How Many Countries Are There In The World?

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Ever wondered how many countries are there in the world? Well, so did we, so we went out and researched just how many countries there are, because as travelers it’s important to know this kind of information and be aware of what’s going on in the world and the changes happening. For example, what about territories? What about members of the United Nations, and so on. Where can Tourists go easily? Where is it not recommended for tourist to travel?

There’s so much information out there that we wanted to create an easy to read spot for anyone equally as curious as us.

This post is all about how many Countries are there in the world!

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Disclaimer: All this info was gathered by the sources mentioned; we are not professionals or claim anything with this data nor do we claim the credit for the data. We just gathered it for informational purposes for curious minds like ourselves.

If there are any mistakes, sorry; we are just two tourists, not professors.

Member States of the United Nations

There are 193 member states of the UN which are all countries except the Holy See and the State of Palestine.

Non-member observer states

There are two non member states which are…

  • The State of Palestine
  • The Holy See

Alphabetical list of all the countries in the world (A-Z)

This list contains information on all 195 countries in the world that are all also classified as Independent countries in the world including United Nation state status (whether countries are members or non members of the UN).

  • All states in this list are considered an independent country
  • Population is approximate as of the year: 2023.
  • Currency listed is typically the most used forms of currency within a country.
  • Languages are listed as the most spoken languages within a country.
  • United Nations list: member country status is as of 2023.
  • Information used- credible sources:
    • used for population statistics and country names
    • used for currency codes
    • used to determine United Nations Member Status
    • and used for finding Country Capitals
    • used for determining major languages spoken
    • is used for determining NATO members
  • The only two countries in this list that are non-member observer states are:
    • The Holy See otherwise more well known as Vatican City and Palestine.

