The 11 Best Views Of Venice That You Can’t miss!

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Beautiful and gasp-worthy views of Venice just make you want to book a flight and never look back. What is it about these beautiful views of Venice that seemingly catch the eye of every tourist and wanderlust soul that can’t help but feel an instant desire to travel to the opposite sides of the planet to take it in first hand? Maybe it’s the history behind the city, or maybe it’s because Venice has long been equated with love and beauty.

Whatever the reason may be, we had to make this guide so you know what the best views in Venice are and when you should attempt to see these Instagram-able views without being bombarded with pools of tourists.

Plus, we added some tips for the best time to view these aww-worthy sights in Venice.

stunning view of venice dodge palace
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Tips For Finding The Best Views in Venice

Check the Weather

The last thing you want is to be caught in a storm and walk around Venice while it’s flooding. It frequently happens so it’s good to know whether to bring different clothing or whether to skip that day for view hunting in Venice.

Which brings up another point, the weather can be finicky and if you try to cram venice in one day you are sure to be disappointed. Planning a two day trip to venice, will give you some wiggle room instead!

Be Creative With Crowds

Yes, crowds can be a buzz kill, especially if you love photography and want to capture the raw beauty of Venice without all the random people in the background. While there is photo editing that can help with getting rid of people in your background.

We still suggest being creative with your viewpoints. Instead of going for the spot that everyone is in line for, opt for a less popular version that also offers fantastic views with the right camera tricks.

Explore the Area for a Unique Photo

Alluding to our above tip, finding unique angles for photos is part of the beauty of photography, and if you are exploring Venice, viewpoints for more than just views but also amazing photos.

Then you’ll want to explore the area for the best angle and lighting. Avoid the popular spots unless it’s not too crowded and instead play around with different spots.

Pack for the day and bring necessities

The last thing you want is to forget to bring your travel essentials for the day, these can look like toiletries for cleaning up after a long day such as blotting papers, touching up makeup and running a comb through your hair.

Also important is to make sure you bring extra batteries for your camera and a portable charger.

As well as snacks and water to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear clothes that are comfortable; chances are you’ll be climbing some stairs and Venice can be humid during the hot summer months. Also, keep in mind to wear something that you won’t mind taking photos in; we like to opt for neutral clothing and nothing to trendy since trends change so much.

Travel Tip! if you have time make sure to Visit Verona For The Best Views! It is a perfect day trip from Venice! But we recommend 2 days if you can!

The 11 Most Beautiful Views Of Venice

Doges Palace


  • Adults ages 26-59 are 25 euros reserved at least 30 days earlier; otherwise, it will cost 30 euros each
  • Kids 6-14, students 15-25, and elderly over 60 all get reduced pricing for $13 euros if reserved 30 days in advance; otherwise, 15 euros each.
  • Kids 0-5 are free, disabled guests with a helper, tourist groups with unique Italy accompanied status, Venetian residents and citizens, and ICOM members.


  • Season: If you can avoid visiting during peak tourist seasons due to its popularity, Venice is jammed with tourists. You’ll be rudely nudged by an impatient tourist who also wants photos in the area and can’t wait a few seconds ?. So avoid Summer time ideally.
  • Time: You can’t go wrong when visiting this viewpoint of Venice, but we will share some of our biases with you and stress that golden hour is the best time to visit this place for the views. Of course, if your point of visiting is also to enjoy the museum’s history, then feel free to visit earlier and just make sure to leave time for sunset photos ?.

Best Views of Venice: Why We Love This One

Maybe you’re a history buff who loves learning about the histories of the world before us, or maybe you just want a stunning view tied to some gothic architecture je ne se Croix? Well, we have great news for you because Doges Palace is the number one place you want to visit to learn about the history of Venice while also nabbing a stunning sight of Venice ☺️.

Learn about the different adaptions throughout the time that pieced together the gothic palace that stands today in Venice. You’ll see how the constant rebuilding due to devasting fires and style changes from the Rennaissance to mannerist, plus many others, and how each revision has molded the doge palace.

It’s honestly fascinating, and even if you are not interested in history, we highly recommend learning about it as much as you can because the other part of travel isn’t just taking in beautiful sights but also learning about history and respecting the different cultures you encounter.

Okay, back to the point of this post, visiting doges palace offers a view of the Venetian waters that is just, gosh, stunning. Especially during sunset! We visited during the day and during sunset and, hands down, thought sunset was superior for views because of the glow of the water during this time; just make sure it’s not a day that the giant cruise ships are parked nearby ?. Unless you want that in your photo.

