Rise of the Resistance: A Traveler’s Guide To All You Need To Know Before Riding And A Video Of The Attraction!

Alright, you managed to sneak yourself some tickets to the beautiful Disney parks of Disneyland or Walt Disney World. However, now you have to figure out how you’ll stand a chance at the Rise of the resistance ride without wasting your whole day waiting in the newly opened standby queue. Or maybe you have no clue what this Rise of the Resistance ride is and need a quick explanation while staying in that long standby lane to see if it’s even something you are interested in.

Whatever your reason for finding this post, we will give you an in-depth overview of one of the most highly sought-after rides at Disney parks and tips for catching a ride without spending an eternity in line. So, please stick around and continue reading because we have tracks to uncover!

This post is about the immersive Ride, Star Wars: Rise of the resistance featured at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Please continue reading for a comprehensive review of the attraction and tips for riding it!

two stormtroopers standing guard in the first order ship

Disclaimer: Disney, Disney’s logo, and all things Disney owned, such as star wars and its parks, are owned and trademarked by the Disney company. We don’t claim anything concerning Disney or its subsidies and are simply writing this in-depth review to help fellow Disney fans have a chance at riding this super fun attraction. Please follow all Disney policies while visiting the parks. Please also remember that these tips and this guide are not professional advice, and the information and guide may or may not work out for you. We are not experts, just Disney fans who love Disney. ☺️

Rise of the Resistance

Trackless ride vehicle view with droid driving

Rise of the Resistance Ride Facts and Questions

Rules and Requirements:

  • No flash photography
  • Park reservation and park ticket are needed for a day of planned riding of the Star Wars ride.
  • Children can ride if above 40 inches but must be supervised always
  • Should be in good health and not have high blood pressure, heart, back, or neck issues. If you’re an expecting mother, you should not ride, and also, if you have motion sickness or other health conditions that can be aggravated by lights, sounds, and sudden movement, you should not ride.
  • Remain seated at all times and follow posted safety guidelines and rules

Commonly Asked Questions For Rise of The Resistance

What kind of Ride is Rise of the Resistance?

The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride is a phenomenal and immersive ride that has been highly coveted since its initial release date back in December 2019. The Ride features a trackless ride system that goes through dark scenery with flashes, loud surrounding music, drops, and twists while riding a small trackless droid with Risened motion stimulation.

All in all a fantastic ride, especially for us Adults at Disneyland! Well worth the wait since standby queues have opened up for the first time for this Ride.

Is the Rise of the Resistance Ride only available at Disneyland? How about Walt Disney World?

No, the Rise of the Resistance ride is featured at Disneyland Galaxys Edge and Walt Disney World Disney’s Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge.

When did the Rise of the Resistance first open?

  • Rise of the resistance opened up for the first time at Disneyland in January 2020.
  • Rise of the resistance ride opened up at Disney World in December 2019.

How long is the Rise of the Resistance Ride?

We didn’t precisely time it, but we would say roughly 20 minutes and rode it five times.

standby line waiting area machines, screens and bb-8

Is Star Wars the Rise of the Resistance Ride a Trackless Ride Vehicles attraction only?

No, the Ride features pre-boarding details that make it so much much better, such as escaping on a ship and then being caught by the 1st order, meeting with the 1st order and being spoken to like “little worms,” being interrogated by Kylo Ren, being rescued by the resistance and watching the altercation between them unfold while being immersed first hand.

We will note that there are two droid cars, aka the ride vehicle, that you will be sorted out to ride based on the color you were assigned earlier in the experience. There is either the front or the back droid between the two droids.

There is a slightly different experience between the two cars based on how they are positioned throughout the Ride. Within each droid car, there are two rows of 4 for seating, and depending on whether you’re in front or back of the vehicle will also change your view but only a little.

Is the Rise of Resistance Ride Scary?

While it is a dark ride that does feature sudden drops and twists, we still wouldn’t consider this Ride to be scary. The tower of terror ride or space mountain ride is both more terrifying rides than this Star Wars ride. However, If you have children that scare easily, we suggest sitting this one out as the sudden noises can sometimes be shocking to little kids.

