7 Best Views of Verona: Stunning Panoramic Verona Viewpoints

Exploring Verona, Italy, and wondering where the best views of Verona are located? Which verona viewpoints are worthy of visiting, and which are not? Well, you’ve come to the right area as we explored Verona and walked everywhere we possibly could during our trip to ensure we could find the best panoramic views of Verona!

Verona is full of beautiful views and an even more rich culture and history. Brimming with enchanting architecture and drenched with romance in every nook and cranny of the Romeo and Juliet city. It’s hard not to find a million places to get epic views of the grand buildings, picture-perfect vistas, and Shakespearean scenes throughout the city.

This post is all about the best views of Verona and when and where you should head out to these gorgeous picturesque viewpoints.

view of Verona historical city center
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7 Best Viewpoints In Verona Italy

For those who are short on time, we included this quick list of the best views in Verona! If you want tips on when and where to take photos at these gorgeous viewpoints in Verona. Then make sure to continue reading =)

  1. Torre dei Lamberti
  2. Castel San Pietro
  3. Ponte Scaligero
  4. Giardino Giusti
  5. Piazza dei Signori
  6. Teatro Romano
  7. Santuario della Madonna di Corona

Gorgeous Panoramic Views of Verona

We created this list of some of the best views in Verona, including river views, scenic city views, skyline views, and more!

1. Torre dei Lamberti

For an epic panoramic viewpoint, you’ll want to add the Torre dei Lamberti to your Verona bucket list! This gorgeous view is made possible by the 84 meter tower that offers sweeping views of Verona. From this view you can the historic center, the magnetizing Piazza delle Erbe, the iconic Arena di Verona, and the stunning Adige River as it flows through the heart of Verona.

Viewpoint Tip: Make sure to get here early, we recommend around opening; it can easily become swarmed with like-minded tourists during the later morning and throughout the day.

panoramic view of Verona italy

2. Castel San Pietro

Looking for a breathtaking view of Veronas skyline? You’ll want to add the Castel San Pietro to your list. This is one of the highest viewpoints in all of Verona, so it’s definitely worth the hike it will take to reach the top of this medieval fortress.

It’s located atop a rather fun hill; enjoy the walk up as it’s not so easy a climb, but hey, at least it’s free! We actually ran into some fellow college students when we went and had a blast hanging out with our new travel friends.

view of adige river in verona italy

3. Ponte Scaligero aka Castelvecchio Bridge

Ponte Scaligero is a beautiful place to get iconic views of the surrounding area and the flowing river that goes through the heart of Verona. The enchanting craftsmanship of the bridge itself is also worth the venture out for as it’s absolutely stunning and truly allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of Verona as you take in the views.

Just keep an eye out for pigeons, they like to chill near the bridge, and we had to wait until they left the spot we wanted photos, lol.

Viewpoint Tip: The best time to visit this cute bridge is during golden hour, right before the sun sets in the evening and right after it rises in the morning. During this time, the sky glows and the river reflects the warmth of the atmosphere, and it’s just such a pretty view.

4. Giardino Giusti

If you’re looking for more than just views of the grand architecture of Verona, then you’ll love this spot. Giardino Giusti’s public garden dates back to the 16th century; from lush green gardens to stunning sculptures, this garden alone is a sight to behold. The Garden is located in Veronetta and the outskirts of Verona.

The Giardino Giusti offers gorgeous views of Verona from its sweeping terraces from the Belvedere and tucked-away passageways that make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the Renaissance.

Travel Tip: Make sure to enjoy the sculpted gardens, and if you are visiting with a lover, an Old Verona Legend states that if you find each other in the labyrinth, you are destined forever.

5. Piazza dei Signori – Verona

Piazza dei Signori is located near Torre dei Lamberti, and touring from the ground offers impressive tower views! Plus, from this view, you can see historical buildings and the Torre del Gardello in the background.

We loved touring the area, and the stunning Dante statue from the 1900s is marvelous to look at; also don’t forget to look at the nearby famous buildings built by Palladio. The Palazzo della Raggione and the Loggia de Capitanato.

6. Teatro Romano – A Roman Theatre

The Teatro Romano is a magnificent view; this beautiful and well-preserved ancient Roman theater. Plus, from the theater, you can see the nearby Adige River. Since it’s nestled on a hillside, it offers a perfect vantage point of Verona and the distant Arena Di Verona.

While you’re in the area, stop at Salumeria Gironda. This place has delicious cheeses and meats to eat with bread and a lovely glass of wine. You’ll want to ask for the picnic setup then you can pick out what you like and devour your goods while overlooking the nearby river.

view of santuario Madonna di lourdes in verona italy
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7. Santuario Madonna di Lourdes

This stunning hilltop church is a must-do if you are trying to see panoramic views of Verona! It’s surprisingly even higher than Castel San Pietro, so you can already imagine the stunning scenic views you can get from visiting this church.

Just remember it’s a little rough for the walk and takes around half an hour to make the voyage up the hill if you are visiting from a nearby Piazza, but like the rest of the churches in Verona, it’s a total must-do!

verona adige river

Verona Viewpoints FAQ

What is the best view in Verona?

The best view in Verona is either from Santuario Madonna di lourdes with its panoramic views of Verona, or Castel san Pietro with its gorgeous skyline views of Verona.

What is so special about Verona Italy?

Verona, Italy is beyond special, it was the city Shakespeare chose for his famous Romeo and Juliet story to take place.

Is it worth visiting Verona Italy?

It is so worth visiting Verona, form its remarkable history, the city of Romeo and Juliet, to its gorgeous views and rich culture.

Views in Verona Wrap Up

All in all, Verona is a gorgeous city to visit, and we hope you stop by a few of these fantastic views so you can witness for yourself the immaculate beauty of Verona.

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