The Bridge Of Sighs, aka Ponte dei Sospiri

Cost: Free for the view from nearby bridges; otherwise, you’ll need to book a tour of the doge palace to see the interior and walk through Ponte dei sospiri.


  • Anytime the dodge palace tours run if you plan on focusing on the interior and walking the steps of the unfortunate souls from before.
  • Sunrise or sunset to avoid peak crowds for the exterior view on nearby bridges

Best Views in Venice: Why This Eary Place Is A Must

While this enchanting white limestone-embedded bridge may be beautiful and offer matching views of Venice, it also has a dark past. Long ago, long, longggggg ago, this bridge was used to transport prisoners that were being held at doge palace and had lost their trials. Although originally, dodge palace underground was the holding facility for prisoners.

However, as the amount of crime began to rise, it became too much for the doge palace, and the prisoner load grew; they constructed a much larger prison across the water. Thus, was the birth of the bridge of sighs, which would be utilized to transport the unlucky prisoners to their more permanent cells.

You’re probably wondering, okay, first depressing, two, why the name bridge of sigh? What do prisoners and a bridge have to do with sighs? We were getting to that ?; it earned its name, the bridge of sighs, because it was rumored that as prisoners took their steps across the bridge, they would sigh as each step took them closer to prison or the end…

Yes, dark, very dark.

Okay, now you’re probably also now wondering how is a view from an almost entirely closed-off bridge an amazing view. We’ll the only way to actually see this stunning landmark is to head over to a nearby bridge, such as the popular bridge of Paglia.

The bridge of Paglia offers an amazing view of the bridge of sigh, and you’ll catch love-struck tourists in gondolas sneaking kisses as they cross the “romantic bridge”

Rumor has it that if you share a kiss with someone under the bridge of a sigh, you’ll find true love.

popular view of bridge of sighs in venice italy
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Ponte della Paglia

Cost: free

When: Visiting the Ponte della Paglia will be just as busy as the other tourist spots mentioned in this post. The reason is while this bridge is famous in its own right, it also offers a stunning view of the bridge of sighs, which is located across from the bridge, offering a stunning photo opportunity for tourists.

Why do you need this viewpoint of Venice in your itinerary?

Dating back to the 1800s, the Ponte della Paglia as we know it was constructed. However, the original construction time was actually dated back several hundred years beforehand, 1360, to be specific. It’s said this stone bridge earned its name from mooring boats carrying loads of straw from the nearby prison, and thus that’s where its name Ponte della Paglia stems from.

One thing to mention, as mentioned earlier, is the Ponte della Paglia is popularly sought after for its amazing view of the bridge of sighs and the canal behind.

So try not to be surprised to see tourists trying to spend a ton of time in this area. Although it’s technically against the rules and Venice police should be enforcing them, they sometimes leave the area, and that’s when you’ll notice this bridge becomes too crowded.

venice views of the lagoon
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Riva Degli Schiavoni

Cost: Free!

When: Any time of the day is wonderful, but we especially want to point out that early morning time and later evening are usually the best times to attempt a stroll through the Riva degli Schiavoni. The other season being is the sunrise and sunset, offer absolutely breathtaking lighting that will make you feel warm inside just looking at your photos.

Looking for a gorgeous view of Venice while also having the ability to stroll through Venice and take in not only ravishing views of the sea but also experience Venice in a different way? Well, look no further because the Riva degli Schiavoni is a wonderful addition to any Venice itinerary, and we mean it!

Why You Need To See This View Of Venice?

The seaside promenade allows tourists and residents alike to take a moment to experience the present and listen to the waves, watch beautiful street performances, and eavesdrop on juicy conversations, just don’t stare, please!

Oh, come on, we can’t be the only nosey people in this world that love listening to other people ?. We once heard a couple arguing over how to make the bed and also a group of American tourists arguing about who got with who the night before after too many drinks ?.

Anywho, try to walk the whole stretch of the shoreline that extends up to arsenal Vaporetto.

Grab a cappuccino in the morning or an Aperol spritz in the evening and sit and bask in your seats as you listen to the waves and enjoy the moment.

Photo Tip: Sunset and Sunrise are your best friends, especially near water. The warm lighting will give a soft glow t your photos that can’t be easily recreated with editing.

Riva Degli Schiavoni Photo Spots:

  • Venice canal,
  • elegant cafes
  • Saint Giorgio Maggiore,
  • Vittorio Emanuel II monument,
  • and the sea, of course
view of venice grand canal
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Ponte dell’ Accademia

Cost: Free

When: Sunset and sunrise!

