47+ Best Sheriff Woody Toy Story Quotes! Plus, How To Meet Woody At The Disney Parks!

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Looking for the Best Woody Toy Story Quotes to help you feel inspired? If you’re anything like us, then Woody played a major role in your childhood and will forever cement his position as one of our favorite Disney characters from the Toy Story movies!

Whether it be his witty comebacks to his best friend Buzz Lightyear or showing his pride as a toy and neverending loyalty to his friends and Andy, Woody always knew what to say!

That’s why we created this Sheriff Woody Quotes List because each of us can learn a thing or two from our favorite Disney toy!

Plus! We made sure to include all you could ever want to know about Woody, such as fun Woody Facts and where you can meet Woody when visiting the Disney Parks! So let’s get started on some of the good ole Sheriff Woody quotes!

This post is all about the best Sheriff Woody Quotes and facts!

best woody quotes from toy story. different versions of woody at disney park.

Sheriff Woody Quotes From The Original Toy Story Movie!

Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.


The word I’m searching for I can’t say because there’s preschool toys present.


Reach for the Sky

Sheriff Woody

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.


“You are a toy. You’re not the real Buzz Lightyear youre’ youre an action figure! You are a child’s plaything!”


“That wasn’t flying, that was falling with style”

Sheriff Woody

“You’re my favorite deputy.”

Woody pull string slogan

“This is the perfect time to panic!”


“Oh yeah? well, good riddance ya loony”


“Snap out of it, Buzz!”


“Someones poisened the water hole!”

Woody Pull String

“I think you’ve had enough tea for today. Let’s get you outta here, buzz.”


“Yee-haw giddy up partner, we gotta get this wagon train a movin!”

Sheriff Woody

“Pull my string the birthday party’s today?”

Sheriff Woody

“From now on you must take good care of your toys, because if you dont we’ll find out, sid. We toys can see everything! So play nice!”

bo peep and woody gold statue at disney parks

Best Sheriff Woody Toy Story 2 Quotes

“Hey! no one does to my friend!”

Woody to Stinky Pete

Hey-howdy-hey! Giddyap!

Woody to Bullseye

Wouldn’t you give anything just to have one more day with Emily?

Woody to Jessie

“Well, then let’s find out together.”

Cowboy Woody

“I can’t stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


“I don’t have a choice, Buzz. this is my only chance.”

Sheriff Woody to Buzz Lightyear

“It would help us one toy to another Id sure be grateful.”

Sheriff Woody

We’ll, if the boot fits…

Sheriff Woody to Jessie

“So long, partner.”


“Daycare? What have you all lost your marbles.”


Lucky? Are you shrink-wrapped? I am missing my arm!

Woody to prospector

Don’t think just cause you’re a girl, I’m gonna take it easy on you.

Sheriff Woody to Jessie
woody toy story statue in toy story land in disney world

Best Woody Toy Story 3 Quotes

“I’d like to join your posse, boys, but first I’m gonna sing a little song.”

Cowboy Woody

“Daycare is a sad, lonely place for washed-up old toys who have no owners.”

Woody to the rest of the toys

“We wouldn’t even be together if it weren’t for Andy!”


“Well I brought my dinosaur who eats forcefield dogs!”

Sheriff Woody

“So long, partner.”


“Daycare? What, have you all lost your marbles?”


“So this is it? After all we’ve been through?”


Woody Quotes from Toy Story 4

“I was made to help a child, I don’t remember it being this hard.”


“It’s called loyalty. Something a lost toy wouldnt understand!”


“There’s a snake in my boot!”


“Hey, hey somebody get him before he pokes an eye out.”


“You can’t teach this old toy new tricks.”


“Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.”


“To infinity….and beyond.”

Woody and Buzz

What Are Woody’s Pull String Catchphrases?

Sheriff Woody Catchphrases:

  • “Reach For The Sky”
  • “Yee-Haw”
  • “You’re my favorite Deputy”
  • “There’s a snake in my boot”
  • “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us.”
  • “Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole!”
woody character meet and greet
woody and jessie

How To Meet Woody!

