Disneyland Paris Planning 2023: What You Need To Know Before Going!

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Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris can seem beyond overwhelming! Especially if it’s your first time going to Disneyland Paris resort, and even more so if it’s your first time in Paris, France. Trust us, we know the feelings; our first time visiting Paris was also our first time exploring Disneyland Paris, so we get all the confusion and stress around planning that perfect Disney Paris trip.

This is why we decided to write this post for fellow clueless travelers, just like we were at the time ☺️.

Disneyland Paris Plan: A view of Disneyland Paris Castle

Table of Contents

Disneyland Paris Resort Tickets Guide

Where to get Disneyland Paris Parcs Tickets?

It’s easy to get tickets for Disneyland Paris Resort; the Disneyland Paris official website offers tickets for both its Disneyland Paris Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. You will also need to manage your reservation on the website, so keep that in mind because Disneyland in Paris fills up quickly from all the tourists with the same idea as you.

Undated vs. dated tickets vs. Special Rate Tickets at Disneyland Paris resort

What are Undated Tickets Disneyland Paris Resort?

Undated tickets are a type of ticket you can purchase to visit Disneyland Park. These ticket types can be used within one year of purchase for any day of the year as long as there’s availability in their booking calendar for reservations, which you’ll need to do beforehand.

What are Dated Tickets For Disneyland Paris Resort?

Dated Tickets are cheaper than undated tickets but with less wiggle room. This budget-friendly option for visiting parc Disneyland Paris offers a way for those who are on a budget to visit the park. As long as they are good at planning in advance. The tickets are available in a range of price options, and the Disney site even has a price estimate option for the dates you choose, which is perfect.

You can also book in 1-4 day increments with the dated tickets, and as long you cancel three full days before your chosen date, you can get a refund.

What are Special Rate Tickets For Disney Paris?

Special rate tickets are available for guests with disabilities and those accompanied by said guests and also for military personnel.

  • Guests with Disabilities will typically see discounts up to 25% for one-day or 1-day two-park tickets.
  • While military personnel guests are currently being offered a discounted 2-day and two-park pass.

What are Dated with shuttle add-on tickets For Paris Disneyland Resort?

This option is a dated ticket with the added bonus of the Disneyland Paris Shuttle!

Disneyland Paris Resort Ticket Add ons

What is Disney Paris Premier Access?

Probably one of the best ways to secure fast riding experiences for the Disneyland Paris rides. This system is similar to genie plus in the states but also slightly different, While both systems have replaced the old FastPass system of the past. They both offer a faster way to ride queues, of course, with an added cost.

We did not personally use premier access the last time we were there because we went when the crowds were generally lower. However, if you plan on visiting during the busier and more popular times of the year, then utilizing disneyland paris premier access to your advantage is the way to go!

There are numerous rides available for premier access; in fact, there are 15 rides that you can purchase premier access for!

To learn more about Disneyland Paris Premier Access System for Ultimate and access one, read our Premier Access Guide. 😎

Disneyland Paris Wall-e and eve
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Disneyland Paris Trip Guide

How To Get To Disney Paris from nearby Disney Hotels


If you are lucky enough to be staying near the Disneyland Paris Resort, then you’ll be happy to know that you can hop on the convenient Disney shuttles that run between the Disney Hotels and the resort.

How to Get to Disneyland Paris from the airport


  • Adults 23 euros estimate
  • Child 3-12 years old, estimate of 10 euros
  • Baby 0-2 is free

If you are flying into the Orly Airport or Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. For either airport, you can hop on to a Magical Shuttle; of course, there is a charge though.

Rideshare or Taxi Option to Disney Paris Resort from the airport

Cost: estimate 60-130 euros

The other option is to hire a taxi or uber to take you from the airport to Disney park, but this will be much more expensive than the shuttle option.

Driving from the airport to the Paris Disney Parks

Cost: est 130-250 euros could be more or less depending on the season

The last option is to rent a car and drive from the airport to Disney parks instead; this option gives you the most flexibility but keeps in mind you’ll have to pay for a rental, insurance, and parking at the Disneyland Paris Resort parking facilities. A popular rental company to use would be the Avis Rent a Car rental company; this car rental company paired up with Disneyland Paris for extra perks for Disney Park guests, such as a special discount.

