Halloween In The USA 2023: The Spooky Halloween Towns You Have To Visit!

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Spooky time is upon us and if you have even an ounce of excitement for the Halloween holiday then you too will love this post for finding the Best Halloween in The Usa Towns To Visit!! Growing up we always had a special attachment to Halloween because of the family time that was created by trick or treating, watching scary movies with our older brother and mom, decorating the house, and reading spooky novels late a night.

That’s why as soon as we could and we had our own money we wanted to look into how to expand our idea of the perfect spooky Halloween? How do others spend their Halloween? Are there certain Halloween towns in the USA?

Thus, we started to dig to create the perfect Halloween itinerary, that not only was perfect for us but as well could fit the ideal Halloween for families, Halloween for tourists, and spooky fun for adventurous twenty-somethings.

We also explored Halloween places such as haunted houses, theme parks, corn mazes, shows, etc. Plus, there’s a bonus how to have a spooky holiday section that we thought would be great for our readers =)

This post is all about the best Halloween towns in the USA, the best things to do for Halloween in the USA, and the overall comprehensive review of the infamous spooky holiday Halloween in the USA!

Best Halloween Towns in the USA

Large halloween pumpkin with halloween sign in a halloween in the usa place
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Commonly Asked Questions For Halloween In The USA

How is Halloween celebrated in the USA?

Many American folks celebrate Halloween with costumes or tell tales about witches, and ghosts. Pumpkins are cut on a gleaming lantern. Children run around the house and call out to the neighbors to “Trick or Treat! ” in anticipation of having their bags of candy stuff.

What is Halloween called in the USA?

Halloween, sometimes shortened from all Halloween night (all Halloween), is also known as all Halloween Eve ‘All holidays eve’ or all saint’s eve.

Is Halloween a holiday in the USA?

Although not an official holiday, the traditional 31 October Halloween festivities are very beloved by children in the US, for whom the day is a chance to don costumes often depicting ghosts, goblins, and other “supernatural” creatures and to collect candy and other treats from their friends.

Why is Halloween so important in the USA?

Halloween may not be the most important holiday in the USA but it’s a close runner-up next to Christmas and thanksgiving. The reason being is some tie the holiday to evil or craft and therefore do not celebrate this fun and spooky holiday. However, a good majority of the USA does partake in the annual festivity that happens across the nation from corn mazes, haunted houses, parades, trick or treating, pumpkin patches, and other fall activities.

Is Halloween the same as Day of the Dead?

No, Day of the Dead is a holiday that is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd. It is a celebration to honor passed loved ones and celebrate their lives. Celebrating Day of the Dead is very popular in Mexico, and with the Mexican community across the United States.

It is often compared to Halloween because of the decorated sugar skulls, festive clothing, and activities that happen throughout the celebration, however, they are two very different holidays. To learn more about this wonderful holiday and learn how you can respectfully partake in this Mexican tradition, we recommend reading this awesome guide for Día de Los Muertos.

What is the best town to visit during Halloween?

The best city to visit for Halloween is hard to choose but we would say Salem Massachusetts. Salem is the home to the history that helped define and grow Halloween into the holiday it is today. Although a lot more gruesome, sad, and dark.

Hello Salem witch trials (where women were considered evil literally for almost anything!) Talk about insane but we’ll go more in-depth into the spooky town known as Salem Massachusetts in another post. For now, there’s a rundown later down this post on why Salem is the best Halloween town in the USA, in our opinion!

Best Cities to spend Halloween?

In case you’re wondering the top contenders for this position for best Halloween spirit and things to do for Halloween are the following: New Orleans, New York City, Los Angeles, Estes park, Boston, Miami, and more!

Where in the US is Halloween most popular?

Definitely in bigger cities, like Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Houston, New Orleans, and Boston. However, that doesn’t mean to sleep on the charming small town because usually, those places are the creepiest and full-on craziest Halloween towns.

Where is the best place in America to celebrate Halloween?

Again, it really depends on what you’re looking for in regards to your special Halloween season, Salem is consistently rated as the fan favorite for Halloween towns. But if you’re a younger crowd or a foodie that values spooky creations then you’ll want to head out to New York City.

What are the best small towns for spending Halloween?

The best small towns for the Halloween celebrations: are Salem Massachusetts, Sleepy Hollow New York, St. Helens Oregon, Estes Park Colorado, Anoka Minnesota, and Telluride Colorado.

