Summer In Seattle: Local’s Guide To 11 Summer Experiences!

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Visiting Seattle during the summer? You’ll want to know the best things to do for Summer in Seattle. Since we are locals, we love exploring the emerald city when its nice and warm and, honestly, the best time in Seattle!

Whether you like relaxing at the beach and having a few drinks, exploring new trails, paddle boarding the puget sound, see panoramic seattle skyline views ,or visiting seattle’s hottest attractions.

We got you covered! With this list, we made sure to include a good variety of things that will fit various kinds of travelers. Whether you are outdoorsy, love views or a tourist visiting for the first time.

view of Seattle and the Puget sound from alki beach during the summer

11 Things to Do in Seattle this Summer Overview

Of course, we know many of you are busy, and time is of the essence! So we made this short list of the best things to do in Seattle this summer! Of course, if you want to know why those items made the list, continue reading for some summer tips!

  1. Go on a Scenic Cruise
  2. Visit Pike Place
  3. Go kayaking at lake Washington
  4. Sunbathe and have great food at Alki Beach
  5. Visit The Space Needle
  6. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo
  7. Have a Picnic at Gas Works Park
  8. Explore the Seattle Waterfront
  9. Go Clubbing at Capital Hill

What is the Weather like in Seattle during the Summer?

Seattle’s weather during the summer is lovely! Honestly, I feel like summer in Seattle is amazing because it’s never too hot or cold, it’s the best time to visit Seattle! It’s the perfect temperature for us, so we can still go swimming but not need to invest in AC for the home! Win Win; this is one of the pros of living in Seattle!

What is the weather like in Seattle During June?

June is the first month of summer in Seattle; during this month, you can expect Seattle weather still be lukewarm with lows of 54F and highs of 66F. The great news is Seattle in June only has around 6 days of rain!

What is the weather like in Seattle during July?

Seattle weather in July is when Seattle is at its warmest temperatures and sunniest days, and you have even lower chances of rain! You can expect the temps to be around lows of 57F to highs of 72F, which is really warm for Seattle! There are also only around on average 3 days of rain in Seattle in July!

What is the weather like in Seattle During August?

Seattle weather in August is very similar to July; the days are long the weather is bright and warm, with average temps at lows of 57F and highs of 72F. When it comes to rain there are around on average 4 days of rain in Seattle during August.

What’s Bad about Summers in Seattle?

Crowds are at peak levels

The primary few problems of summer in Seattle is crowds are at their peak. It’s almost impossible to not get stuck in gridlock traffic, be squished in public transportation, or fight for a chance at a table at a popular dining location. With the increase in tourists and visitors to Seattle during the summer, it’s a little chaotic.

Forest Fires

The other downfall is that the summer season also sees an increase in forest fires, so smog will ashen the sky, sometimes for weeks. During this time, tourist and locals are urged to stay indoors due to the poor air quality levels.

Heat Waves

Another issue with Seattle summers, is the random case of a heat wave, as the globe continues to warm we have noticed an increase in peak temperatures in Seattle reaching to high 90s and sometimes even in the 100s!

In fact, back in 2021, we had a massive heat wave that reached 108F; that’s insanely hot for Seattle and set a record for the hottest day ever in Seattle! Combine that with high humidity… it was a horrible and scorching week for everyone.

Why is it such a big issue with 108F? Most Seattle homes and businesses do not have AC because the weather doesn’t usually require it. So when this happened, they had to open up shelters with ACS for families and their pets.

Summer in Seattle Tips

Seattle Summers may not be anywhere close to the Miami or Los Angeles summers, but we do pretty well! Plus, with lower temps compared to the warmer states, you can spend more time doing what you love and not roasting under the sun. So listed below are some dos and don’ts for spending summer in Seattle!

Seattle Summer Dos and Don’ts

  • Do wear Sunblock for your face and body
  • Do wear lip balm with SPF
  • Do reapply your SPF
  • Do wear a sunhat and sunglasses
  • Do hang out on a beach!
  • Do hike a few trails in the Seattle area
  • Don’t litter!
  • Do bring a daybag
  • Do bring sandals for the beach
  • Do bring beach stuff like a beach towel, umbrella, chair, etc.
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Don’t overdo it on the drinks
  • Do have a DD or rideshare
  • Do let your friends and family know where you are
  • Do visit a few new beaches and parks!
  • Do go on a cruise or sailing if you’re a fan of it! (of course, wear a life vest!)
  • Do be safe!
  • Do follow local laws and beach/park rules
  • Do be kind =)
pike place market during a sunny day

Summer in Seattle 13 Best Things to do

1. Take a Scenic Cruise

One of the best parts about living in a city with great lakes and bays is you can partake in so many different water activities, like sailing or taking a cruise!

If you are new to Seattle and want epic views of the Seattle Skyline, view the cascade mountain ranges, and learn about Seattle, then book a scenic cruise tour! Or maybe you want a more relaxed cruise? Consider a gorgeous sunset cruise across the harbor.

Both options are super popular with tourists and locals!

Book Your Seattle Harbor Cruise!

This live narration scenic cruise will show you some of the most iconic spots in Seattle, see stunning views of the famous mountain ranges, and visit the world’s largest shipping terminal!

Consider booking a Seattle: Harbor Cruise with Live Narration to get the views and history of Seattle.

Book your Seattle: Tall Sailboat Sunset Harbor Cruise

Featuring a charming sailboat, this sunset cruise takes place over Seattle harbor and gives you beautiful views of Seattle and the distant mountain ranges.