How to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris

Disneyland Paris Express

Cost: Purchase when buying Disneyland Tickets, est starting price from 133 Euros per adult

If you can’t get enough of Disney, then using the Disneyland Paris Express option might just be the extra dose of Disney magic that you need, of course, with Disney prices ☺️. Tickets can be purchased on the official website and in select hotels in Paris.

The great news is the Disneyland Paris Express runs from popular stations around Paris, such as the Gare du Nord, Near the Eiffel Tower, Opéra, and the Châtelet.

Arrival Times:

*Estimate and subject to change per Disney Paris park needs without notice*

  • Gare du Nord: 8:15 AM
  • Near the Eiffel Tower: 8:30 AM
  • Opéra: 8:35 AM
  • Châtelet: 8:55 AM

Departure Time From The Park: 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm, depending on park closing time

Also, remember that you want to arrive at least 15 minutes before your pick-up time to allow room for boarding and early arrivals. The Express bus is offered in both English and French, and there are various languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese available for practical information.

Disneyland Paris Parc by Train

Reaching Disneyland Paris via the Train is the way we chose to go, being as we were poor college students who had to save as much money as possible 😆. No, but really, the train option to Disneyland Parc is a great way to get there on a budget. It’s also really easy to use, and when you enter from any of the main stations, you’ll see a map of the routes the trains go so that you won’t feel totally lost.

Worst case scenario, you can ask the helpful french police, who are likely in the tunnels anyways, we actually had to do this ourselves, and the police were very helpful on what type of pass we had to buy and what train to get. ☺️

Disneyland Paris Resort by Car

If you are renting a car, then make sure you choose wisely! Rentals can be expensive, and let’s not even start with parking in Paris 😆. However, if you are just using the rental for visiting the park and for countryside excursions, then you’ll be fine. We recommend renting with Avis rent, a car company; they paired up with Disneyland Paris and offered great discounts if you have tickets for the park!

Disneyland Paris castle at night

When to visit Disneyland Paris

Planning the best time to visit Disneyland Paris? Don’t worry. We took forever trying to figure out when was the best time to visit Paris Disneyland, and we are glad we did. In our opinion the best time to visit will depend on what you prefer, do you want to experience great weather but also large crowds? Do you want to have low crowds but possibly rainy weather? Do you prefer visiting during summer vacation, spring break, and winter vacation when the kids have time off too?

Well, depending on your answer, your best time to visit the park will vary compared to yours. Still, there are some things to note when visiting the popular french park.

Will you be traveling with the kids while visiting Disneyland Paris Resort?

Choose Weekdays such as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

If so, traveling during popular break times might be your only option. Thus, you’ll want to be smart about what days you choose to go during these popular school break times. We urge you to choose weekdays for your park visiting days. The reason is that while it will be busy, it won’t be busy as during the weekends when parents free up and start taking their own kids during their day off.

Disneyland Paris Planning during the summer?

Choose the End of summer and early summer.

While summer months are the most popular times to visit, we still get the reason why most would want to visit during these times. However, what we would say is to choose early summer when kids are not done with school yet, or choose the end of summer.

We chose the end of summer, and when we went, thankfully, it was not too busy for us. The park was busy, but we could still ride all the rides without waiting for hours in long ride queues. Plus, early summer and the end of summer will have better weather; it won’t be too hot!

Love the idea of spending the holidays in Disneyland Paris?

Choose: Dont even think about weekends or break times. Instead, opt for a weekday 😎

If your goal is to visit Disneyland Paris during the holiday season, then be forewarned it gets very busy for all the Disney parks during the festive holiday seasons. With good reason! The Disney parks always put on a goods show, and the whole package of decorations, yummy limited edition treats, fun rides, and cool shows just make it such a great time to visit.

Pretty much anytime you visit will be busy when visiting during the fall season to the winter season. Still, if you look at the previous year’s crowd calendars and choose a weekday, then you can plan this strategically.

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What is the weather like at Disneyland Paris?

Paris, France, is a colder region compared to the hot and sunny areas where Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World are located. Still, if you’re looking for a Disneyland Park that offers the beauty of each season, then Disneyland Paris is one of the few Disney parks to do so.

This brings us to the seasons and varying weather of Disneyland Paris.

Winter in Disneyland Paris:

During the winter, Paris is not terribly cold, but the wet weather really makes it feel colder than it is. The highs and lows are typically between 35 degrees and 47 degrees, and each winter month might have around nine days of rain, so you have a good chance of catching a rainy day. So we recommend bringing a warm jacket, gloves, jeans, and a poncho for safe measures.

