New Tokyo Disney Popcorn Buckets For 2023 & Latest Tokyo Disney Popcorn Flavors!

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Wow, super happy for you! If you are reading this post, you are most likely visiting the beautiful lands of Tokyo Disney and Tokyo DisneySea. You are intrigued by the insane amount of Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets and flavored popcorn they offer!

No Cap, these two Walt Disney company parks are giving Walt Disney World of Florida and Disneyland in California a run for their money!

Japan blew theme parks out of the water! We had low expectations for visiting Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney after visiting Disneyland Paris (not horrible but not as good as the States).

However, we were pleasantly surprised that we were dead wrong! Like take food and drinks; for example, Japan has excellent food, snacks, desserts ( hello toy story mochi!), and beverages (boba galore).

Never mind that you came to this post mainly because you’re as interested as we were when we saw the insane flavours of flavored Popcorn at the two Tokyo Disney theme parks!

They have unique tastes, which we will go over in this post, and they had beyond adorable and cool popcorn buckets! That is, you guessed it, only offered in Japan!!! So continue reading because we have lots to cover for the infamous Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets and flavors!

This post is all about the various popcorn buckets you can find while visiting Tokyo Disney and Tokyo DisneySea. Plus the amazingly delicious popcorn flavors they have! Keep in mind they do change with the seasons and different season events happening.

The Ultimate Guide To Disney Popcorn Buckets and Popcorn Flavors at Tokyo Disney Theme Parks

tokyo disneyland castle with tourist taking selfies near it
Tokyo Disney Resort with tourists eating popcorn in the background; the strawberry and cream flavored popcorn are to the castle’s west.

How much are popcorn buckets at Tokyo Disney?

Disney’s popcorn buckets are designed after Disney’s most lovable characters and films. They are also often ‘limited’ and only sold at specific locations within a park.

Plus, most buckets within Tokyo Disney Resorts will likely not be found at other Disney parks. For these reasons, the buckets are typically pretty pricey, with an average cost of ¥2,600 to ¥3,400.

What Popcorn Buckets are available in 2023?

Winnie the Pooh Popcorn Bucket

Price: 2,600 yen

Sold Where: Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

This pooh popcorn bucket has good old Winnie the Pooh peeking over the Hunny pot with a hand full of honey only to be disappointed and find popcorn in his bucket.

Duffy & Friends Aunt Peg’s Store Light Up Popcorn Bucket

Price: 3,400 yen

Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” Soft Popcorn Bucket

Price: 1,600 yen

Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” Light up Popcorn Bucket

Price: 3,400 yen

Monsters Inc. Popcorn Bucket

Price: 3,200 yen

This adorable bucket features the doors from the film. Some of the doors show characters from the film and other doors show you the popcorn inside the bucket.

The bucket also features Boo in a disguise on top of the bucket. Meanwhile, Mike and Sulley are hidden on the side behind a door and Randall is on the lanyard.

Leena Belle Popcorn Bucket

Price: 2,600 yen

4oth Anniversary Regular Box with Souvenir Popcorn Case

Price: 2,100 yen

This last option isn’t exactly a bucket; rather, you would get your standard popcorn box with a souvenir carrying case. The carrying case holds two regular popcorn boxes and has a pocket in the back and a carrying strap.  

Donald Duck Popcorn Bucket

Price: 2,600 yen

Minnie Mouse Popcorn Bucket

Price: 3,200 yen

Gelatoni Popcorn Bucket

Price: 2,600 yen

Mickey Mouse Popcorn Tongs

Price: 800 yen

Bonus! Tokyo Disneyland is offering popcorn tongs in the form of Mickey’s hands. These will come in handy because they will help you eat your popcorn while staying free of touching it with any germ-ridden hands plus, they’re cute! The tongs are running for ¥800.

