How To Have An Amazing Time In Milan: 13 Things To Do In Milan That Will Leave You Wanting More!

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Wondering how to have an amazing time in Milan? What are the best things to do in Milan? Feeling overwhelmed by how much research you have to do: hotels, transportation, cultural differences, food, and must-see sights in Milan?

Then, realize you can’t possibly shove everything you want into a mere 72 hours. That’s right; I assume many of us have been there, and no shame in admitting that traveling isn’t all fun and games. It can go super wrong when not planned and coordinated correctly.

So, we are divulging our go-to list of what to do in Milan, Italy, and a comprehensive guide because we were you: stressed out in the middle of the city with no clue how to hit our list of sights and restaurants because we couldn’t even figure out the bus system or how to buy tickets.

Aperol Spritz drinks near the Milan Cathedral
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This post covers all things to do in Milan, from food recommendations, stays, transportation, sights, souvenirs, shopping, and culture.

Table of Contents

Top Things To Do In Milan Italy

Visit the Duomo di Milano

Probably one of our favorite places to see in Milan is Milano’s crown jewel, its beautiful gothic cathedral which has been carefully preserved and truly shows off why the Duomo di Milano is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ensure that you and your party wear appropriate clothing because the guards may not let you in if your clothes are deemed “risque”.

Also, make sure to buy tickets online for the Milan cathedral, so you don’t waste time waiting in line. Depending on what you want to see, they have various ticket types, such as rooftops, and you can pay for stair access or lift access. This pass includes the cathedral access, the museum, or the archaeological area. Or you can choose only cathedral access or other archaeological access.

Don’t forget to snap a stunning photo of the duomo di Milano from piazza del Duomo! But keep an eye out for pigeons!

Duomo Ticket link

The Last Supper

If you haven’t heard of this famous painting, it’s Leonardo da Vinci’s mural, a painting famous for portraying Christ’s last meal with his disciples. It’s centrally located in Milan city, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting to this place if you enjoy nearby activities such as the piazza del Duomo.

This is a super busy tourist excursion and a popular what-do in Milan bucket list for almost every tourist visiting Milan Italy. So you have to make sure you get your tickets in advance, and you’ll have to choose a package because they only sell it combined with another excursion. You can take a look at their website and see which one you’ll want to bundle together.

Purchase tickets at this link.

Visit The bustling fun canal district Navigli:

Whether you love the bar scene or aperitivo time, make sure you don’t miss this fun time and great atmosphere.

Navigli’s known for the fantastic look and feels at night with beautiful lights and music-heavy vibes nestled close to the canal. However, it’s also a great spot to visit when you’re looking for a new restaurant, as there are many of them with outdoor patios for eating close by. Plus, it’s a great way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the busy city vibes throughout the day.

It’s also a hot spot during festivals and holidays such as Festa del Navigli or during late summer when most of Europe is on vacation for Sagra di San Cristoforo.

Learn how to make authentic Italian cuisine:

Take a cooking class if you want to take experiencing Italian cuisine to a whole new level.

We looked up the top cooking classes, and here are our favorites!

Want to learn as much as possible? This class offers four recipes of your choice and is an immersive five-hour-long class. You can also enjoy the food and learn about different Italian cooking traditions. It also is flexible and allows you to cancel 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Want to get the experience but don’t have hours to dedicate to learning it? Then take this cooking class as it allows you to try a traditional pasta recipe and a classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu! Plus, it’s also flexible, with a 24-hour cancelation policy for a full refund.

Take a stroll in Parco Sempione:

This public park is perfect for taking a break from the city’s many buildings and experiencing local life. Take a photo near the Arco Della Pace, as its beautifully detailed arch is worth an Instagram selfie. (insert basic tourist photo, lol)

Suppose you’re lucky enough to be visiting during the early summer. In that case, you’ll most likely catch musical festivals and be able to enjoy them in the evening while drinking many deserved cold beverages.

Sit down and enjoy aperitivo:

Which is very similar to American happy hour. We emphasize this because it’s an experience that everyone should try to do in each city they visit.

You’ll get to try great wines or other drinks at great prices, new appetizers, small tapas, and chat with the locals. Try to sit outside if it’s warm enough, so you get the whole experience of the relaxed Italian lifestyle.

Visit Castello Sforzesco

Built-in the 15th century, this old fortification is a must-see for Milan attractions. You’ll be able to learn about the natural history of this relic when visiting, and plus, you’ll see the local kitties that love to hang out around there! It’s an easy walking distance from parco Sempione too and also do not forget piazza Castello!

