The Best Disneyland Drinks That Are Perfect For Your Tastebuds And Will Have You Coming Back For More

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Not all Disneyland drinks are made equally, and some are far better than the rest. That’s why we decided to write a guide on the best Disneyland drinks, so you can try at least a few of them when you next visit the theme park of dreams.

Rest assured you can trust us, we’ve tried so many drinks at Disneyland Park, and we like to consider ourselves as foodies. Especially since trying new foods and beverages is what we like to do in our free time. Long story short, we broke down drinks into the best non-alcoholic drinks at Disneyland and the best alcoholic drinks at Disneyland, so you have some choices for whichever mood you may be in! We also made sure to list out a few different types per place we recommend so you can choose for yourself.

Finally, we thought it would be helpful to give a few vibe checks for some of the places and let you know what you’re walking into and what to expect, along with some valuable tips in case a site is bombarded to the ceiling with eager fans. So without further ado, let’s get started, so you know precisely what non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks to look for when planning your visit to Disneyland! Shout out to Walt Disney, none of this would have been possible without your vision!

This post is all about the best Disneyland Drinks and Best Disneyland Places to get drinks! We hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Best Disneyland Drinks

best drinks at disneyland blue milk drink
Blue Milk

Best Alcoholic Beverages at Disneyland:

21 and Over Beverages:

  • All drinks in this section are 21 and over only; you’ll need documented proof such as a passport or official federal/state ID
  • Drink responsibly and safely and never drink and drive
  • Do not get on rides when you have had alcohol: one, it’s unsafe, and two, you might throw up which is awful for the people next to you.
  • Follow all Disney resort policies and state laws.
  • Read and or ask staff for alcohol advisements and warnings
  • Be safe and aware of your surroundings
  • If in doubt or unclear wording or no wording; ask your doctor or another qualified professional about alcohol advisements.
  • Don’t let people peer pressure you into drinking if you’re not comfortable. Instead, say no politely and order a delicious non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Be mindful of children and families; they want to enjoy the park as much as you do.

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar – Mixed alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, craft beers, and wine

Located: Disneyland Resort-Disneyland Hotel

Trader Sam’s enchanted tiki bar is a surreal experience. Anyways, the specialty drinks offered at Trader Sam’s are so tasty and cute which is great for photo sessions. The atmosphere is mysterious and romantic, and they have the cutest souvenir tiki cups for purchase. And when you order certain drinks, it makes things happen in the bar…oooooh mysterious… It’s definitely an experience which is why this bar is super popular.

We recommend booking reservations months in advance or risking waiting in a super long line not knowing if/when you might finally get into the bar. Unfortunately, those under 21 years of age are not allowed inside the bar after 8 pm. So, please read up on their reservation and guest policies before booking so you have the most enjoyable time without any surprises. They do have some pretty strong alcoholic beverages so please order food or eat beforehand so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach.

These are the top three alcoholic drinks we recommend!

  • Hippopoto Mai-Tai: This specialty drinks feature Coruba dark rum, strong Bacardi superior rum, and a splash of orange curacao for sweetness, they added almond syrup and agave nectar, the finished it with a squirt of lime juice.
  • shipwreck on the rocks: A classic alcoholic strong drink turned Disney themed by mixing makers mark bourbon with sweet agave nectar, then tossed in freshly crushed lemon and mint mixture to give this beverage a sweet lemony finish.
  • Sea Monsters Embrace: This adult beverage houses strong alcohol with a mixture of the real McCoy and plantation dark rum, gin, a splash of brandy, and then complimented with fruit juices such as passion fruit, lime juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and falernum to give this drink a tropical twist!

Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar and Grill- Dole Whip, Dole Whip floats, Ale, Beer, IPA. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Located: Disneyland Resort- Disneyland Hotel

This special location is the only one that serves spiked pineapple dole whip! They also offer many of the same Trader Sams drinks that the Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar offers which is super nice. The ambiance is nice if you wish to drink there but if you’d rather utilize mobile order you also have that option.

  • Dole Whip: Float with a splash of Rum: DOLE WHIP, that’s it. Jk, we loved this drink because you get to try a traditional Dole Whip Float but you also get rum in it! This drink we thought was only available in Disney World, but were pleasantly surprised when we found out that it’s available at Disneyland!