What is the best state to visit during Halloween?

New York, California, Massachusetts, and Colorado are our top contenders for states since they have the most festive cities.

What state has Halloween Town?

Hello, fellow Disney fans! Yes, Halloween town was by far the most iconic Halloween movie ever, especially with the epic great pumpkin in the middle of the town! Well, Hocus Pocus is probably tied with this, but nevertheless, if you’re a big fan of Halloween town then you’ll be super excited to know that located in the pacific northwest lies the original Halloween town! The infamous spooky movie for family and friends made by the Walt Disney Company! Halloween town is located in St. Helens, Oregon.

If your favorite Disney movie was Halloweentown, you may know St. Helens in Oregon. St. Helens was transformed from an isolated village to a big Halloween village in a scene in a 1998 Hollywood movie.

Young adults scaring each other at a halloween party
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How To Have a spooky Halloween in the U.S.

Plan Your Halloween Town Trip Ahead Of Time!

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in the United States and a lot of people go all out for it. If there’s a certain event you’d really like to attend we suggest planning way ahead of time and purchasing tickets ASAP.

Please remember that while most haunted attractions and events don’t have age limits, there’s usually a recommended age. These recommended ages are to use as a guide as only a parent or guardian can decide whether something is appropriate for a younger child.

trick or treating kids
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Get Creative With Costumes!

Halloween is the only time in the year where you can dress up and be totally crazy and no one will abt an eye! So go all out! We love creating memorable costumes for Halloween and usually link them to our favorite shows or movies.

When planning your Halloween outfit, we recommend doing a collab with friends, your family, or your partner! Or if you’re going alone then you definitely have room to be the center of the show, so don’t mess this up and dress up as an m&m! Unless of course, you create that costume and it rocks!

To save money when Halloween costume shopping we recommend, planning way ahead, like the day after Halloween ahead lol. You can find so many discounted costumes the day after Halloween and online!

If basic Halloween costumes at Target aren’t your thing then check out Halloween specialty stores like spirit city or Halloween city. However, we think creating your own costume is far better and way more rewarding because you can control every detail and you’ll stand out at your friends costume parties or a fun murder mystery dinner when you wear costumes you create!

corn maze, a fun family activity for halloween
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Include various Halloween activities!

The last thing you want is to be hitting back-to-back bars filled with the same corny music. Instead, do a mix-up of activities that are fun for everyone, and maybe even try something new that you never would have considered before. We never would have thought of attending a Halloween Movie trivia night and it ended up being so fun!

Plus, when you combine various activities, there will be less bickering from everyone because everyone will feel like they have a choice in the planning of the spooky festivities. I mean at the end of the day, spending the holiday together is also having fun together and to do that everyone should have a say in the spirit of hallows eve!

carved halloween jack o lanterns
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The Best Cities To Spend Halloween In The USA

Halloween in Seattle

Seattle is full of fun things to do during the fall season, but especially during Halloween! There are a ton of free things to do in Seattle as well, in case you’re all Halloween out.

Family-friendly Halloween Activities In Seattle:

Carpinito Brothers Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch- Pick out a pumpkin to buy, take cute Fall photos, and challenge yourself to go through a corn maze. There are also children’s activities available in the farm fun yard

Wild Waves Fright Fest- Wild waves are transformed into a haunted land full of ghouls and creatures of the night. Enjoy two haunted mazes built for those 13 years and older, popular fall treats, Halloween movies played on an LED screen and a child-centered Booville filled with fun children’s activities.

Halloween pet parade- Dress your pet up in a costume and join the parade and register your pet in the free-to-join costume competition as well!

Haunted Factory Tour at Seattle Chocolate- Make your way through a haunted chocolate factory solving clues and traveling through haunted halls.

Pumpkin Bash- Trick or treat through Woodland Park Zoo for candy and stickers at trick or treat stations. Watch as the Zoo animals eat, stomp and smash their own pumpkins.

The Museum of Fright-

Teens and Adults Halloween Activities in Seattle:

Stalker Farms Haunted Attractions- Activities for all ages, though the haunted attractions are not recommended for those 12 and under.

Georgetown Morgue Haunted House- Investigate the ongoing horrors happening at the Georgetown morgue. Not recommended for anyone under 12 years of age.

