22 Cool Facts About Washington State & 14 Things You Never Knew About Washington!

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Ever wondered about all the nitty gritty facts about Washington State? Like what is Washington State famous for? What are the Washington State Symbols? There are a ton of them by the way, we didn’t know our home state had a state dance lol, wait till you see what it is. If you love weird stuff and interesting facts, you might be wondering what are the weird facts about Washington state that no one talks about?

Well, we are with you! We have lived in Washington our whole lives and never realized people are genuinely curious about Washington State! So we created this guide so you know almost all the cool facts about Washington!

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What Are The Washington State Symbols?

*State Symbols Info Credit from Washington State Legislature*

1. What is the Washington State Bird?

The state bird is a Willow Goldfinch, a cute yellow and tiny bird, and it was established back in 1951! Although, it barely won against the meadowlark, which was the original state bird before it.

2. Washington State Insect:

The State insect is a Green Darner Dragonfly, also known officially as the Anax junius Drury, aka Mosquito Hawk. The Green Darner Dragonfly was established back in 1997, and it was chosen by kids!

3. What is the Washington state endemic mammal:

It’s a Marmota Olympus, aka the Olympic Marmo. It lives on the Olympic Peninsula and it’s super social! The Marmota Olympus was established in 2009.

Orcas in the ocean
The text says what is the Washington state marine mammal? Orcas! They Swim in Pods
Copyright ChrisRussick via Canva.com

4. What is the Washington State Marine Mammal:

The Washington State Marine Mammal is an Orca, and it was established in 2005. Seems very fitting, as we have orca pods that migrate past the region and visit Puget Sound occasionally.

Whale watching is one of the things you have to do when visiting Seattle, but make sure you visit during the right time!

5. What is the Washington State Amphibian

The Washington State Amphibian is known officially as the Pseudacris Regilla, also know as a Pacific Chorus Frog. It’s a bright green color with black stripes near its eyes. The Pacific Chorus Frog was established in 2007.

6. Washington State Oyster:

Ostrea Lurida, it’s a native oyster that is prominent on the shores of the west coast of the washington. 2014

Coast Rhododendron flowers, the text says what is the Washington state flower? Coast Rhododendron
Copyright bhanumohan via canva.com

7. What is the State Flower for Washington?

This is one of the easiest facts for Washington! The Rhododendron species is highly popular in Washington and the specific kind the Coast Rhododendron was made official in 1959. If you think the flower is beautiful, then make sure to check out the Washington arboretum near University of Washington, especially during summer!

8. Washington State Fossil?

A giant Columbian Mammoth and it was established in 1998.

9. What is the State Gem in Washington?

The Washington State gem is Petrified Wood, and it was adopted in 1975. We wish it would have been something cooler, but ehh I guess it makes sense.

10. What is the Washington State Fish?

The Washington official symbol for fish is the Steelhead Trout and it was established in 1960.

11. What is the Washington State Fruit?

Of course the Washington State fruit is Apples!

Apple Orchard, the text says, what's the official fruit of Washington? Apples
Copyright PhilAugustavo via canva.com
If you're a facts person, check out our post on how many Countries there are!

12. What is the Washington state vegetable?

These onions are actually really good, make sure you try a Walla Walla Sweet Onion if you get the chance. The Walla Walla sweet onion was made official in 2007 for being the states designated vegetable.

While you’re grabbing some fresh sweet onions, check out the Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

If you are interested in hauntings, check out our Haunted Spots in Washington guide to see what tragedy took place during the Whitman Mission.

13. What is the State Flag for Washington?

A dark green background for the flag, with the similar form of the state seal in the middle and this variation passed in 1923 for representing the evergreen state.

14. What is the official song of Washington?

“Washington, my Home”

15. What is the official State Folk Song for Washington? :

“Roll on, Columbia , Roll on”

16. What is Washington State’s Official Dance?

The Square Dance is our lovely dance for us washingtonians, how lovely…. although we would be lying if we said we didn’t know how to square dance lol.

17. What is Washington State’s Tartan?

The Tartan for Washington is a green base, contrasting with bands of colors such blue for lakes, white for the mountains, red for apples and cherries, yellow for grains, and black for the fearsome Mt St Helens eruption.

18. Washington Official Sport?

Who knew that Washington had a official sport? Pickleball and it was created in 1965 on Bainbridge Island. We guessed it after seeing so many people play pickleball growing up.

19. What is the official Ship of Washington?

The grand Lady Washington and designated in 2007.

20. What is official grass of Washington?

The official grass is known as Bluebunch Wheatgrass and it was made so in 1989. The cool thing about this, is there’s a whole festival focused on the bluebunch wheatgrass.

21. What is the Washington State Tree?

The Western Hemlock was made official in 1947.

22. What is the Washington State waterfall?

The beautiful Palouse Falls was made official in 2014 for being the state waterfall of Washington.

Mt Rainier and wildflower field, text says cool facts about Washington State
Cool Facts about Washington State

14 Unique Things to Know About Washington

23. Washington is home to the largest three on three basketball tournament

Hoopfest is a vast and popular basketball tournament that takes place every June in Spokane! If you are obsessed with basketball then heading there from Seattle is a must do day trip!

24. Mount rainier is the tallest point in Washington!

Ever wondered what the tallest point in Washington is? Well, be ready to be wowed because it’s Mt. Rainier at a staggering 14,410 feet!

25. Washington is the second-largest Wine producing Region!,

Washington is a large wine producing region with over 1000 wineries! We recommend visiting during the best time of the year to visit Washington so you can enjoy your wine in decent weather.

26. What is Washington State Famous For?

You guessed it, Washington state is the number one supplier of Apples in the United States. Speaking of which, if you are looking for fresh Apples visit your local farmers market, like Pike Place Market!

27. Washington is home to the longest continuous beach in the USA!

The beach that holds that record is Long beach at 28 miles of continuous beach!

28. Washington State is the sole state in the united states to be named after a president.

You’ll never guess who Washington State is named after….. George Washington!

29. Washington has rainforest!

There are four different rainforests: The Quinault rainforest, the Queets rainforest, the Hoh rainforest, and the Bogachiel Rainforest.

If you’re a fan of rainforest then make sure you add the Olympic National Park to your trip itinerary, it’s one of the best spots to visit in Washington.

30. Washington crafts over 75% of the United States Hops!,

Specifically in Yakima valley !, It also is home to a ton o local breweries.

31. Seattle is full of college degrees!

According the Us Census 2017-2021 the reported amount of adults age 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher was 65.9%! We believe it, it’s hard to get a job in Seattle because of the competition.

32. Washington is home to over 3000 glaciers!

The largest amount of glaciers in the United States goes to Washington state, they are also coincidentally one of beautiful secret views in Washington!

33. Washington has its own resident Orcas Pods!

The Orcas families are known as J, K, L pods and they visit pretty often the puget sound and nearby waters for their migrations.

34. The Floating bridge in Washington is the longest floating bridge in the world

We have driven on this bridge since we were kids, and we always felt a little queasy about the floating bridge above Lake Washington, being so long between Seattle and Bellevue.

35. Washington produces more what?

Washington grows more yummy apples, tasty pears, delicious red raspberries, and sweet cherries than any other state in the county!

36. Washington is the birthplace of what fruit?

Washington is the birthplace of Rainier Cherries!, they are a yellowish and pinkish-red color, and they are soooo good!

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