13 Things You Need To Do In Venice At Night & Not During The Day!

We’ve all dreamt of the day we would visit the beautiful city of Venice, which is one of the most romantic, serene, and peaceful places to be, no matter the day or season. While most tourists will swear that daytime Venice is superior to nighttime Venice, we beg to differ because, especially at night, when it’s dark, the water is calm, and the city is entrenched in the moonlight is when it becomes an extra notch above the daytime. Just imagine a whimsical gondola ride with twinkling lights and butterfly moments as you sip on wine and take in the scenery of what is Venice.

All in all, Venice at night is a hidden wonder that everyone should get to experience, which is why you’ll want to be well prepared for your nighttime excursion to the city of Venice.

rialto bridge view of venice at night
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13 Best Things To Do In Venice At Night

Watch the sunset near St. Mark’s Cathedral

This is a very famous spot to watch the sunset from as it’s right near the edge of the water. You’ll likely see small canoes and gondolas floating by as you watch the sunset. The water’s edge is lined with parked canoes, and the walkways are lined with local street vendors selling souvenirs and items. This is what the view looks like! No wonder it’s one of the most popular views of Venice!

Gondola ride

The gondola rides are definitely the most romantic tradition to experience in Venice. I mean, the city of Venice is famous for being the floating city or the city of canals. The gondola rides are typically 30 minutes long and cost between 80-100 euros, depending on whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

During the day, it’s 80 euros for a 30-minute ride, and at night it’s 100 euros for a 30-minute ride. This price is an all-in-one payment and is not a payment charged per person. The absolute best time to ride the gondolas, however, is during the night as you get to experience a lantern-lit ride through the canals while watching the illuminated waters ahead of you and experiencing the beautiful moonlit city of Venice at night.

venice at night canals with gondolas
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Attend a concert in a classical music palace or Opera House

Throw on your best dress and attend a classical concert or opera show to experience and immerse yourself in another world. Sometimes the best way to experience another culture is to just throw yourself right into the things that have stuck around through history. If nothing else, the opera houses and theaters in Italy are always so elegant and full of history that it makes the experience worthwhile.

Take a night tour through Venice and experience it like a local or a tourist ?

There are so many night tour options, whether it be photography tours, tours of the city by boat or water taxi, or tours of famous locations like Doge Palace and St. Marks. There are a ton of options like Ghost tours, Hidden gems tours, or exclusive access nighttime tours to places like St. Marks Basilica.

venice during the nighttime, bridge near canals
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Take a Stroll Along the Famous Rialto bridge

The Rialto bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Venice and allows for passage over the Grand Canal. The nightlife surrounding the Rialto bridge is absolutely stunning. Locals and tourists alike will gather at the bridge, taking in the sights, enjoying local entertainers, browsing the shops, grabbing food and drinks, and more! Even simply taking a stroll along the bridge and the Grand Canal at night to enjoy the culture and nightlife is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Have a once in a lifetime experience by attending a masquerade ball

If able, attend a masquerade ball during the Venice Carnival! This can be a super fun, unique experience, as masquerade balls aren’t held very often. Throw yourself into history and attend a ball and experience fun entertainment and witness artistic performances you may never be able to see again.

Take a nighttime photography tour

There are so many beautiful photo spots in Venice, as it is one of the most unique historic cities ever to exist. The floating city is one of those cities that need to be captured in photos to really immerse yourself in its beauty.

This is why you want to and why we strongly urge you to take a photo tour when visiting Venice! It’s a beautiful city and with a trained photographer who knows how to shoot in darkness, you’ll be even happier and grateful! Leave the polaroid at the hotel, though; trust us it doesn’t work well in dark areas =(

Travel Tip: Try to take a nighttime tour in every city you visit; trust us, it will be worth it; some of the best photos we have are from when we went out and about and explored the Italian cities in the evening, don’t even get us started on Rome. Gosh, it was just beautiful, and the colosseum at night is a sight to see and remember for a lifetime.

venice at night view of church
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Visit Doge palace and the square

While Doge palace closes at 7 pm, you can still visit it and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the palace and the famous St. Marks basilica just near Doge palace. You can also tour Doge palace and Saint Marks Basilica at night after hours if you wish to do so. The after-hours tours are super special and unique as you get to experience two of Venice’s most famous attractions without dealing with huge crowds in a more private setting.

venice streets at night
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Have a traditional Venetian dinner

Enjoy a candlelit traditional Venetian dinner with your travel partners. Take the night off from your crazy adventurous excursions and relax at dinner time like a true Venetian with a nice glass of wine alongside your dinner.

Not that you need an excuse to drink wine in Italy, you can drink during lunch, and it still is normal ?. We just want to emphasize that the vibe of a Venetian dinner is in a class of its own, and if you really want to experience the Venetian way, then you can’t miss out on this experience!

Some popular restaurants to try are … Cantina Do Spade, Taverna San Trovaso, and Osteria Bancogiro.

Have a drink at Harry’s bar

Harry’s bar is a very famous Venetian bar known for its amazing drinks, immaculate vibes, and clientele. As a result, this bar is super pricey, and don’t be surprised when it’s slammed with locals and tourists. But it’s absolutely worth it, despite the crowds and price, in our opinion.

If Harry’s Bar is out of your price range or is a bit too busy, there are some other cool spots to try, like Margaret DuChamp and the Irish Pub Venezia. Because we get it, price sometimes can really put a stopper on plans, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. We explored Europe on a shoestring budget, and honestly, it was the most memorable moment in all our travels ❤️.

Travel Tip: Learning when to Tip in Italy can seem confusing, especially when figuring out coperto vs. servicio. But Tipping in Italy has a place and time; if you love your service at Harry’s, please tip!

piazzo san marco at night
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Watch a film at Cinema Rossini

If it’s cold out or you’re just tired and need to sit down, you can always catch a movie at the Cinema Rossini and experience movie-going in an Italian setting. Sometimes you’ll find showings of well-known movies, and other times, you’ll be able to watch foreign or independent movies. Whatever it may be, a movie date can be a nice break from the daily adventurous travels you’re experiencing.

Piazzo san marco

Take a nighttime stroll through the calm, quiet moonlit streets of Venice. The Piazza San Marco is by far the most well-known square in the city due to its unique location being just next to St. Marks Cathedral and the Doge Palace. A fan of cathedrals? We majorly recommend visiting Milan and exploring the Milano cathedral! This is basically the heart of the city and is a very touristy spot to visit, but at nighttime, it transforms into a quiet, serene, elegant location. You can also find a nice spot to grab dinner or grab drinks, as there are a few different eateries and outdoor dining options nearby.

Go bar hopping

The best nightlife in the city is going to be found near the very famous Rialto bridge. There are tons of bars and restaurants in the area as this is a very famous landmark to visit. You’ll also find that the area is very well-lit and populated at night, so it’s pretty safe to hang around at night and grab drinks with friends. Or you can do as the locals do and grab dinner, drink some wine, and take a nice stroll along the Grand Canal to top off your night.

Venice, all in all, is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind city full of history and hidden wonders. There is so much to do, and the sun going down doesn’t mean the party has to stop. If anything, the party is just getting started.

After all, Venice is an entirely different experience at night, and it should be experienced as such.

The city is well-populated, very tourist-centered, and very walkable, so exploring the city at night can be easily done. Remember, it’s easy to get lost in this city with its never-ending walkways, dead ends, and bridges, so always have your map handy for directions.

If you’re curious to know more about transportation through Venice or more details on things to do, just read our detailed to-do list and guide for Venice!

Well, that’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed our guide on visiting Venice at night!

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