Take a day trip to Lake Como

Lake Como is a famous vacation spot located in the alps known for luxurious travel. It’s an easy and quick day trip by train. Hop on at Milan central, and it takes less than an hour to make the trip. Don’t forget to pack your travel essentials, such as sunblock and sunglasses or a sweater, in case it’s cold.

Take a Day Trip to Cinque Terre

Taking the time to explore the Stunning Cinque Terre is a favorite amongst locals and tourist visiting the Northern Italy Region. Seeing as it’s only a short three hour train ride from Milano.

Now you can’t really go wrong when picking out one of the 5 towns that compose Cinque terre, and if you are adventurous you can also hike between the small towns and make a whole trip out of it. While all 5 towns each have their own pros and cons, we are personally big fans of Manarola as its just gorgeous with the stunning mediterranean sea views and whimsical village life.

Don't be a newby and make all the same mistakes we did when we first traveled to Milan; read our Milan Guide for the best tips!

Visit the Milan science and technology Leonardo da Vinci museum

This museum is an excellent place to visit if you’re interested in Leonardo da Vinci, their history, and the development of science and technology. Tickets are pretty cheap and can be bought here.

Take a bike tour of Milan

We have always wanted to do this but didn’t have the time in our packed schedule. However, exploring the big city of Milan by bike is a unique way to get to know the city as you can see more of it faster and get to be guided by a local and see hidden gems.

You’ll be able to view older parts of the city. and new city additions over the years, which really make you feel like you’re not in Milan anymore because of the modern architecture.

Plus, you’ll get to wind down with some gelato or coffee during break time. Win-Win in our books! Click here for a bike tour in Milan and enjoy the magical atmosphere!

Visit the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie

The church is beautiful and rich with culture that has existed since 1497. Make a pit stop here after seeing the last supper mural =). Plus, it’s one of our favorite free things to do in Milan, Italy!

See a show at the La Scala Opera

This beautiful traditional red and gold lined opera house is a legend for how many amazing shows it has held. Or if opera isn’t your vibe, but you still want to see the inside of the building, then make sure to take a guided tour like this one.

Tour the old royal palace of Milan

It’s a beautiful palace that used to house royalty but has since been retired to hold art galleries, and wow, is this one grand galleria? If you’re an art geek, this is your place!

What To Know Before Exploring Milan

Seasonal Travel in Milan

Keep in mind depending on what kind of year you travel, the amounts of things you can do will change. For example, summertime is usually full of tourists and is usually more expensive, thus if cost is a factor you’ll be limited by budgeting issues.

Spring and Fall both offer slightly cooler weather and fewer tourist to compete with for tourist destinations; there isn’t a big buzz around these times, so if low-key travel is your favorite, then definitely visit during these times. You’ll either get beautiful fall foliage or springtime blooming, perfect weather that isn’t too hot or too cold.

Winter Time is super underrated, and there are many fun things to do in Milan in Winter. If you’re visiting from December to January, you might catch some snow, be able to gaze at the beautiful Christmas tree near Milan Cathedral, go Christmas souvenir shopping, and do other cool stuff.

In fact, winter is our favorite time to travel to most destinations because you typically avoid the scorching heat; it’s the perfect amount for tourism as you’ll get a healthy dose of locals and travelers, and winter in Italy is beautiful; the mainland area gets some decent amount of dusting of snow, northern Italy will see the most bountiful snow, and coastal cities like Sicily usually just see cold and wet seasonal weather.

Milan Park
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Transportation in Milan


  • Malpensa Airport MXP:
    • Pros: This airport is your go-to if you want to be close to Milan’s city center but still need access to various international and domestic flights. Due to its relative closeness to the city, it also is easy to get to and from the airport via bus or train. However, it’s unfortunately not close enough to get a decent cab fare, and I wouldn’t recommend a taxi because of the distance and traffic.
    • Cons: However, a word of caution: It’s a bustling airport and can be highly disorganized when they are short-staffed. When we were leaving for our flight back to the States, we almost missed our flight because they couldn’t manage the line, and it became an angry mob of pushing and shoving. We were stressed, to say the least, because we arrived early to make sure we could make our flight and were minutes from missing it. Thus, I would advise you to arrive earlier than usual for a flight to avoid a similar situation.
  • Milan Linate Airport LIN, also known as Airport Enrico Forlanini:
  • Pros:
    • Pros:The second busiest airport in Milan and a go-to if you want to be close to the city as it’s only 8km away!
    • While we have not personally flown through this airport, it is busy for a reason and sees over 8 million customers. In addition, Linate offers a variety of short flights to suit your needs, whether they be traveling to Rome or Paris.
    • Cons: While offering a robust international and domestic flight list, it mainly provides flights for Europe stops. It also is small and shares domestic and international flights in the same terminal. Thus, it can get rather congested during peak hours. We would also like to mention the lack of train access; you’ll have to rely on taxis or busses to get to the city.
  • Bergamo Airport BGY, also known as Orio al Serio: This airport is less busy when it is compared to the above two airports for travel. However, it is a great airport if you are a thrifty traveler like us and are looking for the cheapest flights possible as it offers routes for budget planes. You can also get to this airport pretty quickly by taking public transportation.

