Is Disney Jail Real? Disneyland Jail vs. Disney World Jail

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the people who break the rules at Disney parks? How does Disney handle them? Where do you go if you break the rules at Disneyland? Disney Jail would be the correct answer, and yes, it does exist 👀 because even the most magical place on earth has to have an order for its rule-breaking patrons. But despite its importance, not much is known about Disney Jail 🤨.

That’s why we decided to write this post, so others know about the infamous Disney Jail and the ins and outs of avoiding a Disney Jail Cell! Plus, a comprehensive guide of rules you should avoid breaking at the Disney parks and a few famous celebrities who have found themselves locked up 😟.

Pirates of the caribbean pirate and octopus

Disney Jail Overview

What is Disney Jail?

Disney Jail, who would’ve thought that even the World’s Happiest Place on Earth had a jail to house its naughty park guest? Well, it’s not well known about, and for a good reason; I mean, why would Disney publicize its solemn Disney cells where it keeps misbehaving guests? Not exactly pixie dust and magic when you think about it.

Plus, it makes sense why Disney wouldn’t want to promote its Disney Jail because then it could warrant even more crazy behavior from guests wishing to experience the feeling of “imprisonment” at Disneyland.

Alright, it’s not that dramatic; Disney Jail is unlike the traditional method you’re thinking of when thinking of actual jail cells like from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and thank goodness because if it was that easy to grab a key from a dog, then we would all be in trouble 😆.

But no really, Disney prison is actually more so a place where Disney Parks Security Guards and Office also reside and keeps unruly park guests when they’ve broken park rules, engaged in outrageous behavior, or committed a crime 👀. So in reality it’s a holding area, and there are various holding areas around the park.

How To Avoid Ending Up In Disney Jail

Some may have some twisted fantasy about visiting Disneyland jail and truly experience every part of Disney, but trust us, you do not want to experience the feeling of being on the bad side of Disney Theme Parks and Disney Security and being sent to Disney Jail.

For starters, if you cause as especially heinous offense, you could be looking at not only being locked up in a Disney cell, but also being kicked out of Disney Parks, and potentially face a permanent ban from visiting the the parks!

That’s absolutely horrifying, and totally not worth the curiosity that is eaten away at you to see this part of the park. Instead make sure to be a good park guest and always follow Disney Park RULES!

To be helpful, we listed some good-to-know tips for avoiding jail time at Disneyland and how to avoid being locked up at Disney World.

🏰 Always follow Disney park rules: Disneyland and Disney World are wonderful places to visit, and part of that is the thoughtful planning and safety that goes into running the parks. This wouldn’t be possible without enforcing park rules such as not allowing drugs, and unsafe items, and having park guidelines and a code of conduct for park guest and cast members. So make sure to always follow Disney Park Rules.

🥊 Don’t cause a fight scene: The last thing you want is to see a scuffle happening at the parks, and while its rare. It does still happen, whether it be over a misunderstanding or accident, it doesn’t matter because both offending parties will be held accountable by Anaheim Police Department for the commotion that they have caused at the parks.

Plus, they could be held liable for damages and charged officially by local Anaheim police. So moral of the story? Don’t fight, or entertain petty people, if you’re being harassed reach out to a cast member or security.

🥸 Don’t use fake tickets, we know Disneyland and Disney World are super expensive, but that doesnt mean to use counterfeit disney tickets, the Disney Employee helping you will know instantly and then next thing you know here comes Disney’s security team 👀 and potentially a lifetime ban for breaking the rules by using fake tickets.

😤 Don’t harass other guests: No matter your reasoning, you should never harass or make someone feel unsafe. If you do, you could be asked to leave the park or meet with police.

🎢 Don’t climb on Disneyland attractions or any Disney property: With all the hard work that goes into the imagining of each attraction and the different lands at Disneyland and Disney world, it’s no wonder why they are strict about not standing on the attractions, climbing or engaging in unsafe behavior. For starters someone could get hurt, or you could damage a very expensive piece of the attraction.

🧚🏼‍♀️ Be respectful of Disney cast members: They are people, too, so don’t be a jerk to them. Disney Cast Members deserve respect so be nice to them

🙅🏻‍♀️ Don’t touch Disney Characters or anyone for that matter: While the Disney Characters are magnificent, you should never touch them. One, they are still people and entitled to their own personal space, and two, it’s a rule at Disney parks and three, you shouldn’t touch people anyways 🤨.

🍹 Don’t overdo it on the Alcohol: Yes, it’s amazing that Disney Parks offer alcohol! However this is not a club night where you can throw back to back shots. You’ll probably throw up on a ride if you attempt that with Disneyland Drinks anyways. Plus, public intoxication is no bueno.

Any even more importantly its a safety concern and you could bother other guest or get into trouble with your senses not being 100%. So, don’t max out at every drink place at Epcot or California Adventures, instead pace yourself and remember you’re not there for the drinks you’re there for the magic. Plus! Its hella expensive so why!?

What can get you kicked out of Disney Parks?

As we listed above some of the general rules to avoid breaking and tips to avoid jail time at Disneyland and Disney world. You are probably wondering what is so bad that could get you kicked out?

We’ll really anything could get you kicked out of the parks, but some common things that have found others being escorted out of the park are fights, harassing cast members and disney characters, stealing, breaking attrations rules, bringing drugs or a weapon, and selling on Disney Property.

What can get you banned from Disney Parks?