Halloween Activities for Adults only In Seattle :

Hotel Sorrento- Enjoy a stay at this possibly haunted hotel where they hold special Halloween events to honor their rumored eternal ghost guest and celebrate Halloween.

Smith tower- Enjoy scenic Puget sound views while treating yourself to a good time, some delicious food and snacks, and sipping on some tasty Halloween drinks.

Trick or Drink- Enjoy a 3-day bar crawl and experience some of Seattle’s best bars.

Navy strength- One of few places in Seattle offering specialty spooky food and drinks throughout the Halloween season.

Seattle Aquarium after-hours Halloween- Enjoy adult beverages, carve pumpkins and enjoy and learn about the animals in the aquarium.

Halloween In Los Angeles

Family-friendly Halloween Activities

Halloween at Disneyland– Enjoy spooky decor at Disneyland, spooky renditions of the snacks and desserts, and some re-decorated rides to fit in with spooky time.

Oogie Boogie Bash- A must-do event if you have extra money to spare, then we definitely recommend attending the Oogie boogie bash that is thrown at California adventures from September 2nd to October 31st aka Halloween! This after-dark special is from 6:00 pm until 11 pm on the days it runs. Its been a Disney favorite since 2019 when its first year of running was met with applause and cheers for its return. It features Disney villains, Halloween decor, lighting, spooky music, and kids can trick or treat!

Boo at the LA Zoo- This cute event is run by the La Zoo and is free with paid admission! It typically runs from the beginning of October to the end right before Halloween. There are various activities such as shows, animal feedings, and trick or treating.

Teens and Adults:

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval- This insane and over-the-top carnival takes place at Santa Monica Boulevard and is the place to be if you love dressing u for Halloween! We do recommend this spot for older teenagers (Maybe) and adults because the carnival is extremely loud and there are definitely some risque costumes if you get our drift.

Knotts Scary farm- Enjoy haunted mazes, haunted attractions, and scary shows, and watch out for all the scary creatures lurking about on the farm. Recommended for ages 13+.

Horror Nights Universal Studios- This fun and heart racing event of scares is definitely a little bit too scary for little kids. However for the rest of us its perfect! If you love haunted houses the head on over to universal because they have 8 of them! Plus the whole theme park has spooky touches in various locations and you are bound to get scared from a random interaction!

Fright Fest Six Flags Magic Mountain- I’d recommend this one for older kids just because of height requirements and the fact that the rides here are a lot more thrilling as opposed to some other theme parks in the area like Disneyland and Universal.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval- Dress up and enjoy a lively and spooky Santa Monica Boulevard. Recommended for older children because of risque costumes, large crowds, loud music, and an alcohol presence.

Los Angeles Hayride- enjoy a haunted hay ride and other haunted attractions in this very scary event. Recommended for ages 12+

Delusion- Enjoy a moving interactive spooky play that fully immerses you into the story as you move about within the theatre. Guests must be 12+ years of age.

Reign of Terror– This spooky haunted house is located in thousand oaks California, and is the largest walk-through indoor haunted house in the southern part of California! This Creepy and terrifying house features more than 130 custom rooms with scary props, “real” monsters, and heart-wrenching sensory-based scare tactics!

Adults Only:

LA Halloween Club Crawl- The La Zombie Crawl that takes place Saturday, October 29th, 2022, is the largest bar crawl in Los Angeles so make sure you don’t miss this boozy event! You’ll be taken from various

Trick or Drink Santa Monica- This is a 3 day event occurring from Friday, October 28th, 2022 6pm through Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 at 2am. For this event you’ll purchase a wristband which you will pickup along with a map of the participating bars at a TBA location. The map will show you participating bars and the wristband will get you into these bars with no cover and you’ll get some deals on drinks.

halloween activities
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New York: Best Halloween in the USA for large cities

Everyone knows visiting New York City will always be full of fun things to do. Whether you are out exploring the city that never sleeps or embracing a relaxing day at Central Park. What people dont know is New York is full of festive fun Halloween attractions and more than their fair share of spooky stuff.

Family Friendly

Boo at the Zoo- Celebrate Halloween at the New York Zoo on October 15th, 16th, 22nd, and 23rd. Enjoy candy, games, prizes, entertainment, and more!

Corn Maze- Visit one of many corn mazes in the surrounding greater New York area.

