How Big is Disney World? How Many Acres is Disney World? Plus, All The Little Things You Need To Know About Disney World Resort Before Your Vacation!

Disney World is the largest theme park that currently exists due to the various theme parks compiled to make it the title of the largest resort. If you haven’t been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida yet, you’ll be shocked when you visit and realize you’ll need to drive or take Disney transportation to hit the various theme parks that make up this way too big to tackle in a mere few days. You’ll find that it takes about a week to comfortably visit each of the various parts of this magnificent resort.

Alright, let’s get back to the nitty-gritty part of this post and why we decided to write it, you’ll need to know this park is enormous, and you need to come prepared and know what you’re getting yourself into!

So we listed some of the most popular questions first-time visitors have when visiting this theme park and will update as more come our way. We also included a packing list for first-timers, don’t worry, we got your packs like our back…? get it backpack…. ?

This post is about not only how big is Disney World is or how many acres is Disney World is, but all of the commonly asked questions first-timers have and a bonus packing list!

How big is Disney World, big enough to have Cinderella castles

cinderella castle at night

Disclaimer: Disneyland and Disneyworld and its various parks and products are registered trademarks and copywrited protected to the Disney company. We do not claim ownership and are simply offering tips to first-timers visiting Walt Disney World. These are our opinions, and we do not claim to speak for anyone else. These tips may or may not work out for you, so please keep that in mind. Also, we are not experts or professionals; we are just two girls who love to travel and help others. When on Walt Disney World property, follow all policies and laws.

How Big is Disney World Info

How Big is Disney World?

When you think of fantastic theme parks, you can’t help but think of Disney World. This enormous magical theme park is in a class of its own with its staggering size of over 27,000 acres, as stated by USA Today which is insanely huge.

No wonder you’ll need multiple days and comfy shoes to tackle this monster theme park. Remember that the vast acreage is spread out between the six theme parks that make up Disney World: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s animal kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and two water parks.

Now, let’s compare that to Disneyland and its buddy California adventures. You could probably finish both in a matter of 2 days vs. Disney World, which quickly takes over seven days to complete at a leisurely pace comfortably.

Is Walt Disney World The World’s biggest theme park in the World?

Our reigning champ is the Disney World Resort located on lake Buena vista with its deck of multiple theme parks under its resort; it’s no wonder why this theme park is the largest. You’ll also realize it shortly after taking a few steps up to Walt Disney’s World resort transportation area to reach each of the highly sought-after magical parks.

Pandora exotic scenery at Animal Kingdom

How Many Disney Parks Are At Walt Disney World Resort?

The main theme parks for Walt Disney World resort are the four theme parks: magic kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s animal kingdom. Now we know the answer to how many acres is Disney world and Why ?.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is similar to Disneyland in that it has a castle, fabulous, unique parades, and offers character experiences and similar thrill rides. You’ll get that classic Disney vibe that Disneyland offers but with some twist, and you’ll show walt took advabagtga e of the Disney World acres that its California siblings just doesn’t have.

Epcot park

We were so glad we decided to stop at this theme park; initially, we only planned to stop for a half-day after visiting one of the parks because we did think there was much to do there. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we had a fantastic time! If you love trying new foods and flights of different ales, mimosa, and wines, this is your place because of the world showcase! Try to stop at each food joint because it most likely tastes excellent, even if it sounds weird.

Disney’s Hollywood studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers some of the most incredible rides, from guardians of the galaxy to rise the resistance. You’ll want to spend a whole day here to make the most of it! One of the most famous lands featured at this park is star wars land at galaxy’s edge; make sure to stop at Oga’s cantina for a unique bar experience and Star Wars-inspired delicious beverages.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is the theme parker where you can enjoy observing exotic animals, take a ride on a safari, and enjoy amazing rides like Pandora- the World of avatar flight of passage that is bloody amazing. We are so glad we went when it was less busy because we rode it like eight times. Besides that, the Disney Animal Kingdom features in its heart the tree of life with various animals carved into wood, and it’s also huge, so you’ll want to snap a photo with this.

Two water parks- Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is closed currently, so we haven’t been able to visit it yet and cannot comment; however, the typhoon lagoon is open and is best left for between park hopping days, so you have a day to recover while chillin’ in the water.

Multiple Golf Courses

There are several golf courses situated around Disney World Resort.

Is Disney World Orlando Florida The Best Disney Park?

That’s a personal choice; we’ve been to Disney California Adventures Park, Disneyland Resorts Paris, Tokyo Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Sea, and all of Walt Disney World Resort. Eventually, we will visit Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disneyland resort.

Back to the topic at hand, we believe it’s a tie between Tokyo Disney’s two theme parks and Walt Disney World. Tokyo nailed it with its fantastic food, attractions, and overall aesthetic touches. At the same time, Walt Disney World is huge and puts perfect detail into its parks. We wish the parks were easier to travel by walking.

