The 11 Best Things To Do At Disney Springs That Are Beyond Magical!

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So you landed in wonderful and magical Orlando, Florida, and have one goal on your mind, Walt Disney World… (hey, hold up, was that a Disney springs sign?)! After all, what even is there to do besides explore the magnificent Disney parks or hop over to universal studios Orlando? Oh, wait, duh, there’s so much to do in Orlando! in particular, you’re probably wondering what Disney springs are and if it is a park or a shopping area. What exactly can you do in Disney springs, and why should you plan your trip to make room for this mysterious area?

Well! Disney Springs is fantastic, and every Disney fan will probably agree unless they hate good food and great entertainment. I mean, after all, you can only take so much of States States Disney park’s food until you’re craving a delicious meal. This is why you have to make time for Disney springs! This place is not small either, and there’s so much more to it than simply food and shopping! This is why we even wrote this guide; we were absolutely spellbound when we entered the downtown Disney equivalent. There’s so much to do, and you came to the right travel blog to learn about it!

This post is all about the 11 best things to do in Disney springs!

11 Best Things To Do In Disney Springs

Shop till you drop at the magical World of Disney Store

Okay, what’s the big deal about shopping at the Disney store? After all, aren’t there a million of them inside the parks and cleverly placed after rides (we see you, Disney, ?)?

Well yeah, they are, but! World of Disney stores are all amazing because of a few reasons: one, they have something for pretty much every Disney fan, whether you love star wars and Disney princess and are an old-time fan that watches Disney in black and white or has a toddler who has to have the latest Disney plushy.

We also like to reserve time to visit this story because it knocks off precious time in the parks that could be sued for riding and enjoying the moment. Who wants to wait for half-hour lines to buy something anyway? We aren’t kidding; they are that long sometimes, especially during peak times! Also, a crucial remember to check our Disney crowds calendar!

PS read our guide to Disney Returns, so you aren’t caught off guard!


Stop and enjoy delicious southern cuisine with Homecoming Kitchen!

I promise we weren’t just starving and thought this place absolutely phenomenal. We had been out and about at universal studios Florida and were like, okay, ill throw up if I even look at a cheap park bite ?. I did a quick search beforehand, so I had a list of worthy contenders for dinner, but it wasn’t until a local overheard us complaining about what to eat that they confirmed my choice. They piped in and said, ” If you’ll love chicken or southern food, make sure to try homecoming kitchen.”

So we made our way there, keeping in mind the locals and tourists love this place so it will be packed on the weekend and on a weekday, especially during peak time. We went around 8 pm and had an hour wait; luckily, they can text you when your table is ready, so we just explored Disney springs while we were waiting.

Okay, enough rambling about the journey to dinner, You want to know about the food!

The food is delicious! They have some solid and strong drinks for those achy feet, tasty nonalcoholic drinks, scrumptious appetizers, hearty and wholesome main courses, and excellent customer service. We felt well taken care of while dining and didn’t feel rushed despite the long wait. (if there is a wait, try not to take hours eating, and be courteous of others). Also, did we mention they do brunch and dinner?

Food To Try!

  • Fried chicken sandwich
  • bunch of puppies
  • church lady deviled eggs
  • fried chicken with doughnuts
  • shrimp and grits
  • Kitchen plate with your choice of three sides!

Drinks to Try! Alcoholic (over 21 only and drink responsibly!)

  • HFK house-infused moonshine – watermelon, pineapple, and lemon
  • world-class flights – ryes, whiskeys, bourbons
  • Florida crush
  • spicy watermelon margarita
  • mule-shine
  • cranberry gin fizz

Drinks to try! Non-alcoholic

  • sodas
  • teas

Be a kid again and pick out your favorite legos at the Lego Store

Most people think that the lego store is solely for kids, and we are to tell you that that is entirely wrong, and whoever said it has no spirit! A lego store is a place for adults and kids; there’s something there for almost everyone! There are timeless classic lego sets and special edition Disney ones, and get this!

There’s a minifigure lego station, and honestly, this is one of the best souvenirs you can get someone because it’s custom!! It actually reminds us of the funko shop destination stores that have created your own funko characters! Plus, fellow star wars fans, there is a giant rey lego edition, which you can take photos of and with!! How cool is that? Yes, fellow star wars fans, rejoice!

TIP: If you love cool character photo ops, make sure to check out the Funko store in California and the Funko Store in Washington! Also, fellow Disney fans, we have a guide to the perfect Disneyland photos!

Relax and catch a movie at AMC Theater

You’re on a busy Disney World vacation and probably wondering who goes to the movies while traveling. You would be surprised, but many people like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of travel life, relax, watch an excellent ole movie, and munch on expensive popcorn and sugary soda drinks.

Trust me; it’s a whole vibe when your feet can’t take another day of walking ten miles. Plus, it’s good to relax and give your body a break, so what way to do that than sit and watch a movie?

