9 Terrifyingly Haunted Places In Washington State & Spooky Abandoned Ghost Towns

Looking to be spooked while visiting Washington? Well, you’ll find creepy haunted places in Washington and some spooky abandoned ghost towns in Washington. Whether you’re looking for deserted mining towns, terrifying lighthouses, graveyards, or rumored spirit sightings, we have created a well-mixed list of the spookiest places to visit!

So let’s dive into the horrors of Washington!

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9 Spooky Places in Washington Overview

1. North Head Lighthouse – Howling Winds

Working in a lighthouse is complex; the lighthouse keepers back then had to have 24-hour complete coverage to ensure the lighthouse was continually operating. This meant keepers and their families who stayed there weren’t always the happiest when it came to the duties of a lighthouse.

The North Head Lighthouse specifically experienced the same issues countless other lighthouse keepers were going through. However, on top of the normal duties of being a keeper, they also had to deal with horrendous winds!

Imagine the sounds of the constant beating of winds? Well eventually the wife of the very first keeper of the lighthouse, it was said she couldn’t bare it anymore and she jumped off the nearby cliffs.

It’s rumored that she still wanders around within these cliffs and the lighthouse itself. So if you’re intrigued, make a pitstop here.

2. Port Townsend & Fort Worden

It’s said that Port Townsend is one of the most haunted cities in the USA!

Why does everyone think this place is haunted? Well, with cases of rumored Paranormal activity happening, and alleged sightings of spirits have been seen roaming the town’s quiet streets.

Dating back to the 1900s, Port Townsend has a history of provoking such tales of hauntings and sighted spirits. From devastating shipwrecks, gruesome murders, random paranormal activities, and things that don’t add up.

In Port Townsend some noteworthy places to know of are haunted areas such as Rothschild house, Palace hotel on Water Street, and the old fortified batteries of Fort Worden, with alleged sounds coming from the inner batteries depths.

If you’re looking for an especially fun and spooky event, look into Haunted Histories & Mysteries, where Port Townsend holds a spooky weekend near Halloween that is dedicated to the hauntings of its little town.

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3. The Graveyard of the Pacific

The Graveyard of the Pacific is a creepy graveyard that is located on the Pacific coast. The dangerous waters between Tillamook Bay and the Juan De Fuca Strait. What made this such a dangerous spot for ships?

Combined with dangerous and unpredictable waters, bizarre storms, dense fog, and rocky coastlines, this devastating coastline has taken thousands of ships into its treacherous waters.

If you’re looking for an especially gruesome area, check Cape Disappointment the area near the Columbia River Bay has taken over 2000 ships!

On the other hand, if you want beautiful views, the Graveyard of the Pacific is also on the Washington coast, which is also one of the best places to visit... yeesh!

4. Port Gamble is it Paranormal?

Port Gamble may seem like a quiet little town where pretty much nothing happens. However, it’s been long rumored that Port Gamble is one of the most haunted towns in Washington state. They even have an Annual Ghost Conference called the Gamble Ghost Conference a 3 day event, where mediums, healers, scientists, skeptics and ghost hunters and believers can all meet up.

Why you may ask?

It’s said that there are numerous haunted buildings throughout all of Port Gamble, and in fact, there’s a tour you can take to learn about the various hauntings, but one of the scariest and beyond haunted places has got to be the infamous Walker-Ames House.

From afar, it looks like a set straight out of a scary movie; with its rustic charm and sizeable square footage, it seems like it was a lovely house during its prime. However, deep in the place, it’s been rumored that people see things, hear strange sounds, and can feel something.

Whether or not this is true, something is surely going on in Port Gamble….

No wonder Washington made it on the list of our best Halloween & Spooky Towns in the USA. 

5. Georgetown Morgue

Located in Georgetown, which is a southern part of Seattle, The Georgetown Morgue has a gruesome history. Dating back to 1928, when it was first built and owned by Scotland Timothy Kolling, then switching to new ownership in 1939 to the Broughton Brothers.

During the Broughton brother’s ownership period, they had big dreams for the funeral services and expanded into receiving large amounts of daily cremations.