Car Rental Tips:

  • Don’t drink and drive; don’t do it! And wear your seatbelt!
  • You’ll most likely get a rental car that is manual unless you request an automatic, and they have it in stock.
  • We like to look for rentals via these sites when shopping ahead of time:
    • Expedia
    • Kayak
    • Auto Europe
    • Avis
    • Sixt
  • Small rental companies in Milan; please check reviews to ensure they are reputable, ask clarifying questions about their policies, and read them thoroughly.
  • When choosing a car: Smaller is better. But, trust us, the parking spots are insanely small.
  • Milan is one of the cities that is harder to access via car due to car restrictions in certain areas. So, keep that in mind as you most likely will have to park your car far from your stay.
  • Always be sure to take photos of the rental car inside and out before and after so you have proof that you did not damage it. Some places will try to scam you for this or blame any damage on you.
  • Cross Countries Rental Tip: Also, remember that if you rent a car in Italy, it’s usually possible to take it across most of Western Europe. One of the most popular road trips are those situated near Italy, such as France, Spain, and Switzerland. France is popular for fall and summer, Spain is popular for summer, and Switzerland Road Trips are amazing during the Summer!


  • Taxi: So it’s no secret that Taxis or other rideshares are expensive, especially in touristy areas like Milan. These prices also change depending on weekdays, weekends and holidays, so keep that in mind when traveling and consider this as an option. If budgeting is your goal, we would advise taking the bus or shuttle as it is cheaper.
    • If you still want to get a taxi, it can be relatively easy depending on where you are. The airport has an around-the-clock system of cabs at your disposal, so they are incredibly accessible. Taxis in Milan are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it doesn’t matter if it’s late or early you should be able to get service.
    • We quickly checked for average taxi prices going from Malpensa airport to Duomo di Milano, and it came back as a staggering 102 Euros.
    • We used this nifty tool to get that calculation, and you can use it to edit pick up and drop off to get a more accurate price.
    • Ensure that your taxi is the airport route certified, so you get charged the fixed price and not an excessive amount.
    • Check licensing and authorization for operating as a taxi driver in Milan. They are usually displayed on the dashboard or window.
    • Taxis are almost always white.
    • Make sure they turn on the meter! It is a common scam for them to “forget.”
  • Uber Black: I’m honestly surprised Uber is still around in Italy. It’s heavily scrutinized and micromanaged. This is because it’s currently only allowed in Rome and Milan. I remember seeing signs in other cities that if you took an Uber, you and the driver would be fined (yeesh!).
    • Only Uber black is allowed in Italy, a higher cost and more excellent vehicle. However, if saving money is your goal, then this is a bad thing. Also, generally, Uber cost more than taxis because of this reason.
    • Uber is convenient and accessible, especially if you have difficulty getting a taxi. It’s also more spacious, so you can fit more things if you’re an over-packer like us.
    • Uber in Italy might be safer because of the extra steps to pass to become an Uber driver. It’s not like the States, where you only need a driver’s license and a “good record,” lol. Plus, they have route-sharing features on rideshare apps like this for safety reasons.
  • Safety for rideshares in milan:
    • Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to hidden cues. If something feels off, don’t get in! Instead, send your location to your family or friends and tell them your route. This is great, so they know when you’re supposed to arrive at your destination.
    • If you’re a solo traveler, get on the phone with someone for the whole ride and emphasize that you are “meeting them soon.”
    • However, also be courteous and greet your driver and inform them you’ll be on the phone, and also don’t be obnoxiously loud.
    • We never let others know we are traveling alone and always make up stories that we are meeting relatives or close friends. We never let anyone know the specific area we are staying in (if you’ve seen Taken, you’ll understand why).

