures park

Downtown Disney

Where to buy Disney trading pins at Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Disney Hollywood studios


Disney Spring

hong kong disney resort firework show

What is the best way to collect Disney pins?

Disney Pin Wall Collection Methods


Custom Pinboards

Hanging Displays

Disney Pin Collection: Clothing

The Most important thing you need if you’re going to be wearing your Disney pin Collection: Pin Locks!!!

We can’t even begin to tell you how many Disney pins, travel pins, and various other pins we have lost because the dumb backing behind the pin that comes with the original is super unreliable! Don’t be us and lose 20 plus pins because we were too lazy to order locking backs for them 😆. We are investing in locking pins before our next trip to Disney World.

After much research and reading a ton of reviews and advice from other fellow Disney travelers and Facebook groups, we found out that a crowd favorite is these biker locking metal back pins. They completely cover the pin so no worries about randomly getting stabbed during the ride ( we’re looking at you space mountain 😒)

Here is our recommendation for Disney Pinbacks that Lock

Hat and Ears

Mickey Mouse Coach Leather Ear Headband

This one is pricy, not gonna lie. However, it’s incredibly stylish and has its own patches and pins on the ears!

Disney Baseball hat with Mickey Mouse patch

Disney kids bucket hat

Walt Disney World 50th anniversary bucket hat

Disney baseball hat with ears


Steamed bun Pin display backpack

Bioworld Nightmare before Christmas coffin Disney pin trader bag

Loungefly black pin trader Faux Leather mini backpack

Cxian Pin display bag

PinDisplay Bag

Lanyard The easiest and simplest way to carry your collection

Disney Lanyard

The Ultimate diehard Disney Pin collector on the go: The Binder

Pin Pages for storing Disney pins: Fits in a standard 3-ring binder

epcot globe view from international flower garden

That wraps up our post for creating the ultimate Disney pin collection! We hope you find the various mystery pins, limited edition pins, pare pins, your favorite characters, and more! If you’re looking for more Disney travel content make sure to check out our other post!

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