The 19 Best Long Flight Tips You Need To Know in 2023!

Wish you knew what to expect when going on a long flight? This detailed post will be your best friend and guide you through all the very long flight tips you wish you knew yesterday!

Two Trendy girls show the importance of Long Haul Flight Tips by bringing sun hats, sunglasses, luggage, and a camera
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The first time we ever traveled by plane was so exciting; we, the airheaded star-studded newbs, did not realize the grave mistakes we were making as we rolled out our gigantic suitcases and duffel bags packed the morning of our trip. We forgot more than half the things we needed for the actual trip and, even worse, the flight ahead of us (tear).

So instead, we brought along useless items (may we have a moment of silence for Y’s deceased luggage as it died trying to contain the ten pairs of shoes she  “thought” she needed). Nevertheless, we will help you by giving you these super helpful long-haul flight tips! So you are less likely to look like a total newbie on the plane.

This post will cover all the long flight tips you need to know before your next flight!


1. Best Self-Care For Long Haul Flights: Sheet Mask

This one is a no-brainer; planes are arid and stuffy and crusty, if I may add. Therefore you will be doing yourself a favor by bringing a mask that fits your needs. What is the beauty of sheet masks? They can go under our face mask, which is helpful because you’ll comply with Covid airplane standards.

Always read the ingredients to ensure you’re not allergic to something, and don’t try something new before a big day or trip! Always do a patch test to watch for reactions.

Trust me, having hives or an allergic reaction is not fun when you’re on a plane.

Y and S have completely different skin types; S has dry and sensitive skin, so if you fit this skin type, choose something with super-hydrating ingredients such as honey, avocado, and cucumber. Also, look for hypoallergenic and calming ingredients if your skin reacts badly to dry air, such as oatmeal. 

Here is one of S’s favorites to bring:

Sheet Mask for Dry Skin:

Buy on Amazon

This product is excellent for people who have dehydrated skin and need nourishment. The critical ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which helps preserve the skin’s moisture and needs, especially on a flight that feels like forever!

They are sold as a pack of 5, perfect for most trips if you use them once or twice a week. We also like this brand because they have various kinds that also help target your issues, such as skin firming, moisture, brightening, acne, calming, and a ton more. If you’re unsure what to get, you can order a variety pack that lets you try some of their top sellers.

Sheet Mask for Oily Skin/Acne Prone:

Buy on Amazon

If you are like Y, you have oily skin and are acne-prone. I like to use a sheet mask focused on oily skin but does not have excessively drying ingredients. I especially like this sheet mask because it has tea tree oil targeting those pesky problem areas.

It also has ingredients such as chamomile that help counter the drying effect of tea tree oil. FaceTory also makes a variety of sheet masks for different matters, as rejuvenating ones that can give you a punch of hydration and plumping effects; I think we all need that after a long flight, lol

2. Face Mask

I’m honestly surprised I never thought to bring a mask before the pandemic hit. If you think about it, airports are crawling with nasty bacteria and viruses because they have high foot traffic. Also, getting sick can be higher if you travel in dense areas.

Thus, it would be best to do whatever you can to minimize getting ill or others sick. Because who wants to be sick on their honeymoon or backpacking across Europe trip? That’s right, NO ONE! 

So do yourself a favor and bring an extra mask. I love disposable ones because they are clean and easy to replace. However, if you are environmentally conscious, I would also bring several reusable cotton versions. Like cotton underwear, cotton can dry easier and doesn’t get that musty gross feeling that most nylon materials get. 

You can buy your mask almost anywhere! Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. However, I have found it hard to get packs of disposable masks and go to several stores to find a box.

I don’t recommend going the day before your trip to get all your supplies. Please do yourself a favor and go at least a week ahead of time, and worst-case scenario, order them online via a fast shipper like Amazon. 

The Long Flight Essentials that consist of a sun hat, DSLR camera, map , sunglasses and sneakers
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3. Super Important Long Haul Flight Tips You Don’t Want To Forget: Hand Sanitizer

This is probably self-explanatory, but the world is a nasty place. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen someone walk outside of the bathroom and not wash their hands… eww.

Hand sanitizer should not replace hand washing (please wash your hands, all of you. The last thing you want is puffy eyes because you’re sick while posing with the Mona Lisa.).