Disclaimer: These are all our own personal opinions and what works for us in Milan; they may or may not be the tips for you. We do not represent other companies or claim to represent others.


*All information found at respective links? and Personal Experience*

Fare cost:

*Prices are subject to change without warning and are here as mere examples of the current price in spring 2022*

  • Children under ten ride free!
  • Single-use: 2,00 euros and suitable for use within 90 minutes
    • You can now buy single-use tickets online by texting them!
  • Milan city pass: Tram, Busses, Metro
    • 1 day: 11,50 euros
    • 2 days: 17,50 euros
    • 3 days: 19,50 euros
  • They also sell packets of tickets so you really can see what fits your travel style.
  • We found all this from the Milan public transportation website linked below.

Funny note, our first time abroad was actually in Milan! So, imagine how clueless we were when we left Milano Centrale and were dragging our huge suitcases, (newbie mistake) duffles, and backpacks. We looked so lost walking back and forth in the terminal and had to ask four different people how to get a bus. Also, it was a super hot day; we were tired and starving, so it was terrible.

The issue is no one told us that you couldn’t buy bus tickets on the bus or do a tap method (back then). So after an hour of walking around and finally finding the correct bus, imagine our faces when we walk up to it, and the bus driver tells us we need tickets first.

Luckily the bus driver took pity on us for being dumb tourists and pointed us toward the store where you can buy bus tickets. It’s a tiny Tabacchi store in the terminal, and they sell single-use and unlimited-day tickets.

We purchased 2-day tickets, but it was waste of money and expensive! So we only used the bus to go to our Airbnb and left it. If you’re not a walker, get the day tickets, but if you enjoy walking, then get single-use tickets.

Train Stations in Milan

The best part about Europe is the vast network of trains that can take you literally anywhere! Like Turin, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Venice, and more! Our Personal Fave is Turin, and if you have ever wondered is Turin worth visiting, then we are here to tell you yes! So hop on a train to Turino to enjoy historical coffee houses, tour charming cathedrals, and more because there are so many wonderful things to do in Turin!

Or maybe you’re a Rome kinda gal, who needs a great mix of culture, food, and nightlife while exploring the eternal city. Whatever you choose, Italy’s train system is sure to take you to your destination.

Milano Centrale

Milan’s most important and busiest station and honestly one of Europe’s most beautiful stations to offer. It has ample high-speed trains that can hit places like Venice, Rome, and Turin. It also boasts trains that stop at nearby Europe destinations such as Paris.

Porta Garibaldi

This station is exceptionally a step into modern Milan compared to most stations in Europe, and so is the surrounding area. The porta garibaldi station is located in the north part of Milano and offers a variety of routes such as fast trains, domestic trains, and regional. There are also shuttles for hitting the nearby airports.

Cadorna station

This station is perfect for regional access, express trains, and transportation around the city of Milan, as you’ll be able to take the metro from here. This station is located near the studio Museo Achille Castiglioni and a few blocks from the Rivellino di Santo spirito. So you’ll be able to hit these attractions when stopping here, as mentioned by in your pocket

© Claudio.arnese Via

Walkability of Milan

Milan is a highly walkable city! We walked everywhere, from the Duomo to the canal district Navigli, Castello Sforzesco, visiting Leonardo da Vinci’s exhibit, and many more. We aren’t going to lie, though, and we racked up ten-mile-plus days doing all that, so make sure you can handle long walks and wear comfortable shoes!

Common destinations Walk Times: Using Google Maps for estimates.

  • Duomo-Navigli: This walk is roughly 1.3 miles one way and can take 30 minutes.
  • Duomo-Castello Sforzesco: This walk is relatively easy as it’s only 0.7 miles one way and takes roughly 16 minutes.
  • Milano Centrale- Duomo-Castello Sforzesco: This walk is 1.7 miles one way and takes 41 minutes on average to complete.
  • Milano Centrale- City Life shopping district: A longer walk with a total of 2.6 miles one way with an average time of 1 hour to make the trip.

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is for you to try to walk as much as possible when traveling.

  • Walking is good for you, and you probably don’t have much time for exercising, so it will help offset that lack of exercise you usually would be getting. On the other hand, if you don’t exercise much and walking is hard on your body, then definitely use transportation; the last thing you want is to be miserable on your trip, so do what makes you comfortable and happy ?.
  • Two, by walking everywhere, you find those hidden milan gems that you usually would have missed while on public transportation. These include mom-and-pop cafes, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, souvenir shops, and unique landmarks.
  • Three, you’re more likely to conversate with the locals when walking and see hidden Milan attractions! Plus, they’ll appreciate you taking the time to get to know their city rather than being another annoying tourist who snaps a photo and then dips.
  • We met some of our international friends this way! Also, we learned so much more by interacting with the locals and scenery. We saw many people playing beautiful music on their guitars or performing cool tricks in the streets.

