19+ Disney Characters That Start With Z, That Will Surprise You!

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Looking for Disney Characters That Start With Z? Honestly, don’t feel too bad, I had to take a moment to ponder how many Disney Characters With Z Names there are and it took a bit of digging to find as many as I did for this Disney Names List. Which is crazy because I love Disney and even I had a hard time finding all the Z Names that I did.

You’ll be surprised with just how many Disney Z characters that play minor roles or major roles in the Disney Franchise, so let’s get started!

This post is all about the Disney Characters That Start With The Letter Z, I made sure to try to keep it mainly Disney Animations, but there are a few Disney Channel Characters and Disney Movies that have Z Names too!

Disney characters that start with Z

Quick List For Which Disney Characters Start With Z!

  1. Zeb Zoober from The Country Bears
  2. Zarina From Pirate Fairy
  3. Zini From Dinosaur
  4. Zazu From Lion King
  5. Zap From Lilo and Stitch:
  6. Zelda From Fox and Hound
  7. Zangief From Wreck it Ralph
  8. Professor Z Zundapp cars 2
  9. Zephyr From the hunchback of notre dame 2
  10. Ziggy From the Jungle book
  11. Zan Owlson From Ducktales Series
  12. Zira From Lion King 2
  13. Zed from Planes
  14. Zero From The Nightmare before christmas
  15. Zipper From Dale n Chip Rescue Rangers
  16. Zombie From Wreck it Ralph
  17. Zeus From Hercules
  18. Zuzo of Elena and the secret of avalor
  19. Zugor From Tarzan 2
  20. Zurg From Toy Story

19+ Disney Characters Starting With Z

That You Should Know About!

I went and gathered all the Disney Animated Characters Whose Names Start With Z! You may not recognize some of these characters as they are either pretty retro or minor characters in Disney Movies and Disney Shows.

Zeb Zoober From The Country Bears

“Guys, even if I wanted to leave town, I couldn’t. I owe Cha Cha over there a lot of money.”

Zed Zoober

Starting off our list we have Zeb Zoober from the Country Bears Band, his role in the iconic film is a noteworthy one as he is totally addicted to honey and loves playing the Fiddle! I mean who wouldn’t be! He also is one of the only ones who actually wanted to get their country bears band back together, but his reasons may be a little sus as he owed the bar lady.

Zarina From Pirate Fairy

 “If you give it to me, I’ll give you quarter.”


If you aren’t familiar with the “The Pirate Fairy” its a really cute Disney film about Tinkerbell and friends and the apparent antagonist Zarina who is the Pirate Fairy.

Zarina originally was the Dust keeper at Pixie hollow, but due to to her natural curiosity with Pixie dust and her rather unorthodox experiments that end up going haywire, she eventually gets booted from Pixie hollow. It’s then that she renounces pixie hollow and joins a group of pirates and becomes the pirate fairy.

While she may seem like a true antagonist, she eventually becomes good again and helps Tinker Bell and the fairies restore the Blue Pixie Dust that she originally stole for the pirates and returns back home to Pixie hollow tree and opens Pixie Dust Alchemy.

Zini From Dinosaur

“I’m a raging epidemic of romance”


Zini the funny lemur that stars in Dinosaur as a supporting character is by far one of my favorite Z name Disney Characters! Zini is totally funny and his consistent fails with the girl lemurs makes him so relatable for those of us that have no dating skills.

Zazu is a Disney name that starts with z

Zazu From Lion King

” Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?”

Zazu The Lion King

Zazu is a red-billed hornbill and is probably one of the most popular Disney Characters with a name that starts with Z. Zazu stars in the famous Movie Lion King and is what you call the teachers pet and he’s super by the books when it comes to serving as the royal advisor for the pride lands. Although you would think that because of his job role that he would be a tiny bit more patient, especially with Simba.

But Zazu does get a taste of his own medicine time to time from either Mufasa, Scar or Simba teasing him. It’s no wonder why everyone teases Zazu, from his uptight personality, angry outburst, and small stature it’s pretty easy to pick on him from a Lions perspective.

Zap aka Experiment 603 From Lilo and Stitch Franchise

You would think that Jumba would have stopped after hundreds of experiments, but nope he got all the way to 626 the iconic Stitch, and before him came the yellow lazer bolt creature known as Zap or experiment 603. Also, he has no limbs! If anything Zap reminds me of a cute yellow ghost, if ghost could have laser beams.

