Winter In Seattle: A Locals Guide To 9 Winter Experiences

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Exploring Winter in Seattle?? What are the best things to do in Seattle in winter? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Since we are locals, we have spent so many winters in Seattle; we have experience Seattle Winter closures, festive holidays, and multiple wonderful winter wonderland must-dos in Seattle!

So let’s uncover what are the best things to do in Seattle during the winter! We included a mix of indoor things for those who like to stay cozy and outdoor things for those wanting to maximize their time in Seattle during the winter season.

Best Things to Do in Seattle During the Winter Overview

We know some of you reading this are on a mission and need to get the answer for the best things to do in Seattle in Winter, Pronto! So we made a quick list just for you. Of course, if you have time, continue reading for awesome winter tips from locals and. detailed info on things to do in!

  1. Space Needle
  2. Pacific Science Center
  3. Woodland Park Zoo
  4. Chihuly Garden and Glass
  5. Paramount Theater
  6. Pike Place Market
  7. Have a Cozy Drink at
  8. Museum of Pop Culture
  9. Funko Pop Store – Everett
  10. Seattle Aquarium

How is the Weather During Winter in Seattle?

The weather in Seattle during the winter is cold and wet; it’s typical to have weeks on end of continuous rain and cloudy days. The typical temp range is between lows of 39F to highs of 49F. The average amount of rainy days during each winter month is between 12-14 days of rain.

Does it snow in Seattle during the Winter?

Seattle does not get snow often, when compared to other major cities such as New York city, Chicago, or Boston. However, it does get some sporadic snow which averages around 6 inches per year, to give you a visual.

When it does snow in Seattle, it can have some major consequences such as shutting down of stores, the SeaTac airport, downtown Seattle and other areas. The reason for this dramatic effect by snow is because Seattle is a hilly city, so when it snows its makes it nearly impossible to navigate the steep hills of the Seattle area.

It’s also because since Seattle only receives a few inches of snow a year, the city has never fully invested in snow removal methods and is always barraged each winter when a sudden downpour falls across the emerald city.

Winter in Seattle on a hilly road

Seattle in Winter Tips

While Seattle only receives a few inches of snow a year, it still is pretty cold and combines that with the wet cold feeling, and it feels ten times colder! Thus, we always recommend preparing for cold and wet weather in Seattle!

Seattle in Winter Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t wear thing clothing
  • Dont wear to thick of clothing
  • Do wear layers, to remove if you get hot
  • Do bring an insulated rain jacket
  • Do bring protective gear for your camera and electronics
  • Do wear wool socks
  • Do wear Waterproof Shoes
  • Do wear gloves and a beanie
  • Do use hand warmers
  • Do bring an umbrella for the worst rainy days
  • Do bring a rain poncho
  • Do head out early, its gets dark pretty early during the winter
  • Do keep track of time as shops and attractions close earlier during the winter season

9 Unique Things To Do During Winter in Seattle

1. Space Needle

The Space Needle will always be on our list of must-dos in Seattle! But Especially During Winter in Seattle! Why? Well, it’s less crowded; during nice days without overcast, you can get stunning views of Seattle.

You can also relax and have a nice meal in the restaurant but keep in mind it’s a little spendy.

The Space Needle and Chihuly Gardens and glass are also some of the attractions you can visit if you get a Seattle CityPASS!

2. Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center was something almost everyone did as a kid, whether it was visiting with our families or going on school trips. It’s also an indoor location, so you get to escape that chilling Seattle weather during the winter and instead learn about a whole bunch of cool stuff!

Some of cool stuff is a butterfly exhibit, salt water tide pull, history about the dinosaurs, and learning about our planet!

One thing to keep in mind is they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and their operating hours are usually between 10:00am to 5:00pm

3. Woodland Park Zoo WildLanterns

We have been visiting the Woodland Park Zoo since we were kids, so maybe we are a little biased, but we love going to the Zoo! Plus, what’s even better than a typical Zoo Experience? A Festive holiday Zoo with lights!

During the winter season, Woodland park zoo has their Wildlanterns experience which is a bunch of giant lanterns in different parks of the park and different special showcases. It’s truly a gem!

4. Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is a wonderful exhibit that if you haven’t experienced it yet you should! It’s just as its names point out, a garden of glass sculptures mimicking the natural world.

The glass house and Garden both offer stunning galleries that will make any artist appreciator smile with admiration and the rest of us awww in amazement at the beauty of the glass craftsmanship.

The Chihuly Gardens hours change frequently due to private events, so double-check!

