The 9 Best Universal Studios Hollywood Rides | Ride Reviews and FAQ

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Our first time ever visiting Univeral Studios was a jaw-dropping moment, we were so used to Disneyland’s kiddy rides, even the more adventurous rides still left room for our adventurous adrenaline junky souls. But this all changed when we rode the best rides Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer, they were insane, not only do you get to experience fun thrill rides but you get the attention to detail that we loved about Disney Parks. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Jurassic World, take a world famous studio tour and you’ll soon love Universal Studios for all it has to offer!

Since discovering the Best Universal Studios Hollywood Rides we wanted to share our findings with all of you because adrenaline junkies need love too! Plus, the great thing about universal is they dont just cater to adrenaline junkies like us, they have slower and encapturing rides, motion simulation rides, 3D rides, dark rides, water rides, and more that will work for all types of theme park junkies.

universal studios hollywood best rides: the secret life of pets ride

Commonly asked questions for universal studios Hollywood rides

How many rides does Universal Studios Hollywood 2022?

As of 2022, universal studios Hollywood has 21 attractions including shows, character interactions, and rides. In total there are 13 rides/dynamic shows.

What is the scariest ride in Universal Studios Hollywood?

The scariest ride at universal studios Hollywood is the revenge of the mummy ride, this dark and fast roller coaster ride features fast turns, lights, and of course mummies!

Can you ride all the rides at Universal Studios in one day?

If you plan accordingly and have a solid ride map, then yes it’s possible to ride all the rides in one day, unlike Disneyland and Disney World where you need a Genie Plus Pass to even be close to accomplishing this goal.

What is the coolest ride at Universal Studios?

The coolest ride is Harry Potter and the forbidden journey! This magical ride is absolutely insanely fun and takes every Wizarding World of Harry Potter fan on an adventure through Hogwarts and the magical world!

What rides to avoid at Universal Studios Hollywood?

All the rides at universal studios are super fun, but if you’re looking to avoid kiddy rides then avoid the silly swirly fun ride which is mainly geared towards children.

What new rides are coming to Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universals Studios Hollywood has announced that Super Nintendo World will be ready in early 2023. This new attraction has created a huge buzz among gamers, nostalgic adults, kids, and other fans of this childhood classic game.

What is the newest ride at Universal Studios?

The Latest ride is Jupiter’s claim from the horror movie “Nope” this set was originally used in the movie and was rebuilt on universal studios Hollywood in the back lot of the park and is now available as an attraction since July 22, 2022.

What rides are closing in Universal 2022?

No rides are currently closing permanently for Universal Studios Hollywood 2022.

Does Universal Studios Hollywood offer child swap options?

Universal Studios Hollywood is well aware of children deciding last minute they don’t want to get on a ride or want to avoid it altogether. To avoid parents missing out on the fun, they have a family room for each ride. This family room is specifically for the child swap program and allows parents, family, and friends to swap and wait with the kids and avoid wasting away in a long line again. This perk is awesome because you don’t have to return to the end of the line and instead just pick off at the family room and get ready to ride!

Which rides offer single-rider lines?

Who else hates waiting in lines? The sheer thought of wasting way in a neverending line in the blistering heat of California sounds like hell. If you hate waiting in lines, especially for the biggest rides with the worst lines * cough cough harry potter, revenge of the mummy, and Jurassic * Then you’ll sigh in relief when you find out that these top rides at universals studios also thankfully have single rider lines!

You are probably wondering why the heck would I want to ride alone. What about my friends and family? Don’t get us wrong if sitting next to your friend for 2 minutes is of utmost importance then wait in that 2-hour line. However, if you’re okay with parting ways for a much faster and more fun experience, then hop in the single-riders line for the absolute best and faster way to ride!

Special Note: The single riders line, as awesome as it is, is not always available. Especially during slower park times, the single-riders line will be closed. So take advantage of it when you can because it can be opened and closed several times a day.

As of 2022, Universal Studios California offers single riders lines for the following rides

Revenge of the Mummy Ride

Jurrasic World Ride

Harry potter and the forbidden journey Ride

flight of the hippogriff Ride

Transformers: The Ride 3D

universal studios hollywood: Harry potter and the forbidden journey

The 9 Best Rides At Universal Studios Hollywood

Harry Potter and the forbidden journey

When to Visit: The first hour of the day

Location: Upper lot

Minimum height: You’ll have to be taller than 48 inches to catch this ride

Bags Allowed: No, you’ll have to check your stuff into one of the free lockers available near the front of the ride entrance.

