The Eternal City: The 11 Things You Should Know About Rome Before Your Trip

Rome is the eternal city that has survived a crumbling of an empire and acclimated itself to endure the test of times. Witness the beauty of Roma culture by walking through the crumbling walls of the colosseum, or strolling the ancient forums to experience what it was like to be roman thousands of years ago. Maybe, ancient relics from the roman empire aren’t your vibe, and that’s fine because Rome also offers a bustling city of nightlife that can keep any tourist busy.

Not to sound biased or anything, but the eternal city Rome is hands-down one of the top cities we have ever visited, and that says a lot because w have traveled the world. Rome just can’t be beaten regarding the artistic value, fantastic weather, shopping, accessibility to nearby hotspots and beaches, nightlife, and timeless architecture are why we love this city.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business and uncover why this city’s history has unfolded to be one of the most incredible destinations in Europe.

This post is all about the eternal city of Rome, a little history of Rome and why it was coined the eternal city, commonly asked questions about Rome, the eternal city, and things to do in Rome.

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Rome, the Eternal City

Commonly Asked Questions About The Eternal City

Where is the eternal city?

You guessed it; The Eternal city is also known as Rome and thus found in Rome, Italy. The beautiful culture-filled city amazes tourists from around the world for its unchanging landscape that makes you feel like you’re taking a step back in time. One thing to note is that Rome is the capital city of Italy.

Who decided Rome was known as the Eternal City?

Many scholars have regarded Tibullus as the first writer in Rome to Rome the eternal city. This name must have resonated with Romans since the poetry of Virgil and Ovid kept the theme of Rome being the lasting capital in each of its works. (We learned about this while in college and taking a comparative literature course that covered ancient writers.)

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Why was Rome called the Eternal City?

Rome was known as the eternal city as ancient Romans believed ancient Rome would exist regardless of if any empire had a rising rise or fall. It also has kept this name because roman culture has managed to survive for centuries despite other cities rising and falling to their ultimate demise. Even after the fall of Rome, Rome still managed to stay afloat and thus earned the name the eternal city.

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Are there other Eternal Cities, or is Rome the only one?

Rome is the only city coined with this prestigious name; however other cities share unique names, such as Paris being considered the city of light and Los Angeles being the city of angels.

Are there any beaches in Rome?

Since Rome is located more inland, you won’t find any beaches in this grand city. However, there are a few notable beaches nearby that would work perfectly for a day trip, such as Ostia, Sperlonga, Anzio, and more.

While these beaches are stunning, nothing compares to the beaches located on Favignana Island, this lowkey and underrated Italian destination is located on the coast of Sicily. There you’ll find Amazing Favignana Beaches that are crystal clear, beautiful, and undeniably romantic.

Why should you visit the Eternal City of Rome, Italy?

For starters, if you value a magnificent culture that has endured the times of war, the building and crumbling of empires, and architecture that stands strong to this day. Then you have to visit Rome, explore the old forums, dive into the history of the Colosseum, visit the Vatican and walk through its vast hallways filled with relics from the past.

Or maybe you want to have a good time and explore the city of Rome, snap a few photos, eat some fantastic gelato, chill at the ice box bar, and experience true roman life. Don’t forget about proper Italian tipping etiquette because the last thing you want to do in Rome is be considered rude! Anyways, whatever your reasoning, visiting the Eternal City Rome is a must for everyone, regardless of age or passion.

The Colosseum in Rome

Things To Do In The Eternal City

Explore the Ancient Roman Forum to Marvel at Ancient Ruins

Located adjacent to the Colloseum, you’ll find what looks like ancient Rome as you gaze upon the Roman forum. A place where previous emperors and roman life bustled with activity. However, now all that remains are the ruins and our imagination to piece together what once used to be a marvelous place for the roman people. One excellent note, the roman forum is believed to be a place of rest for the late Romulus and was where Caesar was cremated, as stated by world history, where you can also find an in-depth historical review of the forum.

We recommend grabbing tickets to view this historical wonder as it’s well worth the price and is not too spendy. The only thing to note is that you’ll be touring out in the blistering heat, so make sure you bring water as it can quickly become scorching. Also, make sure to bring a sunhat and sunblock.

Also, since you’ll most likely be in the area, and if you care about photography, we recommend walking up Palatine Hill for the most breathtaking views of the gladiator ring and forums.

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Walk the Halls of the Famous Colosseum and Reimagine Ancient History

Probably the most famous view of the eternal city of Rome has to be the Colosseum. The ancient relic of the past that still stand to this day is worthy of a trip out to see in real life because photos do not do it justice. What you find when visiting the Colosseum for the first time is that for free, you can gaze upon it and take beautiful photos.