If your kids don't want to ride, no worries! Use Rider Switch! Read about our Rider Switch Guide!

What’s up with boarding groups? Why can’t I ride?

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Disney has done away with boarding groups and the virtual queue, so you won’t have to wait around until you’re boarding group is called on the Disney app.

Is Rise of the Resistance a virtual queue ride, or can I wait in the standby queue like other rides?

The standby queue replaced the original virtual queue, which in our opinion, made things faster and fairer for riders to have a chance at riding by delegating boarding groups. However, if you’re not quick-fingered, then the virtual queue could be problematic for you, and the decision to use a standby queue and lightning lane is the miracle you were waiting for.

Whatever the reason for the change and removal of the virtual queue, the new method of riding this highly sought-after Ride is now done by standby or by purchasing a lightning lane. However, we did prefer the process of boarding groups because it allowed you to have a set time to ride the Rise of the resistance. So now it’s either you pay for a lightning lane fast pass or wait for eternity in the standby line.

What is a Lightning Lane? Do I need it for the Rise of the Resistance, Star Wars Ride at Disneyland, and Walt Disney World?

*Click here to visit the Disney’s Star wars Rise of the resistance page*

If you want to bypass the standby queue, the individual lightning lane entrance pass is needed for this Rise of the resistance ride. However, this Ride is ONLY eligible for the separate lightning lane entrance pass. In other words, this Ride is not included in the attractions for the Genie+ pass.

So, whether you have Genie+ or not, you will need to buy an individual lightning lane entrance pass to ride this Ride using the lightning lane. While paying for the pass can hurt the wallet depending on how big your party is, it is convenient for spending less time in line, which means you can eat or ride other rides with your saved time!

But at the same time, the lightning lane entrance pass fee can add up as it is a separate fee per person. Or you can wait in the regular line to avoid the extra costs.

While it can be costly and annoying, we think it has to happen. With that said, we’re probably in the minority slightly favor this pricey move by Disney. However, creating a paid pass system and Genie+ gives those willing to pay a chance to ride the Ride promptly.

However, we can see how it makes it harder for those who can’t afford the extras and only helps those who can afford the extra add-on. Although we do think if you have a good Ride strategy then you can get by without pricey add-ons, it won’t be the same for sure, but it does help to have a plan.

Which is better, Walt Disney World Disney’s Hollywood Studios Rise of the Resistance ride or Disneylands?

While both rides are pretty much the same, we would have to say we preferred the Ride at Disney World Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We felt like the graphics and characters looked better in the Walt Disney Worlds version.

This is weird since they both came out pretty close to each other. Just our personal experience and preference, but other than that, there were no significant differences between the rides.

Where is Rise of the Resistance Ride?

Disney Park: Galaxy’s Edge

Walt Disney World Resort: Galaxy’s Edge

You can grab some drinks and food at the nearby docking bay or some souvenirs at the black spire outpost while waiting for your lightning lane time.

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outside in an abandoned run down spaceship drop off area in galaxy's edge

Something else to know about the Rise of the Resistance Disneyland and Disney World

The Rise of the Resistance ride is notorious for breaking down and being out of commission more than it is up and running. While this may be true, we rode this attraction five times, split into two trips.

The Ride did break down inconveniently during our boarding group, but we were sent a fast pass for when it was up and running again. Another time that it broke down, we waited in line for it until it came back, which was annoying but beats rejoining the line later on.

We only waited because we were more than halfway through the line and had just waited for an hour, but sometimes this can be risky and ends up wasting your time as you never know how long it will take to fix the Ride. Maybe we got lucky, but the Ride was up and running enough for us to ride it several times.

When in doubt, always ask a cast member how long they predict the wait is or check the app as sometimes the Disney apps will say when the Ride should be back up. If you do leave, check the Disney app, as that will tell you when it’s up and running again or keep checking the Ride and asking cast members.

