Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Overview & Tips

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The Indiana Jones™ Adventure Ride at Disneyland will forever be one of our favorite rides at the Disney parks. This thrill ride is full of special effects, dark and loud sceneries, sudden drops, and ooh and ahh moments, making riding even more fun the more you do it.

This iconic ride earned its star reviews first at the the theaters with its famous cinematic performance that garnered a legion of fans. Then made its way into the heart of Disneyland and forever cemented its mark in Adventureland.

But enough about that, you came here for a reason, and that’s to learn all about this famous and thrilling ride that almost always has lines wrapped around the ride queue.

So we will cover the history of The Temple Of The Forbidden Eye Facts, the facts you should know before embarking on a journey unlike any other, and other useful things to know about this daring attraction.

Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the forbidden eye

Indiana Jones Adventure:

Temple Of The Forbidden Eye Facts

What movie is the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Based on?

The Indiana Jones thrill ride is based on the famous Indiana Jones movies. So it’s not set on one set particular movie but instead the whole set of films.

Special shoutout to the Walt Disney Company! We love this ride!

Are there other Indiana Jones Adventure rides in other Disney Parks?

There are three other Indiana Jones Attractions in the various other Disney Parks! We listed them below so you know which park has your favorite ride.

Disneyland Indiana Jones™ Adventure: Temple Of The Forbidden Eye

Location: Disneyland Park – Disneyland Resort- Anaheim, California, United States

Disneyland Paris Indiana Jones™ and the Temple Of Peril

Location: Disneyland Park – Disneyland Paris Resort – Paris, France

Tokyo DisneySea Indiana Jones™ Adventure: Temple Of The Crystal Skull

Location: Tokyo DisneySea – Tokyo Disneyland Resort – Tokyo, Japan

When did the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride open at Disneyland?

This famous ride opened up and debuted at Disneyland Park on March 3, 1955! Since then, its undergone a few extensive refurbishments to keep up with maintenance and the changing technology over the past few decades.

Is Indiana Jones be renovated in 2023?

Yes! The Iconic ride was recently undergoing a renovation that started in January 2023 and was said to be done by Spring 2023. It ended up reopening for rides in March 2023.

Indiana Jones Adventure outside line queue vehicle

Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Overview

Where is Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland?

Indiana Jones Ride is located in Adventureland, Disneyland Park. The Entrance to Indiana Jones Adventure attraction is located near the Jungle Cruise and directly across from Bengal Barbecue.

What Kind of Ride is Indiana Jones Adventure?

Walt Disney Imagineering team really outdid themselves with this one!

Indiana Jones Adventure is a thrill ride with tiny drops, pitch-black dark scenes, and loud noises. All of this combined can make the ride a little scary for kids, so make sure you double-check before boarding a trip of a lifetime through the temple of the forbidden eye!

The ride will have you enter a 12-person ride vehicle that is neither a roller coaster nor a slow ride. Instead, this stimulated ride makes you feel like you’re on a jeep going through this cursed temple. It provides motion effects, digital projections, and sound to enhance the feel of a real car racing through the passageway trying to escape Mara.

Before beginning your journey, Seat Belts check! Also, could you check that all your belongings are secured?

Through this process of the attraction, you will be immersed in completely dark passageways, enter a room full of bugs, evade a booby trap spike room, then be faced with Mara and her large audio-animatronic snake that looks like it might get you if you slow down.

However while all hope may seem to be lost, never fear because, with the help of Dr. Jones, you’ll soon find the light to exit. Of course not before almost getting crushed by a giant rolling boulder and almost being impaled by a dart corridor.

Finally, the entrance is near for the passageway escape, and you, my friend, have survived the wrath of the cursed Deity Mara.

What rooms and scenes will you pass while on the Indiana Jones vehicle?

In no particular order:

  • Loading Area for Vehicles
  • Mummy Chamber
  • The Antagonist Deity Mara’s face – don’t look her in the eye!
  • Large Animatronic Snake
  • Bug room
  • Dart Corrdior
  • Booby traps
  • Giant Rolling Ball
  • Inside the Aztec Pyramid
Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Loading

Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Length?

The daring adventure of indiana jones only lasts around 3 minutes, making it s relatively short ride when you compare it to other main attractions.

What is the Indiana Jones Adventure Height requirement?

The Indiana Jones Ride has a height requirement of 46 inches or taller to be able to ride. Remember there are Disneyland height markers that you will walk by, and the Disney cast members will be watching to see if a child comes close to the requirement and then will measure them to ensure they meet the height requirement.

WARNING: Make sure not to try to cheat the Disneyland height measuring system! That's grounds for Disneyland Jail!

Is the Indiana Jones Ride suitable for kids?

The Temple of the forbidden eye ride is a dark, thrilling adventure ride that can scare some little ones. That’s why the height requirement helps out. Usually, most kids over this height requirement won’t be as nervous about the drops and darkness of the ride.

However, it’s your call, so make sure to avoid this ride if you know your kids don’t like dark or fast thrill rides.

Worst case scenario if they don’t want to ride doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Utilize the rider switch option so both you and your partner or group can take turns watching the kids and riding.

Indiana Jones Adventure inside the temple of the forbidden eye

Is The Indiana Jones Accessible?

Yes! one thing we love about Disney is they are making it more accommodating for guest who want to partake in the disney fun of riding thrill rides!

The indiana jones ride is accessible and has closed captioning for the ride queue pre-show that you’ll see while going through the long and dizzy lines.

One thing to note is that if you or a member of your party is in a wheelchair/ECV, they will need to transfer to the rider seat.

Does Indiana Jones Have Rider Switch?

But of course! Indiana Jones, along with a ton of other Amazing Disneyland Rides! Rider switch is an excellent option if you have kids who don’t want to ride or don’t meet the height requirement.