Pumpkin Patch- Visit one of many Pumpkin Patches in the surrounding greater New York area.

The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze- Enjoy and walk through a display of thousands of hand-carved and lit up Jack O Lanterns.

Teens and Adults

Blood Manor children 14 and up Enjoy one of New York’s top Haunted attractions. This is a super scary attraction and is highly recommended for children 14 and up due to the intense nature of the attraction. While children under 14 are allowed they must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Headless Horseman attractions- Enjoy any of the Haunted Houses, Corn mazes, trails and walk thrus that Headless Horseman Attractions has to offer! Most of the attractions are intense and scary and are recommended for children 13+ and adults.

The haunting at Berkley oceanfront- Live life on the edge and book a room at this rumored to be haunted Hotel at your own discretion. This hotel also typically hosts cool events in celebration of Halloween.

A haunting in hollis- Visit this epic haunted house equipped with live actors, outdoor mazes and 3 stories

Adults only:

Beetle House- While you can bring children with you, we recommend making this an adults only night and enjoy the various spooky halloween themed drinks and meals available. The scenery and characters might be a bit spooky for children anyways.

Cafe de l’enfer- Visit this gothic themed absinthe bar and enjoy creative drinks and a spooky dark atmosphere!

The Cauldron Magical Pub and Experience- Book a potions making class (cocktail mixology class), wizard afternoon tea (afternoon tea experience) or just enjoy the food and drinks at this cute fantasy inspired pub.


Family Friendly:

Boo at the zoo- Visit Audubon Zoo and experience Peek-a-boo at the Zoo. Eat candy, win prizes, play games and more!

Krewe of Boo- Enjoy New Orleans official Halloween parade on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022.

Corn Maze- Enjoy one of many Corn mazes in the NOLA area.

Pumpkin Patch- Visit one of many pumpkin patches in the NOLA area.

Adults and teens:

Museum of Death- Located in the famous French Quarter experience this museum that contains all things death related.

New Orleans Nightmare- Experience this top rated haunted house attraction. This experience may be too intense and is rated for children 12+.

Adults only:

The Mortuary- This haunted attraction is located inside of what used to be an actual mortuary! Sounds pretty scary so to purchase a ticket you must be 18 or accompanied by an adult or legal guardian .

Ghost Tours – New Orleans offers tons of ghost tours so definitely look into all of them and choose the right one for you.

Cemetery Tours- Choose one of several cemetery tours offered in New Orleans to experience.

Salem: Best Halloween Small town

Family friendly:

Haunted Happenings: Grand Parade, Howl-o-ween pet parade, family film nights, costume balls, ghost tours, haunted houses and more!

Salem witch house- Visit this house that ties to the Salem Witch trials of 1692.

Visit the Salem Witch Museum- Visit the museum that covers the 1692 Witch trials in Salem, Witch craft today and more!

Visit the Old Burying Point Cemetery- This is the burying ground of Judges involved in the Witch trials. After the Witch trials the Witches bodies were then dumped around the area so its said the lost spirits of witches and the Judges wander aimlessly around the cemetery. There are also Revolutionary war victims buried here and a Mayflower passenger buried here as well.

Witch Mansion- Experience this walk through haunted attraction thats been said to be Salem’s scariest haunted attraction.

International Monster Museum- This is an interactive walk through experience created to tell stories and shine light on monsters, ghosts and ghouls from all over the world.

Hocus Pocus Walking tour- Visit several locations from your favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus!

History and Hauntings of Salem Walking Tour- Experience 400 hundred years of Salem history, architecture and hauntings during this on foot tour through Salem. Choose a nighttime slot for a more haunting setting.

Salem Witch Trials Walking Tour- Learn more in depth details about the Salem Witch trials while visiting important historic sites related to the Trials on this walking tour.

Bewitched after dark Salem walking tours- Experience hundreds of years worth of Salem history while stopping at several important historical sites after dark.

Corn Maze- Visit a corn maze in or around Salem.

Pumpkin Patch- Visit a pumpkin patch in the surrounding Salem area.

Gallows Hill- Enjoy the Ghosts and Legends trolley through Salem, the Gallows Hill interactive and immersive show, the underground haunted adventure the Lost Museum or an after hours ghost hunt!

