29+ Disney Characters That Start With Y, That Only Huge Disney Fans Know!

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Wondering about all Disney Characters that start with y? Same, I started thinking about the Disney Y Names that I could come up with at the top of my head and I was surprised that it was far less than what actually existed!

I’m a huge Disney Fan so knowing all the Disney Names That Start with Y is super important for me. That’s why I went and searched for who are the all the Disney Characters Starting with Y. I combed through Disney Shows, Disney Movies, Disney Classics, and Projects that Disney took over!

So behold this huge list of Disney Characters that all start with Y! I also listed some cool quotes and where they are from. So you have something to remember them by.

Quick List Of Disney Characters Starting With Y

I know a ton of you are in a hurry, so I like to include a quick list that goes over every character that starts with Y. This makes it easy for you to get a quick snippet of who and where the Disney Y names came from.

  1. Yar from Dinosaur
  2. Yatta from the Emperor’s New School
  3. Yodel from Snow Dogs
  4. Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove
  5. Yama from Big Hero 6
  6. Yesss from Ralph Breaks the Internet
  7. Yao from Mulan
  8. Yupi from the Emperor’s new groove
  9. Yokai from Big Hero 6
  10. Yama from Gargoyles
  11. Yeti from Monster, inc.
  12. Yelena from Frozen
  13. Young MacGuffin from Brave
  14. Yardam from Ducktails
  15. Yuki from the Lion Guard
  16. Yan Lin from Witch
  17. Yax from Zootopia
  18. Yun Mibu from the Lion Guard
  19. Yen Sid From Fantasia
  20. Yuni Verse from wreck it ralph
  21. Yo-Yo from Fantasia
  22. Yaarp aka experiment 613 from Lilo and stitch
  23. Yono from Kim possible
  24. Yang experiment 502 from Lilo & Stitch
  25. Yacalli from Elena of Avalor
  26. Yan-yan from american Dragon
  27. Yang from the Pirate Fairy
  28. Yachi from Baymax!
  29. Yin experiment 501 from Lilo and stitch series
  30. Yukio from Baymax!

Disney Characters With Y Names!

These are all the Disney Y Names that we found! Whether you are looking for a popular Disney Character or digging for some old school Disney Nostalgia and can’t remember who that character was that started with Y, well we got you covered!

Yar from Dinosaur

Yar is one of the elder lemurs in the lemur family that raised Aladar the Dinosaur, when the Dinosaur egg showed up on lemur island.

He initially is really reluctant to let Aladar be raised amongst them as he worries he will grow up and try to eat them. However his daughter Plio and son Zini convince him to let him stay and eventually he gives in.

Throughout the movie Yar shines as a wholesome grandad and plays an important supporting character to the story’s arc.

Yatta from the Emperor’s New School

While Yatta the ginger haired Disney Character may only be a minor character in The Emperor’s New School, we still think she is a great character and totally memorable for her country girl charm and being Malina’s best friend!

Yodel from Snow Dogs

If you haven’t seen Snow Dogs, then you need to see it ASAP! Growing up I loved this movie because of the stars of the film were the sled dogs!

Yodel is one of the sled dogs that is comprised of Diesel, Duchess, Demon, Mack, Scooper and Sniff.

Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove

“Pull the lever, Kronk!”……..”Wrong Lever!”

Yzma the Evil Sorceress from Emperor’s New Groove

In my opinion, Yzma is one of the most memorable Disney Villains ever, and she’s one of my favorite disney characters! Originally she is Kuzco’s advisors but when she gets sacked by Kuzco she starts plotting her revenge to “get rid” of Kuzco! Earning her spot as the movies main antagonist!

Working alongside her not too sharp henchmen Kronk, Yzma takes all sorts of routes to accomplish her goal of replacing Kuzco as emperor.

Yama from Big Hero 6

Yama is a villain and minor antagonist in the Movie Big Hero 6 and also stars in the hit series Big Hero 6: The Series. He is a large Japanese man that does look similar in appearance to a Sumo Wrestler. Other than his appearance, he’s a stone cold gangster and he hates losing!

Probably one of the best scenes in the movie Big Hero 6 is when Hiro going against Yama and his little robot “little Yama”. Hiro ends up completely destroying Yamas Bot during the illegal bot fighting ring and takes the grand prize.