We love walking through the city; on average, we can walk 8-10 miles a day by avoiding transportation. We enjoy walking everywhere because you can see hidden gems and immerse yourself in the city!

Places To Eat

Don’t forget once you sit down. You’ll most like have to pay a small cover charge, so always prepare for this extra fee per person.

Best Dessert Places In Milan

  • Chocolat Milano: Most reviewed items- Chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate, dark chocolate
    • This place is famous for all things chocolate, hence their name, but they also have gelato in many flavors, beverages, and pastries.
    • This place is a must try to fulfill your sweet tooth while in Milan. The location is near Santa Maria Delle Grazie, so you can conveniently stop by and grab some dessert after seeing the famous Last Supper painting.
  • Terra Gelato:
    • This place offers fruity sorbets and gelato in up to 30 different flavors. The gelato comes prepared in cups, cones, sweetbreads, parfaits, and unique ways. They have year-round flavors like Tiramisu and pistachio and seasonal flavors of fruity sorbets that change with the seasons.
    • They also occasionally offer unique gastronomic flavors like parmesan cheese and truffle. Besides gelato, they also offer crepes, pastries, and beverages. This popular spot is located near the Milan Centrale Station.
    • This highly-rated gelato place offers gelato in many flavors and is prepared in many ways. The flavors are unique, and the ingredients are sourced daily and always fresh. The cost is fair for the quality you get, and it’s conveniently located near the Milan Centrale Station.

Italian Food in Milan

  • Langosteria:
    • This popular seafood spot has tasty, fresh, high-quality seafood dishes. The food is pricey, but there’s a warm cozy atmosphere and a great selection of wines, cocktails, and distillates. The Langosteria brand also has multiple locations in Milan that you can stop by. The restaurant is in Navigli, where there’s a huge nightlife scene. So you can stop here for dinner and find a nearby bar for drinks afterward.
    • We recommend reserving a table at this popular restaurant ahead of time, so you’re not waiting in line. If you’re like us, you end up in line with aching feet getting hungrier by the second.
    • They also have a Longosteria a casa location with delivery service available Tuesday-Sunday that delivers dinner to your home or hotel in this case. And their Langosteria Bistrot location offers take-out if you’re not in the mood for restaurant dining but still want some Langosteria seafood.
  • Ratana:
    • This popular restaurant has traditional Milanese food. They offer a reasonably priced tasting menu with great portion sizes and wines. In addition, they offer plenty of options for desserts, drinks, cocktails, and wines.
    • Prices are up there, but the restaurant has a great atmosphere, plus top-quality meals/beverages to make up for it. The menu changes quite frequently according to the season, so you can always expect new items on the menu.
    • Some previous favorites have been the Milanese Risotto and the Ossobuco Risotto. The restaurant is located near Milan Centrale station, and it’s open seven days a week. As always, it’s best to make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you’re not stuck waiting in line. This way, you have more time to explore the city and then head to eat when it’s dinner time.
  • Piz:
    • This restaurant is a must on our list of things to do in Milan, Italy! It is very highly rated for its fantastic pizza and great prices. The menu is pretty limited, with only three pizza flavors. However, most people don’t mind it because they have mastered these pizza flavors.
    • They also offer a few drinks such as wines, beers, soda, water, coffee, and a dessert of the day. The restaurant is open for early lunchtime, then they close for a few hours and re-open at dinner time.
    • So, be prepared to go for early lunch or dinner but not in between, and they are closed on Sundays. The restaurant is within walking distance of the Duomo, making for a perfect meal after visiting it.

