How To Return Disney Merchandise: It’s Not That Simple!

As much as we all love Disney, sometimes that cute shirt you picked out wasn’t as cute as you thought, or maybe you envisioned something different when your shop Disney order came in.

Maybe the kids suckered you into getting too many toys, and now you’re wondering how you spent $400 on plushies. Whatever the reason for wanting to return your Disney merchandise, you’re not alone.

It can be pretty confusing when you consider the number of different rules there are for how to return Disney merchandise and how each Disney store has different policies and restrictions.

Thankfully that’s why we made this guide because when we found out we couldn’t return a backpack we got at shop Disney at the actual Disney parks or world of Disney store, we were?

We had to head to ups and ship that bad boy out, and that was after being told different instructions multiple times.

Thankfully we got the return done in time and did get our money back, but if we had waited any longer or followed the wrong info, we would have missed the cutoff.

This is what led us to write this guide on how to return Disney merchandise, it can be pretty confusing, and they are pretty strict about their returns, so you want to make sure you are acting quickly. Remember, we aren’t Disney, and Disney can update their policies whenever they feel like it, so to be safe, always double-check their return policies.

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How to return Disney merchandise: Disney Parks, ShopDisney, World of Disney, and more!

5 important rules regarding Disney returns that fit pretty much all Disneys stores and Disney shopping experiences*

  1. All returns must be done within 30 days of the date of purchase. If this return window is missed, Disneyland will not accept the return.
  2. Also, remember that all merchandise has to be returned in the original condition it was bought in, which is brand new, unused, not worn, with original tags attached and original unopened packaging.
  3. Disney is allowed to change its return policy without notice and for any reason or no reason and in its sole discretion without advance notice to guests.
  4. Receipts are required for refunds back to the same form of payment
  5. Disney may choose to honor returns for merchandise credit instead; keep in mind they can deny your returns or exchanges and may ask for an official ID.

*General guidelines, check their respective stores or the Disney official website for more exact guidelines and up-to-date policies.

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How to return Walt Disney World Resort merchandise

Some general guidelines for your merchandise purchased at Walt Disney World resort

  • Don’t bet on using or wearing your Disney purchases; not only is it obvious when you swing off that cute Disney crew sweatshirt after a long day, but it’s also against Disney World’s return policy. So the gist of it, no worn or used merchandise can be returned at Disney world. That means tags and tickets are attached, and there is no open packaging.
  • Jewelry over 150? Can’t return it, bud.
  • DVDs, video games, audio, software other similar items may only be exchanged for the same merchandise, not returned.
  • Magic bands may not be returned.
  • That personalized mickey hat? Yeah, can’t returns it, nor any other customizable or specially-made item.
  • Original artwork is yours once it’s bought and cannot be returned.
  • Memberships and subscriptions are not returnable or exchangeable
  • Park tickets and services are not returnable or exchangeable
  • An unused Disney gift card may be returned only with the original sales receipts and will be returned to the original payment method.
  • Any gifts or bonuses that came with the purchase you’re trying to return? You have to return that, too, buddy.

How to return Disneyland Resort merchandise

Returning merchandise that you purchased at the Disneyland Parks is pretty much the same as the Walt Disney World Parks Return Policy.

Some general return guidelines for your potential Disneyland park returns are as follows:

  • Merchandise can’t be used, which means no worn shirts, bottoms, bags, etc. Trust after a hot day at Disneyland, it’s pretty apparent when a shirt has been worn on the incredacoaster.
  • Items that are damaged and or do not have proof of purchase. That means you need a receipt, by the way. It can be rejected for returns, so it is important to check out everything you buy before actually ringing out. It takes a few more minutes, but you’ll be happy you don’t have to waste time doing last-minute returns.
  • Any type of damaged or defective DVDs, blu ray, games, audio, and software, can only be exchanged for the same thing.
  • Personalized premium magic band? Or an upgraded premium magic band? Or just any old magi band? Dont count on being able to return that. Especially if it was already being processed and you canceled your stay. Plus, they also are going to cancel that discounted special price you got and pull end up paying more, ouch.
  • Jewelry over $150 cannot be returned
  • An unused Disney gift card can be returned with the original sales receipt and will be returned to the original payment method.
  • Subscriptions and memberships cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Tickets for admission and services cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Original artwork is not returnable
  • Customized items or specially made items are not returnable.
  • Any free gifts that came with your purchase you’re trying to return must all be handed back as a return.
They didn’t have our size ?

How To Return Disney Parks Merchandise if you Have already left the park?

Have no fear; we actually freaked out about this ourselves because we had no idea how we would get our money back for a purchase that was made without thinking.

By the time we realized we didn’t want the item anymore, we had already finished the day at the parks and were returning to the hotel and off to our next stop the next morning.

So after some research, we found this out.

*As of 2024, we are unsure if they are still offering returns via contacting them, we will try to investigate and update this as soon as we have an answer.*

Fortunately, Disney has amazing service, especially from its Disney cast members, you can try calling the number listed on the Disneyland merchandise guest services (877) 560-6477; you can also contact my Disney experiences instead, which is (800) 328-0327. You can also email them at and make sure to have your receipt handy!

And keep in mind you need to start this process way before the 30 days because the package to ship back to them will need to be postmarked before then.

How to return shopDisney Merchandise

Online shopping, gotta love it; after all, who doesn’t love picking out a cute pair of Disney’s ears online or that cute set of Disney crocs that you thought were pink but are screaming flamingo? This is why there are good return policies for online shopping, and Disney is no different. While they do stick to their usual 30-day return policy and only accept unused items.

Their return guidelines mimic the park rules, such as original tags required, unused and unopened merchandise, and similar strict no-returns on nonreturnables. For more info, read their website guidelines for online order returns.s

The overall process is pretty easy; instead of speaking to a representative or emailing some lengthy reason why you must return. You just click the return button and fill out the information it’s asking for, and bam, you’re done. They’ll email you a label to print out, and you’ll want to ship it back, preferably in the box it came in.

They are also really understanding; we purchased a defective bag that ripped within one day of using it, and shop Disney made an exception for us since we had proof that we had barely used the bag that day, via pictures with time stamps and they let us exchanged our bag for the same one.

Warning! Do not expect or demand Disney To make an exception for you, They can tell you to kick rocks!

World Of Disney

How to return Disney stores’ merchandise: World of Disney & Disney Stores

Well, if you have stuck with us thus far, you are probably starting to realize that Disney’s return policy is pretty similar across all its platforms. Whether you are returning a dress to the Disney parks or returning a set of ears to World of Disney, They pretty much have a few rules to go by, and if you read all their return policy, they are pretty similar to one another.

So to keep this sweet and short and let you move on with your day!

  • Original tags and packaging, Always
  • Don’t use it and then expect to return it. Otherwise, they will tell you to kick rocks
  • If it’s expensive, chances are you are not getting that return.
  • Defective? You better have a receipt and hope they have one replacement for you.

That pretty much sums up all you need to know about making returns for Disney! As always, double-check Disney for exact policies and real-time updates; we are just two girls trying to help out fellow Disney fans get some quick info. We hope you enjoyed this post! We’ll try to make adjustments to this post if we see major return policy updates (we are human, so don’t expect immediate updates, sorry)

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  1. Just wanted to comment and say that in January 2024, what’s outlined for Disneyland does not work. The email address is active but never responded to and the phone number took me to a generic phone tree. So if you buy from Disneyland and want to return but can’t get back to the park, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Hope this helps


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