Hand sanitizer should be used when needed, for example, if a handwashing station is unavailable or the airplane bathroom is backed up.

I tend to stick to good ole Purell sanitizer. Most generic brands gross me out, especially at 7 in the morning. Who wants to smell like they drank back-to-back shots of cheap tequila? Well, that’s what airport hand sanitizer smells like, lol.

Feel free to get scented if you like your hand sanitizer to smell good. I have found that I only really like the Bath and Body Works brand, which is scented wonderfully! My sanitizer bottle spilled all over my backpack when I took an exam, and I legit smelt like fruity pebbles.

4. Pick Your Seat? One Of The Most Underrated Long Haul Flights Tips: 

Who wants to pay for seating when you just spent $600 on the flight? It irks me to the ends of the earth why our plane tickets do not include seat choice (eye roll). However, choosing to cheap out on your seat assignment can mess up your experience and make it less than enjoyable for you and your fellow passengers.

Several reasons why this is so important are that you could, for example, have a small bladder and get seated near the window or middle.

Constantly bothering your neighbors can dampen the mood and make things awkward for your seatmates. Don’t believe us? Reddit has a top tip for long flight tips Reddit, and the comment threads are hilarious when bothering airplane neighbors.

Another example could be that you can’t sleep unless you have the window side to lean on, and instead of napping for that long flight, you’ll be counting the minutes till it’s over. I especially stress seat choice when you travel with friends or family.

Instead of discussing what restaurant you will eat at when you land, you’re next to gramps, snoring up a storm. So either take a little longer and find an airfare that includes seat choice in its price. Then, check what seats are available on the seat map before purchasing, pay the fee and thank yourself later.

Best Pass The Time Long Flight Tips:

One of the best tips for long flight tips Reddit is having an iPad air 5th gen with apple pencils and a magic keyboard for trips

5. Bring Your Favorite In-flight Entertainment

We all have been there; star-struck vacation vibes bring out the wine and champagne and let us stare blissfully out the entire flight through the window. Then 35 minutes pass, and you realize you’ve seen enough clouds to last you a lifetime, and you could probably paint a painting to rival the details of Van Gogh.

 You look across the “bountiful” list of movies implanted on the monitor in front of you and realize you’ve either seen all of them or were so uninterested you turned the flight monitor on to count the hours before your arrival; newsflash, you departed 45 minutes ago.  

In our opinion, one of the most critical long-flight tips on this list is to be and stay entertained! Bringing a handy dandy Tablet, Kindle, and Game Console can make a difference and make time go by so much faster.

By getting your source of entertainment, you’ll not only be much happier, and the time will seem like it’s passing by faster (it’s all about perception). Or you could be a good noodle and knock out two birds with one stone by multitasking on your tablet by working and listening to your favorite tunes.

Plus! If you have young children, then bringing along a trusty tablet will go a long way in keeping them entertained because the last thing you want is an angry baby on a long flight. If you’re a parent and wondering what to bring to make a long haul flight more enjoyable for you and your baby, then read this helpful guide for flying with lap infants.

Why We Love Our Tablets for long haul flights!

S loves watching movies or catching up on her latest series, so she’ll download the shows or movies she wants and is usually a happy camper. 

Y has worked in Technology and Sales for over eight years, so she’s a “little” savvy regarding electronics and what is a good product based on your needs.

You don’t need the latest or greatest Ipad, and any tablet will work for this task. However, if you’re in the market and on the go a lot, choose a lightweight tablet with a fast processor and more extensive storage for moments like this.

 We would caution against buying low-end tablets because, typically, their ram and processor cannot handle demanding tasks, speakers won’t be as loud, screen resolution will be lower and internal storage is generally under 32 GBS for most low-end ones. In addition, having a horrible experience with technology can make a long-haul flight feel even longer.

Here are some options for both Android and ios tablets.

Ipad Air 5th Generation:

As shown in the photo above, we both have this tablet and love it! Apple launched the Ipad air 5th generation earlier in spring 2022. It came out in the colors: pink, purple, blue, starlight, and space grey. The screen size is pretty much the same as its predecessor, so there is no significant difference.