Yama being the gangster he is, is completely humiliated by the fact that he got finessed by a teeenager and goes after Hiro but luckily Hiros big brother saves the day.

Yesss from Ralph Breaks the Internet

Yesss is a character in Ralph Breaks the Internet and she basically is a know it all algorithm that manages BuzzzTube a web platform that focuses on the latest trends. Yess always knows what is trending from the latest trends in fashion, to hair styles, to pretty much anything!

What is super cool about Yesss is she is able to change her appearance based on what is trending so it can be a little hard keeping up on her changing looks as fashion is ever changing and fleeting.

Yao from Mulan

Yao is one of my favorite Mulan Characters! He’s apart of a trio that is composed of himself, Chien-Po and Ling and he designated himself as leader.

When it comes to appearances he’s pretty short, actually the shortest out of the trio. He has strong shoulder and little legs and for some reason always has a black eye.

Yao does have a bit of an angry persona with a quick to fight attitude if he feels like he’s been offended. Yao is also pretty arrogant so combined with his short temper, it’s no wonder why he picks a fight with Mulan when she first joined the army.

Yupi from The Emperor’s New Groove

Yupi is the youngest child of Pacha and Chicha. His older siblings being Tipo and Chaca who we see more of in The Emperor’s New Groove.

Yupi makes his grand entrance right at the end of the movie, and we see more of Yupi as a toddler throughout Emperor’s New School series.

Yokai from Big Hero 6

Yokai the masked villain in Big Hero 6 and is Hiro Hamada’s arch nemesis. He will do whatever it cost to make his goal a reality. A goal that is bittersweet and we truly understand, but also not a reason to justify his evil actions throughout the film.

Big Hero 6 Spoiler alert!

Since Yokai is actually Robert Callaghan, it makes his character that much more complex and seeing his undoing because of his inability to move past his grief is both saddening and refreshing for a Disney Character.

Yama from Gargoyles

Yama is from the Gargoyle series, he was originally a part of the Ishimura clan and was even second in command to his leader Kai. During his time as part of the clan he grew anxious to expand beyond the clan.

Unfortunately this led to a great betrayal, and even though he helped the clan regain their freedom from the evil Taro. He was still banished because at the end of the day he still betrayed them.

He then leaves to atone for his betrayal and to regain his honor. This is when him and his mate Sora, separate as she stays behind at his request.

Yama, eventually joins the group known as a redemption squad in an effort to regain his honor.

Yeti from Monster, inc.

Yeti is one of the great disney characters that is super underappreciated. He’s also known as the abominable snowman and I think one of the cutest monsters from Monsters inc. He originally was apart of the Monsters Inc. company but he was banished to the Himalayas to live out the rest of his days because he found out about Waternoose.

It’s there in the Himalayas that we meet Yeti, as Sulley and Mike had just been banished there.

Yelena from Frozen II

First is it Yelena or Yelana? It’s actually both, because Yelena is what is listed for the credits of the movie. While Yelana is is listed for the spin off Frozen II Dangerous Secrets.

Yelena is a side character in the hit sequel Frozen II, she leads the Northuldra clan and has been doing so for over 34 years.

The Northuldra clan was stuck in the enchanted forest after the war that happened between them and Arendelle.

Yelana is initially distrusting of the Arendelle newcomers Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff but after she connects the dots and realises that Elsa and Anna’s mother was Iduna who was also a fellow Northuldra, she becomes more trusting.

Young MacGuffin from Brave

Young MacGuffin is from the animation Brave. He along with other suitors was one of the princes that Merida was suppose to consider for marriage. However we all know how that one turned out 👀.

Young Macguffin is of large build, and pretty shy in the movie.

Yardarm from Ducktales

If you don’t recognize this Disney Y name or Disney character from the series Ducktails, well we don’t blame you. Yardarm is only shown in one episode on Ducktales the episode “Pearl of Wisdom.”

Yuki from the Lion Guard – Lion King Franchise

Yuki is from the series The Lion Guard. She first appears in Season 3 of the lion guard.

If you haven’t guessed from her appearance, she is a snow monkey. Yuki also has a family, she has two offspring Nabasu and Kimyo, her mate is Hitashi.

Yan Lin from W.i.t.c.h.

