Original Seven Dwarfs Names + Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Trivia & Facts

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Whether you’re a huge fan of the Seven Dwarfs or simply curious about the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is everything you need to know about the famous Seven Dwarfs Names and Facts and how this classic Disney Animation took the hearts of adults and children around the world!

We personally are big fans of Disney Classics, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie, because it brings that nostalgia from our childhood and countless other generations that grew up with the whimsical story.

That’s why we went and found all you would want to know about the beyond loved Seven Dwarfs, from where you can meet them at disney parks, to Seven dwarfs trivia and facts, and of course the origin and meaning behind their names and personalities!

This post is all about the Seven Dwarfs Names and Seven Dwarfs Facts!

The Seven Dwarfs Names

Everything You Need To Know About The Seven Dwarfs!

We are gonna go over all you want to know about the famous Seven Dwarfs from the classic movie Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs!

You’ll learn about who these memorable dwarfs our, each Dwarf’s personality, and even where you can see the Seven Dwarfs when visiting one of the many Disney Parks around the World

Who are the Seven Dwarfs?

The Seven Dwarfs are a group of Dwarfs from the famous 1812 fairytale of Snow White. The original story of Snow White is a german folk tale though the famous story we all know and love today was made famous by none other than Walt Disney.

In fact Walt Disney believed in the story so much, this was his very first full length feature film and he took a lot of risks to make it what it was.

Now, the story of Snow White wouldn’t be what it is without the famous Seven Dwarfs. It’s been said that the Seven Dwarfs represent the 7 emotions hence their names.

These Dwarfs were protectors and ultimately each played a very important part in her life and represented something so important to her.

What Were Seven Dwarfs Almost Named? Who Are The Unused Dwarfs?

There was a huge list of potential names for the 7 Dwarfs and each with different personalities. Some of the noteworthy Unused Dwarfs for the seven dwarfs are Silly, Gloomy, Lazy, Dumpy, Deafy, Hoppy, and way more!

The Seven Dwarfs

Where can you see the Seven Dwarfs in Disney World?

The Seven Dwarfs are so special they have their own ride dedicated to them at Walt Disney World. Their ride is the super popular thrill ride, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This ride is a fast moving coaster that can have super long wait times so plan ahead when looking to enjoy this ride at Disney World! While you won’t see the actual Dwarfs at this attraction, it’s definitely worth experiencing if you’re a big Seven Dwarfs fan!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Location: Magic Kingdom Park, Fantasyland

Hours: 9am-10pm

Early Entry: 8:30am-9am

Ride Type: This is a thrilling roller coaster ride with small drops.

Ages: Kids-Adults

Height: Riders must be 38in (97cm) or taller to enjoy this attraction.


  • This ride takes you through a cool diamond mine from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Photopass available
  • Lightning Lane

Storybook Circus Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Location: Magic Kingdom park, Fantasyland, Pete’s Silly Slideshow at Storybook Circus

These famous Dwarfs can be seen at Pete’s Silly Slideshow as a special treat for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party guests. They are available to meet and take pictures with!

Note: This is only available to guests with valid tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.

The Seven Dwarfs and snow white  in a parade

Seven Dwarfs in Parades

The Seven Dwarfs can be spotted in these exciting Disney World parades.

  • Festival of Fantasy Parade
  • Boo to You Parade (seasonal)
  • Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade (seasonal)

Where can you see the Seven Dwarfs in Disneyland?

If you’re wishing to embark into the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs then you’ll definitely want to experience Snow White’s Enchanted Wish attraction.

It’s a slow moving experience where you get taken into some of the most spectacular scenes from the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

Location: Disneyland Park, Fantasyland

Hours: 8am-12am

Ride Type: This is a slow moving ride through the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Ages: Kids-Adults

Height: Any


  • The ride may close due to fireworks, but will resume shortly after fireworks are done.

Where Can You See The Seven Dwarfs At Other Disney Parks?

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris Resort also have the “Snow White’s Enchanted Wish” ride. So you’ll be able to see up close the seven dwarves!

The Seven Dwarfs Names

What are the Seven Dwarfs names?

Lets as the Seven Dwarfs sing “Heigh Ho” on our way to finding out all there is to know about all the Dwarfs! We focus mostly on the Disney Dwarfs version, but we also go over the original brothers grimm versions and other variations throughout this guide.

