9 Best Hot Springs in Washington

Hot Springs in Washington? If you raised your eyebrows, you are not alone; many people are unaware of the gorgeous hot springs that call the evergreen state home. Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, it’s known that while reaching many of these relaxing hot springs may include backcountry voyages to hiking through secluded forest. The ending reward of laying site on a hidden hot spring is well worth the hearty journey through the green escape.

Along the way, you’ll encounter some of Washington’s best-known secrets, hikes, and magical views as you go through each hot spring.

However, not all hot springs are created equally; each hot spring will have various perks, and different kinds of hot springs such as natural or created, will

sol duc trail
Sol Duc Trail is about a 2 mile walk to sol duc hot springs: by Sepavone via depositphotos.com

Facts about Washington Hot Springs

Why should you visit a hot spring in Washington?

Visiting hot springs in Washington is a must-dos on any Washington bucket list. You won’t be disappointed with visiting these wondrous mineral springs from the sheer beauty of the natural hot springs tucked away in the glacier mountains of Washington or from the top-level service and amenities provided at the commercial hot springs.

What is the most famous natural hot spring in Washington?

The most popular natural hot spring in Washington is the Goldmyer Hot Springs; They are so popular that they can be booked out for months. The introduction of the lottery system and a limit of 20 people per day, makes snagging a spot at this highly coveted hot spring extremely difficult.

What is the most popular commercial hot spring in Washington?

The most popular commercial hot spring in Washington has got to be the Sol Duc Hot Springs; we also think the Doe Bay hot springs are equally as cool, but they are harder to access since you have to go to the san juan islands to reach them.

What part of Washington has the most natural hot springs?

The part of Washington with the most natural hot springs is the state’s western side. Most of the hidden natural hot springs are tucked away in the national forest, such as mount baker- Snoqualmie national forest and Olympic national forest.

Should you visit Natural or Commercial hot springs in Washington?

Washington is a beautiful state, and its natural hot springs are just as stunning. However with the lack of maintenance and accessibility for travelers. It makes us want to say commercial Springs are your best bet when visiting hot springs in Washington.

The commercial ones are well maintained, act as a luxurious vacation from the day-to-day business of life, and still immerse you in the natural beauty of Washington and offer stunning views of iconic landmarks such as the cascade mountain range or pacific ocean.

What should you bring to a hot spring in Washington?

Visiting a hot spring in Washington calls for a good packing list, especially if you will be trekking through the forest for one of the hidden natural springs tucked away in the forest and mountains. However, if you are visiting a commercial mineral spring, then you have a completely different packing list to bring with you!

We made sure to list both below

Washington Commercial Hot Springs Packing List

  • Weekend bag – full of change of clothes, and usual trip stuff
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Bug spray if venturing in the forest
  • Sunblock
  • Hiking shoes, hiking stuff, and safety gear if hiking
  • Sandals for near the hot springs
  • swimsuit
  • Medicine in case you get sick

Washington Natural Springs Packing List

  • Day bag/backpacking bag depending on your journey
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunblock
  • Hiking shoes
  • Hiking equipment
  • Hiking safety gear
  • Swimsuit
  • Medicine and medical kit
  • Flashlight
  • Nonperishable food
  • Rain gear

Washington Hot Spring Tips

  • Bring a water bottle, and lifestraw
  • Be prepared for natural springs, they are not maintained so soak at your own risk.
  • Always check the temperature before stepping in
  • Be prepared for a change in plans, harsh weather can cause road blockages, so being flexible is key for a good hot springs trip
  • Practise good Hot Springs Etiquette
  • Leave it better than you found it, as in clean up extra!
  • Don’t bother the wildlife
  • Only follow marked trails, going into unmarked territory is a huge risk and even the most advanced hikers will have issues sometimes. So if you do go in, then go at your own risk.
  • Be mindful of the sun; hiking in the dark can be dangerous especially if you are not familiar with the area.

9 Amazing Hot Springs In Washington

*Our Personal Opinions*

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Season: Year Round

Where: Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest


Day Use: Wednesday- Monday

  • $30 per adult (18-64)
  • $25 per Senior 65 and up
  • Children (0-7) Free

Camping: Wednesday – sunday

  • Add $10 to day use cost per adult or Senior

Tuesdays 4 hour exclusive time slots:

  • $240 per time slot (groups of 8 or more)
  • Additional Fee for camping is $50 per group (evening option only)

Natural or Commercial: Both: Minimally developed, Privately owned, and run by a nonprofit, the Northwest Wilderness Programs

This insanely popular Geothermic Hot Spring is tucked away cascade mountains range in north bend and is around 45 minutes Seattle via car. After that there is long drive on a bumpy road which can take around an hour or more to drive due to the rocky and hard-to-navigate dirt road. Then a 5-mile hike to reach the Goldmyer Hot Springs.

The Geothermal Springs themselves are low in mineral amounts, which helps reduce the smell of sulfur usually associated with hot springs. The springs are surrounded by a 900-year-old ancient forest and maintained by a live-in caretaker who also watches the property.

*You’ll need a reservation as there is a limit of 20 people per day due to the northwest wilderness program and web-based lottery system to ensure contained access.

Sol Duc Hot Springs

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Where: Olympic National Park


  • Seniors, Disabled, Military: $12 per 1.5 hour session
  • Adults (12 and up) $18 per 1.5 hour session
  • Children (4-11) $12 per 1.5 hour session
  • Children (0-3) Free with limited pool access

Book of 10 Pool Passes: $150.00

Towel Rental: $ 5

Natural or Commercial: Commercial it’s a resort

Temperature: 99F – 104F between three different mineral soaking pools

This Hot spring is super popular, and it’s also a resort! Cabin guests get the extra perk of complimentary access to the hot springs and pools.

