The Ultimate Disney Cruise Packing List: What Not To Bring And What You Need To Bring For A Disney Cruise Vacation!

So you booked your trip for a specially magical Disney Cruise. However, you have no clue what a disney cruise packing list even looks like! What does someone bring to a Disney cruise? How is packing for a cruise different than packing for Disneyland or Walt Disney world? You are probably wondering why can’t you just pack like you usually do for a trip abroad or a road trip.

This is a huge mistake though, Packing for a theme park or cruise requires a much more thoughtfully planned packing list. A trip on a cruise will be more relaxed but will require more things since you can’t just head to the nearby Target like you would if you forgot something for Disneyland.

This post is all about what you should bring when going on a Disney cruise! We uncover the things Disney does not want you to bring on their cruises, what clothing you can wear and not wear, a Disney cruise packing guide, and more!

Disney cruise packing list: Bring a sunhat like this girl whos looking over the sea and wearing a white sunhat and white cover-up
Woman on a cruise © BraunS Via

What can you not bring on a Disney Cruise?

*Keep in mind territorial laws in the sea, entering different regions means different laws and rules*

*Do not break the cruise ship rules, you can be denied entry, or if caught on board with any of these ties can be subject to large penalties and severe legal penalties*

*Keep in mind that Disney reserves the right to inspect bags, equipment, clothing, and persons and reserves the right to deny entry of products or persons*

  • Firearms
  • toys that look like firearms or weapons, firearms replicas, firearm parts
    • exception Disney light sabers
    • exception plastic toy pirate swords
    • exception plastic thor hammers’
  • bb gun, pellets, potatoes, gun, air gun, water gun, slingshot, bow, and arrow,
  • diving stuff, tanks, spears, spear gun, dive knives, pry bars, underwater scooters
  • emergency position indicating radio beacons, communication scanners, wide band receivers (well there goes my backup plan)
  • flammable liquids, combustibles
  • knives, straight razors
  • lasers
  • safety products such as paper spray, mace, restraining devices, handcuffs, tasers, stun guns
  • scissors longer than 4 inches must have bunt ends
  • alcoholic beverages
  • agricultural items (flower,s plant seeds, perishables)
  • aquatic items
    • boogie boards
    • inflatable floats
    • inflatable pools
    • pool noodles
    • fats
    • surfboards
    • wave boards
  • Balloons and kites
  • candles and incense, burning bundles (sorry you won’t be able to sage your room of bad vibes)
  • Coolers or ice chests larger than 12x12x12 – will be considered carry-ons
  • Electrical appliances and components, really making sure you cant save money by cooking lol jk is probably for safety reasons ?
    • Blenders
    • bottle sterilizers and warmers (they do have some on board in unlimited quantities)
    • coffee makers (cries internally)
    • diffusers
    • electrical blankets (we all know cruise ship sheets suck)
    • electric irons and steamers
    • extension cords, power strips, surge protectors
    • heating pads
    • hot plates
    • microwaves ovens
    • rice cookers
    • seasonal light bulb strings think fairy lights
  • Exceptions for electrical appliances
    • curling irons
    • flat irons
    • hair dryers
    • shavers
    • baby monitors – inspected
    • humidifiers – inspected
    • portable fans – inspected
    • white noise/sleep machine – inspected
  • ham radios
  • metal detectors
  • streaming devices think Roku, apple tv, amazon fire stick, Google Chromecast, etc
  • hookah pipes
  • illegal substances
  • marijuana – even if it’s medical prescribed
  • cannabis products
  • hookah and hookah pipes
  • inflatable mattresses
  • musical instruments
  • over the door organizers
  • pets
  • power tools, hands tools, tool boxes
  • remote-controlled devices such as drones, toys, etc
  • sporting equipment, except golf clubs, baseball basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and volleyball balls.
  • wheeled equipment and transportation:
    • bicycles
    • hoverboards
    • scaketbaords
    • scooters
    • skates
    • wagons
    • footwear with wheels

Disney cruise packing list

The fun part! We finally get to go over our must-haves for our Disney cruise packing list!

Dining dress codes for 3-night, 4-night, and 7-night cruises

3-night cruises:

  • Casual night – can wear pretty much anything but swimwear and tank tops
  • pirate night themed deck party- dress like your favorite pirate! cough cough jack sparrow ?
  • Optional dress-up night – dresses or pantsuits for women and men wear a jacket with their outfits

4-night cruises:

  • casual night x 2- no swimwear or tank tops
  • pirate night-themed deck party – you know what to do
  • optional dress-up night – dresses or pantsuits for women and men can wear a jacket to complete their look

7-night cruises:

  • 4 cruise casual nights – no swimsuits and no tank tops
  • pirate night themed deck party – RRRRRRR
  • formal cruise night – dresses and suits, ladies and gents
  • semi formal cruise night – casual dresses, blouses, skirts, pantsuits, jackets and dress pants, etc.