Overall, if it’s your last day at the Disney parks and you still haven’t ridden this epic Ride, then you’ll want to avoid waiting till the end of the day to avoid missing out if the Ride breaks, which it could happen.

Ways to ride Rise of the Resistance without waiting forever

Early Theme Park Entry: Morning Extra Magic Hours

If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you can attend Disneyland at an exclusive opening time that will allow you early access to the park.

Do you know what Disneyland Park Hours Are? Read our Disneyland Park Hours and Closing Times Guide.

Rope Drop Rise of the Resistance!

Rope Dropping is typically a sure way to get to the line with an hour’s wait time. During park opening, people take photos, grab breakfast snacks, buy Mickey ears, or run to other favorite attractions like Flight of Passage at Disney World or Spider man web slingers at Disneyland.

To make this method the most worthwhile, please make sure you get to the park as early as possible and park early to ensure being one of the first people in the park. After that, it’s up to you and the force to get you to the front of the Rise of the Resistance queue. Follow Park Guidelines and do not run or jog; they can kick you out.

Walk with some pep to the line right when the park is nearing closing

During park closing, people typically speed walk to find a spot to sit for the fireworks show, grab souvenirs, or grab dinner or snacks for the show. So, this gives the rest of us the chance to keep riding rides if the number of people still riding Risedles down.

Lightning Lane Entrance Pass

This is probably our favorite option and the one we most recommend. For roughly $15-20, you can drastically cut down on waiting time and designate what would’ve been time wasted towards other things like eating, snapping pics, or riding other rides!

If you want to utilize this option, we highly highly recommend buying your lightning lane pass earlier in the day once you’ve entered the park, as the spots will go quickly if you don’t act fast.

For Disney World Guests, you can buy your pass right when the park opens. You can purchase individual lightning lane entrance passes in the My Disney Experience App. You can buy for yourself or conveniently for your whole party if you are all linked in the My Disney Experience App.

We recommend booking for your entire party because this ensures getting the exact arrival time and booking as your party, whereas booking individually doesn’t guarantee that.

For Disneyland Guests, you can buy your pass right after entering the park. You can purchase passes in the Disneyland App. You can buy for just yourself or your whole party if you are all linked together in the Disneyland App. Again, we recommend booking passes all at once for your party because this helps guarantee you all get the exact arrival time and booking.

Inside the halls of the 1st order

Star Wars Ride Experience

The Secret Mission: The Resistance Against the First Order

Rise of the Resistance Standby Line Queue:

Ahh, welcome to the standby queue with the rest of us who either can’t afford the lighting lane or don’t want to fork out another dollar over to Disney. On the bright side, we can plan how we will help out on this secret mission for the resistance to beat the first order before they try blowing up another planet via their star destroyer!

We also need to come up with escape plans like using an escape pod ? So, actually, the standby queue doesn’t sound so bad after all.

This lane will take forever; when we say forever, we mean it. This popular attraction can take over 2 hours some days to ride, which is insane but not exactly far off when you’re thinking of Disney’s standard wait times.

On average, expect to wait over an hour for the Rise of the resistance ride. However, we do have some tips situated in the middle of this post if you’re interested ☺️

Lightning Lane:

If you’re willing to fork out the cash for this Ride, then you’ll be on your merry way through this Ride quickly. The cost of the individual lightning lane ticket per person is anywhere from $15-20 dollars, depending on the Ride, which doesn’t exactly break the bank.

But it can add up when you have multiple people in your party or you want to ride the Ride-on on various days. You also have to contemplate if you’d rather wait in line for hours for one Ride or pay a small fee for the convenience of spending less time in line and being able to move on to other rides quickly.

The individual lightning lane entrance pass only allows you to ride the Ride once daily, so you’d have to hang it on different days if you want to ride it multiple times. The lightning entrance pass at Disneyland only allows you to purchase an individual lightning lane entrance pass for the Ride after entering the theme park.

Meanwhile, the separate lightning entrance pass at Disney World will enable you to buy an individual lightning lane entrance pass after the parks open.

