Is Be Our Guest Worth The Hefty Price? A Comprehensive Guide For The Be Our Guest Restaraunt

When you think Disney, a number of princesses, castles, mickey mouse ears, and just pure joy will enter your mind. Whether it be the crispy memories we hold onto when we watch classic Disney movies with our families or alone, Disney has almost always been a part of each of our lives. This is why visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland and getting to experience those truly magical-themed dining experiences such as Be Our Guest is such a great opportunity to relive those memories or dreams you always had as a kid.

Our top recommendation is of course the infamous be our guest dining experience at Disney World resort. However, we do want to go over some of the areas Disney nailed when it comes to this themed dining experience and also where Disney kind of dropped t e ball (?? get it… ball? Because one of be our guest rooms is called the ballroom ? don’t worry I’ll stick to my day job) and needs improvement. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a pricy dinner if it’s not worth the cost, so make sure to stay tuned till the need to see our verdict on if and why be our guest is worth the splurge.

This post is all about the be our guest restaurant dining-themed experience that is offered at Disney world! We made sure to cover, be our guest menu items, our guest experience, and our own two cents for the experience.

Be Our Guest Guide

Be Our guest Ballroom chandeliers and painted ceiling

Disclaimer: Disneyland, Walt Disney World Resort, Disney logo, Disney subsidies, and projects such as be our guest and beauty and the beast are all trademarked and owned by Disney. This guide is based on our personal opinions and doesn’t represent the view of anyone else. Please keep in mind these recommendations may or may not work for you.

Commonly asked questions for Be our Guest Disney World:

Be our guest Disney world entrance at night, two lion statues on either side of the entrance, entrance is decorated with the enchanted rose and beauty and the beast drawings

Is Be Our Guest worth it during Covid?

We actually dined at be our gue t, during covid and loved the experience. While the dining experience was definitely more carefully thought out and controlled by Disney cr w members it was still an awesome dinner. Since be our guest operates on reservations for dinner and lunch, it is of paramount importance to make sure you reserve at least 30 days ahead of time as the reservation list fills up quickly since Disney has reduced capacity for the dining experience.

Keep in mind even though Disney reopened their regular uncapped dining at the Disney theme parks, there will still be a required reservation to be our guest. This is to one ensure waits are long, as well as health and safety measures that Disney wants to keep in mind because of the pandemic.

Is there a dress code for Be Our Guest at Disney World?

There is no set dress codes for this restaurant as long as you follow ThemeParks regulations. We have seen guests dress up for special events like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. However, no one usually dresses too fancy, because at the end of the day it’s a theme park and after youre doing eating youre probably going to go ride some rides, and who wants to be uncomfortable for that?

When is lunch and dinner for Be Our Guest?

Lunch is offered everyday 10:00 am – 2:55 pm

Dinner is offered from 3:00 pm- 10:00 pm

Is Be Our Guest worth the high price?

That’s entirely up to personal opinion, but if you ask us we believe the experience should be done at least once in your lifetime. It’s an incredibly fun and adorable dining experience. The kids will especially love the theme experience since special characters from beauty and the beast make an appearance from time to time.

Plus, all the work that Disney put into ensuring the perfect dining halls: the ballroom, west wing, and rose gallery room are stunning and each room really helps give that illusion that you’re in the classic Disney Movie. Continue reading to find out an in-depth review of the experience and you can decide for yourself ☺️

Can you meet the Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant?

Disney character meals have become one of WDW’s greatest attractions. However, Be Our Guests works differently because Beast doesn’t hop over to each table to say hello. Instead, grand music from the movie begins to announce his arrival, and he sashays into the room while waving at the giddy children and adults beaming up at him and all his splendor. During Covid, the Disney crew makes sure that Beast is distanced from all Disney restaurant patrons while giving the audience what they want, which is a grand entrance.

Is Be Our Guest open now? Is be our g est open during Covid?

As of now, be our guest is open and guests can make reservations to dine during lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, breakfast has not made a return since covid came about, but we will make sure to update this post when Disney World brings back the breakfast dining option if they ever do. During the earlier covid period, the capacity of the restaurant was severely reduced, and getting a reservation was on and off depending on when you visited.

During the pandemic last summer, we scheduled our reservation 2 weeks before our trip, something that normally would be impossible during normal operation. We highly stress placing a reservation as early as possible and not risk using a park hopper ticket as your plan for attending later in the day because Disney has closed the park hopper entrance before. Instead, make sure Disney World is the park reservation you have for the day.