Yan Lin is the grandmother of the current generation Guardian of Air Hay Lin. Yan Lin is also the previous guardian of Air and when they were disbanded she held on to the heart of Kandrakar until the next generation would be ready for it.

Yax from Zootopia

Yax is one of the minor characters in Zootropolis aka Zootopia, the hippie owner of the mystic spring oasis, he’s a male Yak if you haven’t guessed it yet.

Yun Mibu from The Lion Guard – Lion King Franchise

Yun Minbu is a male clouded leopard that stars in the series The Lions Guard. He pops up in season 3 of the show and makes his grand entrance by hanging on a tree upside down.

Yen Sid From Fantasia

Yen Sid is probably one of the more popular Disney Characters that start with y!

Yen Sid is a magical sorcerer in the film Fantasia. Hes powerful and is the mentor of Mickey Mouse as he learns all there is to know about magic and sorcery.

Yen Sid also appears in several other Disney Projects and even stars in the hit game series Kingdom hearts where he teaches Sora new magic spells!

Yuni Verse from Wreck it Ralph

If you didn’t remember Yuni verse from Wreck it Ralph, we don’t blame you. She was in and out for a short cameo where she says “All Clear! The arcade’s closed!”

If you are familiar with the hit game Dance Dance Revolution then you have to know this dancing blonde and her iconic moves!

Yo-Yo the pink flamingo from Fantasia – Walt Disney Project

Yo-yo plays a part in the projects Fantasia 2000 and House of Mouse.

Earning his own animated short in Fantasia, Yo-Yo is a cute pink flamingo who unfortunately gets disconnected from his flock of flamingos because he was to busy playing with yo-yo’s.

Yaarp aka experiment 613 from Lilo & Stitch Franchise and Leroy & Stitch

This bizarrely loud experiment from Lilo and Stitch is known as Yaarp, he can create extremely loud sonic blasts that will leave you buzzing from sound shock!

Yono from Kim Possible

Yono the destroyer is creature and half of a powerful weapon. He appears to be human and ape like with his perfect english and intelligence, but ape like stature.

Yono serves the will of his summoner and is powerful with super strength and speed.

Yang Experiment 502 from Lilo & Stitch The Tv Series

Another one of Jumbas illegal experiments is Experiment 502 aka Yang. This fiery creature shoots out lava balls! I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side 👀

He ends up creating his own new island in Leroy and Stitch, which is probably best because imagine how many fires he could start with lava accidents.

Yacalli from Elena of Avalor

Yacalli is is said to be based off an old mayan legend. This giant being however, is pretty cordial though and always asked or gives others a chance to change their minds before he did anything hasty.

When prince Alonso was digging up the buhitos territory, Yacalli gives him a chance to stop and leave. They refuse and Yacalli goes to town and eventually Princess Elena of Avalor promises to rebuild what they broke and Yacalli is then able to finally return back to his slumber.

Yan-Yan from American Dragon: Jake Long

I loved American Dragon so I actually remembered this Disney characters that start with y name!

Yan-Yan is a sphynx type cat and just like her arch nemesis fu dog, she is a magical animal. If you have watched the show you have probably seen Yan Yan chasing Fu dog around trying to his lucky coin.

Yang from the Pirate Fairy – Tinker Bell Franchise

Yang is a minor character from the Pirate Fairy Film, he’s apart of James Hook’s crew.

Yachi from Baymax!

Yachi is a cute little orange tabby cat that had made San Fransokyo her home. Later in the series she becomes Kikos pet and befriends Baymax.

Yin experiment 501 from Lilo and Stitch Series

Yin is a water powered experiment that works alongside experiment 502 also know as yang. The two are opposites as one has an affinity for water and the other for fire, they even end up creating a new island together!

Yukio from Baymax! A Disney+ Original

Yukio is a apple vendor in the Baymax! show and he has a close friendship with Mbita.

More Disney Characters Names That Start With A-Z!

Looking for more Disney characters Names that range from A-Z. Then look no further because we went out and found a ton for you and even included some cool quotes, trivia, and where to find them!

Below is a list of Disney Characters that start with A all the way to Z. Click on the letter your interested in to find out which Disney Characters start with that letter.

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  • Disney Characters That Start With Y
  • Disney Characters Starting With Z

Disney Characters Starting With Y: FAQ

Who is the most popular Disney Character that starts with Y?

The most popular Disney Character that starts with Y is

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