Disneyland Balloons 2023 Guide: Disney Balloons | Balloon Care & Tips

Ever wondered why it seems like almost every family has a Disneyland Balloon? Wondering why Disney Balloons are so popular? Maybe you’re wondering what happens to those sky-high Mickey balloons drifting into oblivion. Or perhaps you lowkey want a cute balloon at Disneyland for yourself or for your kids, but have either no clue how to carry it around all day or how to get it on your flight home?

Well, the good news for you is that we have almost all the Balloon answers you need when it comes to buying a special balloon at the happiest place on earth!

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Disneyland Balloons Guide

What kind of Balloons are there at Disneyland?

From Mickey-shaped balloons to traditional round balloons to light-up balloons, there’s a ton of variety when it comes to the different types of balloons and designs available for your balloon choice ☺️. So that we don’t lose you in the vast world of Disney balloons, let’s break it down first into the types of balloons you can get at Disneyland.

Glasshouse Balloons

These Popular Balloons are unique because they feature a balloon inside the balloon usually the balloon inside is Mickey Shaped.

Disneyland Specialty Balloons

Specialty balloons such as light up balloons, character shaped balloons, other unique shapes.

Standard Balloons

These regular helium balloons usually will have a Disney character on them or disney design.

Special Event Balloons

These limited edition balloons are perfect as souvenirs as they are only available during their chosen Holiday, Disney anniversaries, & special events

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Are Disneyland Balloons a good gift or souvenir?

At first we would have been the first to say don’t waste your money on a flimsy balloon, but over the years the charm and mag of disney has lured us to the dark side.

Now we can’t help but gleam with joy when we see the newest additions Disneyland showcases each season via their balloon vendors.

Why you may ask?

Because balloons, especially limited edition balloons are fun and timeless, I mean if you can get past the inevitable deflation of your balloon…. But besides that 😆. We honestly love them and are lowkey little kids and have to have one when we show up to the parks.

Plus when they eventually deflate you can keep the balloon and display it or put it away for memories, or save a piece for a Disney scrapbook.

What is the most popular Balloon at Disneyland?

The glasshouse balloons are very popular, and with good reason; something about the double balloon feature just looks impressive and increases the magic. Another popular choice is light-up balloons, but you’ll see these specialty balloons pop up during the evening and really shine when it gets dark.

Special Tip: One of our favorite Photo Ideas at Disneyland is with a big bundle of balloons! You can ask the balloon vendors if you can pose with the balloons; they usually say yes and will make sure to avoid your photo ☺️. We haven’t done it yet, but best believe our next trip so on this!

Where can you get Disneyland Balloons?

You can get Disneyland Balloons in a variety of areas when walking around Disneyland Resort. We’ll list below some hotspots to secure your next Disney balloon, whether your at Disney California Adventure Park or Disneyland Park or Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney Balloon locations:

Disney Cast Members will be seen with Balloons, and you can buy them from any cast member that has a bundle of them.

How much do Disneyland Balloons cost?

$12 for Standard Balloons and $17 for Specialty Glass House Balloons or Light Up Balloons

How can you pay for Balloons at Disneyland?

It’s relatively easy to purchase balloons at Disneyland or Disney California adventure park; simply find the balloon vendor you want to purchase from and choose your source of payment:

  • Cash
  • Debit/credit
  • Magic band

Don’t forget to keep your receipt!

Don't forget to utilize Disneyland's helpful systems, like Mobile food ordering, for securing your favorite treats without having to wait in a long line. 
Or if you love shopping try out their timesaving merchandise shopping system!

What should you do if your Disney Balloon pops or worse? Flys Away!

We always wondered about this ourselves, and finally, we just asked a Disney castle member what happens to the balloons that pop or fly away. Are park guests just out of luck and have to fork out money for a new balloon? The good news is no, you can get a replacement balloon!

If you keep your receipt, you can head back to a balloon vendor and ask them if they can replace your balloon because it popped or flew away.

Disneyland Balloons Care & Travel

Where should you store your Balloon when at Disneyland?

Figuring out the perfect spot to store your balloon at Disneyland can see m daunting and complex. For starters, you have to think about how to store it so it doesn’t become a nuisance for others, figure out where it would be safest from being popped, and where to keep it so no one takes it when you’re on rides.

If you have kids, this problem is quickly resolved if you have a stroller since almost everyone we know who carries a balloon usually ties it to a stroller for safekeeping; just make sure to tie it a few times for good measure.

Now if you don’t have kids or don’t have a stroller, the next spot we like to place balloons is on our wrists, or if your kids want it around their wrists. However, just be careful and mindful of your surroundings. The last thing you want is smacking everyone in the face with a balloon.

When you are riding rides, find a post or rail you can tie your balloons next to, and make sure to loop it a few times so no one tries to make a quick getaway with your prized balloon.

How long do Inflated Disneyland Balloons last?

Unlike cheap balloons that you find at the convenience store, Disney balloons are good quality, and they are a lot thicker than your average balloon, so they have a lower chance of popping. However not pop-proof. When talking about their average lifespan, these balloons last around three weeks on average, but sometimes they last up to 4 weeks or as little as two weeks.

Can you take a Disney Balloon on a plane?

Yes! You take a Disney balloon on a plane and check it in your luggage. However, the twist is you’ll need to first deflate your balloon entirely before packing it away for airborne travel.

How do you deflate a Disney Balloon?

Clip the closing holding the balloon sealed at the end, and let it deflate, be careful not to knick the actual balloon.

Can I refill a Disneyland balloon myself?

Yes, all you need to do is carefully inflate the balloon with helium, which is a lighter gas than air is so that’s why it floats ☺️.

Disneyland Balloons FAQ

How much does a Disneyland balloon cost?

Disneyland balloons cost around $12- $18 depending if you want a standard balloon or a fancy light-up balloon.

How long do Disneyland balloons last?

Disneyland balloons can last between 2 weeks to 4 weeks, but on average last around 3 weeks.

Will Disney replace popped balloons?

Yes, as long as you have your receipt bring it to a balloon vendor and they will offer a replacement balloon.

Does Disneyland still sell balloons?

Yes, Disneyland still sells balloons, and these balloons change depending on the season and events going on.

Can I take a Disney balloon on an airplane?

Yes, you may take a Disney Balloon on an airplane, but first, you must deflate it completely.

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