Gate with enchanted rose, lion emblem, and royal arms designs Outside Beast's enchanted Castle

Is there a difference between lunch and dinner at Be Our Guest?

There used to be a large difference between breakfast offered at be our guest restaurant, lunch offering, and dinner offerings for this popular themed attraction. However, since the pandemic, Disney has changed things in relation to its dining style and food offering for the be our guest menu. For example, breakfast options are no longer offered and instead of choices for lunch and cheaper prices, you’ll be asked to choose a $62 3-course meal for adults and %37 for kids. We will list the similarities below ?


  • Reservation required
  • Disney Crew Member assigns seating in one of the 3 dining halls (if you really hate your choice you can ask them to reseat you somewhere else, we originally got seated in the rose gallery but didn’t like the vibe so we asked for them to move us to the ballroom and we loved it! Really made us feel like we were in the movie especially since we sat near the windows with snow ☺️.
  • Three-course meal dining: You get to choose any appetizer, entree, and a dessert trio.
  • Beast makes an appearance regardless if you choose lunch or dinner
  • non-alcoholic Disney drinks and alcoholic Disney drinks offered at either dining time
  • Kids get their own menu offerings, bless because we all know they would be looking at us sideways if we placed a bowl of lobster bisque in front of them.

How much does Be Our Guest cost?

For table service dinner and table service lunch, adults will cost $62 and children will cost $37.

Disney Dining plans are temporarily suspended but if they do resume typically 2 Dining vouchers cover Fixed food costs for the experience.

How do I get a reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant? How far ahead can I reserve a dining reservation to be our guest?

First off you’ll need a credit card to make a dining reservation online, this is to ensure you make your reservation and if you do not make it, Disney will charge a $10 no-show fee or cancellation fee if less than 24 hours of notice.

You can easily book an online reservation to be our guest as long as you have a park reservation for that day.

The reservation can be done via the Disney experience app, Disney World app, or by logging into your Disney account and reserving the dining time for your group that way. Please keep in mind you can reserve up to 60 days in advance of your park reservation.

Do Disney Hotel guests get to reserve a spot to Be Our Guest, earlier than other Disney park visitors?

If you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel for example Disney’s Grand Floridian resort, then you’ll be able to reserve up to 60 days before the check-in date.

Where is Be Our Guest Located?

Be our guest is located at Magic Kingdom Park, specifically near the back portion of Fanta y Land tucked away on a stone path.

What if I can’t make my reservation to be our guest?

If you know ahead of time, at least more than 24 hours in advance then you can go ahead to cancel and not worry about any cancellations fees

However, if it’s past the 24-hour window then you’ll be charged $10 per person.

Does my Disney MagicBand work at Be our Guest?

Yes! you’ll be able to easily use your cashless method of payment as long as it has a form of payment that is registered.

Are there any Discounts Available for Be Our Guest?

If you are a Florida resident and are an annual pass holder then you can definitely get a discount! The discount for annual pass holders is 10%, it also works for up to 3 guests that come with the pass holder.

What are the three different royal rooms you can eat in when dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney World?

When you reserve a spot at the beast castle, you’ll be assigned a room from the three dining rooms, by your designated Disney crew member, the restaurant staff is very nice and helpful so if you have any requests then make sure to ask them and they might be able t help. For example, we didn’t like the rose gallery room because it was crowded and asked to get moved to the ballroom where the room was much larger. Keep in mind, that they might have to deny your request so dont get upset with them, they are just trying to do their jobs.

The Ball Room at Beast’s Enchanted Castle

The magnificent ballroom of the beast castle is by far the largest room you can sit in for lunch and dinner. The room’s ceiling is painted sky with clouds and baby angels and engraved marked squares cover the perimeter of the ceiling, adding a nice contrast to the renaissance-style painting. There are also multiple beautiful chandeliers that sparkle at every hint of light that hit them. Along the upper part of the room, you can see a visible second floor with decorated archways, statues, and armored knights. For dining, the table is a large white circle table that has dark wood traditional chairs. In the back of the room are these large windows that feature a winter wonderland just like the night that belle took off afraid of the beast and he chased after her and ran into those wolves

The ballroom a royal dining room that is decorated with painting ceiling of clouds and angels and hanging glass chandeliers