As for memory, they come in either 64GB or 256 GB. We chose the more prominent memories because we use our Ipads for working on our blog, research, and leisure.

You can choose to buy the wifi model or cellular; this comes down to what you use your tablet for. Since we travel and are on the go a ton, we have to have a cellular tablet.

Apple Pencil 2nd Generation:

Buy on Amazon

I love that Apple offers a complete ecosystem of products that will fit your needs regardless of what you are using them for! I would also consider getting the Apple Pencil if you choose a tablet for note-taking, editing photos, or drawing. The Apple Pencil 2nd generation is fantastic for these tasks and has excellent pressure and sensitivity for more accurate pen strokes.

One of the only downfalls is that the pencil is a little awkward to carry around since, unlike Samsung, Apple did not make a spot for it in the actual tablet. Instead, it is held in place by the MagSafe technology Apple is known for; I don’t hate it as it also charges the pencil when doing this, but at the expense of your tablet battery.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 plus:

So as we mentioned above, for the best user experience, you want to make sure you do not settle for the lowest model unless it has excellent specs for the price. After researching Android tablets, my personal favorite is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series.

The reason is they launched three different levels that can meet most people’s needs. We will mention that this series is a bit spendy for the average consumer and recommend cross-checking older models. If you’re okay with forgoing two GB of ram increase and camera boost, then the S7 Tab would be great.

The Tab S8:

  • An 11-inch LCD with 8GB of ram and 128GB of storage comes in three colors. This size is probably the most travel friendly because you get a large display, but it’s not too big that it would cause a headache to pack with other items. This site is my favorite size for tablets and is what I usually choose when shopping for pills and narrowing them down based on size.

The Tab S8 Plus:

  • A larger 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display, with the same entry ram and storage and colors the S8 offers.
  • However, the S8 plus can be purchased as a wifi or cellular model. At the same time, the S8 is stuck with only wifi. If that is not a deal-breaker, then choose the S8 model. If working on the go and connection is required, go with the S8 plus.
  • When it comes to travel size, It’s a bit large, but because of the cellular connectivity, I would choose this tablet over the ideal smaller Tab S8.

The Tab S8 Ultra:

  • An even larger screen with a 14.6-inch display, same entry ram, GB, but only comes in graphite. It also features the same super AMOLED screen that the S8 plus offers. However, this Tab only comes in a wifi version.
  • We wouldn’t choose this tablet. It’s enormous and would work perfectly for day-to-day use. But in regards to travel, it’s just way too big for our preference. It also is a con that it does not have a cellular connection despite its price increase.


Buy on Amazon

Y here! I love to read! Don’t get me wrong; nothing beats the feeling and sensation of reading from an actual book. However, that isn’t a practical choice when it comes to travel since we want to save space. Instead, I read off my phone, Kindle, or Ipad when traveling.

Prioritizing the Kindle mainly because it’s better for your eyesight is vital. I get vision headaches quickly from staring at a bright screen for too long. Thus, the Kindle is perfect for me due to its paper-like mimicry. I have an older Kindle which they don’t sell anymore, but the new ones are even nicer! I’m lowkey wanting to upgrade mine… I attached the most similar Kindle to mine, and it’s right in the middle for price.

Nintendo Switch:

Buy on Amazon

Having a portable gaming system is a must for travel if you like playing games as we do! Even when we get bored of playing, we can hand it off to one of our travel mates and let them have a go at it.

The best thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it’s highly portable and perfect for trips. This gaming system will be ideal if you have little ones on the flight who get bored quickly. Do not forget to bring the charger and at least a few games; they are super small, so they aren’t taking up a ton of space, so you might as well.

An uncomfortable blonde lady in an aisle seat is trying to sleep and showing the importance of Long Haul Flight Tips and why seat choice matters.
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Disclaimer: All opinions and recommendations stated in this post are our own. We are not experts or qualified to give healthcare or any other expert advice, and these recommendations are what personally suits us and may or may not work out for you. Please do your research and contact your doctor or other experts for in-depth answers and recommendations. 

6. Downloads And Offline Entertainment for flying long haul flights

If you’re going on a long-haul flight, you are most likely traveling to another country. This means some Airlines will not have wifi deals with your carrier or have expensive wifi options (yeesh). In scenarios like this for our in flight entertainment, we like to download apps that allow offline content, such as airline apps, including several shows and movies.

