La Push Beach | The Perfect Guide For Exploring The First Beach!

The famous catchphrase “Its La Pushy Baby” from Twilight is usually what people think of when they haven’t heard about the lowkey La Push Beach. While considered one of the underrated scenic beaches in Washington, we do recommend visiting this stormy beach to get away from your hectic lifestyle and enjoy the scenery of nature across the sandy shores.

La push offers a little of everything for all travelers, whether you love outdoor activities such as surfing waves, kayaking, swimming, kite flying, hiking through the forest, or love relaxing on a sandy beach and unplugging from technology, the La Push beaches are the place for you!

While La Push has grown in popularity with visitors due to the Twilight series, we do want to stress the importance of following local tribal laws as the first beach is located on the Quileute tribe reservation. Thus, you’ll want to be prepared with proper etiquette. We also made sure to cover places to stay, places to eat, and the best things to do while visiting this secluded country town and beach.

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Commonly asked questions for La push beach

Can anyone go to La Push Beach?

La Push beach originally was a private beach that wasn’t meant for wandering tourists, but over the years it became more popular, especially with the Twilight reference. Now anyone can visit the first beach, second beach, and third beach all situated on the Quileute reservation. Just make sure to be respectful of the reservation grounds and always leave the beach better than how you found it.

Is La Push beach Washington a real place?

La Push beach Washington is very much a real place but the true name of this popular beach is actually the first beach, situated on the Quileute reservation on the pacific northwest coastline.

Is La Push worth visiting?

While there are so many great places to visit in Washington, we especially recommend visiting the sandy beach La Push because it’s an excellent tourist destination for those wishing to capture beautiful visuals of the rough and cold waters of the pacific coastline. Take a moment to relax in a low-key coastal town environment, and hike nearby trails that are abundant in this region of Washington.

What tribe is in La Push WA?

The tribe that calls La Push home is the Quileutes tribe and their reservation is where the three beaches: First beach, second beach, and third beach are all situated. Their tribe has called this place home for over hundreds of years.

Is the First beach in Washington open?

Yes, the scenic beach La Push is open for tourists to visit year-round but keep in mind this beach is situated in a cold region and gets very chilly during the fall and winter season. We do not recommend swimming or water sports during these seasons.

La Push beach

Is First beach La Push closed?

Nope, as of summer 2022, you are welcome to visit at any time you would like. If you’re planning to visit during the colder season, check for closures and openings at the Quileute Nation Website.

Can you camp on First beach La Push?

Yes, you can camp on the first beach, there are campsite and Rv sites available in the area. If you’re not a camper, then there are waterfront cabins to rent for your stay. We love that these are so remote and there is no access to wifi or tv, it really lets you unplug from the tech world and relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Is La Push part of the Olympic National Park?

La push is located on the Olympic Peninsula, which makes it a part of the Olympic national park. If you’re visiting the Olympic national park, we recommend making a quick stop at Forks to experience some Twilight vibes!

What beach is La Push in Twilight?

Technically La Push is a Washington beach that is located near Forks Washington and on the Olympic coastline. However, the movie references the name and location of the beach but films the Oregon beach known as Canon beach.

The infamous large rock you see in the movies is actually that of Canon beach. If you’re traveling along the coastline you should definitely make a stop at Canon as it’s a beautiful beach!

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How to Get to La Push Beach

Seattle To La Push Beach

Route 1:

Time: est 3 hours and 44 minutes

Mileage: est 153 miles

Type: Driving and Ferry Route

Coming from Seattle you can head north on I5 and head towards Edmonds Washington. There is a Ferry station in this city and you’ll hop on to get dropped off at Kingston Ferry station. From there head on to NE State Highway 104, then get on US 101, then get on highway 110 to bring you to La Push Washington.

All in all, this is a pretty easy road trip from Seattle, so enjoy the drive and scenery.