Beast’s Enchanted Castle The West Wing

The dark and eery style for eh forbidden west wing dining room is perfect for couples and families whose kids aren’t afraid of the dark. The roo features ripped and torn fabric hanging from the ceiling and spookily lit chandeliers that barely add any light to the room. dark maroon and purple paint with fabric designs cover the walls and ceiling. On the wall, there is a painting, and the infamous torn beast photo when he was human. In the middle of the room lies the elegant enchanted rose with falling petals. overall this room was a close second for us, and next time we go to be our guest we will definitely try this room because the vibe was perfect, especially after a long day of walking and wanting to tone down the environment around us.

the forbidden west wing, a dark and lightly lit with chandeliers, torn fabric ceilings and beast painting in the back fo the room with enchanted rose

The castle gallery in the rose gallery room is magnificent with the little details tucked away at every corner of the room. In the center of the room is larger than life figures of belle and beast dancing together. The walls are decorated with various works of art. To provide separation throughout the room are archways decorated and engraved perfectly to match beast castle. The ceiling is adorned with gold trim and symmetrical square designs that contrast greatly against the start sky. At each center of the main square is a gold chandelier that brings a warm ambiance to the room.

the rose gallery with belle and beast life size figures in the middle, chandelier hangs from the ceilings

What’s the most popular room at Disney World Be Our Guest?

The grand ballroom is the most popular dining room to eat for be our guest. The second most popular would be the west wing because while it’s very dark and gloomy, it fits the movie perfectly and really makes you feel as if you just wandered into the forbidden west wing and are going to be caught by the beast at any moment. While the grand ballroom brings to life all our dreams as kids that we too would be able to attend a grand ball (well you know what we mean).

The Best Time of Year to go to Be Our Guest?

You’ll want to align the best time to visit be our guest with when is the best time t visit the Walt Disney wor resort. Typically the best times to visit these parks, and specifically be our guest dining experience are going to be the early spring- late summer- early fall to get the best dinner reservations. These points in time work out better because eth e park is usually a little less busy because kids are in school again. The weather is also better and not too hot or too rainy when you go during these times.

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The Dazzling Beauty of the Beast Castle

Beast castle is absolutely beautiful and slept on, no disrespect to sleeping beauty castle or cinderella or whatever. But the beast castle definitely has its charm. From the main entrance is a well-manicured lawn and stone pathway that you’ll encounter once you pass the golden gates that signal you’re heading to beauty and the beast castle. Outside the castle, there are two lion statues on either side of the entrance right before you enter the castle.

when you step inside the castle you’ll see a cozy fireplace just like Belles’ father did in the movie, and if you go to your right you’ll see the armory and dining room of the beast. The castle walls are also perfected with pieces of art that look like they were in the real-life adaption of beauty and the beast. Overall, the amount of work and detail the Walt Disney company put into bringing this classic movie to life is almost perfect and we love the vibe!

inside beast's castle a glass art window of belle and beast and the enchanted rose

Type of Food Offered for This Elegant Dining Option?

Be our guest features french-inspired dishes and American offerings. The food is rather safe for most picky eaters, nothing really adventurous is offered that would put off some people. We think the only eyebrow raised might be the captain Nemo octopus, and that’s mainly because some people dont like octopuses.

The Most Popular Disney World Be Our Guest Menu items!

Alright now for the most important part! Be our Guest menu items! What was good and what ehhh? Well, break down the lunch and dinner menu offerings in this section, plus our thoughts.

When we were walking around the dining halls we noticed a ton of people ordered the same stuff so we decided these must be the most popular items.

Dessert: The grey stuff variations such as the chocolate tart or cake cone variation we had.

Appetizer: Lobster bisque and French onion soup, felt like this was a tie, and it’s easy to see why when our own table also had a split between the french onion soup and lobster bisque. Both taste great so you won’t lose choosing either one.

Main Course: The fillet mignon or poulette rouge chicken, again saw it split pretty evenly when doing our rounds. The chicken poullete is pan-seared chicken breast and is cooked well and seasoned heavily. The filet mignon was a good size but nothing huge, as we expected since it’s a premium cut.

3 royal guards  with weapons at magic kingdom beast's castle

Overall Summary of the Dining Experience and What to Expect:

Remember everyone at the party has to participate and choose a dining meal. Adults which are anyone over the age of 10 will have to chuck out $62 for their 3-course meal, and children 3-9 will pay $37 for their meals.

