Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride – Disney California Adventure

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Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride is one of the funnest rides available at Disneyland Resort! I mean, who doesn’t love the feeling of being weightless, suddenly dropping, and feeling like your heart is in your stomach? It’s insane! Honestly, one of our top three rides in all the Disney theme parks, if we are being honest, and that’s saying something!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride outside

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride Overview

Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Location:

  • Disney California Adventure Park – Hollywood Land
Make sure to check Disney California Adventure Park Hours; you're gonna want to know to so you can plan your rides for the day.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride Height Requirement

  • Guest must be 40 inches or taller to ride this ride

Who would love this ride?

Teens, adults, and thrill-seeking kids

This is a fun ride with a dramatic drop and amazing simulations, combine that with skyscraper heights at 183 feet tall building, and you have yourself a ride that may be a little too extreme for the little ones.

But hey, if they dig it, let them ride the ride! As long as they meet the height requirements, that is 👍🏻.

What kind of ride is Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Guardians ride is absolutely one of the craziest and funnest thrill rides you’ll experience at Disneyland Resort. It features enormous drops, where you feel like your heart is your stomach, only to pun it back to your throat 😆.

Upbeat and loud music, scenes from a furry friend and guardians blowing up the tower to escape, and then total darkness! It’s a fun ride, and if you love thrill rides, this will have to be at the top of your list!

Disney Travel Tip: This is a really popular ride, so having a rides game plan and using Disneyland add-ons and useful systems is key to a successful day at Disneyland resort!

- Rider Swap Program: This program will be a game changer for families so make sure you use it to your advantage!

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride interior showing loki costume
mission breakout dog in astronaut suit
Marvel avengers bad guy

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride Experience

Guardians Ride Queue

The ride queue for guardians is woven between the inside of the former 183-foot tall building that houses the ride and the outside of the ride building near the left side in a dedicated line queue area.

The ride queue lines feature typical things such as neverending wrapping rides, separated by metal poles and easily disconnected chains that the Disney Cast members like to make as complicated as possible for the longest queues 😆.

After you finish the outside ride line waiting area, you’ll slowly move up the line to reach the entrance of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride and be met with the infamous villain of the ride, the Taneleer Tivan, also famously known as the collector!

Ride Tip: This ride gets packed! So make sure to arrive early and take advantage of Rope Dropping!
entrance for Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride
inside the Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride

When you make your way past the collector, you’ll then be met with the familiar interior of the once-standing tower of terror, except instead of twilight zone hotel-style features, you’ll see a trusty golden retriever ready for lift-off, unique artifacts gathered from across the galaxy and mining planet known as Knowhere and of course the Guardians of the Galaxy who are locked up in glass prisons!

Feeling thirsty? The Marvel Area has a Pym's tasting lab that has alcoholic drinks, and Disneyland kid-friendly drinks 😎. 
mission breakout door
artifacts the collector collected from knowhere

Guardians of the Galaxy Rescue Mission Commence!

Before long, and after too many creatures and shiny trinkets, you’ll be met with a Disney cast member who will divide the lines between two library doors. Upon entering the door, you’ll enter into a dark and room that has familiar books, and old paintings, with busted technology and artifacts scattered across the room. Then bamm you’ll be met with Rocket who has just escaped from his glass prison,and your leading guy for the rescue, or should we say “rabbit”.

Rocket will give your crowded room an overview of the grand plan and how his ingenious fail-proof plan will surely be the mission of a century. He will also lovingly point out that the only reason he needs us is that he lacks human hands 😆; hey, at least we are required for something.

After getting a rundown of the plan and how you can be a part of the mission to the save the crew, rocket will open the doors and that’s when the mission starts!

As you leave the crowded area you met Rocket in, you’ll be guided through a system of old pipes and what looks to be a run-down metal fortress. Eventually, you’ll be greeted by a Disney Cast member who will ask for your group size and assign your party to a gantry lift, where you are set to meet Rocket again.

At this point, you’ll be standing in front of the gantry lift on your respective numbered circle. These numbers determine whether you’ll sit in the front, middle, or back of the ride and also is used in determining boarding flow.

After listening to the Cast member go over ride safety, you’ll then be seated. The cast member will inspect each rider is securely fastened and stress ride safety before the mission starts.

Which bring us to Ride Safety 👇

the collector
guardians of the galaxy ride queue

Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Safety

A Disney Cast Member will greet your riding party and lay down the safety rules, such as fastening items, not holding objects in your hands, having your seatbelt fastened the whole time, and other important safety rules.

Please listen; these safety rules are in place to protect you, and if you don’t listen well Disney has every right to kick you out 😟.

No, really, it’s been getting really bad lately, and if you have seen the Viral Tic-Toks, you know what we are talking about. Unfortunately, because of the people’s lack of care for the rules, Disney is cracking down on ride safety and will inspect each rider more during the ride and before take off.

in front of gantry lyft in guardians of the galaxy ride, with safety first in text

Safety First!

Guardians of the Galaxy Thrill Drop Ride Experience

After, getting situated, the ride starts!

Rocket has just taken control of the Gantry lift, and now you’ll see rocket in all his glory causing the ultimate breakout mission as he rescues his friends from the collector.

The ride will be immersed in darkness, and loud and upbeat music, with random cutscenes of the mayhem that is happening to the staggering fortress, as the Guardians of the Galaxy are breaking out.

Met with thrilling drops and rushed simulation that feels like you’re going to fly through the ceiling, you’ll leave this ride feeling like you should have had a smaller lunch 👀.

Now that you’re done with the ride make sure to head over to get some Tasty Disney Treats and try a churro at the churro stand near the ride’s entrance.

Since you’re in the area, if you’re a fan of pretzels, then make sure to try Pym’s kitchen, their colossal pretzel is one of our favorite Disneyland snacks!

What ride was before Guardians of Galaxy?

Tower of Terror was the spooky and twilight zone-based ride that used to be the bee’s knees before the Guardians of the galaxy mission breakout replaced it. This popular version is still noted in other Disney theme parks such as Disney Hollywood Studios, Disneyland Paris, and others!

When Did Guardians of the Galaxy replace Tower or Terror?

The newest addition, Guardians of the Galaxy, replaced the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror back in 2017 when it debuted its grand opening. Before that, the Tower of Terror had molded its way into the hearts of everyone for over a decade, as its debut was back in 1994!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout building at night

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout FAQ

How long is Guardians Mission: Breakout ride?

The ride is roughly 2 minutes long from start to finish.

What is the biggest drop on Mission: Breakout?

The biggest drop in Mission: Breakout is 131 feet, that’s a massive drop!

Is Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout longer than Tower of Terror?

Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout is slightly shorter than Tower of terror; however, it’s also faster and more intense overall than its predecessor.

How many times do you drop in Guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout?

There are six different drop sequences in guardians of the galaxy.

Is Guardians Mission: Breakout scary?

Guardians Mission: Breakout is a dark and thrilling ride that features enormous drops from 131 feet and simulated motions that make you feel like you’re going to fly out of your seat, making this ride one of the craziest and scariest rides

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