Tasty Restaurants in Milan Worth Noting

  • De Santis: Paninis
    • This famous panini shop seems small, but they offer many different types of paninis. Plus, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages, beers, wines, cocktails, and some veggie and vegan paninis are offered. They offer all of this for great prices, and they’re open seven days a week from lunch to dinner time. In addition, this panini shop is located conveniently near the city center, within walking distance of a few cool spots to visit. It’s close to the Basilica di Sant’ Ambrogio, Castello Sforzesco, Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. So, you can stop by, and you can see any of these places since it’s so close to all of them.
  • Roasted Chestnuts: Near the Cathedral
    • These are sold all over the city but are most commonly found near tourist areas such as the cathedral. They are unique, and usually, little street vendors are where you get them. They are a staple in Italy, so make sure to try them!
  • PRINCI: bread, pizza, grissini, desserts, focaccia
    • This popular place offers loaves of bread, pastries, breakfast, sandwiches, and soups for lunch, pizza, aperitivo small plates, cocktails, and handmade desserts.
    • This spot is near the city center, close to the Duomo, the Palazzo Reale Milan, Teatro Alla Scala, and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. They’re open every day, offer great prices, and are in a convenient location, so it’s a must-try.

Best Places To Stay In Milan

Luxury Hotels In Milan

Palazzo Parigi Hotel

This 5-star hotel is luxurious and modern and has beautiful Italian architectural elements and a dining theater with views of a gorgeous garden. And you know what they say about location. Location, location, location!

This luxurious hotel is in the center of Milan within walking distance of famous landmarks and places to visit. Areas such as the famous opera house Teatro Alla Scala and one of the most beautiful cathedrals you will ever see, the Duomo di Milano.

Also nearby is the renowned shopping center Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the famous Palazzo Reale. Besides location and looks, the amenities and offerings in the hotel are outright unbelievable.

There’s a spa, pilates, yoga, a hair salon, laundry services, wifi, a fitness center, an indoor pool, dining, and bar services. BONUS! If you have fur babies and plan to travel with them, this hotel allows small pets and even offers pet-sitting services. This hotel has an abundance of amenities and services, making it unique.

Bulgari Hotel Milano

This luxurious 5-star hotel is right in the middle of Milan. Pinacoteca di Brera’s art gallery and the Santa Maria Delle Grazie church are within walking distance. Also close by are the Arco Della Pace, the Pinacoteca di Brera, Chinatown, and many other places to visit.

The hotel offers an indoor pool, spa, gym, wifi, dining, a bar, and gorgeous garden and courtyard views. So whether you like relaxing in the hotel or going out and exploring, a stay at this hotel will be worthwhile. Thanks to its convenient location, long list of amenities, gorgeous views, and rooms.

Best Budget Hotels In Milan

Hotel Bernina Milan:

This 3-star hotel is cheaper, so it won’t offer too many amenities. But you get a lot for the price you pay. This budget hotel has a high rating for cleanliness, location, and price. This modern and cozy hotel is near Milan Centrale station. So, it’s great for transportation as you can catch any buses or trains you need right from the station. It’s also a great location and in central Milan and is within walking distance of the beautiful Duomo, the Museo del Novecento, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and Chinatown.

World Hotel Casati 18:

This 4-star hotel is very close to the city center, so it’s within walking distance of many cool spots. You can walk to Chinatown, the Duomo, the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II, the Galleria d’arte Moderna, the Palazzo Reale, Museo del Novecento, and the Milan Centrale Station. The hotel has a high rating for its buffet, bar, gym, cleanliness, and suitable location close to transit and famous places.

Centrally Located in Milan Hotels

Hotels near Piazza de Duomo

Park Hyatt Milan:

This elegant 5-star hotel is located in the center of Milan. It’s close to the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and because of its location, it is pricey. The hotel has a very modern feel while still being warm and cozy. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, spa, gym, laundry, housekeeping, room service, and wifi. Other amenities are business services for working travelers like us. And pet-friendly accommodations like dog sitting for your special fur babies traveling by your side.

Rosa Grand:

This 4-star hotel is less pricey than the Park Hyatt but is still in the perfect location. It’s super close to the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping area. This hotel is a luxurious 4-star hotel with an abundance of great amenities. The hotel offers a gym, restaurant, bar, room service, wifi, laundry, and dry cleaning.

Hotels Near Milans Night life

Magna Pars l’Hotel à Parfum:

It is located in Navigli, famous for its bar scene and nightlife. This modern luxurious 5-star hotel features a restaurant, wine bar, gym, spa, and garden, all for a great price. This highly rated hotel is excellent for its proximity to the nightlife scene, the Milano Porta Genova station, and famous places like Santa Maria Delle Grazie and the Duomo.

Hotels near Milan Shopping

Viu Hotel:

This 5-star hotel is top-rated because of its proximity to transit, dining, shopping, and overall things to do. The Viu offers a beautiful rooftop terrace and beautiful architecture, and modern feelings rooms.

The services include a restaurant, bar, spa, pool, gym, complimentary high-speed wifi, and pet services.