We recommend standing across the street at a well-known local bar with a balcony to get the best shot of you and the coliseum in the background. You can find this bar when walking towards the small park; the Colosseum is on your right, and the bar is on your left. You’ll know when you see it as there will be a ton of tourists in this area.

Now, if you want an even better view, you’ll want to grab tickets to view the Colosseum from the inside; there are different versions depending on what you want. We decided to tour the upper level, but there is a package to view the underground dark underground passages. Believe it, make sure you do not sleep in whichever you choose because it will be jam-packed with tourists by 10 am.

Travel Tip: Visiting the Colosseum at night will offer absolutely amazing views! Please try to explore the city during sunset to really see the hidden beauties of Rome!

If exploring beautiful Italian cities is something you enjoy, make sure to read our guide on visiting Venice at night!

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Inside the Vatican Museum

Explore the Vatican City, aka the Holy City

You’ll be surprised to know that when stepping foot into the Vatican city, you’re also transported to a whole new country and, coincidently, the world’s smallest country. Vatican city is home to the famous st. Peter’s Basilica is free to visit; however, you’ll need to get tickets to tour the museum or nearby gardens unless you’re lucky enough to see it last Sunday.

Also, if your goal is to gaze upon the Michelangelo painting at the Sistine Chapel, then you’ll be sad to know that it is a busy spot, but you will not be allowed any photography.

The Vatican is a handful; we visited it twice because we messed up and missed so much the first time! 

Take advantage of the top attractions and artworks by being knowledgeable with guidance! 

Book your Vatican Tour and knock it out one go 😎. 

Quick note: Do not forget to dress appropriately while visiting the Vatican; knees and shoulders should be covered, no excessively tight clothes, hats, revealing attire, or other things you shouldn’t wear to a catholic church ☺️.

Trevi Fountain

Snap a Photo at the Trevi Fountain

Make sure to make a wish at this iconic fountain; the trevi fountain is one of the most photogenic spots in the eternal city Rome so be forewarned. We recommend waking up at dawn to ensure you can get an amazing photo or video of your time at this famous landmark. if you are not a morning person, you could always stay in a centrally located boutique hotel in Rome, that way you don’t have to waste as much time with transportation.

Regarding making a wish at Trevi fountain, if you wish to return to Rome one day, do not forget to toss a lucky coin into the fountain over your shoulder to ensure you’ll be back. We aren’t sure about this tale’s validity, but we did it, and we returned the following year so?

Wander the Jewish Quarter

This underrated jewel is located near the River Tiber and is a worthy area to explore when visiting the eternal city of Rome. We recommend visiting the great synagogue as it’s amazing to see for the first time when visiting the Jewish quarter. Stroll around the palazzo Mattei and take a peek at the turtle fountain nearby. Afterward, enjoy some amazing food such as fried artichokes, pizza, and delectable Jewish meals.

Spanish Steps in Rome, text says walk the Spanish steps
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Walk the Spanish Steps to see how other Countries and Cultures Influenced Ancient Rome.

These famous steps are the tie between the Piazza di Spagna and Trinita Dei Monti church, showing the connection between different styles of architecture. The Steps are well-known and have been featured in several cinematic productions and bring in tourists from around the world. The famous Spanish steps were designed by a French diplomat and Italian architect, not the Spanish. The steps are called the Spanish steps because the area below them is the Spanish square.

One thing to note is that sitting on the steps is now illegal, so you’ll sadly have to walk around to get some good photos and not be able to bask in the history of these steps like they did before.

If Photographic images are what you are after, you’ll want to be here around 5 in the morning to ensure fewer people are walking around that can ruin your shots.

Grab Gelato In Rome

Grab Some Delicious Gelato in Rome

When in Rome! No, but really, you don’t need a reason to grab some gelato! We love trying new flavors each time we grab some 😎.

The Eternal City: Pantheon

Witness the Pantheon of the Roman Empire

The pantheon is a well-maintained and preserved temple of the past. You’ll want to visit this monument at night when it looks absolutely stunning because of the lights around it. Since you’ll also be in the area, you can do some quick bar hopping as there is a ton to enjoy in this area regarding nightlife.

Disclaimer: This post is based on our own gathered opinions and experiences while visiting Rome, the eternal city. We don’t claim to be experts or professionals, and these tips and suggestions may or may not work out for you. Please always double-check the hours of places and attractions before visiting.

Rome The Eternal City FAQ

What city is known as the Eternal City?

Rome is also known as the famous Eternal City.

Why is Rome called the Eternal City?

Rome is called the eternal city because of its longevity despite the fall of an empire and considerable amounts of regime changes.

What is Rome’s nickname?

Rome’s nickname is the eternal city.

What is the nickname for the Eternal City?

The Eternal City is also known as Rome, Italy.

That wraps up the eternal city and its history, plus some good spots for you to visit to witness firsthand the culture and beauty of Rome, which is like no other city.

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