You can choose from three different mineral hot spring soaking pools, plus a freshwater pool to swim in if you want to cool off.

What we also like about this hot spring is its ADA accessible. Not a lot of hot springs, especially natural hot springs, are ADA Accessible so it’s nice that everyone has a place they can go if they want to relax at the hot springs.

When you are done soaking and relaxing, consider taking a popular hike in the area such as exploring Sol Duc Valley and Sol Duc Fall Trail

Doe Bay Hot Springs

Where: Orcas Island – San Juan Islands


Private spa rental: $150 for a 90-minute session, maximum of ten individuals.

Communal Soak: $20 for a 90-minute session, limited to 10 people per session with both morning and evening options.

Natural or Commercial: Commercial it’s a resort

Clothing Optional: Yes

Temperature: unknown

This is the perfect Hot Spring in Washington for that romantic getaway you’ve wanted to go on or a solo trip for decompressing. Located on the stunning San Juan Islands this hot spring resort has earned a reputation of being a local favorite and tourist favorite as they venture to the islands to seek relaxation.

When you’re done unwinding and soaking till your fingers are prunes, you will be happy to know there are many things you can do while on Orcas Island, specifically at the resort. Go hiking up Mt. Constitution, explore the onsite organic garden, enjoy delicious food at the Doe Bay Café, or relax while the sunsets across the ocean.

There are exclusive private rental hot springs and communal options for the hot tubs and sauna. Keep in mind the guest staying at the resort will have priority access to the soaking tubs, but they may have room to accommodate the midweek and last-minute for guests wanting to visit just the hot springs.

If you are an offsite guest, remember that your option for the hot springs will be reserved private rentals.

Scenic Hot Springs

Season: Year round

Where: Wenatchee National Forest – Stevens Pass

Cost: $10 per person

$150 for exclusive reservation (8 or more people)

Natural or Commercial: Commercial

Clothing Optional: Yes

Scenic Hot Springs is all the buzz on social media and with good reason. This extremely difficult-to-find hot spring is located in the Wenatchee forest on private property, to get there you will have to embark on a 2.2-mile rigorous uphill hike.

To reserve your spot, make sure to visit Scenic hot springs to make an advanced reservation, as that’s the only way to gain access and directions to the hot springs. The Man-made tubs have hot spring water pumped into them.

Olympic Hot Springs


Where: Olympic National Forest

Cost: National Park Pass

Natural or commercial: Natural

This hidden gem hot spring in Washington is rarely visited by tourists, with good reason. To reach this soaking spring, you will need to undertake a 20-mile round-trip journey, and it’s a hard hike.

Also, remember that the Olympic Hot Springs Road was washed out and is now inaccessible to vehicles. So you will begin your journey from Madison Falls Trailhead and the parking lot.

Since this is a natural spring and is not maintained by anyone, it’s worth noting that National Park Services warned that the natural spring could contain high levels of Fecal Coliform bacteria. However, despite this warning, it hasn’t stopped some devoted hot spring lovers from relaxing.

*As mentioned earlier, soak at your own risk.

Carson Hot Springs

This resort is super popular with Adults; we recommend visiting if you want a romantic getaway from the city. The bathtubs are styled after the 1930s popular clawfoot tubs, and mineral water is pumped into the tubs for relaxing soaks. Make sure to get a linen wrap afterwards for the actual full experience this resort 👀.

Commercial or natural: Commercial

Located: Columbia river valley carson hot springs resort

Hours: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Special Note: Adults only

Cool Things Nearby elk ridge golf course

Baker Hot Springs

Two geothermal pools, more relaxed and cooler than other hot springs and usually lukewarm, we advise visiting during the summer because of this.

Season: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

Located: Mount Baker Snoqualmie forest

Difficult Drive: unpaved road, all-wheel drive recommended because there are deep potholes, 4 miles takes about an hour!

Difficulty: moderate with a 0.6 mile hike

Pets Allowed: Dogs are allowed on Leash

Cost: Northwest Forest Pass

Gamma Hot Spring – Mythical Springs or Real?

We have not dared to venture to this hot spring. Honestly, we would get lost.

*Not recommended unless you have experience with backcountry hiking and mountaineering skills, printed maps, and have hiking gear and safety gear as well as food and water supplies for a few days; this is a multi-day hike! Even then, it’s insanely difficult, so go at your own risk!*

Season: Year Round

Where: North Cascades

Cost: Northwest Forest Pass

Natural or Commercial: Natural

Temperature: 60C Courtesy of Dnr.Wa.Gov

This is honestly almost like a mythical place, according to Reddit users who all agree there is hardly any information on the Internet on the actual Gamma Springs route. This is why being a Veteran Hiker with ample experience in backcountry hiking and mountaineering is so essential.

Do your research before heading out! You will need to conduct thorough research to ensure you have adequate information for navigating this tough hike.

Washington Hot Springs FAQ

Does Washington State have hot springs?

Yes, Washington State has around 62 hot springs and mineral springs.

Are there hot springs in the North Cascades?

Yes, there are a variety of natural hot springs in the North Cascades such as Goldmyer Hot Springs.

Are there hot springs on Mt Rainier?

Yes, there are hot springs on Mt. Rainier, such as Ohanapecosh hot springs.

How to get to Goldmyer Hot Springs?

GoldMyer Hot Springs is located in the North Cascades off Snoqualmie Road. It’s a long 12-mile hike each way.

*Natural Hot Springs can carry bacteria and other harmful things. So soak at your own risk. Also, please remember that information can change without notice, so always double-check before going and follow the warnings if there are any.*

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