Adults and Teens:

Broom Decorating at the Witchery- Create your own broom just in time for Halloween. This experience is designed for teens and adults because it required upper body strength and fine motor skills which younger children might not have developed just yet.

Mysteries and Murders walking tour- Experience Salem in the dark with this nighttime guided tour while learning about chilling Salem murders and mysteries. This event is recommended for ages 13+.

Adults only:

Enjoy a spooky Halloween cruise from Mahi Cruises- Cruise from Downtown Salem on a Haunted Happenings cruise or a Light house+ foliage cruise to enjoy scenic views of Salem and the surrounding area while enjoying a nice ride on the water, food and drinks.

Adult Witch Hat Decorating- Decorate your very own Witch hat at this 18+ workshop.

Hawthorne Hotels Salem Witches Halloween Ball 21+: Enjoy a magical Halloween Costume party.

Halloween In Boston

Family Friendly:

Ghosts and Gravestone Tour- Explore some haunted sites, visit a haunted hotel, see some haunted gravesites and more!

Beacon Hill with a Boo!- Explore Boston by foot on this spooky guided tour.

Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride and Halloween Screampark- Visit the Witches woods where several attractions are available like a Haunted Hayride, Castle Morbid, Jack O’ Lantern jamboree and more!

Boston Ghosts- Experience the Boston Ghosts tour where you’ll visit several of Bostons most Haunted sites

Corn maze- Visit any of the Corn mazes available in and around Boston.

Pumpkin Patch- Visit any of several pumpkin patches in and around the Boston area.

Adults and Teens:

Barretts Haunted Mansion and Condemned- Visit these super scary attractions the Haunted Mansion and Condemned. These attractions are recommended for those 13 and older.

Adults only:

Trick or Drink: Halloween Bar Crawl 21+: This Halloween bar crawl is a 3 day event. You’ll purchase a wristband and pick it up along with a map at a TBA location. The map will show you participating bars and the wristband will get you in with no cover and get you special deals on drinks.

Chicago Halloween Festivities

Family friendly:

Experience a night of 1000 jack o’lanterns- Wander through a beautiful garden of hand carved lit up jack o lanterns.

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm and Garden Center- With over 15 different attractions this fun farm has loads of fun to offer!

All Seasons Apple Orchard- This farm offers an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, corn maze and a barn yard!

Ghosts and Gangsters Kayak Tour- Experience this tour on water where you learn about tales of notable gangsters and ghosts all with some amazing views.

Corn Maze- Visit any of the many corn mazes available in the surrounding Chicago area.

Pumpkin Patch- Visit a pumpkin patch available in the surrounding Chicago area.

Adults and teens:

Dungeon of Doom- With several attractions available be sure not to miss out on this scary experience! These haunted attractions are recommended for children 12+ due to their intense and scary nature.

The Old Joliet Haunted Prison- This Haunted attraction is located in what used to be an actual prison. There are several activities and attractions. Plus for anyone 21+ theres the commissary where you can get cocktails before or after the haunted experience.

Haunted Ghosts and Gangsters Segway Tour- Experience Chicago by Segway and learn about murders, gangsters and ghosts!

Terror in the Timbers- Enjoy this super cool drive thru haunting experience that is recommended for those 10+. Theres also camp sites you can reserve, a haunted hike and a family friendly haunted trail for those with younger children.

Adults only:

Chicago Ghost Tour Pub Crawl- Visit a series of haunted pubs, buildings and other sites in Chicago and enjoy drinks at the pubs.

Praire Avenue Ghost Hunt- Visit several historic and haunted sites in the city while learning about some intense and graphic murders, deaths and other scary things. This event is not recommended for children due to the graphic and intense nature of the tour.

best places to visit in the usa for halloween: Disney world
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Orlando Halloween Fun!

Family Friendly:

Pumpkin Patch- Visit any if the pumpkin patches in the Orlando area.

Sceam n’ Stream- This is a drive thru haunted house experience where creatures and horror films come alive.

Corn Maze- Visit any of the corn mazes in the Orlando area.

Brick or treat Legoland Florida- Enjoy this monster party with live entertainment, a costume parade, character meet and greets and more!

Trick or Treat at Museum of Illusions- Dress up in costume and enjoy this reimagined Museum in Halloween decor.

Halloween at Disney World- Disney always knows how to do Halloween right. Between the perfect Halloween decor, the spooky drinks and snack and the special Halloween themed parades, restaurant menus and more!