The party will be given room to eat at chosen by the hottest and you’ll be guided by a crew member to your table. The park is no longer operating under a reduced capacity so do expect it to be crowded during peak seasons and times.

When you sit your waiter will ask what complimentary drink you would like to get, anything that is not alcohol is complimentary. If you would rather elect for an alcoholic beverage the menu they give you will list out prices, we chose a bottle of wine to share amongst us. Then you’ll be asked what choice of appetizer you would like, after that an entree choice and then they will bring a dessert trio for you to gorge on! Fair warning, the grey stuff, and dark chocolate truffle are both amazing!!!

Adult Menu For Be Our Guest Restaraunt

*Keep in mind menu items change due to seasonal offerings*

What We Tried for Appetizers during our reserved dining

French Onion Soup: We liked that it wasn’t lacking seasoning and flavor. A lot of times I feel like onion soup can be too watery and lacks substance. However, the toasted croutons and cheese really helped balance out this soup.

Main Lobster Bisque: If you’re a fan of clam chowder, creamy crab soup, and other variations then you’ll love this soup because it’s super creamy and is not too skimpy on the lobster.

Appetizer Choices
Lunch and Dinner
  • Captain Nemo Octopus: This Seafood goodness is made out of seaweed salad, cucumber, pickled beets, Hearts of palm, tapioca crackers, the mouse made from beats, and carrot ginger silk.
  • French Onion Soup: This yummy broiled soup is a hearty bowl of french onion soup topped with toasted crouton crust, gruyere, and provolone that is delicious.
  • Country Seasonal Salad: This traditional salad has toasted walnuts, fresh seasonal fruit, and a light seasonal vinaigrette dressing.
  • Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheese Selection: As you guessed, a meat and cheese plate is great when you pair it with wine.
  • Maine Lobster Bisque: A creamy bisque soup made from creme fraiche and poached lobster, phenomenal!
The Dessert Trio Menu Choices
dessert trio offered during be our guest dining reservation: the grey stuff in cake cone, macaron, and dark chocolate truffle
What desserts we tried at the Be Our Guest Dinner

The Dessert Trio we were each given- the grey stuff in an ice cream cake cone, a macaron, and super-rich dark chocolate truffle. The truffle is super rich so we had to pace ourselves with some wine in between to mellow out the intensity.

*Keep in mind if you don’t consume dairy you can request a plant-based dessert trio =)*

Lunch and Dinner
  • Lemon Jam Macaron: a lemon-flavored macaron with lemon jam in the middle
  • Chocolate Tart: Stuffed with the Grey Stuff, Crisp Pearls, and White Chocolate Wafer
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle- super-rich and filled with Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache
  • Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd: Featuring berries and strawberry meringue
Main course fillet mignon served at Be our guest Disney world
Entree Choices:
Lunch and Dinner
  • Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin: Crispy Pork Belly, Seasonal Vegetables-Two Ways, Pork Jus, and Candied Pecan
  • Sustainable Market Fresh Fish: with Rock Shrimp, Leek Sauce, and Seasonal Vegetables
  • Vadouvan Spiced Vegetables: Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables such as green beans, Crispy Corn Cake with Coconut-Vadouvan Jus, and Pickled Mustard Seeds
  • Center-cut Filet Mignon: Yukon Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and Mushrooms cooked in a Red Wine Sauce
  • Poulet Rouge Chicken: Savory Bread Pudding and Seasonal Vegetables with a Chicken Glace

Is Be Our Guest Worth Overrated?

While we do think the meals could easily be $12 cheaper, we also think the whole experience was well worth the cost. The food was great, not a 4-star restaurant amazing but for Disney theme park standards it definitely was top tier. Would we do it again? Of course, we actually plan to go again next year and try out the west wing during lunchtime to shake it up. Well, let you know then with an updated review if our minds have changed.

beast's castle at night front door entrance with two lion statues on side, doors closed

That wraps up our post for Be Our Guest Guide

We covered all there is to know about be our guest, from dining reservations, where is this elegant dining destination located, menu items to try, a comprehensive review of the menu, a guide covering the scenery of the beast castle at magic kingdom, and more! After reading our guide we hope you have the chance to one day try it out and decide for yourself if it was truly worth it, we think so and will go again next time. So again whether it’s your first Walt Disney World visit or 10th, make sure to try to be our guest to get a taste of our beloved Disney classic in real life and have the perfect Walt Disney World vacation!

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