Bashful Dwarf Personality

Bashful, just as his name suggests is very shy, coy, kind, and reserved. He has a very cute face that is very prone to blushing when he’s embarrassed, when he does blush his face turns a bright shiny red.

Bashful is definitely the romantic of the group and he has a huge crush on Snow White throughout the course of the film which can be seen whenever the two of them interact.

Bashful Dwarf Appearance

Bashful is medium size and has a white beard and rosy cheeks. He is seen wearing a green hat, olive colored top, brown pants, and tan shoes in the classic Disney movie.

At the Disney parks you’ll find Bashful wearing a turquoise hat, red top, purple pants, and tan shoes.

Doc Dwarf Personality

Doc is the self proclaimed leader of the Dwarfs and as such is very vocal, intelligent and caring. When it comes to Snow White Doc can be very caring, sweet and fatherly in nature. His caring fatherly side you can see as wants Snow White to be safe and taken care of. When it comes to Dopey Doc is also very much acting as a caretaker of sorts due to Dopey’s childish behavior.

When it comes to the other Dwarfs, Doc is often looked to for decision making and holds authority over the others. But when it comes to Grumpy, Doc is often challenged by Grumpy though the two will typically come to an understanding with Grumpy following Doc’s lead. Whenever Doc can’t come to a decision he can rely on his fellow Dwarfs to help him and as they rely on him, he relies on them.

Doc Dwarf’s Appearance

Doc is one of the tubbier dwarfs and has a white beard and he wears glasses unlike the rest of the other dwarfs. In the Disney Movie and at the Disney parks he wears a yellow top, glasses, blue pants, brown shoes, and a bright orange hat.

Dopey Dwarf Personality

Dopey is the youngest dwarf of the Seven Dwarfs and often acts very childish and immature which tends to annoy the rest of the group. But what would the rest of the group be without the fun and innocent Dopey.

Due to Dopey’s innocent nature and kind heart is seen in a very fond light by the fairest of them all, Snow White. Dopey returns this affection and often tries to make impress her, make her laugh and smile and protect her.

Dopey’s Appearance

Dopey is the smallest of the dwarfs and also the only dwarf that has no hair. He wears a purple hat, green top, blue pants and tan shoes in the Disney movie. In the Disney Parks his character is shown wearing a Purple hat, bright blue long coat, brown shoes, and dark pants.

Grumpy Dwarf Personality

Grumpy personality as his name suggests if quite grumpy, rude and negative. He often becomes annoyed by his fellow Dwarfs and their attitudes but deep down he truly cares for others and he has a big soft spot for those he cares about.

While he can be seen challenging Doc’s authority, being annoyed with the other Dwarfs and being distrusting of women, his relationship with Snow White is unlike any other.

When it comes to the one and only, Snow White, Grumpy is very cold on the outside and doesn’t seem to allow their friendship to grow. But to his dislike the two grow closer and closer throughout the film and by the end of it he’s leading the rescue mission for Snow White and facing his biggest fears in order to protect her from the Evil Queen. If that isn’t true friendship then who knows what is!

Also, is it just us or is Grumpy like one of the most relatable characters in this story.

Grumpy Dwarf ‘s Appearance

Grumpy has a long white beard, and wears a dark brown hat, red top, and brown bottoms with tan shoes in the Disney movie. At the Disney Parks Grumpy is seen wearing a dark blue hat, red tunic, brown pants, and green shoes.

Happy Dwarf Personality

Happy is most certainly the happiest and most cheerful of the bunch by far. When it comes to the other Dwarfs, Happy is caring, friendly and loves bringing joy to his friends. While his name is Happy, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t experience other emotions such as anger and annoyance. When it comes to Snow White, Happy is kind, caring and protective over her.

Happy Dwarf’s Appearance

Happy Dwarf is plumper, has white eyebrows, medium white beard, and is seen wearing more natural tones in the movie like a tan hat, orange brown tunic top, blue pants and tan shoes. While his Disney park version is much bright with a lime green hat and green tunic, brown pants, and red shoes.

Sleepy Dwarf Personality

Sleepy, just like his name, is always drowsy and struggling to stay awake so he’s always ready for a nap, just like most of us… Though he appears to be physically slow, tired, and slightly lazy he is also one of the most intelligent and observant Dwarfs. Sleepy is very protective of Snow White and cares deeply for her as all of the Seven Dwarfs do.

Sleepy Dwarf Appearance

Sleepy is also medium build, white hair, and he is seen wearing a green hat, grey top, brown pants, and tan shoes during the animated film.