*Keep in mind prices change on popcorn buckets and inventory changes frequently*

Previous Popcorn Buckets at Tokyo Disney Resort

Toy Story – This Tokyo Disney popcorn bucket is a light-up film reel featuring scenes and moments from the Toy Story films and has Woody sitting atop the bucket on the lid saluting you.

It’s A Small World- this popcorn bucket features characters from the It’s A Small World attraction.

Beauty and the Beast- This popcorn bucket features a stained glass design like from the movie, and it also lights up, making it look super cute!

Tangled- This popcorn bucket is designed as a light-up lantern-like from the movie, which cute designs all around the outside of the bucket, and it has a cute Pascal figurine on the lanyard.

Big Hero 6- This bucket was designed after the “Happy ride with Baymax” attraction and features a big Baymax sitting atop a ride vehicle.

Mickey Mouse- This bucket features Mickey Mouse standing atop a huge drum. Mickey Mouse is part of the lid and the drum itself contains the popcorn.

Alice in Wonderland- This popcorn bucket features some stacked tea cups with cute designs like the Cheshire cat. The bucket also features cute figures like a clock, flowers, and Alice herself. Meanwhile, the top lid looks like tea but it opens up and has a mirror inside. The next lid just below the mirror is the lid that opens to your popcorn.

Dale Popcorn Bucket – Cute Chip and Dale Popcorn Bucket!

Dumbo and Timothy Popcorn Bucket – A Dumbo the elephant popcorn bucket and Timothy the mouse!

Toy Story Aliens Popcorn Bucket The Claw

Lightning Mcqueen Popcorn Bucket

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Popcorn Bucket

This answer can change for everyone, but from what we’ve experienced and seen the top 5 most loved and enjoyable popcorn flavors are. 

Photo attributed by @nat_sweetdiary

  • Strawberry Milk
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Matcha White Chocolate
  • Curry
  • Garlic Shrimp
tokyo disneysea lake with ship
Tokyo DisneySea offers a ton of different popcorn

Where To Find Your Favorite Popcorn Bucket:

Tokyo Disneyland: Popcorn Carts and Wagons by Area

The moral of the story is that no matter which park, Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea, you will most definitely find a popcorn wagon almost around every corner, it seems.

While some flavors will be straightforward to see, like caramel, because there are a million places that offer caramel, other flavors, like Matcha white chocolate, will be a bit harder to find.

So, you’ll have to trek to some unique locations that offer certain flavors. This will take some planning into your day if you really must have that popcorn.

To make it a bit easier for you we will list popcorn wagons by area and flavor below so you know where to head to find your favorite flavor or your next must-try flavour of the day!

You can also check the TokyoDisney Site for the latest scoop on popcorn!

World Bazaar

  • Popcorn Wagon- Caramel


  • Popcorn Wagon- Matcha White Chocolate
  • Popcorn Wagon- Caramel
  • Popcorn Wagon- Soy Sauce & Butter


  • Popcorn Wagon- Curry
  • Popcorn Wagon- Black Pepper


  • Popcorn Wagon- Orange Chocolate
  • Popcorn Wagon- Caramel
  • Le Petit Popper- Caramel


  • Toon Pop- Caramel
  • Pop-A-Lot Popcorn- Caramel


  • The Popping Pod- Milk Chocolate
  • Popcorn Wagon- Salt
  • The Big Pop- Cookies & Cream, Caramel & Cheese, Strawberry Milk

Tokyo DisneySea: Popcorn Wagons by Area

Mediterranean Harbor

  • Popcorn Wagon- Black Pepper

American Waterfront

Photo attributed by @lau_lau_va

  • Popcorn Wagon- Carmel
  • Popcorn Wagon- Garlic Shrimp
  • Popcorn Wagon- Matcha White Chocolate
  • Popcorn Wagon- Milk Chocolate