Download your favorite shows, movies, or e-books from your favorite streaming platform or ebook platform. Most platforms allow offline downloads for moments like this. For example, we use Netflix for our shows and movies. I also use Amazon Kindle to get my e-books because you never know when you’ll want to binge-read a good book!

If you are lucky enough to have wifi included with your carrier, for example, GOGO inflight wifi, you’ll want to set it up properly before taking off. Typically this requires connecting to it and making a wifi call, from my experience.

Don't forget to read our ultimate guide to the best travel essentials for women!

7. Bring Headphones for long flights

 Need I say more? Whether you are watching the latest episode of Euphoria or jamming out to Ariana Grande. You’ll need a good set of your own headphones to make sure that you’re not hearing the baby crying four rows up ahead or your super sweet but outrageously loud neighbor snoring so much it makes you feel like there’s turbulence! 

We prefer wireless noise canceling headphones specifically the AirPods from apple. We have used a variety of headphones from different makers such as Samsung, Beats, JBL, and apple. So far, Apple, with its fluidity between our ios products and comfortable earbuds, has hammered the nail for us.

Airpod Pros 2: One Of Our Favorite Long Haul Flight Essentials

Buy on Amazon

Our personal favorites are by far the Airpod pros 2: they have active noise canceling, and these have a soft ear bug style that can be changed out to fit your ears. This was a big selling point because headphones give me a headache when wearing them too long. That does not happen with these because of the soft earbud. However, they are more expensive than the third gen and 2nd gen regular airpods.

Airpods 2nd Gen:

The OG AirPods and our first! I loved my original AirPods, and honestly, the only reason I upgraded to the pros was that I work in the tech field. Therefore, I have to be knowledgeable about the latest products. However, I still use my old AirPods from time to time when my pros are out of battery. 

Airpods 3rd Gen:

My personal opinion, but I don’t recommend these because of the price. You might as well spend the extra money and get the Airpod Pros 2 with active noise canceling. 

How To Stay Comfortable On A Long Flight?

8. Bring a Sleep Mask for international flights

Besides forgetting a blanket on a long haul flight, the worst thing ever is forgetting to bring an eye mask to sleep with. Especially if you’re traveling abroad, I say this because, let’s say, you’re going somewhere with an 8-hour difference. So I would advise you to sleep during the flight to have the energy to stay up the day of arrival. 

Trust me; it’s exciting traveling, especially going abroad to a new place. Still, instead of being happy and bushy-tailed, you’ll be miserable if you don’t get a good rest before arrival. Sleep masks are essential; they keep the light out of your eyes, whether the windows or bright monitors are used for shows and movies. 

It’s essential to get an eye mask that doesn’t bother your skin. I prefer cotton sleep masks because I have very oily skin, and they hold up to frequent washes. However, S has dry skin and likes the smoothness and silkiness of silk eye masks. Whatever you choose, make sure to have a holder for it to stay clean!

After going through so many, we used to get our masks at random spots like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. We decided to try out an online sleep mask and were pleasantly surprised. 

Cotton Recommendation: Mavogel

Buy on Amazon

When surviving a long flight, the last thing you want is to be blinded by the scorching sun because your neighbor insists on leaving the window viewer open. We experienced this on a long flight, and gosh, we were angry at the end because we could not sleep due to how bright it was.

Learning our lesson, we bought a cheap one at the duty store at the airport, but it lasted four flights and four washes before being destroyed in the washing machine. This is why we emphasize quality is more important than price.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good sleep mask, and it will last you a long time! We like the Mavogel because it is a high-quality product with reviews to back it up. It prioritizes sensibility and comfort while also keeping in mind quality matters.

For example, this one has an adjustable band that helps it retain its shape longer than pure elastic bands.

9. Dont Forget to bring a Lightweight Blanket for long flights

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love thick fluffy blankets, and they are so soft and warm. However, for traveling purposes, I like to stick to something lightweight so that it’s easy to tuck into my carry-on. They even make blankets that can be folded into a little bag, and you clip it into your backpack!