Bayside Brews- beer, ale, cider, wine, soda, and non-alcoholic beverages

Located: Disney’s California Adventure Park- paradise gardens park

Bayside brews have some super delicious and refreshing drinks along with a vast beer menu. They rim their micheladas with tajin which is a nice touch and their seasonal margaritas are flavorful but not too sweet. Some of their most popular choices however are their ales which have hints of fruity flavors in them and can hit the spot on a hot summer day.

  • Michelada Mango Cart: This light drink is a mix of golden road mango cart wheat ale and traditional clamato juice and orange juice, with a hint of lime. if you love micheladas then we recommend you try this one because the light taste of mango wheat ale is a bomb component of this drink.
  • Seasonal Margarita: Bayside Brews has a seasonal margarita that you’ll want to come back to every time you visit! We like that they don’t make their drinks too light or too strong with just the right amount of flavoring. In spring 2023 the seasonal flavor is watermelon Yum!
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA 7% ABV: If you know your beer, then you know IPA beers are typically stronger and hoppier than other ales. Bayside brews offer this IPA with a hint of Grapefruit, we are suckers for nice compliments to hoppy drinks.

Best Drinks At Oga’s Cantina – robust drink menu of mixed alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, soda, and non-alcoholic drinks

Located: Disneyland Resort-Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
best drinks at Ogas cantina at disneyland the jedi mind trick drink
Jedi Mind Trick

Disclaimer: All opinions and recommendations are based on our idea of what makes a good drink and in no way represent the views of others, Disney, or any of its subsidies. We are not experts in the food industry, nor are we professional food critics; we love food and drinks and wanted to give some recommendations based on what we think are the best. These recommendations may or may not work out for you as taste is a personal choice. Please always read the ingredients before ordering especially if you have dietary restrictions/allergies. Check menus before going as menu items, components, and seasonal offerings can change randomly and without notice. Information for drinks and menus was gathered from the Disney site and will be linked in the name of each dining place we mention for easy access. This post stresses safe socializing and safe, legal drinking; our recommendations are simply a guide for drinks offered and what we like and what you might like. Always be aware of alcohol advisements and check with staff if you have questions. Drink at your discretion and be mindful of drinking policies and laws in California while visiting.

When we say you have to stop here, we mean it! Oga’s Cantina is absolutely adorable with its cute droids and over-the-top star wars theme! The inside of the Cantina is a real-life version of the diners in the stars wars series. It is in a rocky-style building furnished with droids, mechanical machines for delivering drinks, and an exposed industrial-style ceiling.

But, in our opinion, the most fantastic feature of this spot is the DJ. His name is DJ- R3X and he is out here creating good vibes, and good vibes only through his techno music! Make sure to snap a photo or video with him! Alright, now on to the important part! We’re only listing the top three best Oga’s Cantina drinks, in our opinion, with alcohol.

  • Takodana Quencher: This beverage is a mix of Bacardi dragon berry rum, Bols Blue Curacao for that beautiful blue-green tint, and simply orange with pineapple, to top it off kiwi flavoring is added to really make this yummy.
  • Jedi mind trick: We Loved this drink because its beautiful blue tint is gorgeous! This drink is a mixture of grapefruit and rose vodka, falernum, Bol’s blue curacao (that’s where that blue came from), and heavenly grape juice, a generous squirt of lime juice and grapefruit bitters to complete this Jedi drink.
  • Tarkenian night flower: This reddish-orange drink is topped with a beautiful hibiscus flower to complete the look of the drink. The mixture is composed of gin, elderflower liqueur, and sweetened and brought to life with ginger huckleberry notes.

Cozy Cone Motel- beers, seltzers, mixed drinks

Located: California Adventure Park- Cars Land

This place is beyond cute I mean, who hasn’t wanted to hang out at the cozy cone motel?? That’s right, pretty much everyone! If you’re reading this, Disney, make a hotel that is just a bunch of cozy cones, pleaseeeeee? Okay, back to reality, where are we? that right the cozy cone motel has a variety of drinks from beers to seltzers to delicious drinks, so they have something for pretty much everyone

  • Espresso Cocktail: Found at Cozy Cone 2- For all us coffee lovers, this drink is a blend of vodka, sweat, creamy Irish cream, coffee liqueur, espresso (duh), and sweetened with vanilla syrup and plant-based almond milk.
  • Vodka and Pomegranate Limeade: This drink is found at Cozy Cone 4- Sometimes you just want a simple mixed drink and that’s what this is its a mix of vodka over ice, with pomegranate limeade that adds enough tartness and sweetness to calm down the roughness of vodka.