Is it worth using Genie plus on Indiana Jones?

It depends on what time of day you are trying to get to this Disneyland attraction. Suppose you enter early morning, such as rope drop time on a weekday. Then you should be fine without it.

However, suppose you are visiting the Disneyland resort during a holiday period, peak season, or midday. In that case, you will want to consider utilizing a Genie Plus add-on for access to Lightning Lane for this motion simulator ride because the average wait time around these times can stretch to 190 minutes.

When is the best time to ride Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland?

The best time to ride the Indiana Jones adventure attraction is during the early morning when people are still coming in swarms. Popular rides like Rise of the Resistance or Space Mountain will fill up quickly, but if you follow a good Rope Drop Guide, you should be in business. Read our ride tips below to learn more about this morning option.

If morning is too early for scary rides, opt for late evening or during food times. If you go during lunchtime or dinnertime, the rides are less busy since most people are opting to get food instead of waiting in ride queues.

Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Queue

The Ride Queue at Indiana Jones is a tizzy; it starts off directly in front of Bengal Barbecue and wraps around in front of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Then you’ll be let into the crumbling temple to make your way through the long and dusty tunnels, honestly we almost forgot we were in Southern California after a while. There is a short closed captioning scene that will go over ride info. Then you will be put through two lines; it doesn’t matter which one you choose. After that, you’ll go up some stairs and walk by some lost treasure, supplies, and warning signs about the ride.

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Indiana Jones Adventure Ride Queue

Indiana Jones Adventure Attraction Tips:

Watch out for birds!

Funny story, but the last time we rode this ride, we were pooped on by birds that liked to hang out above the ride queue forested area. To be exact, directly in front of the snake temple entrance and on the way out of the ride exit.

It was out of nowhere too! We were just waiting in an hour-long line minding our own business when all of a sudden a bird pooped on someone in our group.

We started laughing because it was so random, then as soon as we cleaned it up. It pooped on the front of my shirt and slid down my arm, and got in my hair! At this point, we were rolling on the floor laughing because the birds were out to get us!

Then after cleaning ourselves up with the last of the wet wipes…. a bird pooped on S and landed on her hat, slid down her face, and she froze because it was by her mouth.

We had nothing to clean it with either so we all just stared at each other, and burst out laughing like ugly crying laughing, and at this point, the cast members must think we were crazy something because people are starting to look at us like we were.

Luckily, it was our turn to be let in the crumbling temple, I made sure to let the cast member know we were causing a scene because we all got pooped on by birds, and the cast member smiled and nodded us through; I knew she wanted to laugh. After that, we booked it to the nearest water fountain and cleaned up!

So moral of the story? Watch out for birds!

Rope Drop Indiana Jones Ride!

If your goal is to ride Indiana Jones, we recommend rope-dropping it if you are going to be rope-dropping other days as well. If this is your only rope drop day, carefully weigh your ride choices. If you need help, read our guide to determine what Rope drop ride you should do first.

Secure all your belongings!

While Indiana Jones is not as fast of a ride as, say, space mountain or Incredicoaster. It still manages to make you feel like you are going to fall out of the caravan if you don’t hold on.

We always utilize the pouches they have behind the seats on the ride and ensure everything in exterior pockets like bottles or hats are zipped in. The reason is because we were seeing others lose their things on the ride by not properly storing them.

Plus, Disney cast members won’t look for your things until the end of the day when the park closes. So you may never get that item back, or may not get it back for several days as it progresses through Disneyland’s Lost and Found System.

Don’t wear ears or a hat on this ride!

Concerning our tip above, you want to avoid wearing hats or mickey mouse ears on this attraction. It swerves just enough and has a 60-foot drop that can cause you to lose your Cute Disney Ears!

We always take ours off and stiff them in our bags for safekeeping until after the ride is over.

Use Rider Switch for Indiana Jones!

The awesome Rider Switch program was made for families and groups who can’t all ride together due to having to stay behind to watch the kids or whatever the reason. Luckily for you this adventure offers rider switch! Make sure to ask the cast member at the entrance for this option! If you have no clue what we are talking about then make sure to read our Rider Swap Guide.

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The Bengal Barbecue

Indiana Jones Adventure Area Guide

What Dining Options are near Indiana Jones

Bengal Barbecue

Tropical Imports

River Belle Terrace

The Tropical Hideaway

Royal Street Veranda

What Shopping areas are near the Indiana Jones ride queue?

Adventureland Bazaar

Adventureland sign

Indiana Jones Adventure:

Temple Of The Forbidden Eye FAQ

What happened to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland?

The Indiana Jones Ride was closed for renovations to be done, it reopened in the early spring of 2023.

Why is Indiana Jones temporarily closed at Disneyland?

The Indiana Jones ride was temporarily closed in January 2023 due to undergoing refurbishments; it reopened in March 2023.

Does Indiana Jones have any drops Disneyland?

There is a 60 foot drop that happens towards the end of the ride when the giant rolling ball appears.

Is Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland a roller coaster?

No, The Indiana Jones ride is not a roller coaster, it’s a simulated vehicle ride with motion effects, sound effects, and digital projections that make it seem like a real car is driving.

Why does the Indiana Jones ride break down so much?

The Indiana Jones ride does experience temporary closures throughout the day; these are done to ensure the ride is safe.

Is the Indiana Jones ride jerky?

The Indiana Jones ride is jerky to stimulate the feeling of a real vehicle driving through rough terrain.

How scary is the Indiana Jones ride?

The Indiana Jones Ride isn’t as scary as other Disneyland park rides, however, because of the completely dark scenes, loud sound effects, and sudden projections, it can be scary for little ones.

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