 I haven’t seen lightweight travel blankets much in person, but you can easily find them on many retailer websites. I do a ton of my shopping on Amazon because of the fast shipping but feel free to do a quick google search and try any of your favorite retailers.

Lightweight travel blankets:

Buy on Amazon

Pavilia Travel Blanket:

So this one is not top of the list for being lightweight, but it exceeds comfort. This plush-style blanket keeps you extra warm on those colder flights and spans 60 x 43. It also has a unique carrying style with a hole that allows you to warm your arms or convert them into a travel pillow style.

This is a must-have if you sleep leaning on the airplane tray and want a cushion. The blanket also has a holder to keep it clean and protected and the ability to be clipped to your luggage. The extra perk is choosing your favorite color as it comes in 9 different colors or styles.

Litume Travel Compact Blanket:

This Blanket is super cool because it compacts down into a tiny little bag that can be clipped to your bag. It also is big enough for ample coverage for the average person as it’s 67 x 48 inches. Unfortunately, this guy does not come in pretty colors, but we will live (Eyeroll).

It, however, does come in two types: Fleece or velvet. I would choose fleece because I don’t like how velvet feels. Due to the portability of this bag, it is a must for backpackers who need to make the most of their luggage space, and if you want to bring extra blankets with this one, you can since it is so small!

On that note, make sure to wear comfortable clothing; typically, this means loose fitting clothing. The reason is that you will feel icky on the flight and dry, and some people swell up. So having comfortable clothes is a life changer for flights. Think T-shirt and shorts or yoga pants.

10. Avoid Jet Lag By Bringing your Neck Pillow

I used to be against travel pillows because they take up so much room, and they are usually not washer friendly. However, when I experienced my first 8-hour flight, I instantly regretted not getting one the entire trip! 

When shopping for a neck pillow, I would choose something that is machine washable. Next, I would check online reviews before purchasing because I have wasted so much money on cheap and overpriced ones without being knowledgeable. 

In truth, a travel pillow is not a one fits all product. Some people prefer memory foam, beanbags, cotton, adjustable shape, and higher or lower frames. Due to this, you’ll want to rely on reviews to make sure it fits you heavily; a neck pillow that works for a 6’7 guy is not going to work as well for a 4’8 petite girl. 

Here is our favorite Neck Pillow: The BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow

This one is awesome because it has a unique and patented ability to be modeled into your desired shape. Some people like more chin support and wrap it around tightly in that region. At the same time, window sleepers want the ability to fold it for extra cushion against the hard surface.

If you’re the unfortunate soul who gets stuck in the middle seat, (check the seat map beforehand!) you can wrap it around your neck to give you extra support for seated sleeping positions. Also, this small pillow has the added plus of being machine washable, so bye to nasty germs. Plus, it comes in various colors if you’re like us and like to coordinate your stuff.

Important Long Flight Tips Everyone Needs To Know?

11. Medicine, Bring it for long haul travel!

Airsick? Headache? Upset Tummy? 

Make sure you don’t forget to pack your essential safety kit! This will vary based on your needs; what we bring works for us but may or may not work for you. Please always follow the instructions of your healthcare expert and read the instructions and advice that is labeled on anything you take.


We always bring some form of migraine/headache pills if we get caught in a horrible aura migraine. Also, we always make sure we drink enough water and have a light snack when taking pain medication.

Motion Sickness Stuff:

S has horrible plane sickness and gets extremely nauseous, especially with turbulence; because of this, we make sure to bring motion sickness medicines, ginger candies, gum, and mints. Not to mention, most airlines in flight meals are not always the best, and sometimes the smell can be so strong that it could make you nauseous.

Sleep Aids: Sleep Pills/Melatonin

I can not fall asleep on any airline without some form of melatonin or sleep pill. I’ve tried counting sheep, avoiding caffeine, and reading until I’m bored. So, unfortunately, I need these on really long flights, especially when there is turbulence. So please only take sleep pills as a last resort.


We like to pack our vitamins (alright, vitamin gummies, lol)  and separate them by the day. Sometimes on long-haul flights, we will be due for a vitamin session. 