If you’re staying at a Disney Resort hotel or other select hotels, you may be able to purchase the pass at 7 AM on the day of visiting the park, but for ALL guests, it will be available for purchase after the parks open.

While you can only ride the Ride once using your lightning lane pass, this doesn’t mean you can’t wait in the standby queue if you’re willing to wait in line for the opportunity at a second or even a third ride on this Epic Ride.

If you’re not willing or can’t afford the costs of buying individual lightning lane entrance passes, you always have the option to wait in the standby queue. For this option, we suggest showing up to the park super early and making a mad dash for the Rise of the Resistance ride so you can be one of the first in line or risk enduring a ridiculously long line.

Remember that the park can open in phases, and you’ll want to be near the front of whatever area you get stuck in before they let you enter the galaxy’s edge.

Note: The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride is only eligible for individual lightning lane entrance passes and cannot be ridden using the Genie+ pass, as these are two separate passes. You can still ride it via the standby queue, though.

stormtroopers lined up at beginning of rise of the resistance ride
can see galaxy behind them

The Ultimate Star Wars Universe Experience

Made possible by the Walt Disney Company

Star Wars: Rise of The Resistance


While most of us hate the line, you have to appreciate the artwork and thought put into designing the queue line area, especially for star wars fans, most of us don’t pay attention to the line areas because our eyes are set on the Ride itself. But we recommend taking your time to look at some of the cool easter eggs often missed while waiting in line.

You’ve finally gotten past that dreadful line. We’re at the fun part now! The actual thing you’ve been waiting for all day and for the star wars dweebs like us, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since the news was first announced that new star wars immersive Ride would be coming to Disney World and Disneyland. Anyways, the moment is finally here and it’s time to enter the star wars universe and witness the true splendor of the ride elements that make this such a popular attraction.

First things first you’ll start out in a room disguised as a resistance recruit speaking to an in-person BB-8, a holographic Rey, and video chatting with Black Leader and Lieutenant Bek. Here Rey will send BB-8 off to do some droid work on the ship and she will also give you instructions to be rescued from your now compromised outpost on Batuu.

From here you will be taken to a transport ship, here you will find Black Leader is the pilot, Lieutenant Bek and BB-8 guiding you on your intergalactic travels. You’ll engage in an air battle with 1st order tie fighters and inevitably be captured by the 1st order. Bek will tell you to say nothing of the secret base on Pacara you guys were headed to before you’re boarded by the 1st order.

Prepare your cameras because this next part will blow your mind. It’s got to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen and by far one of the best parts of the Ride itself. Now you’re aboard a first-order ship amongst over 50 storm troopers.

Now after seeing all the scary, yet super cool stormtroopers you’ll walk through a corridor on their ship where you may or may not encounter another short line before the next part of the Ride. Now you’ll be split up into groups by the first order troops before your interrogation.

Now prepare yourself because the first order troops actually play the part very well and will bark orders at you and occasionally call you little worms and spies. It’s all in good fun and makes the experience that much more realistic and enjoyable.

Now, you’ll be sent into your cell where the man himself, Kylo Ren will come to interrogate you. Kylo Ren will be called away conveniently for the resistance to come to break you guys out. You’ll hop onto a droid that’s programmed to return you to Batuu and from here it’ll be a bumpy ride.

You’ll experience a bunch of twists, turns, a small drop or two, be chased by Kylo Ren, see some huge AT-AT’s, be shot at by stormtroopers, and see a firefight happen in space right beside you.

See our video of the Ride below!

Note: Our video starts with a flash of the super cool first order ship where you see over 50 storm troopers. Then it switches to when you are being rescued by the resistance and have just boarded your rescue droid.

Disclaimer: If you have any health conditions that can be heightened or worsened when watching bright displays, flashing lights, or loud sounds. Then please do not watch, especially if you have epilepsy or similar conditions. Speak with your health professional to learn more about why you should not watch flashy strobe-like videos. Watch this video at your own discretion, as we cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects.

Disney logo, name, star wars, and all Disney subsidies are owned and trademarked by the Walt Disney company

The End To Our Guide

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