Pym Tasting Lab- beers, cocktails, soda, cute aesthetic drinks

pym testing lab bubbly drink at disneyland
Located: Disney California Adventure Park- avengers campus
  • Particle Fizz: What’s not to love when your drink comes in a cute little beaker? Ahh reminds us of gen chem (wait thats a bad memory haha). Anywho, this little beaker features a light refreshing endless summer hard seltzer, that is combined with watermelon acai for delicious goodness and to top it off they add in fruit flavor-filled boba that burst in your mouth when you bite on them. Pym Tasting lab, you nailed this one ??
  • Honey Fusion: Alright we at first thought this was gonna taste horrible and mainly ordered it because of the photo-worthy gram we wanted lol, however! this drink is good and that comes from two girls who can’t stand beer. We think this drink tastes excellent because they mixed gin and Elysian space dust IPA with lemon juice and honey syrup. The honey and lemon mellow out the depth of the IPA. Also, they give you a honey straw to drink it with, win-win!

Hollywood Lounge- drinks, beer, ale, mixed drinks, IPA, Seltzer, non-alcoholic drinks

Located: California Adventure Park- Hollywood Land

The Hollywood lounge has drinks of all sorts, whether beers, ales, or cocktails. One of our favorite things about the Hollywood Lounge is that they typically provide seasonal alcoholic beverages like Halloween-themed drinks. Their drinks are always super cute and aesthetically pleasing, so it’s worth snapping photos for the gram. This place is pretty popular, so due to that the lines can be long, but on the bright side you have the option to do mobile orders. So, if you’re like us and you’d rather mobile order a drink than wait in line, you can do that too.

  • Passionate & pink: We love this lemonade-based drink that features spiced rum, Italian aperitif liqueur, pina colada mix, and mouth-watering passion fruit.
  • Time to Tiki: If you’re in the mood for beach vibes and good times, try this drink; its base is a mix of tequila, banana liqueur, orgeat, juice agave, and pineapple juice, and finished with bitters.

Ballast Point- Beer, IPA, Ale, Selzter, Margaritas, and Wine

Located: Disneyland- Downtown Disney

If you love a good beer and fried food, you’ll want to stop here because they have a great food menu and beer menu; this brewery has been running since 1996. They experiment with different types of ales by implementing more hop to the brew or adding unique flavors. Some of the specialty categories they have are: small-batch specialties, barrel-aged, rich and malty, crisp and bright (light ale), Hops with flavors,

  • Fountain Hard Seltzer: BAllast point has a rotating seasonal hard seltzer based on the holidays and seasons. We love trying new seltzers, so we try to stop here during different seasons or ask our friends to stop and see the seasonal flavors.
  • Watermelon Dorado: This strong IPA is due to it being extra hoppy and being a double IPA that is balanced out perfectly with a bit of sweetness and freshness from adding in watermelon.

Lamplight Lounge- Wine, beer, seltzer, ale, mixed drinks, Flights, and Non Alcoholic drinks

located: California Adventure Park- Pixar Pier

The lamplight lounge has one of the most extensive drink and secret menus ;)! They have a vast selection of cocktails, beers, wines, and specialty beverages. Their drinks look good and taste even better, and the waterfront views are romantic and gorgeous right off of Pixar Pier! So whether you visit the lamplight lounge for their tasty alcoholic beverages, snap photos of your drinks or the views, it’s seriously worth a visit. Ask the staff about their secret menu to try their delicious, gorgeous drinks!

  • Mimosa flight: Need we say more? ? Also, they are seasonal flavors!
  • Cinnamon Toast Cocktail: Like the Uva Bar and Cafe version, this drink has Rumchata; instead of fireball, you get Frangelico which tastes like hazelnut and Stoli vanilla vodka, but what makes this a step above the other is the cinnamon cereal infused milk that makes this drink unique!
  • Open Ocean With A Splash: Imagine an Icee but with alcohol, and that’s pretty much this drink; it has Bacardi raspberry rum, blue curacao for that beautiful blue color, almond flavoring syrup, agave nectar, and fresh juice of a lime.