Depending on the length of your cruise there will be different dining experiences, we’ll list the most common themes below and you can pack accordingly based on the tips we give.

Disney Cruise Packing List: Summer/Hot destinations!



Swimsuit and cover-up

Windbreaker/rain jacket


required for entry into various religious places around the world

Long Pants and Shirts that cover the shoulders




Tank tops










What to bring for your beach bag when stopping at various ports during your Disney cruise line


Swimsuit cover-up

Water shoes – sometimes the beaches can have rough sand, rocks or shells

Flip flops

Beach towel or towels provided by Disney cruise

Beach umbrella

change of clothes

portable charger

waterproof phone case


aloe vera

snorkeling gear

beach toys for kids

What to bring for your day bag for Disney cruise destination ports

flexible and lightweight day bag: We like to bring a flexible bag as it can easily be squished in our luggage when not in use. The Rei day bags or osprey day bags are perfect for this!

Document holder: holds Disney cruise ship documents, passport, and other important travel documents

Portable power bank: We love the Ankor Portable MagSafe chargers for iPhones, but we also use the otter box wireless charging power bank for when we need a bigger charge.

charging wires


Go pro


Cleansing wipes

hand sanitizer

Face mask


Flexible sun hat: It’s nice if this can be folded up and shoved in the bag or if it has strings you can tie it to the outside of the bag when not using it.

Spf Stick: for easy application on the go

Swimsuit cover-up: Can also be used to cover your shoulder in the sun and when entering a religious place

Cash, you never know if the card reader will be down so its good to always carry cash on you

Disney Cruise Packing Guide: Winter or Cold Destinations Attire

Layerable clothes

long sleeves





Close-toed shoes: Examples are: tennis shoes, flats, converse, vans, ankle boots, etc







Long pants

Long sleeves

Poncho/ Umbrella


Formal Wear for Exclusive dining and nights out at the ports

Keep in mind at Disney cruises have various dining experiences: most will be casual cruise attire, while upper-scale dining experiences such as Palo or Remy will require semi-formal or formal attire. This means no t-shirts, shorts, swimwear, sports clothing, etc.

nice untattered jeans

collared shirts


lifestyle shoes: leather shoes, canvas shoes, heels, flats, nice sandals.

semi-formal dresses

formal dresses

nice skirt

Suit or a nice set of pants and top combo

Tie or bowtie

Slacks or other dress pants

The charging equipment and photography stuff You Need for Your Disney Cruise Packing List!

Power bank

Phone charger


Camera charger

Extra battery for the camera

Camera bag

Extra memory cards

You’ll need this if you’re from another country as all power outlets on board are going to be U.S outlet connections.

Travel power adapter: Don’t be that person that finds outs all the outlets are U.S. outlets and be left paying crazy prices for adapters.

Entertainment: Because Despite how fun Disney cruises are…Sometimes you just need your DS.

Portable game console: Dont go lugging your Ps5, but bringing along a portable Gaming console such as a Nintendo Ds would be perfect for keeping kids busy when youre relaxing at the spa.

Games for the console: pretty self-explanatory but we thought it should be added because usually the most obvious items are forgotten when packing for a Disney cruise ?.

Earbuds or headphones: Bringing Headphones is crucial for nighttime snoozing to music and when you want to exercise in peace without being bothered by another guest. Also is perfect when you want to watch a late-night episode of Squid games and the kids are sleeping.

Tablet: Bringing a tablet is a must as it can be extremely versatile, in fact, if you have a surface or iPad with a keyboard you can usually forgo bringing a laptop. However, this all depends on what you use your tablet for. if it’s mainly for entertainment then go for it!

Kindle reader: As much as we love reading actual hardcover books, we just can’t justify bringing along heavy books when we can instead bring along their ebook versions.

Laptop: If you work on the go then you already know that bringing a laptop is usually non-negotiable.

Disney Cruise Packing List: Toiletries and Necessities

Keep in mind, as mentioned by Sarah from, the Disney cruise ship does generously provide refillable toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and body lotion. They also provide a blow dryer per room.

What to include in your skin, hair, and dental care bag for a cruise






Hair ties

Face sheet masks






Nail clippers: No wants ogre’s nails

Face wash: Based on skin type

Face Serums/ Moisturizers: For specific skin type

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash: If you have sensitive skin and hair then you’ll want to bring along your own toiletries and forgo the cruise ship versions.