Part of the expansion was the addition of “two 110-foot smokestacks,” as stated by
James Henrikson from Seattle Haunts. Unfortunately, during an earthquake one of the crematories was destroyed, and with it, it took the life of Charles Broughton.

6. Lake Crescent – The Lady of the Lake & an Old Native American Legend

The haunting tale of the Lady in the Lake and an old Native American Legend makes this lake so unique and haunting. While Lake Crescent to the naked eye may appear as a beautiful crystal blue colored Lake, deep down below, it’s said to harbor the remains of two native tribes who were battling and had angered the giant storm king mountain who created a landslide and withit wiped out the warring tribes and created the Lake.

The Lady of the Lake was developed one day in the 1940s. A woman’s body wrapped in blankets surfaced to the top of the lake. It was later discovered the woman was a victim of a horrendous crime, and her assailant later served his sentence in prison for a mere few years before being let out earlier than what was assigned.

Due to these two stories, it’s easy to see why Lake Crescent may be beautiful but has a haunting past.

Where: Lake Crescent – Olympic National Forest

Cost: America the Beautiful Pass

7. Pike Place Market – Ghostly friend?

While the bustling farmers market Pike Place Market may seem a happy and friendly place, it has a haunting past that may still be haunting the market.

It’s been speculated by various visitors that they feel a presence when walking around Pike Place Market, like something is watching them and eerily close.

What might be prompting these alleged hauntings? Well, let’s look back at Pike Place Market’s dark past. Back in the mid 19th century, Angeline daughter of Chef Seattle called the streets beneath pike place home. Eventually passing away, and being laid to rest in lake view Cemetery. However was she ready? Alleged sightings of the daughter of chief seattle have been popping up.

Another spooky sighting is that of Arthur Goodwin, who is said to have been seen peering down from Goodwin Library looking at the people of Seattle, and he is rumored to be a frequent visitor of the cafe near the Gum Wall. This cafe is known as Ghost Alley Espresso and the former owner, stated she felt a presence immediately back in 2012 when the cafe was opened.

8. Whitman Mission National Historic Site

The Whitman Massacre was the event that took place on November 29, 1847 Dr. Whitman and his wife, and 11 other people were massacred by a small group from the Native American Cayuse Tribe.

The reason for the attack was because of a measles outbreak that had infected over 200 of the Cayuse while under the care of the Doctor. As the Cayuse succumbed to the European disease, the emigrants had not. The Cayuse took notice and began to think it was a deliberate attempt to wipe them out.

Eventually, 5 Cayuse men were tried and found guilty; they met their ends at the gallow.

If you would like to learn more about the Tragedy at Waiilatpu, visit the Whitman Mission National Historic Site located in Walla Walla, Washington.

Source: Cassandra Tate from HistoryLink.org, and Whitman Mission Site

9. Monte Cristo Ghost Town – Deserted Ghost Town

Monte Cristo was once a thriving mining town that prospered during the mining boom in the 1890s. However, as the mining fantasy of riches eventually disappeared into the abyss, the isolated Monte Cristo town called it quits due to flooding, lack of access, overpromising mining treasures, and lack of funding.

Now in the present day, it’s said as hikers venture off to visit and explore this abandoned ghost town that they can hear the miners who used to once live in this long forgotten mining town.

Where: North Cascades – Mountain Loop Highway

Cost: Northwest Forest Pass

Most Haunted Places in Washington FAQ

Are there any abandoned towns in Washington?

There are a few abandoned towns in Washington, like Monte Cristo, Bodie, and others.

Why is Bodie Washington abandoned?

Bodie Washington was abandoned during WWII, now all that is left in this abandoned Washington town are decaying structures.

What is the most isolated place in Washington state?

The Stehekin Valley is one of the isolated places in Washington state due to its remote North Cascades location and lack of road access. To reach this town, you must take a long hike or a boat ride across lake Chelan.

How do I find local abandoned places?

You can conduct a thorough google search or visit popular sites that focus on abandoned places.

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