39+ Best Jessie Toy Story Quotes & Facts! Plus, How To Meet Jessie In The Disney Parks 2023!

Planning a Disney Trip or just watched Toy Story and wanting to get inspired with some Amazing Disney Quotes? Well, Look no further because we found the Best Jessie Toy Story Quotes To Help You Feel The Disney Magic!

Jessie has always been one of our favorite Disney Characters from Toy Story movie because she’s so relatable, even if she is a toy. She has some crucial words of wisdom and also some just downright silly moments throughout the Toy Story series that makes you fall in love her upbeat character!

Which is why we wanted to create this post to go over what we consider some of her best quotes throughout the movies!

This post is all about the best Jessie Toy Story Quotes and we also go over some cool Jessie Facts so you can get to know your favorite cowgirl toy!

Jessie Toy Story quotes

Best Jessie Toy Story Quotes

“Let me guess. Andy’s a real special kid, and to him, you’re his buddy, his best friend, and when Andy plays with you, it’s like… even though you’re not moving, you feel like you’re alive, because that’s how he sees you.”

– Jessie from Toy Story

Everyone has that one person that when they see us a certain way it makes us feel more alive than ever and for these toys their owner is that person.

“You never forget kids like Emily or Andy. But they forget you.”

– Jessie from Toy Story

This is a tender moment from Jessie seeing as she was abandoned and now its clear that she believes everyone will abandon her. This just goes to show that when you hurt someone as badly as Jessie was hurt, it never really leaves them. Its a sad thing but a very real message conveyed in the story.

“Because Emily was just the same. She was my whole world.”

– Jessie from Toy Story

Jessie and Andy are alike in the way that they place their owners so high on a pedestal. They truly love and care for their owners and have this purpose to make their owners happy.

But one day those owners will outgrow their toys only to leave their toys forgotten about in some storage shed or donated to the next kid.

“But what if Andy doesn’t like me?”

Jessie in Toy Story The Movie

It’s only right for Jessie to have fears of not being wanted or liked after what she’s been through. But to live a scared life is not a life at all.

“Thought I’d get one last look at the sun before I get packed away again.”

Jessie in Toy Story

The reality that these toys face of being played with then locked away in a storage or closet for the rest of their lives until they get donated or pulled out again is a sad one. As a toy loves their owner, they expect their owners undying love.

“No, can’t go. I can’t do storage again; I just can’t! I won’t go back in the dark!”


After spending such a long time in confinement waiting to be sold away its only fair that Jessie feels the way she does. What toy would want to spend every waking moment locked away not being played with or loved.

“This isn’t a family! It’s a prison! You’re a liar and a bully and I’d rather rot in this dumpster than join any family of yours!”

– Jessie in Toy Story

Lots-o’huggin’ bear really did a number on the toys at the Sunnyside Daycare. He made them all believe no one loved them and they would never be loved again all because he was hurt by someone.

He turned his negative experience into a negative experience for all of the toys. That is until Jessie stood up to him like the true leader she is.

“Sounds like he really loves you.”


Being there for Andy, we know.

Jessie – Toy Story 3
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“I should have seen this coming, its Emily all over again!”


The abandonment and fear of being forgotten is something Jessie faces with each new owner and with Andy it is no different as she feels any day she’ll be donated or forgotten in storage.

“Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!”


This is actually a fun fact related to the voice actor for Woody, Tom hanks who just so happens to be a distant blood relative of President Abraham Lincoln.

It’s not fair! How can you do this to us?

Jessie the yodeling cowgirl

Big deal. Let him go. I’m sure his precious Andy is d**ing to play with a one-armed cowboy doll.

Jessie Toy Story Quotes

“The high-ridin’est. rootin’-tootin’-est cowboy hero of all time, Sheriff Woody!


Toy Story 2: Jessie Quotes

  1. “Well, aren’t you the sweetest space toy I ever met?” – Jessie from Toy Story
  2. “The prospector. He’ll want to meet ya!” – Jessie
  3. “Hey critters, go get Sheriff Woody, now scurry!” – Jessie from Woody’s roundup
  4. “Yee-Haw!” – Jessie Catchphrase
  5. “Great! Now you can go.” – Jessie from Toy Story
  6. “Okay, Cowboy.” – Jessie
  7. It’s you! It’s you! You’re here! It’s You! It’s You! It’s You!” – Jessie
  8. “Yodel-ay-hee-hoo.” Jessie from Woody’s roundup
  9. “He’s mint in the box, never been opened.”
  10. “Prospector said someday you’d come.”
  11. “You calling me a liar?” – Jessie
  12. “Gasp! He still has an owner.” – Jessie
  13. “Blast us to smithereens! That there’s dynamite.” – Jessie from Woody’s roundup
  14. “Didn’t you know? Why you’re valuable property!” Jessie
  15. “Look at you, dancing cowboy!” – Jessie
  16. “Hey stop it! Leave him alone, springy dog! Hey!” – Jessie

Toy Story 3: Jessie Toy Story Sayings

  1. “We’re being abandoned.”
  2. “We can have a whole new life here Woody.”
  3. “Woody Wake up! It’s over! Andy is all grown up!”
  4. “Oh, yah? Who’s gonna stop us?”
  5. “He left us on the curb!”
  6. “Andy’s moving on Woody, it’s time we do the same.”
  7. “I should have seen this coming. It’s Emily all over again.”
  8. “A chance to make kids happy again.”
  9. “Guys, we gotta go home!”
Jessie Toy Story Movie Character meet in Hollywood studios

How To Meet Jessie at Disney World!