Sunscreen: SPF for the face we recommend at least 50, and for the body a water-resistant version over 50 as well

Aloe Vera: for sunburns and cooling irritated skin

Baby powder: for chaffing

Thigh Rub Stick: This is amazing for thigh rub! That makes it so that when your thighs rub there is less friction and less irritation

What to bring for kids for a Disney cruise:

Baby Powder: The last thing you want is an angry baby because their skin is chaffing

Baby Wipes: Forumauled for baby skin and perfect for yours if you also have sensitive skin

Breast Milk Pump: If breastfeeding, obviously ?

Baby food and baby snacks

bottle brush

small thing of dish soap

prepackaged snacks



Extra clothes: because kids will always get dirty somehow

Sand toys

Water toys

Kids Wet swimsuits

Kids Swimsuit cover-ups

Kids Costumes: Pirate attire, Mermaid attire, Disney princesses costumes, etc

Formula: No brainer, but if you have children who are on formula, bring an extra just in case.

Kids medicine: Adult medicine is a no for kids, so make sure to bring specific kids’ medications, allergies meds, and an EpiPen if your child has severe allergies. (check with your doctor for recommendations and a checklist)

Sunscreen for kids: Usually sunscreen for kids will sting their eyes less and is made for sensitive skin. Also, dont forget to be reapplying their sunblocks every few hours.

Extra gentle cleansing wipes: Nothing is worse than chapped hands from harsh cleaning wipes, instead choose sensitive skin cleansing wipes as they are moisturizing cleansing.

Medications and other useful products For Your Disney Cruise Vacation Travel Bag

Keep in mind you’ll be on the water for a length of time and won’t be able to go to land unless your cruise ship makes a pitstop along the way. While the cruise ships will have the most common items, it’s a good idea to bring your own because the prices are insane.

First aid kit: While the Disney cruise ship will have medical aid kits, it’s still a good idea to bring your own of the following and others that fit your needs.


Motion sickness pills or motion sickness patches

Sleep aid

antacid: tums and pepto-bismoil


beano for bloating






feminine products

blister treatment

spare a set of prescription lenses and bring your glasses just in cases

You’ll need these if traveling outside the U.S

Important documents: ID, Passport, covid documentation, and children’s birth certificate


Both U.S currency and currency for your cruise destination

The best way to stick to a budget, limit yourself to a certain amount each day.

Debit/Credit Card

Best for emergencies

Gain miles if using a travel card

Disney Cruise Essentials

Water bottles: believe it or not, there is no free water on the cruise ?

*Looking for more info? We checked the Disney Cruise Website and this is what they said*

Lanyard for holding documents: Super important to bring a lanyard as it will hold your pass for the room and is also your charging card for buying stuff.

Old gift card: This can be used to keep the power on in your room, and you won’t risk losing your key to

Costumes: Disney cruises have themed dinners such as the pirate-themed dining experience. Kids and adults can both dress up as pirates! There’s also a marvel cruise theme, and everyone can dress up like their favorite Marvel superheroes! Just make sure you dont have any fake weapons, real weapons (obviously), and nothing obstructs your face.

waterproof phone bag or case: This is perfect when relaxing at the pool, or when at the castaway cay cruise destination.

life straw: You never know when you won’t have access to clean water

Packing cubes: These are perfect for squishing everything you want in organized compartments.

Luggage: Keep in mind you can bring a carry-on and checked luggage. the checked luggage will be stowed until later in the evening when you first embark on the cruise. This is why we mentioned the next tip ?

Embarkation bag aka carry-on bag: Pack a change of clothes, swimsuit, quick-dry towel, SPF, sanitizer, cleansing wipes makeup/skincare, medication, pen, identification papers, port arrival form, covid documentation, portable charger, and extra face mask, Since your checked bag will be stowed.

Disney Stuff: Mickey ears, Disney clothing, etc

Door Decor: Okay this isn’t a requirement or necessity but you can buy i advance disney magnets to decorate your door! it also helps on those long nights when you are tired and need help finding your room since your room will be decorated =)

Ziplock bags: You never know when you’ll need one

Work out Clothes: You never know when you’ll want to go for a jog =)

Collapsible hamper: there are self-service laundry rooms so having your hamper will help when lugging laundry around.

Wine or beer? If you like to drink wine or sip on a beer, then you’ll be happy to hear that each adult over 21 can bring a 6-pack of beer or 2 bottles of wine for each port, and at the embankment.

corkscrew: You can drink your wine in the cruise room, or pay a corkage fee at the dining places.

Disney Cruise Vacation Packing List

That wraps up our post for all things you’ll want to know and pack for your upcoming Disney cruise vacation! We hope you enjoyed this post and found it to be helpful in planning your trip! If you love all things Disney then make sure to read some of our other Disney posts ☺️

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