In person at the Disney parks, you’ll be able to tell Sleepy Dwarf apart from the other dwarfs by his fuschia hat, yellow brown tunic, green pants, and red shoes. He also just looks like a tired dwarf.

Sneezy Dwarf Personality

Sneezy has severe hay fever and has constant outbursts of super strong sneezes coming from his stuffy nose. Sneezy is very friendly and fun at heart. Due to this he is one of the only Dwarfs to entertain the child-like Dopey and his wild antics. Sneezy like all of the Dwarfs thinks very highly of Snow White and is very protective of her.

Sneezy Dwarf Appearance

Sneezy is also average sized and he is seen wearing a olive hat, grey tunic, and tan shoes in the animated film. He has a long white beard in the film.

At the parks you’ll catch Sneezy dwarf wearing a blue tunic, green hat, brown pants, and purple shoes.

SNow White And The Seven Dwarfs Trivia & Facts

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Disney (1937) Film and Plot

The original Disney film came out in 1937 and took a huge effort to produce between funding and animation. The overall creation by Walt Disney made history being the first ever full length animated film in the United States. While the story was made famous by Walt Disney and was a huge success, the original fairy tale was created in 1812 by the Grimm brothers and then was brought to be a broadway play in 1912.

The film plot itself features the fairest of them all, Disney Princess Snow White on the run from the evil Queen who out after finding out from the magic mirror that Snow White was the fairest of them all, wanted to get rid of Snow White. Whilst Snow White is on the run snow white stumbles and begins to cry in the dark forest. She ends up making friends with the woodland animals and subsequently wanders into the home of the Seven Dwarfs.

Once inside the home she cooks, cleans and waits the home owners arrival with a proposition. Once the 7 Dwarfs arrive they are initially alarmed but then come to an agreement to let Snow White stay if she cooks and cleans for them.

Back at the castle the mirror reveals that Snow White is alive and the evil Queen is infuriated to learn this. She then hatches a plan to get rid of Snow White. The plan involved tricking Snow White into eating a poisoned apple, which the evil queen manages to do and Snow White is put into a deep sleep that can only be stopped with true love’s first kiss. The forest animals then wander off to warn the 7 Dwarfs.

The Dwarfs come back home, chase the Queen away and she ends up being crushed by a boulder. Now with the Queen gone, the true problem at hand is the now cursed sleeping Snow White. Now with Snow White in a deep sleep the Dwarfs build a glass coffin for her and let her sleep peacefully while they and the animals protect her.

This is where the prince comes into play, once he learns of her cursed state he becomes saddened and visits her in her glass coffin. When he visits her coffin he kisses her which ultimately breaks the spell and they live happily ever after. The 7 Dwarfs and animals are overjoyed that she is awake and the Prince then takes princess Snow White to his castle and completes their love story.

Famous twists and variations of the Seven Dwarfs story

  • Snow White and the Huntsman
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1955)
  • Snow White (2024)
  • The Huntsman Winters War
  • Mirror Mirror

Seven Dwarfs Facts

  • Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first ever full length animated feature film in U.S. history.
  • The film ultimately costed about 1.5 million dollars to make which in modern day money would be approximately 31 million dollars, give or take, due to inflation.
  • The film ultimately made around 8 million dollars which in present day is approximately 169 million dollars.
  • Walt Disney had to mortgage his home in order to fund the making of this film, which in the long run paid off for him.
  • The film took about 3 years to create.
  • The Seven Dwarfs each represent an emotion for which they are named after, except for Doc.
  • Doc is named differently because he is meant to be the leader and Disney Animators thought Doc is a great leader type name.

Seven Dwarfs FAQs

What are the names of the 7 Dwarfs?


Are there 7 or 8 Dwarfs?

The official answer is that there are 7 Dwarfs and this is apparent in the film literally titled “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Though there was a comic titled “The secret of the eighth Dwarf” and this story was about “Breezy” who turned out to be the eighth Dwarf who left to seek his own fortune.

What were the original Seven Dwarfs names?

In the original 1812 story of Snow White the Seven Dwarfs did not have any names. It wasn’t until in 1912 when the story was brought to broadway that the Dwarfs were given names. The names given in the broadway story were Flick, Blick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick and Quee.

What do the 7 dwarfs represent?

The 7 Dwarfs represent different emotions, except for Doc who is the leader of the group.

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