Planning a trip to Disney World and want to meet Jessie? Well you are in luck because we have all the tips for snagging a picture with your favorite Toy Story characters like Jessie, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear!

Where can you meet Jessie At Disney World?

You can meet Jessie in Hollywood Studios, usually each day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Jessie comes out with Woody, so you’ll be able to meet both when it’s your turn. However we stress lining up early for them, by the time it was 10:30 the line was over 1.5 hours long when we were there on a weekday!

If you just want a photo of Jessie and Woody real quick, you can try to snap a photo of them from the side when they are going on breaks or in between groups ( just make sure you don’t get anyone in the background, especially kids!). They move pretty fast so it’s pretty hard to do, so we don’t recommend doing this.

Also!! Since you are in the area, make sure to grab photos with Buzz Lightyear he’s around the corner heading towards Walt Disney Presents and pixar plaza.

When you’re done with Buzz lightyear, head on over to Pixar Plaza to grab some photos with your favorite Incredibles characters like Frozone, the Incredibles, you’ll also spot Jack Jack on the roof so snap a few of him, and of course the famous and Iconic Edna Mode!

Jessie from toy story the movie
Jessie toy story character at disney world

Other Jessie Photo photos you can take at Disney World!

The whole Toy Story area has the Toy Story Characters on walls, the diners, and as fixtures throughout the park! We saw Jessie as a huge statue holding u lights with Rex, as a drawing on the side of ride toy story mania, and in other areas so look around the area and you’ll find her!

Jessie's critter carousel

Where To Meet Jessie in Disneyland!

Heading on over to Disneyland Resort? Then you’ll be pleased to know that you can see your favorite cowgirl from Toy Story while visiting the Disneyland Parks! We’ll give you all the tips for snagging a photo with your favorite Toy Story character and how to spot a few others! Plus, where else you can find Jessie such as rides and Parades!

Where To Find Jessie In Disneyland?

You can find Jessie in Disneyland Park by heading on over to Frontierland, it makes sense since she’s a wild west kinda character. You’ll also find Woody your favorite cowboy while looking for Jessie in this area! Jessie and Woody will be station near Big Thunder Falls.

Jessie and Woody both make appearances every 20-30 minutes from 9-3 usually but this can change depending on the day, also keep in mind there are breaks in between each session. The line can get pretty long, so just like at Disney World, you will want to head over super early and get your character meets over with in the beginning.

jessie toy story character in parade
jessie toy story

Is Jessie In any Parades at Disneyland?

Yes! We saw Jessie in the Christmas Parade when we last went and she was riding around in a toy truck with a soldier man toy! It was too cute! She also gets out of the car and walks around and says hi to the kids! I attached some photos of her doing just that above and further below!

Is Jessie on any of the rides at Disneyland?

Yes! Jessie is featured as the main character for her own ride “Jessie’s Critter Carousel” It’s a cute kids carousel that features different animals and of course your favorite Toy Story cowgirl!

Jessie from Toy Story in a red toy truck during a parade

Jessie Toy Story Facts and Trivia

Who is Jessie Voiced By?

Jessie is voiced by Joan Cusack.

When was Jessie Originally Created?

Jessie was originally created because John Lasseter’s wife Nancy Lasseter suggested a strong female character for the second Toy Story installment and so Jessie was born.

What type of toy is Jessie?

Jessie is a cowgirl rag doll who likes yodeling and dancing!

Who is Jessie from Toy Story?

She’s a pull-string cowgirl! Very similar to Woody, but no, they are not related.

Who is Jessie’s Best friend?

Jessie shares deep friendships with Bullseye and Woody! Woody and Jessie share a close relationship that resembles a brother sister relationship.

They argue, scold each other but it’s because they care so deeply for each other. Bullseye and Jessie however have a strong bond as well with Bullseye often seen at her side.

What movie does Jessie debut in?

Jessie debuts in the movie Toy Story 2.

What Toy Story movies does Jessie appear in?

Jessie appears in Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4.

No, despite them looking similar and both being cowboy/cowgirl they are not related.

Is Jessie in love with Buzz Lightyear?

Jessie and Buzz are both very clearly fond of each other throughout the films. You get to see their relationship blossom from the subtle crushes in the second movie to obvious crushes later on!

What is Jessie from toys stories catchphrase?

Jessie the yodeling cowgirl has the absolute best catchphrase… “Yee haw!”

What fear does Jessie have in toy story?

Jessie has some pretty severe claustrophobia and abandonment issues stemming from being locked up in storage and forgotten about for so long.

Her fears are entirely relatable and understandable after what she went through. It’s great to see Disney and Pixar display fears in characters to show kids that having fears is okay.

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