Special Note: This ride has a max rider space limit, meaning if your waist is more than 40 inches, you may be unable to ride the ride. it is strongly advised to test this out before getting in line by sitting in one of the ride chairs near the entrance of the ride and seeing if you can fit in.

Ride Overview:

This is the ride all of us harry potter fans have been waiting for! The famous Wizarding world of harry potter already is perfectly designed to make you feel like you’re actually a part of harry potters world, but it goes even further by adding in rides! The Harry potter and the forbidden journey is an absolutely amazing thrill ride and is a must for everyone to try at least once.

When you walk up to the ride, you’ll be memorized at the Hogwarts castle and gates that lead up to the start of the line. As you make your way to the castle, you’ll see to your right lockers and signs to stash your belongings, because they dont want anyone losing a phone, or getting hurt from falling bags.

Quickly walk up to the locker display and request a locker, it will spit out a random locker for you to stuff your belongings in and you’ll be on your merry way. As you make your way through the nostalgic Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry passages you’ll come into contact with iconic rooms from the movies. Step into dumbledore’s office, and walk through the castle corridors with skeptical eyes from talking portraits.

The fat lady portrait will try to serenade you with her pitchy voice and then tell you to scram once she realizes you’re not impressed. Then the headmaster will give you a daunting welcoming lecture to explore the castle as muggles and then send you off on your way to the defense against the dark arts class.

When you arrive at the defense against the dark arts classroom, youll have your instructions cut short by the squabbling three of trouble harry, Ron, and Hermione who are trying to save you from wasting away in a dull lecture. They come up with a great activity to join in on and it’s there that youll be guided by the sorting hat for boarding instructions.

Jurassic World Ride

When to visit: First 2 hours of the day or closing hours

Location: Lower lot

Minimum height: none specified

Bags allowed: Yes

Ride Overview:

One of our favorite rides at universal studios Hollywood is the Jurassic world ride! This dark and thrilling ride will take you on a boat with other passengers. The boat ride goes through Jurassic world park just like in the movies, but thankfully without real dinosaurs. In this theme park version, we get animatronic dinosaurs that roar, squirt water, and interact with the boat.

The best part about this ride is that its a water-based attraction, and that is perfect when it’s super hot out and all you need is some relaxing cold water to cool you down. The plus side is that you won’t get soaked like other water-based rides in other theme parks, but you’ll get a refreshing spray of water from angry lizard-looking dinosaurs (excuse me?), some splashes from a steep drop (umm what?), oh yah forgot to mention the climax of this ride is escaping a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex which wants to eat you!

To make matters worse this whole ride was supposed to be a calm and chill boat ride with chill dinosaurs but goes terribly wrong when the dinosaurs break loose! After trying to escape from the havoc-stricken Jurassic world tour, you’ll come face to face (literally) with the huge T-Rex we mentioned earlier, and then be dropped down a steep slope where you’ll probably get a little wet. Word of advice? Avoid the first and second rows ? and if you have a nice camera put it away in a waterproof bag just in case.

Transformer: The 3D Ride

When to visit: The first hour of opening

Location: Lower Lot

Minimum height: 40 inches, keep in mind children 40-48 inches tall will need to have a supervising companion who is at least 14 years old.

Bags Allowed: Yes

Ride Overview:

If you love immersive rides that make you feel like you’re right there in the action, then you’ll love this motion simulator ride. The transformer 3D ride is a cart ride that features dynamic movement and 3d stimulation and effects that will make you feel everything. The heat of an explosion, water spraying, wind from being chased by the Decepticons, and other dazzling effects. You’ll ride and battle alongside bumblebee, Optimus prime, and the military while trying not to get pummeled by the evil Decepticons.

The Simpsons Ride

When to visit: first or last 2 hours of the day

Location: Upper Lot

minimum height: 40 inches, if under 48 inches a supervising companion will be required

Bags allowed: No

Ride Overview:

The Simpson ride is one of our favorites, it’s a thrill ride that takes you through a virtual reality roller coaster. The effects of the virtual reality are insanely good and you really feel like you are flying over spring field, going through krustyland, and there with the Simpson crew Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and who can forget little maggie…not so little ?.

One thing to note, if you get nausea easily with virtual reality rides, sit this one out, as some have reported to getting a little quezzy. S gets motion sickness but felt fine on this ride.

Revenge of the Mummy Ride

When to visit: First 2 hours or last 3 hours

Location: Lower Lot

minimum height: 48 inches

Special note: Due to the smaller sets and restraints, the maximum waist size that is accommodated is 40 inches. If you’re in between or not sure, check the test seats at the entrance of the ride.