Looking for how to meet your favorite Toy Story Character? Then look no further because we list below the ways to find Woody at both Disneyland and Disney World! Plus, other ways and places that you could see Woody, such as parades, rides, and other various ways!

How To Meet Woody at Disney World!

When looking for Woody at Disney World, you’ll want to head on over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios! It’s at this park that you’ll find various Disney cartoon characters such as the Incredibles, Edna Mode, Monster Inc. characters, and so much more!

But what is even more perfect is you’ll find Woody and Jessie The Cowgirl together! Plus, if you have the time, you can also meet Buzz Lightyear, who hangs out pretty close to where you can find Woody and Jessie.

You can meet Woody and Jessie from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on most days, but the schedule does change from day to day, so you want to make sure to check the Walt Disney World app for up-to-date times.

Also, keep in mind that the duo takes breaks during this time, so be prepared for longer wait times.

How To Meet Sheriff Woody At Disneyland!

woody's roundup

Does Sheriff Woody Have A Restaurant?

Yes, you can find Woody’s Lunchbox at Disney World in Hollywood Studios. This quick eats spot is located in Toy Story Land. I loved the loaded Totchos, and the BBQ brisket melt was also delicious!

You could also eat at Roundup Rodeo BBQ; it also has themed dining with toy story characters integrated into the design.

Sheriff Woody Facts!

Who Voices Woody in Toy Story?

Wood is voiced by the famous Tom Hanks! I love that they chose Tom Hanks because he adds all that extra spunk to Woody’s character when it’s needed, but also plays a sympathetic character when the sad scenes come on.

Who is Woody in love with?

Sheriff Woody is in love with Bo Peep, the ceramic sheep herding light-up doll that stars alongside him in the Toy Story Movie Series.

Does Woody end up with Bo Peep?

Yes, at the end of Toy Story 4, Woody stays behind with Bo Peep as the rest of the Toy Story group reunites with Bonnie.

Who is Woody’s best friend?

Sheriff Woody has several best friends in Toy Story, but the most notable would be Buzz Lightyear, with whom he shares a heartwarming friendship that is the focal point of the series countless times.

Woodys Friends:

  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Ham
  • Rex
  • Slinky Dog
  • Forky
  • Bo-Peep
  • Jessie

Is Jessie Woody’s Sister?

No, a common misconception is that Woody and Jessie are siblings. However, they are both from Woody’s Roundup and are very similar to each other.

What type of toy is Sheriff Woody?

A pull-string cowboy doll toy that has various phrases said when his pull string is pulled.

What was Woody originally supposed to be?

Originally, our favorite pull-string cowboy doll was supposed to be a ventriloquist doll! I know, talk about creepy! I’m so glad they decided to switch the design to the loveable pull-string toy we know today!

Who is Woody based on?

It’s said that Woody is slightly based on the old-school 40s-50s puppet show known as Howdy Doody! After seeing Woody’s Roundup, I can see where the resemblance could be seen in a way.

What is the girl version of Woody in Toy Story?

While there isn’t exactly a girl version of Woody, the next closest resemblance would be Jessie the yodeling cowgirl.

How Old is Woody?

In Toy Story 2, we saw that Woody came from Woody’s Roundup, a popular puppet show from the 50s. That would mean that Woody was already in his 40s by the time the first movie was released since movie was released in 1995.

Each Toy Story movie after that takes years, with the most recent 4th installment being released in 2019.

That would make Woody to be closer to his late 60s to early 70s in age! Good thing he’s a doll because he looks amazing!

woody painting

FAQ For Woody From Toy Story

What Does Woody Say To Bullseye?

“Ride Like The Wind, Bullseye!”

What does Woody say at the end of Toy Story 3?

“So long, Partner.” A bittersweet goodbye to Andy as he moves on to college, and Woody starts over with Bonnie.

What does Woody symbolize in Toy Story?

Woody symbolizes growth; you see his character grow from the first movie, and his purpose begins to become more complicated and less clear as the movies go on. Woody goes from a loyal toy whose sole purpose is to provide happiness to his kid to being involved in a complex toy that also wants more by the end of Toy Story 4.

What is Woody’s famous quote?

” Reach for the sky” is one of Woody’s most popular catchphrases!

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