Uva Bar and Cafe- Cocktails, Wine, Beer, Seltzer, and Non-alcoholic drinks

This is a good stop to make if you’re in the mood for some delicious drinks! This place’s menu reminds us of the lamplight lounge because of the variety of drinks they offer. We loved the cinnamon toast crunch shooter because the fireball added that extra oomph! We also were lucky enough to visit this place on a day we weren’t visiting the Disney parks since it’s located in Downtown Disney.

Located: Downtown Disney District
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shooter: As the name suggests, this drink is supposed to taste like cinnamon toast crunch, and we believe it, Rumchata is great alcohol to use in this mix as the sweet cinnamon and creaminess help balance the fireball that is added in the drink. They also coat the rim in a cinnamon toast crunch coating. Sounds amazing!
  • Cantaloupe Martini: Honestly, we usually hate martinis, one time, we ordered them at a bar to look grown-up, and we almost gagged. We are super happy this wasn’t the case with this one as the Ketel one Oranje, watermelon mucker, and generous orange juice made this not just tolerable but yummy!

Wine Country Trattoria – wine, mixed drinks, beer, ciders, and seltzers

located: Disney California adventure park- pacific wharf
  • Passion Fruit Mule: The wine country Trattoria offers a passion fruit mule, and If you haven’t tried a Moscow mule, you’re missing out, the ginger ale paired with lime and vodka is amazinggggg. What we like about this version is the addition of passion fruit liqueur to the basics of a Moscow mule. While only adding one extra ingredient, this drink turns into a tropical paradise.
  • White Sangria: Sangrias are perfect on a hot summer day; we had one every other day in Spain and loved the different variations they offered. This version is a white sangria which means it’s made from white Spanish grapes and flavored with lemon juice, peach juice, and mango juice. It reminds us of Spain ☺️

Storytellers Cafe- Wine, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic beverages

Located: Disneys Grand Californian hotel and spa.

This cafe is located at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and we are here for it. This Cafe has an amazing breakfast and offers two of our favorite things, mimosas, and fruity champagne ?.

  • Mimosa: Do we need to explain this one? Yes? Okay, Fine, some fantastic person decided that mixing orange juice and champagne was a thing, and they were 100% right; it’s not only the thing, but it’s also bloody fantastic!
  • Raspberry Champagne: Champagne with a hint of fruit is undeniably delicious. We love to have strawberries in our champagne and had never tried the raspberry champagne until we did at Disneyland, and we became fans instantly. Raspberries add a subtle tartness and sweetness to dry champagne, and we are here for it

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks at Disneyland:

Milk Stand- drinks

Located: Disneyland park- Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars fans unite! The milk stand has the classic blue and green Bantha milk from star wars. It’s super refreshing and makes you feel like you’re drinking it alongside Luke Skywalker. Plus, you might glimpse some stormtroopers nearby in the Garrison. They also have a Bubo Wamba family farms souvenir cup that can be purchased with the Bantha milk for the suckers like us who have to have all the souvenirs. Another cool thing to note is that the blue and green milk are planted based on coconut and rice milk!

  • Blue milk: coconut and rice milk add a sweet, creamy base for this blue treat; it’s given its unique color and flavor due to the fruity flavor they add in! It almost tastes like a milky blue raspberry. If you’re more into tropical flavors, try the green milk version with tropical notes and citrus!
  • Toydaria Swirl: Green Milk mixed with fruit sauce, mango squishy candies, and finished by adding citrusy chili-lime spice, which compliments the tropical flavors of the green milk! This unique flavor is worth trying at least once if you’re nearby!
  • Blue Milk: Mon Cala Swirl which is a blue milk base combined with blue mango sour jellies and finished with sour mango gel. YUM!

Black Tap/Crazy Shakes – Dessert drinks, Shakes, and Ice-cream

Located: Disneyland Resort- Downtown Disney district

If you love desserts, read our guide on the Best Disneyland desserts! Where We recommend Spots like the Mint julep bar for beignets, Tiki Bar For some Dole Whip, Red Rose Taverne for the grey stuff, and more!

Looking for Disneyland food recommendations? Then make sure to read our post on the Best Disneyland food and snacks.

Crazy shakes, as its names suggest, offers incredible ice cream-based drinks that are sure to have you coming back time and time again because they are too yummy only to have once. These amazing dessert shakes are also served at Black Tap Craft Burgers so we decided to combine the two to make it easier. You’ll find both of these establishments down at Downtown Disney, so no need to worry if you aren’t visiting the parks since you won’t need tickets.

