The Best Disneyland Photo Ideas: Full Of Secret Disney Magic Photo Ops That No One Talks About!

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Disneyland, with its finely detailed decorations and gorgeous scenery, has a ton of beautiful photo spots. Some of these Disneyland picture ideas will be very obvious and super popular such as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, aka perfect Disneyland photos ideas. While others will be a little more hidden and not as popular or known about.

Some Disneyland photo locations get missed because they’re on or inside rides or restaurants or because they’re spots we all walk passed on our way to our next destination but never stop to enjoy the scenery.

We’ll make sure to cover all our favorite Disneyland resort photo ideas!

Disneyland main entrance during the day is a perfect disneyland photo

The Best Disneyland Photo Ideas!

Front Entrance: For Perfect Disney Memories

The front entrance to Disneyland is definitely a major photo spot with its neatly lined grass, flowers, and a nice view of the Disneyland Railroad Train Station just behind it.

The bright flowers and cute train station are the perfect backdrop to your photos. Photos taken here come out best during the day when the vibrant colors of the flowers really shine through.

Main Street: Perfect For Holiday Photos!

The main street is a gorgeous disneyland photo idea with its cutely designed shops and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the background. It almost looks as good as Disney Worlds Cinderella Castle, and honestly, some people will fight us for even suggesting that ?.

If you take the photo just about halfway down the main street, you get the view of the shops on the sides of you and the castle just behind you, which creates a symmetrical photo aesthetic.

The main street is very well lit during night time so you can take photos here either during the day or at night time. The only difference is that the castle behind you will be lit up.

Disneyland sleeping beauty castle picture

Sleeping Beauty Castle: Top Fan Favorite Photo Ops

Okay, enough said, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is by far the most popular photo spot in Disneyland. Everyone and I mean everyone, takes a photo here, and since this is such a popular photo op, you will want to take photos at the perfect time when lots of people aren’t around to ruin the Disney magic of your photos. Also! Don’t forget to bring your Cute Disney Bag!

Photo Tip: This means either taking photos at the rope drop or late at night after the park closes!

Photos in front of the castle can be taken at night and during the day. It depends on whether or not you want natural light or to use the camera flash or surrounding lights.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Fun Photo Spots That Are Too Cool To Miss!

Millennium Falcon: Hello, Fello Star Wars Fans! This Fun Photo Idea Is For You!

The Millennium Falcon is the most perfect photo spot for Star Wars fans. The ship lights up at night, and you see the hilly rocks behind the ship also lit up, giving off a very bright blue light.

The best spot for photos is obviously to be right in front of the ship, but if there are a lot of people around, like during the day, for example, then you can try to take a photo on the balcony area of the Docking Bay 7 eatery.

Photo Tip: The balcony area helps to cut out many unwanted background people so you only see the ship behind you.

First Order Ship: One Of The Best Photo Shots!

If, like us, you like the bad side, then you’ll want to stop by the First Order Echelon TIE Fighter Ship in Galaxy’s Edge to take one of the most popular Disneyland picture ideas, which is in front of the Ship. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to capture Kylo Ren and some Stormtroopers in the background.

At night the area is super stunning as the ship lights up and looks super menacing. Plus, if you have a lightsaber you want to pose with, then taking photos at night is the best to really showcase your lightsaber. Honestly, the only place for us that rivals Galaxys edge for fun and nerdy photos is Harry Potter World; we go crazy with our wands ?.

ogas cantina dj droid

Oga’s Cantina: You’ve Seen This On Your Instagram Feed!

This is the cutest little Star Wars-themed bar in Disneyland, but it’s super hard to get into.

The inside is designed so well with themed drinks and the cutest little robot, DJ- R3X to keep the vibes going in the bar with some cool music. Taking a photo with the DJ is definitely a cute photo opportunity.

Fantasyland: Great Disneyland Picture Idea that’s full of Disney magic!

It’s a small world: One of our favorite ride photos!

The “its a small world” ride at night is absolutely gorgeous, especially during the holidays, with its brightly lit festive lights lining the small world wall. The nighttime lights are so vibrant, which creates the perfect backdrop for pictures.

King Arthurs Carousel

The Carousel, with its white horses, hand-painted panels, and sparkling lights, is such an enchanting photo backdrop. This is one of the most unique things about Disneyland, and you can really tell how much thought was put into this attraction.

The best time for photos in front of the Carousel is at night time since the Carousel lights up so brightly at night.

Mad Tea Party

The tea cups don’t sound like much but trust us. At night after closing, you can take photos in front of the tea cups with no one in the background. The Japanese lantern lights lit above them is what makes this a photo spot. It definitely gives colorful Mad Hatter vibes with the right lighting and angle.


Sailing Ship Colombia

Hop on the ship and set sail around Disneyland. While you’re on the ship, use it as a photo-taking opportunity. You get special views from the ship that you don’t get walking around on foot.