Consider booking a Seattle Sailboat Sunset Harbor Cruise for gorgeous views during sunset!

2. Visit Pike Place

Exploring Pike Place Market during the summer is pretty much on everyone’s to-do list, even locals! We can’t help but feel the pull to downtown Seattle to peer along the latest farmers market goodies and smell the fresh flower bouquets.

While you’re out exploring the farmers market, make sure to stop and grab some fresh fruit from the local vendors and visit the food stands that offer pasta, mustards, jams, honey, and other unique items.

While you’re doing all that, make sure to keep an eye on Starbucks, the original Starbucks is across from the covered vendor’s art pieces, and shops. The line is pretty much always busy! But you may be able to time it just right!

Also don’t forget to snap a photo with the gross gum wall, lol its cool but a little gross if you think about it. While you’re down there, there’s the selfie museum and a coffee shop that is rumored to be haunted!

Also, grab some coffee at Storyville on the second level of Pike Place Market! And don’t even think about forgetting to visit Beecher’s to see how they make their famous cheeses, or grab some delicious Garlic fries from Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies.

*Of course, only eat or drink something that you aren’t allergic to or have any dietary restrictions for.*

3. Go kayaking at Lake Washington

We love Kayaking at Lake Washington! It’s a massive lake in Washington that is between Seattle and Bellevue. You can rent kayaks or Canoes from the Waterfront Activities Center, which is run by UW. Make sure you always leave your life vest on and don’t tip your boat over!

You can kayak around the area, but UW has a strict rule where you cannot go to the water site’s right because of the incoming boats. So only paddle around the left side of the allowed area. There’s also a nature path with many ducks, cranes, and frogs if you pass toward the softball field.

4. Sunbathe and have great food at Alki Beach

Alki Beach is where everyone goes during the summer in Seattle despite its sometimes overcrowded beach. It still is a whole vibe! Nothing beats riding your longboard across the paved pathways, listening to music, and vibing as the sunsets or grabbing drinks and food at one of the popular Alki beach restaurants and bars.

If you want to relax on the beach and sunbathe there are plenty of spots usually for that, or join in on some beach volleyball! Dance on the weekends to some Spanish music, or go paddle boarding!

5. Visit The Space Needle

The Space Needle is one of the top attractions for tourists visiting Seattle, even in Winter; even locals will revisit it from time to time because of its iconic Seattle skyline views. The Space Needle is also open late, so you can get a fantastic idea during Sunset or see Seattle at night!

6. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is over 92 acres, and it should take you around 3-4 hours to finish the whole zoo at a comfortable pace. We love the Chinese sea otters exhibit. They are soo cute and mischievous! Plus, the meerkats! If you’re lucky, you might catch the lions walking around; the big tiger is usually chilling.

gas works park during summer in seattle

7. Have a Picnic at Gas Works Park

Gas Works used to be a gasification plant back in the day, now, you can see the remains of that old plant at the park. But what I love about this park is the views of lake union and Seattle. We recommend having a picnic at the top of the hill but make sure to go early if on a weekend because it’s a popular park.

8. Explore the Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle Waterfront is a great option for summer because the weather is warm enough for slow strolls around the city. Usually, when we visit the waterfront, we plan on a few things on the same day, such as visiting pike place market, exploring downtown for shopping, and then making our way to the waterfront.

The waterfront has a variety of little shops for souvenirs, restaurants like the crab pot, red robin, and others, and ice cream! After you have had your fill, take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel for epic views and some much-needed walking break.

9. Go Clubbing at Capital Hill

The last idea for summer is enjoying Capital Hill by going bar hopping and clubbing. The popular area is usually full of bubbling adults, hot dog stands, and amazing pizza!

If clubbing isn’t your vibe, you can head on over to the park and hang out or join in on some volleyball sessions. Or go to one of the cat cafes in the area and support a good cause, and visit some local bookstores for a cozy summer day.

5 Things to Do in Seattle During June

  1. Go on a daytrip to the Washington Coast!
  2. Take a Ferry to the San Juans Islands
  3. Go Kayaking at Lake Washington
  4. Take a day trip to Leavenworth
  5. Visit a Speakeasy club

7 Things to Do in Seattle During July

  1. Watch the 4th of July fireworks at Lake Union
  2. Visit the space needle
  3. Explore the seattle waterfront
  4. Go Paddle Boarding at Alki
  5. Go Wine Tasting
  6. Attend Scooped! All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival at Seattle Center
  7. Rent a firepit at Alki
  8. Have a Picnic at Green Lake

7 Things To Do in Seattle In August

  1. Go hiking at discovery park
  2. Go dancing at Alki
  3. Watch a movie in the parks
  4. Grab ice cream at pepperdocks in Alki
  5. Go on a foodie Tour
  6. Go on a walking tour of Seattle
  7. Have a picnic at Gas Works

Summer in Seattle FAQ

What are summers like in Seattle?

Summers in Seattle are amazing with the temps during the day around the 70s! With warm weather like that, it’s common to see paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking adventures happening near lakes and the beaches.

What is the best month in Seattle?

The Best Month in Seattle is July; at its peak warm weather and sunny days, Seattle is full of things to do from dancing at the beach, kayaking, exploring downtown, and hiking new trails.

Is Seattle fun during the summer?

Seattle is super fun during the summer! There is so much to do when the weather is nice, like swimming, paddle boarding, sunbathing, longboarding, rollerblading, and biking!

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