Savvy blonde picking out healthy snacks and drinks
©@ simonapilolla

12. Snacks, so you survive long flights

Want to know how to be comfortable on a long flight? For starters, let’s face it, airplane food is horrible for the most part, and you must bring snacks in case you hate what is being served. On another note, I won’t sit here and tell you to pack super healthy food you hate; let’s be honest, who likes eating only nuts and celery?

 That doesn’t mean you scour through the middle of the grocery store and bring cookies, chips, and candy; trust me, you will feel horrible overeating junk food. That’s why we like to bring balanced snacks; fresh fruit and vegetables, granola and nuts, and for our junk food, we get our favorite sweet items and salty snack (hot Cheetos and gummies). 

13. Reusable Water Bottle to stay hydrated on dry airplanes

Water is essential, and after watching so many Tik Toks, it is a must to avoid airplane water. But you can’t just go cold turkey and not drink water; otherwise, you’ll be extraordinarily dehydrated and on a long flight. That’s a recipe for disaster.

I’m officially a water bottle fanatic! I love my Hydroflask and Starbucks tumblers, but they just don’t cut it when traveling. Hydro Flasks are way too bulky and heavy for my travel needs. However, if you are doing long stays and not switching around as often as possible, a hydro flask is more beneficial.

Instead, we like to use water bottles made explicitly with the traveler in mind; I have researched and gone through so many reviews to find the best travel water bottle, and I finally fixated on a few kinds: collapsible, plastic, and insulated metal. 

Collapsible Choices:

E-Senior collapsible bottle sold on Amazon:

As mentioned above, we despise bringing heavy products. So we can’t get our regular water bottles with perks such as keeping your drinks cold for hours on end. However, sometimes you have to compromise and choose what’s most important to you: flexibility and lightweights are our priorities. We adore this collapsible bottle sold by E-senior on Amazon.

Reasons we like it?
  • Completely flexible and foldable, so you can tuck it in your bag and whip it out when you are thirsty and fill it up; it holds 20 oz, which is perfect for quenching your thirst but not teetering towards being heavy and annoying.
  • Bpa-free and made of food-grade silicone, this one is important to us and should be for you. When you are using a product for lengths on end, a food-grade silicone means it is safe for our drinks and is less likely to hold odors that most plastic bottles are victims of.
  • Color choice is not essential, but I would be lying if I said color was not crucial for us. Lol, I love colors and, most notably, anything pink, and S loves the color blue. But if that doesn’t float your boat, they also come in orange, blue, black, grey, green, and pink.
  • Triple Protection Leakproof system: No one likes spilling water all over their personal belongings, especially if those items are electronics.

Since it’s a soft material, it can rip when it comes into contact with sharp items. Also, the lid is a weak point and can crack over time.

Hydrapak sold on Target:

Target has various water bottles, but only a select few are collapsible. So we narrowed it down to the hydra pack collapsible water bottle as it hit our list of priorities. It comes in multiple colors, blue, green, orange, and grey, and sizes of 750 ml and 1L.

We would choose the slightly smaller 750 ml as I want to reduce the weight I’m carrying around when traveling but still want to get more than a couple of sips of water.

I also liked that it is fully collapsible and BPA free. The con we found was that it has a weak lid and can crack over time from heavy usage. Also, remember that it’s prone to get ripped if it comes into contact with something sharp.

Plastic Choice:

Pogo BPA-free plastic water bottle sold on Amazon:

This looks like your typical plastic water bottle, and there is nothing wrong with that. I love using a plastic water bottle for the sole reason that it is incredibly lightweight! The plus about this bottle that we love is that it has a clip spot where you can clip it to your bag or luggage!

This may seem like a dumb idea or even irrelevant, but have you ever stopped to see how many water bottles get left behind in high-traffic areas? It is surprisingly a lot!

Having a water bottle with a clip spot gives you peace of mind that it’s always with you, which is essential, especially when you are in another country and plastic water bottles are being price gouged to hell by the local street vendors (respect the hustle though).

It also comes in cute colors such as pink, purple, blue, green, teal, etc. The size is a perfect amount for water since it holds 32 oz (finish one of these off, and you’re almost halfway there to your daily water goal). If you need a bigger or smaller size, they also make these water bottles in 18 oz and 40 oz if you want something lighter or that will last you longer.