Plus, being on the ship is so cool since it’s an older-style wooden ship which gives major pirate vibes. Photos on the ship would be best taken during the day as it can appear to be quite dark while on the ship.

haunted mansion

New Orleans Square

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is definitely one of the best-decorated attractions at Disneyland. It serves as the best photo backdrop during the holiday season because of the extra holiday decor they add to it to make it more Christmassy.

Plus, sometimes you’ll even catch Sally and Jack in front of the mansion and might be able to catch them in the back of your photo.

Photos in front of the mansion can be taken during the day to really capture all of the cute details of the mansion. But at night you really get this eery spooky vibe from the mansion.


Jungle Cruise

Hop on the jungle cruise and snap some selfies in the Rain Forest. This Disneyland ride is super neat with its wild surprises and the special opportunity of seeing and capturing a photo with the backside of water. Photos on this ride are best taken during the day to see all of the fine details of the ride and forest. But the ride is lit up at night so you can get some photos it just might be a little bit dark.

disney california adventure park photo spot wall-e

The Best Disney California Adventure Park Photo Spots

Cars Land

Radiator Springs Racers

This ride is one of the most popular rides in the park because of its cute decor and intricate detail. The ride literally makes you feel like you’re in the cars movie. Its super hard to take photos without people in the background.

So if you do want photos without people in the background then you should head straight to this ride at rope drop to get the least amount of people in your photo background.

Taking pictures in front of the radiator springs ride can be taken at day or during nighttime. During the day the photos will capture more detail but at nighttime you

Cozy Cone Motel | Flo’s Cafe | Route 66 in Radiator Springs | Tower of Tires | Firehouse

These are all such cute locations that make you feel like you’re being transported into the world of Radiator Springs. Everything is so brightly lit in neon and occasionally, you see Mater and Lightning McQueen at the Cozy Cone where you can take photos with them.

Photos are great here either way, whether it be at night or during the day. The nighttime photos are great because the neon lights are very vibrant and shine in your photos.

The photos during the day, however, really showcase all of the cute details hidden in Cars Land.

Avengers Headquarters

This is a great spot for photo taking as the rides are all so cool and futuristic looking. You can take photos in front of the tower-like Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout ride or in front of the Avengers sign, or in front of the Avengers headquarters itself.

There’s also a super cool spot called Black Panther Celebration Garden which was made to honor the legacy of the Black Panther.

Plus, you can often take photos with the Avengers Disney cast members in their suits like Iron Man, Spider Man, Black Panther and so on which is a nice photo opportunity for die-hard fans of the Avengers.

disney california adventure pixar pier viewpoint is an amazing disneyland photo

Pixar Pier: Toy Story Fans, Incredibles, & More!

Lamplight Lounge: Amazing Photos Of You & Your Drinks

This restaurant is located right on the water near the Pixar Pier entrance. The location is a great spot for photo taking and enjoying a nice dinner and a drink around sunset because you get to capture the sunset over the water with the Incredicoaster and Pixar Pal-a-round serving as your backdrop.

Hollywood Land: Awesome Shots Of Disney’s Hollywood

Take photos on the main street in Hollywood land. The main street in Hollywood land is very California with its palm trees and old Hollywood-style theaters and signs everywhere! It feels like you’ve stepped onto Hollywood Blvd. Also, check out the cute cast member outfits! I love how each area has different costumes for disneys cast members.

Pacific Wharf

One of the most unique photo spots is the fishing net in Pacific Wharf. The fishing net is near the Pacific Wharf cafe and is a literal fishing net that you can step into. From the right angle it looks like you’re in a fishing net being raised from the water.

Paradise Gardens Park

This is by far the most popular photo taking spot in California Adventure Park. This spot is so popular because the spot features the famous Mickey Mouse ferris wheel and the Incredicoaster in the background of your photo.

There’s also water separating you from the ferris wheel so when the light hits the water, it creates this gorgeous reflective effect on the water which only adds to your photo.

Photos are best taken at night and sunset because you either get to have the sun shining off of the water at sunset or you get to have the lights from the ferris wheel shining off of the water. Either way the photos taken here are absolutely stunning which is why its a very popular photo spot.

Grizzly Peak

The waterfall in Grizzly peak serves as a nice backdrop for photos. Photos here are best taken during the day.

So How Do you Get The Best Disneyland Pictures?

Disneyland is known for its adorable decorations and super intricately detailed attractions. There are tons of photo spots, but the hardest part of it is not getting a million people in the background of your photo. You want to figure out where you want to take photos and plan your photo-taking time.

Dedicate at least an hour to taking photos, as you’ll spend half of that time waiting for a spot to open up to take your photo.

Another thing to think about is when you want to take photos. Taking photos before park opening and after park closing is the best time so you don’t get tons of people in the background.

The best thing to do is go to rope drop and head straight to your most desired photo locations. But the downside is that some spots only look good during the day, and others only look good at night when they’re lit up, so you’ll have to plan accordingly.

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