Halloween at Universal Studios– Enjoy Halloween Horror nights with 10 haunted houses, 5 scary zones and Halloween decor. Also available are Halloween themed food, drinks, live entertainment and so much more!

Adults and Teens:

The Haunted Road- Enjoy this haunted drive thru experience of a rumored to be haunted road in Orlando.

A Petrified Forest- Visit any of the scary trails in the forest and enjoy food, drinks, art, laser tag and entertainment. The attraction is rated 13+ so anyone under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

young adults having a halloween party
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Halloween In Miami

Family Friendly Events:

Hay Maze- Enjoy this fall popup with food, drinks, a beer garden and the 6000 sq ft hay maze of course. This is a super fun family event that works for everyone =)

Zoo Boo- Enjoy this annual celebration Halloween-themed event at Zoo Miami where there will be trick or treating, costume contests, zoo animal watching and more!

Halloween on Lincoln Road- Get your costume on and go trick or treating on Lincoln Road. This event is family friendly from 5pm-8pm. However, after 8pm the party turns wild and becomes more of an adult themed party.

No Way Out Haunted City Experience – Enjoy 2 haunted houses, a zombie airsoft hunt and a kid friendly maze along with spooky foods, treats and drinks.

Cortez Manor The Revenge- Visit a haunted sanitarium and experience a terror up close and personal. This event is inclusive of all ages but be mindful that this is a haunted attraction and may be too scary for younger children.

Adults and Teens:

Paranoia Horror Maze- Experience this black out haunted maze at your own risk. Keep in mind this event is not for anyone faint of heart.

The Horrorland: This terrifyingly haunted attraction features 8 haunted houses, 8 scary outdoor zones, carnival games, a beer garden, coffin bar, macabre food village and more!

Adults only:

Halloween bar crawl: Purchase a ticket for this Halloween bar crawl and visit several venues throughout Miami while getting discounts and getting into venues with no cover. This is the event if youre into Halloween parties!

Haunted Pub Crawl 21+: Enjoy Haunted vibes in Miami while relaxing and getting drinks at the pubs, one of the super fun Halloween parties here!

Halloween In Kansas City: Haunted Spookyness

Haunted Places in Kansas To Explore:

Alexander Majors House: A civil war era manor, that has a cryptic past of alleged hauntings from the departed soldiers during the war. This manor was constructed back in 1856, and now in present day visitors can partake in ghost tours and haunted tours that make pit stops at this location.

John Wornall House: This place was once a hospital that was used for the injured and wounded soldiers during the Civil War. So it’s easy to see why this place would be considered one of the most haunted places in Kansas City…. it’s rumored that some can see the ghost of the soldiers still.

If you’re interest in visiting this place, you can partake in a spooky and boozy tour of wornall house.

Halloween Attractions in Kansas City

Take a Trip Through Terror at The Beast: You’ll be able to tour through this spooky house and see a haunted mansion, Jack the ripper, a medieval castle, and a forest of werewolves!

Exiled: Consistently voted as one of the most thrilling Halloween events and not for the faint of heart. This scary attraction will take you through a. forest tour, where you will walk through black as night woods and try your best to escape the creatures of the night!

St. Helens: One Of Our Favorite Halloween in the USA Places

Family Friendly:

Visit locations from the famous Halloween town movie – Everyone’s favorite halloween movie took place here in St. Helens Oregon! In Oregon, they like to call this event the spirit of Halloween town and have different scheduled activities that suit all age groups.

The range of dates that this event run is from September 17 – October 31st. Some of these events and activities are a haunted house, parade, circus luminescence, and performances. If you have a ton of holiday spirit, you need to visit this place =)

St. Frederic’s annual fall festival & pumpkin patch: Enjoy food festivals goodies, music, games, hayrides and picking out your own pumpkin.

Visit the Bella Swan House from the famous vampire series, Twilight – Some scenes from the Iconic Twilight film were shot in St. Helens so you can wander through the town and find Bella Swan’s House. Please remember people do inhabit this house so be respected and non-intrusive when visiting this popular film location.

Ride the train to Whisper in the woods – Hop on a Halloween shuttle while meeting live characters and finding hidden characters in the Trees on this spooky ride.