List of countries in the world

CountryPopulationCurrencyLanguage(s)CapitalMember of UN NATO member status
Afghanistan39.2 millionAfghania (AFN)Pashto, DariKabulYesNo
Albania3.1 millionLek (L)AlbanianTiranaYesYes
Algeria44.7 millionAlgerian Dinar (DZD)Arabic, TamazightAlgiersYesNo
Andorra85,000Euro (EUR)Catalan, Spanish, FrenchAndorra la VellaYesNo
Angola35.9 millionAngolan Kwanza (AOA)PortugueseLuandaYesNo
Antigua and Barbuda101,000East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)EnglishSt. John’sYesNo
Argentina46.6 millionArgentine Peso (ARS)Spanish, ItalianBuenos AiresYesNo
Armenia2.9 millionArmenian Dramas (AMD)ArmenianYerevanYesNo
Australia26.4 millionAustralian Dollar (AUD)EnglishCanberraYesNo
Austria8.9 millionEuro (EUR)GermanViennaYesNo
Azerbaijan10.4 millionAzerbaijani Manat (AZN)AzerbaijaniBakuYesNo
The Bahamas358,000Bahamian Dollar (BHD)English, Bahamian Creole, Haitian Creole, NassauYesNo
Bahrain1.5 millionBahraini Dinar (BHD)Arabic, EnglishManamaYesNo
Bangladesh167.1 millionBangladeshi Taka (BDT)BengaliDhakaYesNo
Barbados303,000Barbados Dollar (BBD)EnglishBridgetownYesNo
Belarus9.3 millionBelarusian Ruble (BYN) Belarusian, RussianMinskYesNo
Belgium11.9 millionEuro (EUR)Dutch, French, GermanBrusselsYesYes
Belize419,000Belize dollar (BZD)EnglishBelmopanYesNo
Benin14.2 millionCFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)FrenchPorto-NovoYesNo
Bhutan876,000Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN)DzongkhaThimphuYesNo
Bolivia12.1 millionBolivianoManyLa Paz, SucreYesNo
Bosnia and Herzegovina3.8 millionBosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark Bosnian, Coratian, SerbianSarajevoYesNo
Botswana 2.4 millionBotswana pula (BWP)EnglishGaboroneYesNo
Brazil218.6 millionBrazilian real (BRL) PortugueseBrasiliaYesNo
Brunei484,000Brunei dollar (BND)Malay, EnglishBandar Seri BegawanYesNo
Bulgaria 6.8 millionBulgarian Lev (BGN)BulgarianSofiaYesYes
Burkina Faso22.4 millionCFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)FrenchOuagadougouYesNo
Burundi 13.1 millionBurundi franc (BIF)French, Kirundi, EnglishGitegaYesNo
Cambodia16.8 millionCambodian riel (KHR)KhmerPhnom PenhYesNo
Cameroon30.1 millionCFA franc BEAC (XAF)English, FrenchYaoundeYesNo
Canada38.5 millionCanadian dollar (CAD)English, FrenchOttawaYesYes
Cape Verde597,000Cape Cerdean Escudo (CVE)PortuguesePraiaYesNo
Central African Republic 5.5 millionCFA franc BEAC (XAF)French, SangoBanguiYesNo
Chad18.5 millionCFA franc BEAC (XAF)Arabic, FrenchN’ DjamenaYesNo
Chile18.5 millionChilean Peso (CLP)Chilean, SpanishSantiago, ValparaisoYesNo
China1.4 billionRenminbi (CNY)ChineseBeijingYesNo
Colombia49.3 millionColombian peso (COP)SpanishBogotáYesNo
Comoros888,000 Comoro franc (KMF)Arabic, Comorian, FrenchMornoiYesNo
Democratic Republic of the Congo111.8 millionCongolese franc (CDF)FrenchKinshasaYesNo
Republic of the Congo5.6 millionCFA franc BEAC (XAF)FrenchBrazzavilleYesNo
Costa Rica5.2 millionCosta Rican colon (CRC)SpanishSan JoséYesNo
Croatia4.1 millionEuro (EUR)CroatianZagrebYesYes
Cuba10.9 millionCuban peso (CUP)SpanishHavanaYesNo
Cyprus1.3 millionEuro (EUR)Greek, TurkishNicosiaYesNo
Czech Republic10.7 millionCzech koruna (CZK)Czech, SlovakPrague, BrnoYesYes
Denmark5.9 millionDanish krone (DKK)DanishCopenhagenYesYes