Why You Need This Venice View For Your Itinerary

I can’t think of a more famous viewpoint in Venice than the breathtaking view you get when you step on this bridge and overlook the grand canal. Not to mention when you are looking across the canal, you’ll be able to see notable historic buildings such as the famous galleria dell academia, basilica di Santa maria della salute, the Peggy Guggenheim collection, and the palazzo Barbaro.

During the day and evenings, you’ll also see romantic gondolas steering across the Venetian canals and witness love in one of its purest forms.

The famous bridge is also different than most of the bridges you’re probably used to seeing in Venice in the fact that it’s made out of wood. This wooden bridge construction dates back to the early 1930s. While it was supposed to be remade into stone, it surprisingly has stood strong all this time. This is really saying something about the tourism levels that have overtaken Italy, especially in the last 30 years, and the explosion of wanderlust.

Terrace Of St Marks Basilica

Cost: 7 euro for the terrace view of Venice

When: Non Touristy seasons, it’s very busy here. If not, then during the mornings or evenings will be best.

Why you can’t miss this stunning view of Venice

We love this viewpoint because it’s not something most people talk about. Most travel guides will definitely mention the numerous bridges and squares across Venice as must-see views. However, not many go into detail and pinpoint some upper-level views you can get when exploring. Basicila di san marco is no different, and it offers amazing views of san marco square! We definitely recommend getting the tickets to see this view because it’s so worth it!

Also, touring the basilica’s interior will offer a deeper view of Venice’s history. We recommend a tour so you can learn as much as possible, and make sure you book the tour for the earlier times in the day; it’s less busy during opening hours. You’ll also be able to catch the choir that sometimes can be heard early in the day.

Remember, this is a church, and thus Sunday, it’s usually closed for Mass.

Travel Tip: If you love visiting churches, then don’t forget to visit nearby cities like Milan; the duomo milano is absolutely stunning, and there are also a ton of other fun things to do in Milan that also have great views of Milano whether you’re exploring at night or during the day.

view of venice city
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St Marks Campanile

Cost: around 8-10 euros for adults

When: This is a popular tourist destination because of its location and amazing views of the lagoon and Venetian canals. So we would say earlier in the day and sunset time are best.

Why You Should Add This view to your Venice best views list

San Marco campanile bell tower offers sky views of Venice, and you would be a little crazy even to consider missing this opportunity for a view. While we aren’t fans of the cost, we do wholeheartedly agree that the views you get from higher elevations are almost always worth it.

And in this case, that remains true. A view from the bell tower of st marks will offer you not only views of the canal and lagoon but endless city views that deserve to be on a postcard and saved for the future stories that you’ll tell when you grow old.

view of venetian islands
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San Giorgio Maggiore

Cost: 8 euros to the top of the bell tower

When: We recommend visiting during sunset; we know we sound like a broken record with our demand for sunset views, and honestly, if you are only going for a few days, others no way you’ll be able to cram all these views in a few sunsets.

This is why our second choice is sunrise if you can manage to wake up that early. But keep in mind the church hours; we would say do sunrise for another viewpoint on this list that doesn’t have a time of day for business. Also, remember you must take a boat to this island, so make sure you pencil that into your schedule for the day.

Why do you need to add this place to your Venice view list?

Constructed with classical renaissance style back in the 1600s, San Giorgio Maggiore is a timeless white marble building that sparkles from afar. It’s beautiful to look at, epseucaly during sunset when the sun causes a warm gleam to hit the building and its reflection beams off the water.

While San Giorgio Maggiore is located on an island directly across from Piazza San Marco. This is why this stunning building made our list of beautiful views of Venice.

If you do not visit the bell tower, you can still get splendid views of Venice and the lagoon. However, we must urge you to consider the bell tower because it offers breathtaking views of Venice at that height!

Honestly, you’ll regret not spending the extra euros on this view ?.

We cheaped out on the way too many views because we also were penny-pinching, but now reflecting back, we wish we had invested in those views. Photos and memories are forever ❤️.

ponte de rialto bridge with vaporetto underneath
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By Vaporetto

Cost: Roughly 7.50, and that Vaporetto ticket only last 75 minutes buddy

When: Try to avoid work time rush hour and peak tourist hours, which means lunch, dinner, morning work shift, and evening end of shift. Also, remember that weekend will be busier with an influx of tourists and locals coming in and out.


Okay, so traveling by bus, sorry, the water bus, isn’t the most glamorous way to get around Venice. However, it’s pretty much their equivalent of taking a bus in the city. I mean, it makes sense they don’t have roads, but instead, a system of canals that they used to transport goods and people.