Route 2:

Time: est 4 hours and 10 minutes

Mileage: est 226 miles

Type: Driving and Avoiding Ferry

Coming from Seattle you can head Southbound on I5 for 60 miles, then hop off US 101, Merge onto SR-8 for almost 6 miles, and then get on US-12 for 11 miles., get off on Wynooche valley rd and turn GPS on because this part of the drive requires making changes every 5-9 miles. Eventually, you’ll find yourself on US 101 and be able to take this for 90sh miles up Highway 110 and follow the signs to get to La Push.

It’s pretty easy to get to La push and other Washington beaches when living in Western Washington, what can we say we are spoiled.

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La Push Beach aka First Beach History

Quileute Indian Reservation Etittiequet

Rules and Ettitquete from Quileute Tribe

  • Burial grounds are off limits to the public, so please do not attempt to trespass on their sacred land
  • Ceremonies and teachings are private and are only meant for the Quileute tribe.
  • Do not remove artifacts, or natural parts of the land such as rocks, sand, debris, driftwood, etc.
  • Do not bother the marine life
  • Follow all signage and rules
  • Respect the privacy of residents
  • Do not photograph anyone or any event without permission
La Push Welcome Sign

Where to stay at La Push Beach Washington

Waterfront Cabins

  • Quileute Oceanside Resort – This cozy ocean view resort is located a 10-minute walk from the first beach shore.


  • 3 Rivers Resort and Guide Service –
  • Lake Quinault Lodge –
☀️ Book your stay at Quillayute River Resort! This small and homey Resort is located pretty close to the Quillayute River!

Campsite and Rv Parking:

Mora Campgrounds – This campground operates on a reservation system from June 6th, 2022- September 21, 2022. It’s located on the western coast of the Olympic National forest park, it’s situated very close to the nearby Quillayute river.

Riverview Rv Park – THis Rv park just opened on march 1st 2022, and offers 28 spaces for RVs, has a shower and restroom facility, laundry services, and other necessary services you’ll need when RV camping.

3 rivers dining in La Push washington

Where to eat at the First Beach in Washington

Rivers Edge Restaurant: The one and only restaurant in La Push Washington. This small town restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the menu offerings include Indian fry bread, fish hash, steak, pasta, and other items.

Everyone raves about the Indian Fry Bread so make sure to consider giving it a try!

Three rivers resort restaurant: If you love delicious burgers with mouth-watering toppings then make sure to stop at this restaurant! It features a juicy burger called the werewolf burger that is named after the twilight series! This place is located closer to the Quillayute airport, the orchard at three rivers, and Jacob black’s vacation rental.

La Push Beach

Things to do in La Push Beach

Explore La Push Beach: La Push beach is a beach nonetheless, which means you can do typical beach activities, such as sand castle building, relaxing in the sun, and admiring the marine life from afar. Just keep in mind this beach is a little colder than other west coast beaches so dress appropriately.

Learn about the Off Limits James Island: James island is off limits to tourist and non-Quileute tribe members, but that doesn’t mean you want to wonder and gaze at it from afar. This peculiar island was said to be the home of a light housekeeper who was a friend of the Quileute tribe once upon time a go. Now, the spot is off limits to visitors, so stick to the shores when admiring this mysterious land.

La Push Dining 3 rivers: sign says No Vampires Beyond this point

Take a trip to Forks: No trip is complete without a spur of moment forks day trip, when you’re done and have your fill of la push head on over to Forks Washington

Watch Sea lions and Discover Tide pools: La Push has a ton of sea lions that like to chill and relax on the beach, make sure not to bother them as one it’s rude and two its illegal, and the Quileute tribe has the right to ask you to leave or fine you.

You’ll also see tide pools spread across the beach, especially the farther along the paths you go, be mindful of nearby marine life as they frequent these areas often.

Enjoy storm watching: During the fall and winter, the beach isn’t safe for water activities, but don’t let that stop you because La Push has beautiful storms that people come to the sandy shores to see.

Have fun with water sports! La Push is the perfect place to go swimming, catch some waves and go surfing or boogie boarding, or rent a kayak and go kayaking! Whatever you choose, always practice caution and obey signs and laws.

That wraps up our post on all the things you’ll want to know about La Push Beach before you visit! If you plan on exploring more of the pacific northwest then make sure to read our other post so you can plan the perfect PNW Itinerary!

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