  • Strawberry Shortcake: Who else loves the strawberry shortcake ice cream? We are guessing many people since strawberry shortcake is by far one of the best flavors (We said what we said). This delicious milkshake is perfected by all its sweet pink additions such as crumbled cake over a frosted vanilla rim, strawberry shortcake ice cream bar (legendary ice cream, by the way), pink/white twisty pop, whipped cream, a generous drizzle of strawberry syrup, sprinkled crumbled cake and juicy cherry. All these encompass a wonderfully balanced milkshake now. If only we could say that about the calories. Yikes!
  • Bam Bam Shake: If you love fruity pebbles cereal, you’ll want to get this for sure! This fantastic thick milkshake has a frosted vanilla rim coated with fruity pebbles and then topped with a fruit pebble rice crispy treat, pop tart in strawberry flavor, the candy Laffy taffy, and completed with whipped cream and cherry.

Trader Sam’s: – Draft beer, seltzer, ciders, alcoholic options, and non-alcoholic options.

Located: Disneyland property- Disneyland hotel.

The movie jungle cruise inspires this Tiki bar! We love all the little details they put into making this place and the drink menu! Trader Sam’s has a large variety of drinks from their alcohol menu and a few dazzling stars on their small non-alcoholic menu.

  • Skipper Sipper: This beverage is the product of tropical juices, agave nectar, mint and lime juice, and a generous serving of soda water and falernum. It almost reminds us of a mojito but without the alcohol.
  • Schweitzer Falls: If you love tropical flavors, this will be an excellent drink; it houses tropical juices and Sams Gorilla Grog which is passion fruit juice, orange juice, and guava juice, then it is completed with refreshing bubbly sprite. Trader Sam’s, not bad, not bad ?

Best Drinks at Oga’s Cantina Disneyland:

Located: Disneyland Park -Galaxy’s Edge
disneyland drinks in porg cup
Cliff Dweller

Here are the best non alcoholic drinks at Oga’s Cantina in Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge

  • Cliff Dweller: Not going to lie, we mainly got this because we needed that Porg cup ?; however, we were pleasantly surprised that it was good! We hate when drinks are too sweet, and this drink hits the mark of the perfect balance between the citrus juices, coconut, hibiscus-grenadine, and contrasting ginger ale.
  • Black Spire Brew: Coffee lovers, we don’t get treated often at Disneyland, but when we do… This drink is an excellent creamy cold brew sweetened with honey, falernum, passion fruit, and citrus. Trusts us, you’ll want to try this odd but perfect combo.
  • Moogan Tea: Tea lovers are even more underserved at Disneyland ? but have no fear; the Moogan tea is a good choice if you’re looking for a refreshing tea that is balanced with the sweet, creamy goodness of vanilla and cinnamon flavoring, chocolate milk, whipped cream, and a generous dusting of what tasted to us like cinnamon toast crunch dust on the very top of the drink.

Lamplight Lounge: Beverages, Mixed Drinks, Ale, Flights, Wine, etc.

Located: Disney California Adventure Park- Pixar pier

This place is known for its drinks and especially for its secret drink menu which you’ll get to see if you ask a server about it ?. Make sure to snap a ton of photos because the drinks are super pretty and so is the view since the lounge is located in Disney California Adventure Pixar Pier right on the water!

  • Infinity Fizz: Feeling thirsty? Get this drink! It has Powerade in the flavor mountain berry blast and apple juice, and they added cherry pearls for that extra oomph!


Are there any alcoholic drinks in Disneyland?

Yes, there are alcoholic drinks at both Disney parks, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. In Disneyland there are two locations you can get alcohol at. Meanwhile, at Disney California Adventure there are several spots to get Alcoholic drinks at.

Can you walk around with alcohol at Disneyland?

At Disneyland you really can’t walk around with alcohol since the only places to get alcoholic drinks are restaurants. So, you really have to finish your drinks at the table. Meanwhile, at Disney California Adventure you can mobile order alcoholic drinks and walk around with them.

Best Disneyland Drinks

That wraps up what we think are some of the best places to get drinks at Disneyland and the best drinks! We hope you enjoyed our post, and if you have tried any of these or think your favorite is way better than ours, leave a comment below!

If you’re feeling like you need a refreshing cup of Dole Whip, Dole Whip Float, a bowl of ice cream, and or a fresh warm Mickey beignet at the mint Julep bar then read our post on the best desserts at Disney Parks and where to find them!

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