Disneyland Entrance: Which Entrance is Best For You?

Planning your first trip to Disneyland and trying to plan everything perfectly, from the flight to the best Disneyland entrance for your needs? Well, we totally get it; trust us, we are totally over planners when it comes to our trips; from flights, and hotels, to food, and we even plan all the way down to the closest park entrances to our hotels or parking.

Why? Because believe it or not, finding the best entrance for your needs can be a huge game changer for your morning Disneyland strategy. If you enter the wrong gate and are farther away from a ride, you’ll add extra wasted minutes to your rope drop or early entry. Or let’s say you park on the opposite side but try walking to a different door, you’ll just be wasting your time.

Why should you care about what entrances there are at Disneyland?

There are a few different entrances for Disneyland Resort, each entrance will have different pros and cons for who should use them. figuring out which entrance is best for you and your situation is important for determining the best way to navigate to the park.

For example, if you are driving along I-5 and want to find the closest entrance to the highway, it would be the main entrance, aka the east entrance of Disneyland, which is located on Harbor blvd.

Or you’re traveling with kids and need the shortest route to the park possible, so figuring out the closest entrance to you is super important.

Whatever your reasoning for searching for the best entrance to Disneyland, we got you covered 😎.

Disneyland entrance

Disneyland’s East Entrance vs. Disneyland’s West Entrance

Where is Disneyland West Entrance?

Located near S Disneyland DR

If you’re unfamiliar with the west side of Disneyland Resort, it’s the side of the resort where Downtown Disney and the Simba parking lot are located. This side of the resort is where many Disneyland Hotel guests will choose to use it as it it’s closer to their hotel.

Who is this West Side Entrance best for?

  • Guest parking in the Simba parking lot
  • Disneyland hotel guest
  • Hilton Guest
  • Holiday Inn guest
  • The Westin Anahiem Resort Guest
  • Eden roc inn & suites guest
  • Best Western Plus Stovall’s Inn guest
  • Guest staying in hotels on the west side of Disneyland Resort

Where is Disneyland’s East Entrance?

Located near S Harbor BLVD

Disneyland’s east entrance is the more popular of the two entries; it’s located on the resort’s east side and is also where guests enter from Disney Shuttle buses, Rideshare drop-offs, and pick-up points, and near a variety of popular hotels. It’s also where most incoming park guests enter, so it’s swamped.

Who is the East Side Entrance best for?

  • Rideshare and drop off guest
  • Disney Shuttle Guest
  • Guest walking from parking lots

Hotels and Inns Closest To East Side Entrance:

  • Best Western plus park place Inn
  • Tropicana Inn & suites
  • Fairfield
  • Courtyard
  • Howard Johnson
  • Del Sol Inn
  • Hilton Anaheim
  • Grand Legacy at the park
  • The Anaheim hotel
  • Castle Inn & suites
  • Wyndham
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Americas best value inn and suites
  • Kings inn anaheim
  • Desert palms hotel and suites
  • Candy cane inn
  • Alpine inn
  • Plus, many other Hotels located near S Harbor BLVD

Which Entrance To Disneyland is the Main Entrance?

The main entrance to Disneyland would be the east side entry, this side of the resort features the drop-off point for Disney shuttles, and rideshares, and is near a variety of hotels all located near S Harbor Blvd.

Disneyland monorail entrance to Tomorrowland

Best Disneyland Resort Entrance based on your method of transportation

Where is the best entrance to Disneyland when walking to the park?

The best entrance to Disneyland when walking to the park will be based on where you are coming from. For example, if you are staying on the west side of the resort near Disneyland Dr and West St, walking towards the west side entrance near Downtown Disney is the best option for you.

However if you are coming from:

  • S Harbour Blvd
  • Parking at Toy Story Parking Area
  • Getting dropped via a Disney Shuttle
  • Getting dropped off at Disneyland drop off area via ride share, taxi or friends.
  • Staying near the east side of the resort.

Then entering via the East Side will be your best bet!

Where is the best entrance to Disneyland when driving to the park?

The best entrance for Disneyland guests driving to the park will most likely be the East Side entrance since you’ll be taking the Disney shuttle from your parking lot area. The Disney Shuttle will drop you off at the shuttle area of the east side entrance, and it is a short walk to the East side entrance from there.

What is the best entrance to Disneyland when using public transportation?

The best entrance to Disneyland when using Public transportation will depend entirely on what kind of public transportation you’ll use. Using the bus system will likely drop you off on the East side of the park on Harbor Blvd.

Wondering what the best transportation method to Disneyland is? Read our Disneyland Transportation Guide!
Disneyland Downtown Disney

Which Entrance to Disneyland is closest to Downtown Disney?

The entrance that is closest to Downtown Disney would be the west side entrance which goes through Downtown Disney to enter the Disneyland Park Main Entrance area.

Which Disneyland Entrance is Best for Disney Hotel Guests?

In general, the best Disneyland entrance when the goal is to visit Disneyland Park will be the Disneyland West Side Entrance; each of the Disneyland resort hotels is located on the west side this only makes sense.

What are Disneyland’s special entrances?

Grand Californian Hotel Entrance to Disney California Adventure Park

The Grand Californian Hotel offers its guests an extraordinary entrance to Disney California Adventure Park, this entrance will take you through Grizzly Peak, and then you can disperse to where you like throughout the park and get a jump start on riding the best rides!

Disney Pier Hotel Entrance to Disney California Adventure Park

Disney Pier Hotel Entrance just reopened to allow guests a special park entrance to Disney California Adventure Park. This entrance is located across the street from the hotel and right next to the drop off area for Grand Californian Hotel, you’ll see a sign on the corner that says Disneyland Pixar Pier guest entrance, enter through the gate, and follow the route. Eventually you’ll be let out near Corn Dog Castle.

Disneyland Monorail Entrance to Disneyland

The Monorail Entrance is the only special entrance that Disneyland offers. To get into Disneyland this way, hop on the Monorail in Downtown Disney. The monorail will drop you off at Tomorrowland ☺️.

Don't forget to figure out which airport to fly into if you're visiting Disneyland!
Disneyland entrance at night

Disneyland Resort Entrance FAQ

Where is the entrance for Disneyland?

There are two main entrances to Disneyland the East Side Entrance and the West Side Entrance. Plus, an additional entrance for the monorail that drops guests off at Tomorrowland.

Can you get into Disneyland at the gate?

Yes, you’ll have to pass through security first then go through the ticket checkers before being allowed through the Disneyland Gate.

What ride is closest to Disneyland entrance?

The ride closest to a Disneyland Entrance would be Astro Orbitor in Tomorrowland.

How does Disneyland entrance work?

Disneyland entrances work in a two-part system, first guests go through security, then they are allowed through to their designated park ticket area, where they will have their faces taken photo of and their tickets scanned.

Is there only one entrance to Disneyland?

No, there are three entrances to Disneyland, the East and the West Side, and the monorail entrance into Tomorrowland.

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