Zelda From Fox and the Hound 2

Zelda stars in the sequel to Fox and the hound, and while Zelda the cat may play a minor role in the animated film Fox and the Hound 2, she still is a noteworthy z name character. She stands by Dixie, especially seeing Dixie’s pain when she was fired the group she was with.

Because of this Zelda does her best to help her friend Dixie after she gets fired from her gig with the singin’ strays. However, the whole eating peanut butter sabotage is just mean and I’m glad Dixies plan was ruined in Fox and the Hound 2.

Zangief From Wreck it Ralph

Zangief the Russian wrestling fighter may be a splitter because originally he is from Street Fighter II, but then stars in Wreck it Ralph. Since his name starts with Z and he is a character in The Disney Film, he deserves a spot on this list, especially because while he seems like a bad guy but isn’t really a villain in the film.

Professor Z aka Professor Zündapp From Cars 2

If you have seen Cars 2, then you who this villain is! Professor Z is one of the mastermind behind the Greedy Lemons and created the EMP weapon. He also is seen countless times throughout the movie trying to destroy Lightning Mcqueen and Tow Mater!

Zephyr From Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

Zephyr is the son of Esmeralda and Phoebus from the original Hunchback of Notre Dame. This kind hearted boy is just like his parents and he doesn’t care about how Quasimodo looks and befriends him.

Ziggy From The Jungle Book

Ziggy plays a minor character in the movie the Jungle Book, he stars as one of the four vultures in the stacked quartet that meet Mowgli.

Zan Owlson From Ducktales Series

Zan Owlson is the clever businesswoman who takes over the Glomgold industries, she eventually becomes mayor after leaving the industry.

Zira From Lion King 2

Zira serves at the main antagonist and is the leader of the outsiders in the second installment of the Lion King. She is the mother of Kovu, Nuka, and Vitani. She is a fierce follower of Scar, and because of this despises simba and his pride clan, and more specifically Kiara who is Kovu’s love interest in Lion King 2.

Zira is fiercely loyal to Scar, one because he was their leader of the outcast and he took care of them when he was the leader of the pride lands. But also because he chose Kovu to be his heir for the pride lands.

Zed From Planes

Zed is one of the characters from disney who start with z and is one of the antagonist from the film Planes, who try to help ripslinger with disqualifying Dusty from the wings around the globe competition!

Zero is a popular Z name disney character

Zero From Nightmare Before Christmas

Zero is probably one of the most famous animals from a Disney Show or film. This loyal ghost dog is the trusty sidekick of Jack Skellington. Zero stars alongside Jack and Sally in the original film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Zipper From Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

This cute green fly is from the Disney cartoon series Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, Zipper is a cute little bug that shows that flies can be both brave and friendly and his loyalty is beyond compare. One thing that is makes Zipper unique is he doesn’t actually speak in the show, he makes noises instead.

Zombie From Wreck It Ralph

Zombie is part of Bad-Anon Villains group which he shares with a fellow z name character Zangief!

Zombie, is literally a zombie and he carries around hatchets in the film

Zeus From Hercules

“For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

Zeus – Hercules Movie

Everyone knows this famous Z Name Disney Character from the iconic movie Hercules! Zeus is not only the mighty ruler of the other gods who reside at Mount Olympus, he is also Hercules father and is Hades brother! Yikes talk about family drama. Although I wouldn’t want to be on Zeus’s bad side, Zeus can control thunder after all.

Zuzo of Elena and the Secret of Avalor

Zuzo is a cute minty green spirit fox that stars in the film Elena of Avalor. Zuzu helps Elena by guiding her through the complex spirit world and human world.

Zugor From Tarzan II

Zugor is the cranky but living in solitude old hermit ape in the far reaches of the jungle. He meets young Tarzan and eventually has a soft spot for Tarzan and takes him under his wing due to Tarzan also feeling like an outcast as the sole young boy in family of apes.

Zurg is a disney character with a z name

Zurg from Toy Story 2

“Evil Rules!”


Zurg or Emperor Zurg is the nemesis of Buzz Lightyear and the Galactic Alliance and he serves as a wickedly evil villain in Lightyear the series. However, who is Zurg? Is he Buzz Lightyear’s father or is he someone else 👀.

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Disney Z Names FAQ

Who is the most popular Disney Z Name Character?

The most popular Disney Z name character is a tie between Zero from nightmare before christmas and Zazu from the Lion King.

Who is the least known Disney Character with a z name?

The least popular z name character would be Ziggy from the Jungle Book

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