This fantastic place is located near a central shopping area, Chinatown. Chinatown has a shopping mall called the oriental mall, plus many Asian foods stand and markets nearby.

If you’re looking for other places to shop, it’s also within walking distance of another central shopping district, CityLife. It consists of the CityLife shopping mall, which features plenty of stores and restaurants, and even has a movie theater.

Another shopping area within walking distance is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. By staying here, you have plenty of options for shopping and eating within walking distance.

Milan Hotels Near Transportation

NYX Milan

This 4-star hotel is near the Milan Centrale station. This means you can catch any bus or train you might need in Milan right from the station. This hotel also has excellent airport access since you can catch a shuttle to the airport from the station.

The hotel features a rooftop terrace, patio, lounge, fitness center, restaurant, bar, free high-speed wifi, on-demand beauty services, and room service. The hotel is rated highly due to its location, cleanliness, and service.

Milan Shopping mall Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
©@ MaurizioG via

Things To Do In Milan, Italy: Shopping Spots

City Life Shopping District

This indoor-outdoor shopping area features many restaurants, stores, and even a movie theater. So, whether you’re looking for a great place to eat or buy new clothes, you’re definitely in luck here.

Plus, it’s pretty similar to the shopping malls we have here in the US, so you’ll feel at home. The shopping area also features a movie theater if a must-see movie is out.

Or if you wish to experience a film in an Italian setting. Shopping malls like this are great when you need a break from sightseeing and walking in the blistering heat. Who doesn’t love some AC and shade, especially for those summertime trips?

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This shopping area is very Milanese, with luxury shops full of brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. But what can we expect from one of the world’s top fashion capitals, right? Even if you aren’t here to shop, the Galleria is stunning, featuring a glass-covered arcade.

And some gorgeous 19th-century renaissance architecture which is worth taking photos of, and its one of the oldest shopping malls! There are also some great restaurants and bars nearby, but prepare to pay high prices since it’s a touristy area. All in all, we still recommend this place because it’s beautiful, and who doesn’t love window shopping at a few luxury shops?

Chinatown Oriental Mall

The oriental mall in Chinatown is a great place to shop and visit. There are a lot of great markets, stores, and some great Asian food. Finding other foods is excellent if you’re on an extended stay in Italy.

Trust us; it’s easy to get tired of Italian food like we did after a month. The mall is smaller than a traditional mall like ours in the US. But offers clothing stores, markets where you can buy fresh produce, desserts, and some yummy food stands and restaurants.

How To Get A Good Deal On Souvenirs in Milan

Never buy souvenirs within the same vicinity as significant tourist hot spots!

The prices are usually almost double! Instead, walk a few blocks away from the touristy area; you’ll know you are in the right place when there are fewer tourists and more locals. Compare the prices of a few different shops and decide which is best for you.


But be polite when doing so; this is their form of income, so don’t be cheap on purpose. We like to look around at different souvenir spots and compare prices. If we notice something is usually 12 euros, ask for 2 euros off and see if they go for it.

Now, if you’re getting small stuff like magnets or keychains, those are super cheap to buy, usually under 2 euros and, on average, about a euro. If they decline the price, be kind and tell them you’ll think about it. Sometimes they’ll sell to you at the price you wanted to make the sale.

This isn’t a tip for buying, but do not buy everything.

We know it can be exciting when you first travel somewhere new and want pieces to remember it by. However, this can be solved by choosing two quality pieces from each city you visit, two small and one medium or large.

For example, we love collecting key chains and magnets and then usually get one medium size thing every other place, such as a plate, figurine, or piece of art.

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Culture And Vibes In Milan

Milan is famously known as the city of high fashion and is commonly lumped with other iconic cities such as New York City, Paris, Tokyo, and London. Unfortunately, this does mean you’ll want to dress a little more up to scale.

Nothing too crazy, we like to wear birks as they are our go-to for in-city travel, and pair them with a cute dress or romper. But, trust me, one day, we tried to wear athletic wear, and this guy who was on the phone gasped and grimaced in disgust when he saw us; it was hilarious but mortifying that he thought we looked that bad.

Make sure you are friendly to the locals, restaurants, and cafes you go to. The locals surprisingly like it when tourists take an interest in their culture and not just the typical shallow selfies they are used to.

While Italians enjoy an excellent wine session, they refrain from getting wasted. So try to manage yourself when you are out and about and be courteous to your neighbors and fellow street friends. As they dislike loud, obnoxious drunk behaviors, especially in public areas.