Port Discovery

  • Popcorn Wagon- Soy Sauce & Butter

Lost River Delta

  • Popcorn Wagon- Soy Sauce & Butter

Arabian Coast

  • Popcorn Wagon- Curry

Mermaid Lagoon

  • Popcorn Wagon- Salt
  • Popcorn Wagon- Caramel

*Flavors offered change pretty frequently and sometimes the popcorn wagons and shops will be closed for whatever reason so these flavors may or may not be available during your trip*

tokyo disney resort people waiting in line for tokyo disney popcorn
It’s common to see a ton of people munching on popcorn

2023 Current Popcorn Flavors At Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland Popcorn Flavors As of December 2023

Caramel Flavor Popcorn

Soy Sauce Butter Flavor Popcorn

Curry Flavor Popcorn

Salt Flavor Popcorn

Matcha White Chocolate Flavor Popcorn

Milk Chocolate Flavor Popcorn

Milk Tea Popcorn

Honey Popcorn

Black Pepper Flavor Popcorn

Matcha White Chocolate Flavor Popcorn

Strawberry Mille-Feuille Flavor Popcorn

Salty Caramel Flavor

Cheddar Cheese Flavor Popcorn

Pistachio Flavor Popcorn

Tokyo DisneySea: Popcorn Flavors As of December 2023

Caramel Flavor Popcorn

Soy Sauce Butter Flavor Popcorn

Curry Flavor Popcorn

Salt Flavor Popcorn

Matcha White Chocolate Flavor Popcorn

Milk Chocolate Flavor Popcorn

Black Pepper Flavor Popcorn

Pistachio Flavor Popcorn

Garlic Shrimp Flavor Popcorn

Previous Popcorn Flavors Offered

Blueberry popcorn

Herb Tomato popcorn

Cappuccino popcorn

Jalapeno Cheddar popcorn

Orange Chocolate

Strawberry Milk Popcorn

Strawberry Popcorn

Cookies & Cream

Caramel & Cheese

Tokyo Disneysea small lake with boat and dock
There’s a bomb cookie and cream popcorn vendor near this!

Tokyo Disney Resort Popcorn FAQs

What is the deal and hype with Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets?

Disney popcorn buckets are excellent collectible items, and souvenirs and make it friendly and easy to carry around your popcorn snack during your Disney trips. Just buy popcorn, pour it in and enjoy. Or get a popcorn refill straight into your bucket and enjoy! 

Can you use Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets at Disney World?

You definitely can use your popcorn buckets at any Disney location. However, if it’s an older bucket or a bucket not sold at that particular park, you will not be able to get the discounted refills; you’d have to purchase a regular box of popcorn and pour it into your cute souvenir bucket. 

What kind of Popcorn does Tokyo Disney Resort use?

The Disney resorts all use Pop Secret Brand popcorn. This popcorn is typically vegan but depending on flavors and add, ons may not always be vegan. 

Are the Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets worth the Price?

The Disney popcorn buckets are pricey but they can be worth it, considering you will get discounted refills on popcorn for the rest of your trip. They also serve multiple other functions, such as being a souvenir, a popcorn bucket, and a memory.

Plus, they can be fantastic to collect or even to give as gifts or use for decorations for those die-hard Disney fans. 

How much do the Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets and popcorn cost?

While the buckets are pretty pricey and typically range from ¥2,600 to ¥3,400, the popcorn itself isn’t going to break the bank, thankfully as it typically costs around ¥400-¥500 for a regular box of popcorn. Plus, you get discounted refills if you have a new and current popcorn bucket with you.

The End Of Our Popcorn Fiasco!!

That wraps up our post for the amazingly good flavors of popcorn that Tokyo Disney offers! We will make sure to keep this list updated with the latest Tokyo Disney popcorn flavors! Plus, the amazing and super cute Tokyo Disney popcorn buckets!

If you are a dedicated Disney Fan like us, then make sure to subscribe to our blog because besides traveling the world we love visiting the various Disney parks around the world and bringing you guys along with us ☺️

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