The AMC theater in Disney springs is also an exceptional movie theater above the rest because it offers a dine-in movie experience! So if you’re not a fan of typical movie theater food, then you’ll be ecstatic to know all the options ahead of you, such as; mozzarella sticks, dry rub wings, pepperoni flatbread, quesadillas, and more!

Some of the yummy menu offerings at AMC Disney Springs Dine-In Theater:

  • bacon chicken mac
  • caprese flatbread
  • big bite sampler: mozzarella sticks, pretzel bites, and onion rings with different dipping sauces
  • royal bacon brie burger
  • crispy buffalo chicken sandwich
  • vegetarian options
  • Double-decker shakes and sundaes!

Bowling legend? Splitsville luxury lanes are your go-to!

Love to bowl and have the itch to strike down some pins? Then have no fear; splitsville luxury lanes offer all your bowling needs and more! This retro-inspired upper-scale bowling alley has just enough flare for style but won’t leave you feeling underdressed. Offered at the luxury lane joint is a full-service bar, and if you are feeling hungry, they also offer classic American cuisine.

If you’re used to downtown Disney, you’ll already know this popular bowling joint as there’s splitsville bowling at Disneyland resort.

One thing to keep in mind is this place is famous for locals and tourists, so make sure to reserve a spot ahead of time, also, if your goal is dining, make sure to reserve dining ahead of time too.

Stroll through the waterfront and watch a sunset.

Nothing like a relaxing stroll through the waterfront and taking in the magnificent view of the lake to relieve some tension and relax the mind. When people travel, they sometimes don’t take a moment to enjoy the experience and live in the moment. As cliche as it sounds, you should take a moment to enjoy the view from the waterfront.

Plus, when you’re done, you can always zoom through the shops that are lined up just waiting for you to explore them.

Prot Tip: We like to wait till the sunset is gone and the lights are at their brightest; you’ll notice the colorful fountains and dazzling lights are at their peak beauty during this time.

Have a sweet tooth? Amorettes Patisserie has your back!

If you love sweets and have a major sweet tooth, then you’ll want to stop by at some of the dessert places fashioned all around Disney springs. One of our favorites is of course the famous french style bakery called Amorettes Patisserie; you’ll find this french bakery near the other two noteworthy dessert stops sprinkles and Ghirardelli soda fountain and chocolate shop.

Amorettes Patisserie offers scrumptious french macarons that are just the perfect texture of airiness, gorge on eclairs and enjoy delicate french crepes and down new york style cheesecake.

Plus, they also have gluten-free macarons and cakes for those who cannot consume gluten! Win-win!

Desserts to try!

  • Macarons
  • Creme brulee
  • amorettes rose
  • 49th and broadway ny cheesecake
  • strawberry and creme crepe

Wanting to catch a show? Cirque du Soleil’s show is a must-see!

Unlike your typical cirque du Soleil show, this special edition offers a Disney style to its show! The Drawn to life, presented by Cirque du Soleil and Disney, is a superb entertainment option for families, couples, and individuals to enjoy.

The show synopsis states you’ll be taken across a journey into the world of animators and witness drawings come to life with the beautiful movements and flow of the talent cirque du solei acrobatic performers.

Tip: Make sure to reserve your reservation in advance; this first-ever collaboration gets full quickly!

Ireland the dream? Visit Raglan Road Irish Pub!

Who doesn’t love a good ole pint?

Not afraid of heights? Take a ride in the Areopile flight balloon!

As long as you’re not afraid of heights, you can jump on this bad boy and fly up to 400 feet high! Don’t worry! You’re tethered down, so you won’t go anywhere (unless a disaster happens; we hope not ?).

Also, the capacity of this air balloon is up to 29 people, so if you have a big party, this is something worth doing and will make it a fantastic memory that yall remember. Plus, who else doesn’t love panoramic views?


adults are ten and up: $25 as of Feb 2023

kids are 3-9: $20 as of Feb 2023


  1. The balloon is closed during bad weather, such as winds above 22mph and storms.
  2. No food, drinks, bags, or stroller,s and definitely no smoking while riding the ballon.
  3. Kids over 12 can get on without an adult, but anyone younger than that will require an adult.

Diehard Coca-Cola fan? Visit the Coco-Cola store!

Okay, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about this soda shop store. Well, They offer different coco-cola products from different parts of the world!

They have an around the world tray that lets you sample 16 different sparkling and still beverages! Plus, if floats are more your style, they also have that! Go ahead and order the float ray and get the same treatment of 16 different sparkling and still beverages topped with vanilla ice cream, Yum!

What to get here:

  • around the world tray
  • around the world, float tray
  • combo tray of taste of the world
  • polar beat tumbler (too cute!)
  • blackberry fresca
  • TaB lemon-lime
  • Fanta Sea

That wraps up our 11 best things to do in Disney Springs! These are the top must-do experiences, and you can’t miss these if you are in Orlando! It’s almost a crime, okay, not really, but you’ll feel bad that you didn’t make the most out of your Disney vacation! So pack your carry-on, grab those cute mickey ears, and don’t forget to bring essential Walt Disney World necessities!!

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This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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