Dijbouti976,000Djibouti france (DJF)Arabic, FrenchDjiboutiYesNo
Dominica74,000East Caribbean dollar (XCD)EnglishRoseauYesNo
Dominican Republic10.7 millionDominican peso (DOP)SpanishSanto DomingoYesNo
East Timor1.4 millionUnited States dollar (USD)Portuguese, TetumDiliYesNo
Ecuador17.4 millionUnited States dollar (USD)Spanish, QuechuaQuitoYesNo
Egypt109.5 millionEgyptian pound (EGP)ArabicCairoYesNo
El Salvador6.6 million United States dollar (USD)SpanishSan SalvadorYesNo
Equatorial Guinea1.7 millionCFA franc BEAC (XAF)French, Portuguese, SpanishMalaboYesNo
Eritrea6.2 millionEritrean nafka (ERN)TigrinyaAsmaraYesNo
Estonia1.2 millionEuro (EUR)EstonianTallinnYesYes
Eswatini1.1 millionSouth African rand (ZAR)English, SwaziLobamba, MbabaneYesNo
Ethiopia116.4 millionEthiopian birr (ETB)Afar, Somali, Tigrinya, Oromo, AmharicAddis AbabaYesNo
Fiji947,000Fiji dollar (FJD)English, Fijian, Fiji HindiSuvaYesNo
Finland5.6 millionEuro (EUR)Finnish, SwedishHelsinkiYesYes
France68.5 millionEuro (EUR)FrenchParisYesYes
Gabon2.3 millionCFA franc BEAC (XAF)FrenchLibrevilleYesNo
Gambia2.4 millionGambian dalasi (GMD)EnglishBanjulYesNo
Georgia4.9 million Georgian lari (GEL)GeorgianTbilisiYesNo
Germany84.2 millionEuro (EUR)GermanBerlinYesYes
Ghana 33.8 millionGhanaian cedi (GHS)EnglishAccraYesNo
Greece10.4 millionEuro (EUR)GreekAthensYesYes
Grenada 114,000East Caribbean dollar (XCD)EnglishSt. George’sYesNo
Guatemala17.9 millionGuatemalan quetzal (GTQ)SpanishGuatemala CityYesNo
Guinea13.6 millionGuinean franc (GNF)FrenchConakryYesNo
Guinea- Bissau2 millionCFA franc BCEAO (XOF)PortugueseBissauYesNo
Guyana791,000Guyanese dollar (GYD)EnglishGeorgetownYesNo
Haiti 11.4 millionHaitian gourde (HTG)French, Haitian CreolePort-au-PrinceYesNo
Honduras 9.5 millionHonduran lempira (HNL)SpanishTegucigalpa, ComayagüelaYesNo
Hungary9.6 millionHungarian forint (HUF)HungarianBudapestYesYes
Iceland360,000Icelandic krona (ISK)IcelandicReykjavíkYesYes
India1.3 billionIndian rupee (INR)Hindi, EnglishNew DelhiYesNo
Indonesia 279.4 millionIndonesian rupiah (IDR)IndonesianJakartYesNo
Iran87.5 millionIranian rial (IRR)PersianTehranYesNo
Iraq 41.2 millionIraqi dinar (IQD)Arabic, KurdishBaghdadYesNo
Ireland5.3 millionEuro (EUR)Irish, EnglishDublinYesNo
Israel9 millionIsraeli new shekel (ILS)HebrewJerusalemYesNo
Italy61 millionEuro (EUR)ItalianRomeYesYes
Ivory Coast29.3 millionWest African CFA franc (XOF)FrenchYamoussoukroYesNo
Jamaica2.8 millionJamaican dollar (JMD)EnglishKingstonYesNo
Japan 123.7 millionJapanese yen (JPY)JapaneseTokyoYesNo
Jordan11 millionJordanian dinar (JOD)ArabicAmmanYesNo
Kazakhastan19.5 millionKazakhastani tenge (KZT)Kazakh, RussianAstanaYesNo
Kenya57 millionKenyan shilling (KES)English, SwahiliNairobiYesNo
Kiribati115,000KBD), Australian dollar (AUD)EnglishSouth TarawaYesNo
North Korea26 millionNorth Korean won (KPW)KoreanPyongyangYesNo
South Korea51.9 millionSouth Korean won (KRW)KoreanSeoulYesNo
Kuwait3.1 millionKuwaiti dinar (KWD)ArabicKuwait CityYesNo
Kyrgyzstan6.1 millionKyrgyzstani som (KGS)Kyrgyz, RussianBishkekYesNo
Laos 7.8 millionLao kip (LAK)LaoVientianeYesNo
Latvia1.8 millionEuro (EUR)LatvianRigaYesYes
Lebanon 5.3 millionLebanese pound (LBP)ArabicBeirutYesNo
Lesotho2.2 millionLesotho loti (LSL)Sotho, EnglishMaseruYesNo