Spring in Disneyland Paris:

Ahh, the perfect time to visit Disneyland Paris has got to be springtime with beautiful weather and lower crowds; the springtime season in France is beautiful with the peaking of flowers, mild weather, and beautiful days that grow longer by the end of the season. Typically the weather will be around 39 degrees to 67 degrees, and you’ll still have a good chance of rain within 8-9 days.

Summer In Disneyland Paris:

Spending summer in Paris will already be packed with crowds, but now you have to deal with hot weather too! Such joy 🙄. Although, Paris’s definition of hot weather is very mild compared to other parts of the world, with highs peaking at 77 degrees and lows in the 50s. Go ahead and wear your typical hot girl summer attire in good taste; of course, there are kids, lol. to lie on the safe side, we say pack a poncho; Paris is over a wetter region than other Disney parks, so we always urge bringing a poncho or umbrella.

Fall in Disneyland Paris:

Depending on what part of the fall season you’ll be visiting the Disney Paris parks, you might have mild summer weather in the mornings and slightly cold fall weather in the evenings. While if you visit during the end of the fall season, that crisp fall-season weather will be replaced with chilly winter days and long nights. The average temp during this time of the year is met with lows of the 40s to highs of the 70s as well as an increasing amount of rainy days from 7-9 days typically.

We recommend you pack jeans or leggings for the day; a sweater and light jacket should do the trick, and on the safe side, pack a poncho.

Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Madeleines

Disneyland Paris Dining Overview

Okay, we know Disneyland Paris has a bad rep for dining, especially when you start considering dinner options 👀. However, we like to say don’t go to any theme park with the expectation of a 5-star meal; it’s just not going to happen. If you expect fine dining restaurant quality food when dining at any park, then you are sure to be disappointed.

Besides, what we love most about Disney parks is their special effort to make every meal, sweet treat, drink, and snack taste great while also being fun. We know theme park food isn’t going to be drool-worthy 100% of the time, although we have had a ton of great food at Disneyland parks!

If you plan on dining in Disneyland Paris, we recommend trying to have dinner at Disney Village; there are some great food places available when you’re on a budget, such as

Pack some snacks for a day at Paris Disneyland

As we mentioned above, Paris Disneyland is perfect for many things, but if you are planning on

Anyways, you will want to pack a lunch if you are a picky eater or trying to save some money. We recommend a sandwich and small snacks like granola bars, chips, and crackers, and don’t forget to bring water! Just keep in mind all of your items will need to fit in your bags for easy carrying, also because you can’t bring an ice chest or picnic baskets (darn).

Don't make the same mistakes we did when we went to Paris for the first time 😆, Read our guide on the Best Paris Travel Tips, so you're better prepared than we were  👍🏻. 

Where to stay while visiting Disneyland Paris

Should you stay in Paris or near Disneyland Paris?

This is a tough one, but it will entirely depend on whether you decide to make Disneyland Paris your focal point of the trip or if making Paris your priority is more important.

We were backpacking Europe when we went, so we wanted to stay in a budget-friendly place and have access to great transportation options that could take us around Paris and to nearby cities if needed. Which is why we chose to stay in Paris. Instead, we also only visited Disneyland Paris for one day, Although we were there from opening to closing, so it was a long day, lol.

If, on the other hand, you plan on visiting Disneyland Paris for a longer amount of time, or have little ones, then we would suggest staying near Disneyland Paris resort. There is a brilliant selection of hotels that are on Disney property or absolutely splendid and even off-property hotels.

Disneyland Paris Resort hotels vs. off-property hotels?

If you have the budget for it, then we say opt for Disneyland Paris Resort Hotels because the added Disney touches and local proximity to the parks are great bonuses and selling points. You can choose from 5 Paris Disney hotels, each with its own special theme, plus an off-resort property cabin experience!

We will list below the Disney Paris hotels you can stay at 👇

Disneyland Hotel


The Disneyland Hotel is the nicest hotel that paris Disney offers. However, it is currently closed for its complete remodel that will include royal additions and your favorite disne characters 👀

Disney Hotel New York: The Art Of Marvel


Probably the most famous hotel that Disneyland Paris offers is this new york style one with a new addition of Marvel heroes! This hotel was recently renovated in 2021, and they added in the complete overhaul of marvel pieces and character appearances to really give this hotel a complete 180.