Is Disney World bigger than Disneyland: Magic Kingdom vs. Disneyland?

While Disneyland will never be beaten when it comes to wholesome touches and being the original Disney theme park. It is still relatively small compared to the much larger Disney World park in Florida especially when you consider Disney World acres.

Cinderella’s Castle: Is the Disney world Castle the largest Castle out of all the Disneyland Parks?

Surprisingly not! While Cinderella Castle is a mighty 189 feet tall. It got beaten by the newest addition Shanghai Enchanted Storybook Castle, which towers above the rest at roughly 197 feet. Looking a the Disneyland version of Sleeping Beauty Castle, you don’t realize how small it is until you come across its cousins, which are over double its size.

How many visitors does each Walt Disney World Theme Park get each year?

Disney World is very secretive about the attendance it receives. However, due to Covid, we expected the annual visitors to be down compared to most years, even with the loosening of restrictions last year. There are estimated figures on the web, but we didn’t want to give any answer if it’s not concrete. All we know for how many acres Disney World is; we expect a large limit.

Which Disney Park Should you visit first?

Without a doubt, you have to visit Disneyland first. For starters, this Disneyland Theme park is a manageable size that you won’t be smacked with panic over how you will see everything. Second, the Disneyland theme park is the OG Disney theme park with hidden wonders around every corner. Finally, You’ll easily access California Adventure Park and Disneyland because they are literally across from each other.

How many attractions are there at Disney World?

There are 28 thrill rides scattered across the different theme parks at Disney World.

Nineteen different shows and fireworks exhibits!

Nineteen different character experiences: You’ll be able t visit and snap photos with your favorite characters like Belle, Aurora, Rapunzel, Elsa, Buzz, Woody, Rey, Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more!

For the kiddies, they have nine different adventures, such as the gorilla falls exploration trail, toy story mania, tree of life, and more!

Epcot is part of the reason: is Disney World bigger than disneyland. Epcot offers beignets like these 4 in the to go box at Epcot

What To Know Before You Go To Disney World

When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World?

The real question is, what do you want more? Amazing summer vibes with a sprinkle of hurricanes plus lines to Montana, or do you want shorter lines and a bit of a chill?

Well, if you choose the latter, you’ll want to visit Walt Disney World at the beginning of the year. I think January and March are good months, but not during spring break or on weekdays when kids are in school.

We also would visit during late summer, which is normally when we like to visit, so think the last week of August and most of September since the kids have returned to their educational chambers.

Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World Resort


March except for spring break for k-12 kids.

April is good, minus later spring breaks for college kids

Last week of august

All of September is great

If you chose the former, then late Spring until Summer is your ballpark, but we stress the temperatures and random hurricane-like weather can pop up out of nowhere. We got soaked the last time in 3 minutes out of nowhere! So if you’re going during these seasons, pack a poncho! Also, if you love Disney’s holiday themes they throw out during the changing seasons, these will also be jam-packed with parkgoers.

Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World Resort:

Holidays and the week after and before them

late spring to Summer

Porg at Galaxy's edge

Walt Disney World Weather

Winter: Winter in Orlando isn’t anything to be afraid of, you’ll get cool weather, and it will be cloudy. Occasionally it can get a little too cold for comfort

Spring: highs of 88 degrees and lows of 69 degrees; this marks the beginning of the wet season, which means you’ll notice rainier days as the season goes on.

Summer: hot and humid with random rain galore

Fall: you’ll usually see temps near the upper 80s to the lowest low 70s.

Walt Disney World Bag Policy:

Any bag over 24″x15″x18″ is too large for Disney World, and you won’t be able to bring it inside, unfortunately

Also, keep n mind they can search bags are your person. They also reserve the right to refuse entry or not allow certain items to be brought into the theme park.

Disney World Day Bag List: You’ll Need This For The World’s Biggest Theme Park

  • Small backpack
  • A mini tripod that can fold, so it fits into your backpack
  • sun block
  • water bottle
  • lip balm
  • cash and coins
  • comfortable sandals or sneakers
  • sun hat
  • sunglasses
  • extra hair tyes
  • battery pack
  • poncho
  • umbrella
  • hand sanitizer and wipes
  • first aid kit- bandaids, medicine, eye drops, allergy meds, ointment, and tums
  • tissue pack
  • travel dental kit
  • gum
  • camera and extra memory card
  • charger and wire
  • snacks
  • Disney lanyard or Disney pinnable bag so you can show off your pins!
  • dry shampoo and a small brush
  • makeup
  • face mist for hydration
Epcot park

That wraps up our first-timers commonly asked questions for Disney World! So now you know how big is Disney world, how many acres is Disney World, and more!

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