Liberia5.5 millionLiberian dollar (LRD)EnglishMonroviaYesNo
Libya7.2 millionLibyan dinar (LYD)ArabicTripoliYesNo
Liechtenstein39,000Swiss franc (CHF)GermanVaduzYesNo
Lithuania2.6 millionEuro (EUR)LithuanianVilniusYesYes
Luxembourg660,000Euro (EUR)French, German, LuxembourgishLuxembourgYesYes
Madagascar28.8 millionMalagasy ariary (MGA)French, MalagasyAntananarivoYesNo
Malawi21.2 millionMalawian kwacha (MWK)English, ChichewaLilongweYesNo
Malaysia34.2 millionMalaysian ringgit (MYR)MalayKuala Lumpur, PutrajayaYesNo
Maldives389,000Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)DhivehiMaléYesNo
Mali21.3 millionCFA franc (BCEAO (XOF)FrenchBamakoYesNo
Malta 467,000Euro (EUR)Maltese, EnglishVallettaYesNo
Marshall Islands80,000United States dollar (USD)EnglishMajuroYesNo
Mauritania4.2 millionMauritanian ouguiya (MRU)ArabicNouakchottYesNo
Mauritius1.3 millionMauritian rupee (MUR)English, Mauritian CreolePort LouisYesNo
Mexico129.8 millionMexican peso (MXN)SpanishMexico CityYesNo
Federated States of Micronesia100,000United States dollar (USD)EnglishPalikirYesNo
Moldova(3.2 millionMoldovan leu (MDL)RomanianChisinauYesNo
Monaco31,000Euro (EUR)FrenchMonacoYesNo
Mongolia3.2 millionMongolian togrog (MNT)MongolianUlaanbaatarYesNo
Montenegro602,000Euro (EUR)MontenegrinCetinje, PodgoricaYesYes
Morocco37 millionMoroccan dirham
Amazigh, ArabicRabatYesNo
Mozambique32.5 millionMozambican metical (MZN)PortugueseMaputoYesNo
Myanmar55.4 millionMyanmar kyat (MMK)BurmeseNaypyidawYesNo
Namibia 2.7 millionNamibian dollar (NAD)EnglishWindhoekYesNo
Nauru9,000Australian dollar (AUD)English, NauruanYarenYesNo
Nepal30.8 millionNepalese rupee (NPR)NepaliKathmanduYesNo
Netherlands17.4 millionEuro (EUR)DutchAmsterdamYesYes
New Zealand5.1 millionNew Zealand dollar (NZD)English, MaoriWellingtonYesNo
Nicaragua6.3 millionNicaraguan cordoba (NIO)SpanishManaguaYesNo
Niger25.3 millionCFA franc BCEAO (XOF)FrenchNiameyYesNo
Nigeria230.8 millionNigerian naira (NGN)EnglishAbujaYesNo
North Macedonia2.1 millionMacedonian denar (MKD)Macedonian, AlbanianSkopjeYesYes
Norway5.5 millionNorwegian krone (NOK)Norwegian, SamiOsloYesYes
Oman3.8 millionOmani rial (OMR)ArabicMuscatYesNo
Pakistan247.6 millionPakistani rupee (PKR)Urdu, EnglishIslamabadYesNo
Palau21,000United States dollar (USD)English, PalauanNgerulmudYesNo
Palestine5.4 millionIsraeli new shekels (ILS), United States dollar (USD), Jordanian dinars (JOD)ArabicJerusalem, RamallahNoNo
Panama4.4 millionUnited States dollar (USD)SpanishPanama CityYesNo
Papua New Guinea9.8 millionPapua New Guineana kina (PGK)English, Hiri, Motu, Tok, PisinPort MoresbyYesNo
Paraguay7.4 millionParaguayan guarani (PYG)Spanish, GuaraniAsunciónYesNo
Peru32.4 millionPeruvian sol (PEN)Peruvian Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, AshaninkaLimaYesNo
Philippines116.4 millionPhilippine peso (PHP)Filipino, EnglishManilaYesNo
Poland37.9 millionPolish Zloty (PLN)PolishWarsawYesYes
Portugal10.2 millionEuro (EUR)PortugueseLisbonYesYes
Quatar2.5 millionQuatari riyal (QAR)ArabicDohaYesNo
Romania 18.3 millionRomanian leu (RON)RomanianBucharestYesYes
Russia141.6 millionRussian ruble (RUB)RussianMoscowYesNo
Rwanda13.4 millionRwandan franc (RWF)English, French, Kinyarwanda, SwahiliKigaliYesNo