Insulated Metal: 

Yeti 18 oz insulated water bottle sold on Amazon:

I feel like people are either team Yeti or team Hydroflask, and honestly, I’m not sure why there’s such a divide when both brands are great at what they do. Here, the yeti is perfect for hot and cold drinks while staying a little on the smaller side for portability. This is a great way to even out the heaviness of the bottle, as the insulated metal can weigh you down when it’s filled up.

Hydroflask 24 oz wide mouth with straw lid sold on Hydroflask:

If you haven’t heard of the Hydroflask brand, it is very similar to Yeti with having excellent temperature control for drinks. It can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot beverages stay piping hot for 12! That’s insane but amazing for those days where it’s super hot out, and all you want is a cold cup of water.

Unfortunately, this is where insulated bottles get it right, and collapsible and plastic can not hold a candle to them. It does, however, come at the cost of weight, as insulated bottles are considerably heavier than the others.

14. Wet Wipes

Okay, I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m going to add it to this list because, believe it or not, many people ask us if they can use ours. They are so convenient because they are used for many reasons; for example, this lady sitting next to me spilled juice all over her arm, and the line to the bathroom was gigantic. So I handed her a couple of wet wipes, and she was good as new! They can also be used when you have a hefty meal and use the restroom.

Wet ones For Sensitive Skin Sold On Amazon:

We love these because they are formulated for sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic. Also, I’m not too fond of anything with super drying chemicals because when I’m flying, my skin usually is dehydrated from the cycled air, so I tend to choose sensitive skin type products for this very reason or nourishing ones.

They come in counts of 20 with ten packs included; I don’t know about you guys, but whenever we last minute shop for miscellaneous things such as mouthwash or travel size items, they are always sold out! by buying them in bulk ahead of time, you can save money and have peace of mind knowing you are prepared. =)

Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes Sold on Target:

These are a must for restroom duties, and I have found they also work great for cleaning up sticky hands from spilled drinks, and you don’t have to worry about bugging the flight attendants. Cottonelle is a high-quality brand that makes their wipes extra thick, so they don’t rip like most cheap wipes, because who wants that happening when you need it to do its job lol Despite them being flushable, I prefer not flush wipes and dispose of them in the trash instead.

Eco-Friendly Option: Water Wipes Sold on Amazon

This brand is a new product for us that we wanted to try because the wipes are 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and formulated for sensitive skin. The ingredient list is so tiny it has two ingredients compared to most wet wipes brands.

When I read the ingredients list, how do you make a product supposed to hold up to rough treatment? Without having some amount of non-biodegradable products in it? It turns out the reason is that the wipes are made of 100% viscose which is a plant-based material, so that’s why they are biodegradable and lack any plastic!

Major Win in my book because I want to be able to reduce my eco-impact. Regarding options for purchase, they are sold on Amazon in 60 counts and packs of 3, 4, 9, and 12.

15. Power Bank to power your inflight journey

The last thing you want is The Flight Attendant turning off in the middle of a juicy scene because your tablet died. Unfortunately, not all Air Planes are created equally and have charging ports built into the seats. Having a reliable power bank is a must for long-haul flight tips.

Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank Sold on Amazon

This power bank has fantastic reviews, and its specs make it a quality product overall. I have a ton of power banks ranging from Otterbox, Mophie, Apple, Samsung, Anchor, etc. They all have various plus and cons, from being fast chargers and extremely heavy or being light-weight but barely charging half my iPhone.

I like this power bank because it excels in long haul flights for its power and has a large reserve of energy, 20,000 maps. In addition, it can charge multiple products at once, and its high-speed power IQ allows it to set high power items at the charge they need while also meeting the needs of little products that don’t need such a substantial charge.

The power bank also has an Anchors MultiProtect safety system built in so the device you are charging is protected if that doesn’t follow through; the anchor also has a connected equipment warranty. Ensure to read the contract and papers it comes with. Also, check Anchor’s website for any questions you have so you know you are correctly using the power bank to protect yourself and your items.

The power bank also meets TSA requirements for travel (as of May 2022, always check TSA for updates before flying), so you don’t have to worry about it being too large of a battery for travel! Also, one note this power bank is not made to charge laptops, so keep that in mind when shopping.