While Milan is a fashion powerhouse, they are also a very holy city and thus frowns upon extremely proactive clothing, especially near-sacred staples such as the cathedral (we think you should be able to wear whatever you want at all times).

But if you want to avoid awkward stares or rude remarks, try to tone it down a little. If you wish to access religious areas, ensure your shoulders and knees are covered out of respect for them.

Common Tourist Traps To Avoid In Milan

The friendship bracelet scam near Piazza del Duomo

Lol, we also fell victim to this during our first day in Milan; the bracelet sellers like to hang out near travel hot spots such as the Duomo. They will aggressively approach you and say it’s a free friendship bracelet, and while they are putting it on your wrist will demand at least 5 euros.

I told the guy to cut it off, or I would with my nail clippers, lol, and then he said fine, 1 euro, and I begrudgingly accepted and gave him the euro. I wouldn’t have minded if he had been upfront, but it was slimy to grab my wrist and put it on without consent. The other few we ran into were better experiences, so it must have been a one-off situation.

Luggage “help” Near Milans Train Terminals

*This will most likely happen near public transportation areas such as trains or buses* We found this out the hard way, if someone offers to help you out of nowhere, it’s most likely a scam to get you to pay them, and they will usually demand at least 5 euros!

Which is insane for lifting a bag 2 feet. Unless you need the help and are willing to pay, just in case, keep this in mind when strangers offer support. Sometimes they are genuinely lovely, but it’s for money a lot of the time. Respect the hustle, though.

Cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops near tourist attractions in Milan

Do not go to places near tourist attractions. You’ll spend way more than necessary because they raise prices central to those hot spots. Instead, walk 2-3 blocks, and the prices will be way better, trust us, we did that and noticed substantial savings.

Taxi Meter Scam in Milan

A common scam we mentioned earlier in this post is when taxi drivers “forget” to turn on the meter, dramatically raise the price, and say that’s the standard cost for such a ride. Ensure the meter is on when taking a ride with a taxi.

Milan canal district at night
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What to bring in your day bags while exploring Milan

  • Water bottle
  • Power bank and extra charging cord
  • Selfie stick
  • Additional sd card and battery for the camera
  • Shawl/leggings
  • Cleaning kit/medicine kit
  • Makeup for touch-ups
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat

Things To Do In Milan FAQ

Is Milan English-friendly?

Yes, Milan is a very English-friendly Italian city that usually has menus in English, waiters, and staff who speak English. As well as locals who are fluent in the English language and willing to help out when you get lost.

What should I be careful of in Milan?

Make sure to watch your surroundings at night, be mindful of your bags from pit pocketers, and be weary of tourist scams.

Can I wear shorts in Milan?

Yes, while wearing shorts is not frowned upon, you’ll see locals and tourists alike wearing shorts in varying styles while exploring Milano.

Can you wear jeans in Milan?

Yes, jeans and pants are very popular choices in Milan, so feel free to wear them anywhere for the most part.

Can I use Uber in Milan, Italy?

Yes, Milan allows the popular rideshare program known as uber, so feel free to use it while exploring Milan.

Can you do a day trip to Lake Como from Milan?

A day trip to lake como is one of the most popular trips you can take from Milan. Locals and tourists alike will take a half-hour ride to lake como and spend the day their relaxing near the water.

Is Milan a walkable city?

Milan is a very walkable city; you can pretty much walk to all the main tourist attractions while in Milan. just make sure to wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather.

Is 2 days enough for Milan?

Two days is enough for Milan, but you’ll be rushing to cross off your Milan bucket list. To ensure you can do everything, make sure to start early in the day and utilize public transportation.

What is Milan best known for?

Milan is commonly referred to as the fashion capital of Italy and sometimes even the world. It’s also best known for its stunning Milano cathedral, the duomo milano, and the last supper mural by Leonardo da Vinci.

What should I not miss in Milan?

Don’t miss the duomo milano, the last supper mural, and visit the vast plazas spread across Milano for a true Milano experience.

Is 3 days enough to visit Milan?

3 days should be enough for Milan, it’s enough time to visit the art galleries, visit the churches and still explore Milan like a local by experiencing Milan’s nightlife and shopping areas.

That wraps up our extensive guide on what to see in Milan, Italy! We hope you learned some valuable tips that you could use when traveling to Milan! If you have unique tips for What to Do in Milan, Italy, then make sure to comment below because we always want to learn more! Also, comment below and let us know how these tips made your trip better! Okay, the last thing, make sure you try the food spots!!!

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