Disneyland Park Hours 2023: The Magical Guide To Maximizing Your Disney Trip

Do you know how to plan the perfect Disneyland vacation? Well, for starters, you need to know Disneyland Park Hours to know precisely what time Disneyland opens and closes. This may seem like such an utterly minor detail, but knowing when the park opens will allow you to compare hours against Disney California Adventure Park. This is vital if you will be park hopping and trying to ensure you make the most out of your trip and get the most bang for your buck .

We love planning, and we know Disneyland is expensive, which is why we put such a big emphasis on planning your trip to make the most out of it. So keep on reading to learn the must-knows about Disneyland Park Hours.

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What Time is Early Entry at Disneyland

Typically: 30 minutes to one hour before park opening (recently only 30 minutes)

Early entry is a special opportunity available for guests of Disney Resort Hotels. Hotel guests are allowed to enter the parks 30 minutes before all other park guests. They used to let hotel guests in 1 hour before the park opened. Unfortunately, right now, they are letting hotel guests in only 30 minutes before other guests.

Do you know what Special Disney Entrances there are for Disney Hotel guests?

When is Rope Drop at Disneyland

Typically: 30 minutes before opening

Rope drop is basically Disney talk for being at the park when it opens for foot traffic. This means you will have gone through security, bag checks and enter the gates of Disneyland. Once you’ve entered the main gate you will find that each part of the park is closed off with ropes. The Disney cast members will “drop” the ropes.

What are Disneyland Park Regular hours

Typically: 8:00 am – 12:00 am are the regular functioning hours

Typically Disneyland park will operate on a regular opening schedule between 8am-10am and closing schedule of 10pm-12am. But this can vary depending on the season, foot traffic, special events, holidays, etc.

Normally, Disneyland’s normal hours will be from 8am-12am. There will be days during the off season or during special events that the park can run on the hours of 8am-8pm. And there will be times that the park will close as early as 5pm for special events.

For example, during the holiday season, Disney California Adventure park will close at 6 pm for the start of Oogie Boogie Bash, which is a special ticketed event that often sells out.

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When are Disneyland After hours

Typically: 9:00 pm- 1:00 am

Disneyland after dark events are special ticketed events that allow you to stay at the park after hours. The events are usually 4 hours long from 9pm-1am and gives guests the unique opportunity at experiencing Disneyland in another light, literally.

Typically when Disneyland after dark events occur, the regular park hours will be from 8am-8pm and then the special event will start at 9pm. If you have a Disney after dark ticket then you will be allowed to enter Disneyland park 3 hours before the event begins which is at 6pm. So, you get to enjoy Disneyland park from 6pm-1am for this event if you enjoy the early admission.

When are Disneyland Special holiday hours

Typically: Early Hours or Later Days

Disneyland is one of those places thats basically open every day of the year regardless of the day. Huge holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years are no exceptions to this. Typically the parks will be open on these days but they will close early or late. For example, in past years the park has closed early on Christmas day but late on new years eve.

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Disneyland Park hours FAQ

How long do you need to visit Disneyland park?

You will want to choose between 2-3 days at the You will most definitely need at least 3 days to visit Disneyland park. This is due to the large size of the parks and the fact that there are so many things to do and try like foods and rides. Between wait times for rides, seeing parades, grabbing food and just simply exploring the park you’ll need all the time you can get.

If you don’t have the time or funds for 3 days at Disneyland you can certainly explore the park in 1 day but you’ll only get to visit some main things. Since you’ll be on a time limit its best to select your top 4 rides, top 4 restaurants, 2 photo spots you’d like to check out and then choose which parade or event you’d like to attend during the day or night. Keep in mind long wait times, rides breaking down and heavy foot traffic.

What are park hopper hours at Disneyland?

Park hopper hours are typically after 11am and will stay available until closing of the park. After 11am you can park hop to the next park and back as much as you would like.

What time do Disneyland rides open?

Disneyland rides will open at the same time as park opening. Keep in mind that at early entry and rope drop the ride queue lines will start forming but the rides will not be open, nor will the queue start to move until the park officially opens for business.

Is Disneyland ever closed?

No, Disneyland is always open, 365 days a year. Though park hours will vary depending on the day, season, foot traffic, special events, and holidays.

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