Disney Newport Bay Club


Now, this hotel is nice, with a bayside view of the water, and recently renovated back in 2016; it’s no wonder why this upper-scale Disney hotel is so popular. We plan on staying in this hotel after we try out Disney Hotel New York: The art of marvel and Disney Hotel Sante Fe. Because it has a great mixture of Disney character experiences with appearances from Donald Duck and friends ☺️.

Disney Sequoia Lodge


The Sequoia lodge gives us grand california hotel vibes but is less upscale. We honestly dont mind that, though, plus with the added bonus of a classic childhood edition *cough* Bambi *cough*, it just makes it so much more special than a typical Ritsy Hotel.

Disney Hotel Cheyenne


Toy Story fans, you love this hotel! It’s decorated with a western theme, and you’ll see special characters such as Woody and Jesse!

Disney Hotel Sante Fe


I wish we had something like this back in the states; we definitely want to stay at this hotel or the Marvel one next time we visit Disneyland Paris because who else doesn’t love Cars? This Hotel is themed after Cars the movie, so it’s so cute! If you have little ones, we definitely recommend this hotel!

Disney Davey Crockett Ranch

*cabin experience, so no stars to report*

Looking for a more cozy get-up? Then look no further because these cute cabins define cozy ☺️. The only drawback to staying at these amazing cabins is you’ll need a rental to reach the Disneyland parks.

Disneyland Paris its a small world ride

Disneyland Paris Trip Tips

Get the Disneyland Paris App

The first thing you should do when even considering booking a trip to Paris Disneyland is to get the Disneyland Paris App! Like the other Disneyland apps for the parks around the world. They are super helpful, and the Paris version is no different in that regard. We love using the app for planning our day around short and long ride queues.

Also, it’s perfect for figuring out what tasty treats you want to try next, from delicious popcorn at the many and, wow, do we mean many, popcorn stands. Enjoy a yummy nutella crepe; yes, you have to try it! Or go around and take a chance at random tasty treats around the park and Disney Village.

How to ride more rides at Paris Disneyland park?

Have kids? Don’t forget about the rider switch

Probably one of the best things that Disney made available for parents is the ability to switch kids and parents at the ride checkpoints. This ability means you dont have to wait on the sidelines with the baby while your partner and kids ride the rides! You can simply wait at the ride switch point and then switch with one of your party members after they get off the ride, and then they can watch the little ones 😎.

Please use this system; it can make a world of difference to you! We always feel sad when we see a lonely parent waiting on the sidelines, and they never get a chance to ride the rides. Of course, some do that on purpose, but some dont know about the rider switch program. Which, by the way, is also available at universal studios 👀

Utilize single-rider lines on your Disneyland Paris Trip!

You’ve probably seen people zoom by you while you’re waiting in that never-ending ride queue; chances are, if it’s not premier access, it’s most likely the single-riders line queue. This ride queue can shave off hours of waiting in line! If you and your party are okay with riding separately, then we definitely recommend this option! Just keep in mind they really do make you ride separately, so dont bank on getting lucky.

That wraps up our Paris Disneyland Park Planning Guide! We hope you gathered a few valuable tips from us and let us know how they helped you by leaving a comment below! Plus, if you love all things, Disney, read our other Disney guides! We have many Disney tips on food, Disney parks, rides, and more!

Disneyland Paris Guide FAQ

How many days should you plan for Disneyland Paris?

How many nights is enough at Disneyland Paris?

You should plan to stay three hotel nights at Disneyland Paris Hotels; this allows enough time to visit Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios, and Disney Village.

Are four nights enough for Disneyland Paris?

Spending four nights is more than enough to explore Disneyland Paris; these many days will allow you. to spend multiple days at the parks and visit Disney village at a good pace without feeling rushed.

Is it worth going to both parks in Disneyland Paris?

Yes! We totally recommend visiting both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios; each park offers a different experience, and you’ll love both takes on the new and old of Disney.

How much roughly is a trip to Disneyland Paris?

A typical trip to Disneyland Paris can range from as low as 150 a day, including food, transportation, and a parking ticket. Or it can be as high as 300-500 or even more a day when including Disneyland Paris Hotels.

How to plan Paris Disneyland?

Research off-property hotels vs. on-property hotels, decide how many days you’ll need to visit, and then design a game plan for rides and food.

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