Sand Island Adventure water taxi and hunt- Hop on a water taxi to travel cross river to Sand Island. Once at Sand Island you’ll disembark to walk through paths of carved pumpkins, enjoy tasty treats, sit around a fire and participate in a scavenger hunt and other activities.

The Alien Interview and Museum of peculiarities and oddities-

haunted house
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Sleepy Hollow: One of the Best Cities for Spending Halloween In the USA

Family Friendly:

The Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze- Walk through over 7000 beautifully hand carved lit up jack o’ lanterns. Note, this place is in Croton-on-Hudson which is about 22-26 miles from Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown.

Lyndhurst after dark (ages 6+): Visiting Lyndhurst Mansion is one of the best things to do in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow! It’s only about 2 miles from Tarrytown via a short drive and you can also take public transportation to the area.When you arrive you’ll be able to visit a historic and uniquely decorated mansion after dark and learn of the mansions dark history.

Haunted Hayride- Travel on the haunted hayride through dark creepy woods, down haunted roads and across creaky bridges.

Home of the Legend- Tour the spooky estate of Washington Irving, where you’ll learn of his literature and the legends he created that have lived on, such as the legend himself, the headless horseman.

Myths and Mysteries Tour- Visit the uniquely shaped house with an interesting and dark history that is speculated to be inhabited by a ghost.

Sleepy Hollow Day time or Lantern nighttime Cemetery tour- Visit either in the day or at night guided by Kerosene lanterns. Both visits differ in what you get to see, during the day you’ll get to visit Washington Irvings gravesite. At night you’ll visit other famous gravesites like William Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.

Murder and Mayhem- Tour through sleep hollow cemetery at night guided by lantern. On this walk through tour you’ll learn about the dark stories of famous perpetrators and fallen victims.

Ghost tours of Music hall- This music hall has been host to many gatherings of famous historic families like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts as well as women suffrage rallies and presidents speeches. The building is from the 1800’s and holds so much history.

This haunted music hall has been investigated several times by Gotham paranormal research society and has found EVP and EMF readings each time they’ve investigated.

Telluride: Halloween Towns in the USA

Family Friendly:

Ride the Gondola: Not really a spooky thing to do but you can enjoy the beautiful views from the Gondola. Telluride is a beautiful mountainside village and the fall colors are gorgeous during Fall.

Halloween Parade

Halloween on the Hill

Haunted Hospital- Tour through this haunted former hospital if you dare!

Lamplight Cemetery tour- Tour through this cemetery and learn about the dark stories and history of those buried here and of the city of Telluride itself.

Adults and Teens:

Telluride Horror Show: This is a film festival with R-rated and graphic horror films being playing so its recommended to not bring any young children or infants.

Night of the Telluride Undead (13+)- Follow the legend of Lucy Walker through this spookified museum. The activities will consist of escape room like situations, scavenger hunts and more in a timed event! For ages 13+ only!

Estes Park A Perfect Halloween Town

Family Friendly:

DeVotchka- This is a halloween black tie ball held at the Stanley Hotel meant for all ages. This Hotel is also rumored to be haunted so watch out!

Terror in the Corn 10+- Located at Anderson Farms this haunted attraction is one of the scariest in the nation. Along with the haunted attraction you can also enjoy fall festival, fire pits, escape rooms and other activities if scary haunted attractions isn’t your thing. The haunted attraction is recommended for children 10+.

The Stanley Hotel Spirited Night Tour 8+- Spooky Haunted Tours, this rumored to be haunted hotel, learn about the supposed paranormal activity seen at the hotel and possibly experience paranormal activity yourself if the ghosts feel like it. Only for ages 8+.

Trick or Treat on Elkhorn Avenue- Every year this street closes down to celebrate Halloween and for safe trick or treating fun!

Caretakers Cottage The Shining 8+: This is a theatrical experience of the Caretakers cottage based on the film The Shining which can be toured during the day or at night time.

Adults and Teens:

13th Floor Haunted House 12+: Enjoy several haunted attractions along with activities and games like football bowling and ax throwing. For those 21+ there’s also a spooky secret bar for cocktails.

Houston: Family Fun Halloween!

Family Friendly:

Pumpkin Patch

Boo on the Boardwalk- enjoy Trick or treating, crafts, games, costume contests, and more!

Zoo Boo at Houston Zoo- Come in costume and enjoy a spooky family-friendly experience at the Houston Zoo.