While severe, you must know breaking any Disney park rule can be subject to a permanent ban from the Disney Parks no matter how small the rule that was broken. However especially bad offenses such as violence, stealing, selling, bringing a weapon or drugs, and or other bad things can get you a permanent ban from any of the Disney Parks or all of them.

Have any Celebrities ever been placed in Disney Jail?

Some may think that Disney Jail is reserved only for the average Disney Park Guest. However celebrities, political figures, or other famous or noteworthy people are not immune to the rules of Disney.

Which is actually a good thing, we are glad that even the rich and famous are held to the same standards as us normal people. It would suck to see someone breaking the rules and not being held accountable for them.

Some noteworthy, Celebs that been in Disney Jail:

Blake Lively: She said during an interview that she was taken to Disney Jail as a kid 👀.

Robert Downey Jr: He mentions in an interview how he was “arrested for smoking pot on the gondolas”.

Kim Gordon: In an interview Kim gordon stated she was in Disney Jail for Smoking Weed on Disneyland Property. Then was taken underground back in 1970s to spend time a jail cell.

Bruce Springsteen: He said he was kicked out for refusing to remove his bandana which disney park cast members thought could be confused with gang attire he said.

Former US President Barack Obama: He said during a political campaign, that he was kicked out as a college student for smoking a cigarette on the gondolas with friends

Disney Clothiers on Main Street, there are rumors that Disney's security office is in this area above the shops.

Disneyland Jail Overview

Things you should do to avoid Disneyland Jail

Just like with our overview of things to do to avoid Disney Jail, there are also a few things to keep in mind when considering how to avoid Disneyland Jail.

For starters, here are a few tips on what not to do in Disneyland!

🥊 Don’t get in a fight or harass other guest or cast members: You will get caught by Disneyland Security and they will place you in Disney prison, and then may or may not have police charge you.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Don’t steal, one it’s wrong to steal no matter if you’re at Disneyland resort or at the local grocery store. Stealing is wrong! Plus its not worth stealing that Disney bag, no matter how cute!

🧾 Don’t sell merchandise on Disney Property! This is a big no no! Disney security will shut you down so quickly you won’t even know what happened and then will have you escorted off the premises and possibly permanently banned.

🎢 Don’t climb on Disney Property and Disney Attractions! For starters it’s dangerous and you could also break something and then could possibly be held liable for the damages.

Where is Disneyland Jail?

Ever wondered where the Disneyland Jail Location is? Does it look like the Pirates of the Caribbean jail cells that we see when riding our beloved ride? Or is it more of a traditional american cell for holding naughty guest? Or perhaps its hidden under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

Well hate to break it you but its not exactly what you’re envisioning at the moment, instead the “jail cells” at Disneyland are not exactly a jail but more so security rooms that Disneyland Security keep their rule breaking park guest, while they weigh out the severity of the crime.

The location of one of these security offices, is actually very close to the Disneyland Park Entrance, and you have passed it every time you walk through the Disney park in the morning 👀

There are also other Disney prisons aka security offices throughout the park, so depending where you get caught, you’ll be taken to one of these offices instead.

Galaxy's edge, a Disney cell could be located here

Disney World Jail Overview

Things You Shouldn’t Do In Disney World

Disney World is huge, which means double the security and double the ways to catch rule breakers at each of the parks. So we made sure to round up some the most common rules people break at Disney World,

Don’t Do these things at Disney World!

  1. Don’t steal!
  2. Don’t feed the animals at Animal Kingdom!
  3. Don’t smuggle in a Disney Balloon or Plastic Straws!
  4. Don’t get in a fight with other guest or become violent towards cast members!
  5. Don’t harass others!
  6. Don’t climb on the attractions or other Disney Property
  7. Don’t enter forbidden areas!
  8. Don’t sneak behind the scenes!
  9. Don’t sell on Disney Property!

Do Always Follow Disney Park Rules!

Where is Disney World jail?

Disney World Jail is not just one spot in all of Disney World, I mean how could it be if there are several parks, water parks, and other attractions to keep in check after all.

Instead there are various security centers for holding unruly park guest throughout all of Walt Disney World Property. In Magic Kingdom for example, one of the security spots aka the Disney World Jail, is located on main street in one of the top levels of the buildings. Other parts of the park they say they are in various buildings or even underground.

And contrary to the rumors, these Disney jail cells are not elaborating decorated to look like the prison cells of the Pirates of the Caribbean, but instead boring security offices. 🙄 So please don’t break Disney Park Rules such as trying to dance with Beast at Be Our Guest just to experience it, because you could end up being kicked out, having your annual pass revoked, or banned!

Pirates of the Caribbean building is a false rumored Disney jail

Disney Jail FAQ

Where is Disney jail located?

Disney Jail is located on Disney Resorts Properties, it’s not a singular place where everyone goes but really are security offices that are scattered throughout the parks.

How do you get put in Disney jail?

YOu can get placed in Disney Jail for numerous reasons, but they all stem from breaking Disney Rules. So make sure to avoid breaking and Disney Park Rules.

Does Disneyland have its own police force?

There are uniformed police officers that are stationed at Disney Parks, their job is to help with security, they have dogs for sniffing out substances and other dangerous things, and they work alongside Disney Parks Security.

How does Disney jail work?

Disney Jail is the place you go if you are breaking Disney park rules, besides getting kicked out for the day. The Disney cell is used for more serious infractions such as fighting, public intoxications, stealing, and climbing on Disney property or going into restricted areas.

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