Saint Kitts and Nevis54,000East Caribbean dollar (XCD)EnglishBasseterreYesNo
Saint Lucia167,000East Caribbean dollar (XCD)EnglishCastriesYesNo
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines100,000East Caribbean dollar (XCD)EnglishKingstownYesNo
Samoa207,000Samoan tala (WST)EnglishApiaYesNo
San Marino34,000Euro (EUR)ItalianSan MarinoYesNo
Sao Tome and Principe220,000Sao Tome and Principe dobra (STN)PortugueseSao TomeYesNo
Saudi Arabia35.9 millionSaudi riyal (SAR)ArabicRiyadhYesNo
Senegal18.3 millionCFA franc BCEAO (XOF)FrenchDakarYesNo
Serbia6.6 millionSerbian dinar (RSD)SerbianBelgradeYesNo
Seychelles97,000Seychelles rupee (SCR)English, French, Seychellois CreoleVictoriaYesNo
Sierra Leone8.9 millionSierra Leonean leone (SLL)EnglishFreetownYesNo
Singapore5.9 millionSingapore dollar (SGD)English, Malay, Mandarin, TamilSingaporeYesNo
Solvakia5.4 millionEuro (EUR)SolvakBratislavaYesYes
Slovenia 2 millionEuro (EUR)SloveneLjubljanaYesYes
Solomon Islands714,000Solomon Islands dollar (SBD)EnglishHoniaraYesNo
Somalia12.6 millionSomali shilling (SOS)Somali, ArabicMogadishuYesNo
South Africa58 millionSouth African rand (ZAR)many lanuagesBloemfontein, Cape Town, PretoriaYesNo
South Sudan12.1 millionSouth Sudanese pound (SSP)EnglishJubaYesNo
Spain 47.2 millionEuro (EUR)SpanishMadridYesYes
Sri Lanka23.3 millionSri Lankan rupee (LKR)Sinhala, TamilColombo, Sri JayawardenepuraYesNo
Sudan49.1 millionSudanese pound (SDG)Arabic, EnglishKhartoumYesNo
Suriname639,000Surinamese dollar (SRD)DutchParamariboYesNo
Sweden10.5 millionSwedish krona (SEK)SwedishStockholmYesNo
Switzerland8.5 millionSwiss franc (CHF)French, GermanBernYesNo
Syria22.9 millionSyrian pound (SYP)ArabicDamascusYesNo
Tajikistan9.2 millionTajikistani somoni (TJS)TajikDushanbeYesNo
Tanzania65.6 millionTanzanian shilling (TZS)Swahili, EnglishDar es Salaam, DodomaYesNo
Thailand69.7 millionThai baht (THB)ThaiBangkokYesNo
Togo8.7 millionCFA franc BCEAO (XOF)FrenchLoméYesNo
Tonga105,000Tongan pa’anga (TOP)English, TonganNuku’alofaYesNo
Trinidad and Tobago1.4 millionTrinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD)EnglishPort of SpainYesNo
Tunisia11.9 millionTunisian dinar (TND)ArabicTunisYesNo
Turkey83.5 millionTurkish lira (TRY)TurkishAnkaraYesYes
Turkmenistan5.6 millionTurkmenistan manat (TMT)TurkmenAshgabatYesNo
Tuvalu11,000Australian dollar (AUD)Tuvaluan, EnglishFunafutiYesNo
Uganda47.7 millionUgandan shilling (UGX)English, SwahiliKampalaYesNo
Ukraine43.3 millionUkrainian hryvnia (UAH)UkrainianKyivYesNo
United Arab Emirates9.9 millionUnited Arab Emirates dirham (AED)ArabicAbu DhabiYesNo
United Kingdom68.1 millionPound Sterling (GBP)EnglishLondonYesYes
United States339.6 millionUnited States dollar (USD)EnglishWashington, D.C.YesYes
Uruguay3.4 millionUruguayan peso (UYU)SpanishMontevideoYesNo
Uzbekistan31.3 millionUzbekistan sum (UZS)UzbekTashkentYesNo
Vanuatu313,000Vanuatu vatu (VUV)English, French, BislamaPort VilaYesNo
Vatican City>1000Euro (EUR)ItalianVatican CityNoNo
Venezuela30.5 millionVenezuelan bolivar (VED)SpanishCaracasYesNo
Vietnam104.7 millionVietnamese dong (VND)VietnameseHanoiYesNo
Yemen31.5 millionYemeni rial (YER)ArabicSana’aYesNo
Zambia20.2 millionZambian kwacha (ZMW)EnglishLusakaYesNo
Zimbabwe15.4 millionZimbabwean dollar (ZWL)many languagesHarareYesNo