16. Journal and Pen

One thing you do want to avoid is headaches and migraines caused by eye strain from staring at a screen for hours on end. So we recommend you take a break from time to time and instead pull out a journal and jot your travel plans down, doodle or vent if you’re feeling frustrated. We recommend spiraled-bound travel journals they are easier to use on planes due to their folding capabilities.

We also recommend bringing a pen because the last thing you want to do is ask a bunch of strangers for theirs and risk missing your connection. All because you couldn’t fill out your landing card (yeesh).

17. Stretch and Move during the flight

When you’re on a 6-hour flight, your body can feel stiff and get kinks. It would be best if you tried to get up every couple of hours to walk to the bathroom and back and stretch, either seated or up and about. This will help deter those annoying kinks you’ll get when seated down for too long. Yes, this still applies even if you are flying business class; lucky you.

Also, since we are on the topic, our lowkey long flight essential has to be compression socks because they work wonders if you are experiencing pain and swelling.

18. Bring a Small Bag for easy access midflight

Besides packing your carry-on for a weekend trip, personal bag, and checked luggage, you’ll want to bring a small collapsible/flexible bag with different compartments. This crucial long flight tip is to put aside the stuff you’ll be using while on the plane and be able to reduce the number of times you have to check the overhead bin.

Long Flight Essentials:

19. Do Not Eat New food Before Your Long Flight!

Sorry for yelling, hehe. This tip is so important! I cannot even tell you how many times I had the worst stomach cramps and bathroom issues when I decided to try new stuff before a flight or the day before. The reason I’m against fresh new food is that:

  • You do not know if you will react to it and could have a severe reaction to an allergy you never knew about.
  • You could get food poisoning. However, this is mainly tied to food prep being done improperly. Still, better to be safe and eat a meal at home the day before and the day of your flight.
  • The bathroom in the airplane is tiny and usually backed up with other people waiting in line to use it. So you do not want to be the person who spends half an hour there.

Long Flight Tips FAQ

What’s the best clothes to wear on a plane?

Wear loose clothes that are not going to feel restrictive when sitting down for long periods of time. Popular long-flight clothing choices are shorts, stretchy pants, t-shirts, and hoodies.

How do you survive a 10-hour flight?

Make sure to get a solid 8 hours of sleep the night before the flight, wear comfortable clothing, and don’t eat salty or acidic foods that will give your stomach aches or bloating. Drink a lot of water and bring a neck pillow and headphones.

Should you wear compression socks on long flights?

Compression socks are great for promoting blood flow in your legs, especially helpful since you’ll be sitting for long periods of time when flying.

How do you survive long flights with anxiety?

Bring a book, earplugs, or headphones; lavender scented spray helps calm the nerves and drink warm tea.

What should you not do before flying?

Do not try new foods before a flight, and do not skimp out on sleep or drink alcohol, as you’ll feel extra dehydrated.

Should you drink electrolytes before flying?

Electrolytes are a great way to help boost hydration if you’re feeling especially thirsty and water isn’t cutting it.

How do you fly comfortably long distances?

Wear comfortable clothing, and bring a pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and a source of entertainment to help the time fly by.

What are some of the best things to do on a long flight?

Reading a good book, researching and planning your itinerary, relaxing and listening to music, and watching your favorite series or playing a game.

How do I prepare my body for a long flight?

Sleep for 8 hours, drink plenty of water, minimize sodium and acidic food, and drink tea to help with bloating and nerves.

So now that you have learned about some of the best long flight tips. We hope that you’ll be able to include them on your next flight and let us know if they worked out for you by commenting below =) Happy Traveling!

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  1. As a frequent traveler (and a former flight attendant) I have to say your tips for long flights are spot on! Your #17 is so important for longer journeys. If I can’t get up as often as I’d like, I do stretches at my seat and make sure I move my feet as much as possible to keep the blood flowing. It makes a huge difference!

  2. Great tips!! I’m on long flights all of the time and could use a few things from your list. Love that lightweight travel blanket and the swirly neck pillow. An eyemask would also be a good thing for me to take.

  3. This is a very nice list of things to keep in mind before a long flight! My rule number one is making a face mask! Never thought about booking a seat, it can be a good idea!


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