Friday Night Halloween Market- Enjoy music, art, food, horror, and more at this festival.

Creepy Hollow Haunt- Experience this haunted factory, the dark woods, and Pitch black all located at Creepy Hollow. On top of these haunted attractions enjoy Escape rooms as well

Howl-o-ween at Katy’s dog park- Take your pups out and enjoy vendors, a costume contest, prizes, and more!

Adults and Teens:

Houston Scream Fest: Visit this haunted attraction and enjoy music, drinks, food and some zombie hunting paintball fun!

Houston Terror Dome (12+): Enjoy Haunted attractions, escape rooms, axe throwing and a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks, and beer and wine for anyone 21+. These attractions are recommended for anyone 12+.

Phobia 12+: Enjoy 8 haunted attractions at this huge haunting location.

REDrum haunt- Experience 4 different thrilling attractions like haunted houses, fright shows, and laser tag.

Dash Beardsley Restless Spirits tour (13+): On this walk-through tour you’ll experience and learn about a darker side to the city of Galveston. You’ll learn of paranormal activity, and haunting stories and explore some dark areas of the Strand. This tour lasts roughly 2 hours and includes a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes and attire and bug spray if necessary.

Adults only:

House of Spirits Casa Vega (21+): Visit this haunted mansion and experience themed cocktails, live music, ouija boards, tarot readings and so much more! This event is for ages 21+ only so be sure to have a valid ID for age verification.

Shows will be available multiple days a week during October 2022. Tickets can be purchased for multiple tier levels within a range of prices. There are typically time periods/themes so be sure to dress accordingly to make it a more immersive experience all around and enjoy this super spooky experience.

halloween activities in the USA: Making halloween cookies
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Halloween in Portland

Family Friendly:

Howloween at Oregon Zoo- Suit up in costume and come experience Halloween at the Oregon Zoo. Enjoy scavenger hunts, trick or treating and learn about the zoo animals. This event usually occurs on multiple nights in October so be sure to check the calendar.

Pumpkin Patch

Visit nearby Halloweentown- Visit the famous town of St. Helens where Halloweentown was filmed!

Frog Pond Farm- Visit this fun-filled farm during the day to see lots of farm animals, enjoy farm activities and games and pick out your own pumpkin! On some nights during October, they also offer spooky farm walks where you’ll walk forest and farm trails alongside some scary ghouls and goblins.

Bella Organics Haunted Corn Maze- Enjoy a haunted maze or a regular maze on top of hayrides, farm activities, food, kettle corn, and a pumpkin patch.

Underhill Haunted House- Enjoy several haunted attractions and for the little ones enjoy the kids monster fest.

Oaks Park Scaregounds- Experience walking through haunted attractions, plus other activities like mini golf and roller skating. There are concessions available with food and drinks and for those 21+ there are also alcoholic beverages available.

Adults and Teens:

Milburn’s Haunted Manor- Experience some haunted attractions, enjoy the graveside grill if you’re hungry, and shop for pumpkins in the Moonlit pumpkin patch.

Fear DPX- Enjoy haunted attractions, food, drinks, and fun activities at this super scary haunted house.

Adults only:

Trick or Drink 3 day Pub Crawl (21+): Purchase a wristband for this 3-day event. You’ll pick up the wristband and a map of participating bars at a TBA location and then begin enjoying 3 nights’ worth of discounted drinks and no covers into participating bars and venues.



Light up the night parade- Enjoy this spookified Halloween-themed parade that features tons of light-up floats and jack o lanterns.

Anoka Haunted House-

Abandoned Hayride (10+): Visit the Abandoned Hayride along with two other haunting experiences, Exiled and Forsaken. The attractions are a bit intense so this event is recommended for ages 10+.

Zombie Rampage 5+: Board a bus and hunt zombies as you travel the properties.

Scream Town (10+): Experience any of the 7 different haunted attractions available at Scream Town. The attractions are pretty scary and intense so the attractions overall are rated for children 10+.

Adults and Teens:

The Haunting Experience 12+: Enjoy this haunting experience that features a haunted hayride and a haunted house. The attractions are pretty scary so it’s recommended for children 12+.

BEst halloween cities in the USA have themed halloween events like this halloween party with young adults
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That wraps up our post for having the best Halloween season when spending Halloween in the USA!

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