Everything You Need To Know About Epcot Hours + Early Entry & Rope Drop!

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Wondering when the best time to head to Epcot is? Not sure what Epcot Park Hours are? Well you’ve come to the right spot because we go through some of the most commonly asked questions around Epcot operating hours, and Epcot info that you should know when planning your trip to this famous Walt Disney World Park!

This post is all about Epcot Hours! We go over Epcot opening hours, epcot closing hours, epcot special events, and things to know for helping you navigate epcot with ease! So you can enjoy the Rides at Epcot and eating to your heart’s content at the world showcase!

epcot china area during early epcot park hours

What time is early entry into Epcot?

Early entry: 8:30am (most days)

Early theme park entry at Epcot Park is typically going to be 30 minutes before rope drop or official park opening time.

This early entry opportunity means that for certain guests who stay at eligible Disney resort hotels. So basically, these eligible hotel guests can enter a certain area of the park 30 minutes earlier than park opening. While this is called “early entry” keep in mind that you are only allowed into certain areas of the park during this period of time.

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When is Rope Drop at Epcot?

Rope drop sounds fancy and all but its really just when the Disney cast members drop a rope at park opening time. Before park opening you’ll notice the different park areas will be closed off with a rope blocking the path.

So, say the park opens at 9 then we suggest you arrive at 8:15-8:30 so you have time to go through security, bag checks and walk to find your spot next to a rope of your choosing. Then at 9am when the park is scheduled for opening the cast members will “drop” these ropes thus allowing entry into the park.

What are Epcot’s regular hours?

Typically Epcot’s regular hours will be 9am-9pm though this can change depending on the time of year, holidays and special events occurring at the park.

When are Epcot after hours?

Epcot currently has after hours on select nights running from June 1st, 2023 to August 24th, 2023. This is a 3 hour event that is held after hours at Epcot park. The event officially begins at 10pm and ends at 1am, though early entry into the park can start at 7pm.

Note that this is a separate event and requires ticket purchase for the event itself. A normal park ticket will not get you into this event.

Other after hours opportunities at Epcot are given on select nights from 9pm-11pm for eligible guests staying at Deluxe resort hotels or Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts. Note you have to be staying at an eligible hotel to participate in after hours during this time.

Just Don’t Try To Sneak In Otherwise That’s An Easy Way to End Up In Walt Disney World Jail!

When are Epcot special holiday hours?

You can certainly expect the hours to be a little different on the bigger holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve. On these special days you can bet that the parks will either close earlier or close later depending on the special events happening at the park.

For example, during Halloween at Disney World we see Magic Kingdom Park closing at 6pm to make way for the special event Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party at 7pm.

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Epcot park hours FAQ

How long do you need to visit Epcot park?

Epcot is a pretty big park with lots of things to do, see and eat in it. We highly recommend spending at least one full day at Epcot so you can see the best attractions, hop on the best rides and stop by the best looking food booths.

While one day is a tight fit for Epcot its totally doable, though if you’re a bit slower at walking due to having small kids with you or something like that then two days is probably best so you can take your time without any rushing around.

The amount of food in Epcot alone is crazy and if you’re planning on eating “around the world” its best to take a full day at Epcot and take little breaks from eating to get on rides.

If you’re looking for other things to do while At Disney World then don’t sleep on visiting Disney Springs!

What are park hopper hours at Epcot?

Park hopper hours at Epcot are going to be from 2pm-9pm most days unless park hours have changed due to an after hours event or a holiday.

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What time do Epcot rides open and close?

The rides and attractions at Epcot will typically run from park opening to park closing which on a normal day is 9am-9pm. Though for those that have early entry access to the park there are certain rides that will operate during the early entry period of 8:30am until park closing at 9pm.

Keep in mind if the park hours change for some reason due to an after hours event or a special holiday then the ride hours will also change to go with the park hours. The safest bet for rides is to know they will be operating from open to close unless they have broken down or something else has happened.

Ride hours(normally): 9am-9pm

Early entry ride hours: 8:30am-9pm

Also keep in mind that other attractions like meet and greets and shows will have specific operating times.

Is Epcot park ever closed?

The only time Epcot will ever close is due to weather emergencies such as hurricanes which are frequent in Florida each year. Other than that the park will run 365 days a year.

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This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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