To be honest, most people just walk places, but that’s not exactly possible when you must get across the lagoon and visit some of the other Venetian islands.

Because the worst thing you can do is stay on the main island and not go elsewhere! Talk about a waste of time and opportunity when visiting Venice!

If you want to make the most of any trip, we always promote walking and public transportation above all else because it gives you a first glimpse into the reality of each country you visit.

This is why taking the Vaporetto is such an amazing idea! Plus, get this; you’re on the water and cruising around the Venetian islands! This means you are going to have so many beautiful photo opportunities!

The only downfall is unlike most other cities where public transportation is cheap, Venice is the exception, and it’s still pretty spendy. I mean, it is Venice, though, and at least it’s cheaper than renting a gondola.

venice grand canal with gondolas
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By Gondola

Cost: 80 euros before sunset and 100 euros after sunset.

When: Preferably during nontouristy seasons, but that might not be possible. The night time view is amazing but costs more, so keep that in mind.


Okay, you’re probably having a mini heart attack looking at those prices, and don’t feel bad because we also felt shocked when we saw the pricing when we went ?. Like, who can afford those prices ?. This is why we are big fans of the Vaporetto because you still get those water views and different views of Venice that you normally wouldn’t be able t experience without being in the water.

However, We will say for the one time, or if you happen not to be shocked by the pricing of the gondolas, you will find an appreciation for the romantic and exclusive ride through the Venetian canals.

This 30-minute ride will take you through the hot spots of Venice, so make sure to bring a good camera, and don’t forget to snap a selfie for that Venice bucket list you have written down in your journal all these years.

All in all, why the price is steep, we wholeheartedly recommend this at least for one time. It’s a must-do for tourists visiting Venice in our books.

Travel Tip: A lot of views in Venice are equally or better at night! This is why it’s important to know the best things to do in Venice during the nighttime!

ponte de rialto bridge is a stunning view in venice
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Ponte de Rialto Bridge

Cost: Free

When: Non-tourist seasons and during earlier mornings or later evenings.

Why you should add the Ponte de Rialto bridge to your Venice views bucket list!

Probably the most famous viewpoint of Venice on this list has to be the Ponte de Rialto Bridge; with a history of the present stone bridge dating back to the 16th century, it’s hard not to want to visit this magnificent bridge. However, before the stone bridge that we have come to know was built, the original bridge in its place had already experienced a few collapses and was rebuilt a few times

Regardless of a few mishaps in its history, visiting the Ponte de Rialto bridge should be on every visitor to Venice’s bucket list! After all, Antonio da Ponte didn’t design and build this bridge for nothing!

It was constructed back in the 16th century and has steadily maintained its popularity and purpose by serving as a shop area and a way to get across to the popular market areas. It also now serves as one of the most popular tourist attractions to do when in Venice because of its stunning views of the grand canal and views of passing gondoliers rowing nearby.

Anyways, make sure to bring some money because you’ll want to purchase something when exploring the Rialto bridge! We got some rum chocolates near the bridge, and wow, were they absolutely divine and strong!

Italy doesn’t play when it comes to rum and chocolate.

Views in Venice FAQ

Where do famous people go in Venice?

You’ll find celeberties at all the tourist areas but during the less touristy times, its also common to find them at popular restaraunts and bars such as Antiche Carampane, a popular seafood restaraunt that has raving reviews. You’ll also find them staying Aman Canal Grande, a luxurious spot near the grand canal that offers tunning views of venice.

Where can I see the best views in Venice for free?

The best views in venice for free will be outdoor views that are easily accessible by locals and tourist alike, such as bridges, lagoon walkways, and the venetian canals.

How to see Venice from above?

Visit bell towers of churches and climb to the top, these views will offer the best panoramic views of venice.

What should you not miss in Venice?

Do not miss exploring the grand canal, ponte de rialto bridge or the bridge of sighs at sunset.

What is the most beautiful part of Venice?

The grand canal at sunset is probably one of the most stunning views of Venice.

What is the most famous view of Venice?

The grand canal is the most famous view of venice due to its flowing gondolas, and peeks of rennaissance culture.

Is Venice the most beautiful city in the world?

Venice is one of the most beatiful cities in the world due to its heavily influenced rennaissance cultre, preservation of its historical past, and vast venetian canals throughouts its city.

Well, that wraps up our guide to the best views in Venice! At least in our opinion, these are the best; just make sure to keep an eye on tourist season and times of the day that you plan on visiting these viewpoints in Venice!

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