This is a list of all the countries in the world that provides approximate population as of 2023, form of currency, languages spoken within the country, the capital of the country and whether or not said country is a member of the United Nations. This is a list of countries, a list of United Nations members and so much more all in one.

List of Inhabited Dependent Territories (A-Z)

  • Population is approximate as of the year: 2023.
  • Information used- credible sources:
    • used for population statistics
    • used for Inhabited Dependent Territory names and Sovereign State names
    • used for continent/location information
  • Sovereign states are essentially has the power, authority and responsibility to regulate its own government and political affairs without foreign interference.
  • Dependent States are states that do not or can not exercise full authority, independence or power over its own government and political affairs and thus needs a stronger well versed country to depend on.
CountryPopulationContinentSovereign State
Akrotiri and Dhekelia>20,000Asia, Middle EastUnited Kingdom
American Samoa44,000OceaniaUnited States
Anguilla19,000Central America/CaribbeanUnited Kingdom
Aruba123,000Central America/CaribbeanNetherlands
Bermuda72,000North AmericaUnited Kingdom
British Virgin Islands31,000Central America/CaribbeanUnited Kingdom
Cayman Islands65,000Central America/CaribbeanUnited Kingdom
Christmas Islands>2000Southeast AsiaAustralia
Cocos>600Southeast AsiaAustralia
Cook Islands7,000OceaniaNew Zealand
Curacao152,000Central America/CaribbeanNetherlands
Falkland Islands>4000South AmericaUnited Kingdom
Faroe Isands52,000EuropeDenmark
French Polynesia301,000OceaniaFrance
Gibraltar29,000EuropeUnited Kingdom
Guam169,000OceaniaUnited States
Guernsey67,000EuropeUnited Kingdom
Hong Kong7.2 millionAsiaChina
Isle of Man91,000EuropeUnited Kingdom
Jersey102,000Europe United Kingdom
Montserrat5,000Central America/CaribbeanUnited Kingdom
New Caledonia300,000 OceaniaFrance
Niue>2000OceaniaNew Zealands
Norfolk Islands>2000OceaniaAustralia
Northern Mariana Islands51,000OceaniaUnited States
Pitcairn Islands>100OceaniaUnited Kingdom
Puerto Rico3 millionCentral America/CaribbeanUnited States
Saint Barthelemy7,000Central America/CaribbeanFrance
Saint Helena7,000AfricaUnited Kingdom
Saint Martin32,000Central America/CaribbeanFrance
Saint Pierre and Miquelon5,000North AmericaFrahce
Sint Maarten45,000Central America/CaribbeanNetherlands
Tokelau>2000OceaniaNew Zealand
Turks and Caicos59,000Central America/CaribbeanUnited Kingdom
U.S. Virgin Islands103,000Central America/CaribbeanUnited States
Wallis and Futuna15,000OceaniaFrance

This is a list of the dependent countries in the world along with approximate population statistics as of 2023 and the continent or region the dependent country is located at.

Disputed Territories


Antarctica is technically not a country nor does it have its own government though there are territorial claims that have been made by several countries.

Information about Antarctic territorial claims can be found on and

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom

Countries with no claim to Antarctic land are…

  • Russia
  • United States

Other major categories involving disputed territories are related to trade routes by land, sea and air. Other times it can be related to border barriers and which country has claims to what areas.

  • China-India- Pakistan Himalayan border dispute
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Internal and external conflicts within and between countries

The council on foreign relations ( has a tool that tracks global conflicts. Using this tool you can really visualize that there are so many ongoing conflicts around the world. But these are just a few listed below that you may have heard or read about in the news or on social media that have left large impacts on the world.

Some other major credible websites to visit to read more about global conflict and disputes are and Otherwise, subscribe to major news outlets for ongoing news on current world conflicts.


How many countries are in the world?

There are 195 officially recognized countries by the UN in the world. Though there are several independent territories and other states seeking independence.

What is the most populated country in the world?

The most populated country in the world is the Republic of China with a population of 1.4 billion with India following closely at 1.3 billion and then the United States at 339.6 million.

What languages are the most spoken in the world?

The most spoken languages in the world are definitely English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese and French.

What is the most used form of currency in the world?

The United States dollar is by far the most traded currency in the world as it is considered the currency of global trade in the world. Though the Euro is not far behind considering the entire European Union and all its member countries use the Euro as currency.

What is a sovereign state vs an independent state?

A sovereign state means they have a full government, permanent population, defined territory and can fully regulate any internal/external political affairs within their territory without the need of interference from foreign parties. Whereas an independent state is a state that is not ruled or governed by another state.

How many countries are a part of the United Nations

There are 193 UN members while there are 2 non member states.

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