Also, The Chihuly Gardens is one of the attractions you can experience as part of a bundle with a Seattle CityPASS!

5. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is extra festive during the winter season and due to the holidays! What makes visiting Pike Place Market a must do during winter in seattle, is that its way less crowded!

If you can’t stand summer crowds, then winter is your friend because the Pike Farmers Is considerably less busy, and you’ll have an easier chance of visiting spots like the Original Beecher’s, Original Starbucks, and the cute farmers market vendors!

6. Have a Cozy Drink at Storyville Coffee Company

While you’re at Pike Place Market, make sure to stop at Storyville Coffee Company! We love this cafe, and we almost always stop there to grab a warm drink during the colder months before exploring Seattle.

They have great Lattes and Mochas, and we love that they don’t make their drinks too sweet.

7. Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is a tourist favorite, and with good reason; the Museum of Pop Culture features iconic setups to show you the ins and outs of horror films, the fantasy world magic and myths, nirvana, indie gaming, and other cool exhibits such as the history of hip hop.

Plus, if you’re a fan of Coraline the movie, they are holding a special Hidden World – films of Laika Exhibit!

8. Funko Pop Store – Everett

If you love Funkos and are an avid collector, we have around 100 Funkos, hehehe.

Anywho, you can already guess the Funko Pop Store is amazingggg, it’s just like the California Funko Pop store on Hollywood BLVD, but a tiny bit smaller. There are giant Funkos, a customise your own funko area, and themed funko areas.

If you’re a collector, it’s pretty easy to spend hours in here looking through each Funko, making sure it’s perfect… or is that just us.

9. Seattle Aquarium

You can’t visit Seattle without saying hello to the otters and other little marine life in the aquarium; it’s almost a crime, lol totally joking, but no, really, they are so cute, man! We make it a point to visit the aquarium once or every other year and try to go during different seasons. Which is why we like the aquarium pretty much year-round =)

Plus, the Seattle Aquarium is indoors! So you get to look at cute fishes and stay nice and toasty in the confines of the aquarium.

14 Things to do in Seattle in December

  1. Take a Day Trip To LeavenWorth
  2. Hike Discovery Park
  3. Go Christmas Shopping in Bellevue
  4. Take a stroll the Pike Market
  5. Explore Downtown Seattle & See the Big Christmas Tree
  6. Go on a Hot Cocoa Cafe Crawl
  7. Go Snowboarding at Stevens Pass
  8. Go Tubing at Snoqualmie
  9. Watch the Nutcracker by the Pacific Northwest Ballet
  10. Take a Coffee Tour
  11. Go Wine Tasting in Woodinville
  12. Get a Christmas tree in Woodinville
  13. Have fun at Seattle Center Winterfest
  14. Visit Woodland Zoo during the Holidays

12 Things to do in Seattle in January

  1. Pike Place Market Shopping
  2. Spend New Years eve at the space needle
  3. Visit the First Starbucks
  4. Woodland Park zoo
  5. Seattle Aquarium
  6. Visit Alki Beach
  7. Bellevue Botanical Garden
  8. Watch a show at paramount theater
  9. Explore the Seattle Waterfront
  10. Visit the Museum of pop culture
  11. Explore the Pacific Science Center
  12. Take a Ferry Ride to the SAn juan islands

12 Things to Do in Seattle in February

  1. Visit Seattle Museums
  2. Take a Stroll through The Seattle WAterfront
  3. Visit Golden Gardens
  4. Go Coffee Shop hopping
  5. Have Yummy food in international District
  6. Eat the Pink Door for Valentines Day
  7. Visit a Cat Cafe
  8. Visit a locally owned Bookstore and find a new cozy book
  9. Catch a show at Paramount Theater
  10. Visit Woodland Park Zoo
  11. Visit the Seattle Aquarium
  12. Go on a walking tour in seattle

Winter in Seattle FAQ

Is Seattle fun in winter?

Seattle is super fun in the winter! From fewer crowds at popular attractions and snowy views in Seattle, you can be like the locals and play in the snow and go sledding!

What months are winter in Seattle?

The winter months in Seattle are December, January, and February. During this time you may catch some snow, but most of the time it rains and is rather cold.

Does Seattle get a lot of snow?

Seattle does not get a lot of snow; on average Seattle gets around 6 inches a year.

How cold does it get in Seattle?

Seattle can get pretty cold, reaching temps in the mid 20F and highs in the 40F. Although, it isn’t unusual to reach temperatures below that.

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