Bags Allowed: yes

Ride Overview:

The ride queue is awesome, you’ll go through ancient Egypt, see cool Egyptian artifacts, Egyptian hieroglyphics on the wall, scenes from the movies, and feel like you’re really there in Cairo.

This thrill ride is a fast and dark ride, that will drop and turn quickly because hello an evil hell bent mummy wants his revenge and you have flesh so you’re toast too. Make sure youre not wearing a hat, they’ll actually ask you to take it off, but we’re just letting you know in advance because the ride is gonna leave you in a tizzy.

The ride reaches speeds of 45 mph! But if you ask us, a little faster would be better because have any of you seen The Mummy? Yeah, pass who wants to look like a wrinkled prune and have their organs stolen?

World Famous Studio tour

When to visit: Any time, there are vast amounts of studio tour buses that come by every hour, just make sure to check the schedule.

Location: Upper Lot

minimum height: none specified

Bags Allowed: yes

Ride Overview:

This is where it all happens if you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scene of your favorite movies. Then this ride is a must when visiting universal studios. Youll start off by getting in line and getting a tour bus. The tour bus will take you through different sets, and give you the history of the sets and current projects. Make your way up and see some of the cool fast and furious cars, plus other vehicles used in other famous movies produced by universal studios.

You probably wonder who is hosting this, it’s none other than Jimmy Fallon, god we love that guy ?. He’s perfect for this studio tour, honestly, he makes it so much more enjoyable and the 60 minutes go by so quickly because of him.

One of the best parts of this tour is you’ll be taken to sets from famous movies such as Psycho, war of the worlds and see an airplane crash scene, see a cheesy and old-school jaws sighting, and finally join the fast and furious supercharged finally, and watch the fast and the furious team do the unthinkable and honestly unbelievable, who jumps on a helicopter from a moving car???

Anyways, a new addition was added to the studio tour as of 2022, and it’s the set of Jupiter claims from the movie Nope. This set offers an exclusive behind the scene look of the fictional theme park that was used in nope.

You’ll also run into none other than King Kong himself, and witness and experience the world’s largest 3D experience! Speaking of, King Kong or T-rex, who’s gonna win?

rides at universal studios hollywood: famous world studio tour

Flight of the hippogriff

When to visit: same as Jurassic world, first 2 hours of the day or last 2 -3 hours

Location: Upper lot

minimum height: 39 inches, kids under 48 inches will need a supervising companion who is over 14 years old

Bags Allowed: Yes

Ride Overview:

Navigate your way through the magical creatures’ grounds, walk by Hagrids’ hut and hear fang barking up a storm (like a good guard dog), investigate unusual plants, and find your way to the beginning of the ride while following the strict orders of hagrid and how to interact with the intimidating hippogriff.

After all, we dont want another Draco Malfoy incident now do we ?. After paying attention to hagrid’s advisements, prepare yourself to ride a hippogriff where youll be taken through swoops, spirals, and nose dives and be given an amazing view of Hogsmeade and the nearby Hogwarts castle.

The Secret Life Of Pets Ride

When to visit: first 2-3 hours of the day or last 2 hours of the night

Location: Upper Lot

minimum height: 34 inches, if under 48 inches children will need a supervising companion who is at least 14 years old.

Bags Allowed: Yes

Ride Overview:

We’ve all wondered about it, we’ve all thought up our own crazy stories of what happens when the doors close and our pets are left home alone. With the addition of the secrets life of pets ride, our eyes are left wide open and panic and stress ensure shortly after once you realize, you may not know your fluffy, as well as you, thought you did ?.

The secret life of pets ride starts off by joining the fluffy and feathery crew of Pets, you’ll join Max, Duke, Gidget, and the fluffy snowball on a wild and fun journey as these cute and adorable little pets make their way through the intimidating streets of  New York City!

Despicable me minion mayhem

When to visit: first 2 hours of the day or last hour

Location: Upper Lot

minimum height: 40 inches, if under 48 inches a supervision companion older than 14 will be required.

Bags Allowed: Yes

Ride Overview:

Despicable me minion mayhem is an adorable motion simulation ride that will take you on a bat-crazy day in the lives of Gru, his three daughters, and of course the devious minions! You’ll start your adventure by navigating through Gru’s house, youll run into minions, his daughters, and Gru! All in the effort to see if you are worthy enough to become a minion and the difficulty of minion training he has you undergo. The training goes A-wall and next thing you know there are explosions, gifts are flying, the minions are somehow making things worse, and you’re left wondering how this guy Gru has so many explosives under his house in a chaotic laboratory.

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