49 Amazing Travel Essentials For Women In 2023

If you love to travel and travel frequently, then you probably understand the grueling moment of packing for a trip and trying to narrow down all the women travel essentials you need to bring and don’t. Trying to figure out what you need and don’t need can be daunting, especially as a woman! We can’t tell you how many time we have brought the wrong things, paid way too much for something that we never used or gave in to a total travel fad πŸ™„.

Yes, even people who travel a lot make mistakes, and honestly, it’s normal not to know everything! That’s why we created this travel essentials list for women, so you know what to bring and what you may have never even thought of!

Beach Travel Essentials For Women
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Women Travel Essentials For Long Trips: Comfort

Airplane Foot Hammock – Travel Essentials No One Talks About

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Okay, where was this when we took our 14-hour flight from Greece back to the States? I can’t tell you crucial it is to have a foot hammock for airplane travel! Especially if you’re someone who just can’t get comfortable on a plane. I mean who can?

We are all about comfort, so we were intrigued when we discovered this newest travel essential! Mainly because someone on our recent flight was using one! So jealous because, for starters, it elevates your feet so you are comfier, and two, you get your feet elevated from the nasty ground, don’t even look up airplane floors on tik tok 😟.

Plus, this one has padding, so it’s not a piece of fabric hanging limply off the seat.

Travel Blanket For Women

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You would think bringing a travel blanket is a no-brainer, but wait till we tell you how many people we saw super unprepared on the long flights we took. That’s right! A whole lot of people did not bother to bring even a sweater for the cold and stale air of the plane, so guess who was shivering during that time?

Also, don’t even mention the blanket they give you on the plane πŸ˜† It might as well be toilet paper, and is it just us, or do they smell funky 🀨.

Anywho, bring a travel blanket; they usually come in a bag like this one so you can attach it to your luggage, too, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing it! Plus, who doesn’t love a cute blanket in their favorite color? Yeah, I thought so!

Travel Neck Pillow For Women

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We love bringing our neck pillows with us on long flights. Hence, they are definitely a travel essential for everyone, especially women, because since women are usually shorter than men, the airplane seat headrest is a little awkward for us, which is where a neck pillow can help.

They also are excellent for window sleeping! We have a few favorite different types of neck pillows, so make sure to read our dedicated Neck Pillows Guide!

What we love about this neck pillow, is the adjustable arms, we have one similar to it and we might need to upgrade now because it’s a little worn down and this looked like it adds amazing support and the reviews for it are off the charts because of its superb quality and it seems to be a hit for a ton of savvy travelers!

Compression Socks For Women

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You know, a few years ago, if you told me who brings Long and not so cute socks on a trip, I would be right there with you however, as we have started to travel more and speak to more people who travel frequently. We learned how relieving it can be to wear compression socks for those with viscous veins, legs, and feet that swell while airborne.

Until the last year, I had no clue what those long socks were, and now that I’ve tried compression socks, I’m a believer!

What we love about these compression socks is that they don’t just come in dull black; you can pick out different colors, patterns, nude colors, shades of grey, and much more! It sounds like I need to upgrade my set 🀨.

Rotating Phone Mount perfect for flights and long trips

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Worry less about dropping your phone off the flimsy airplane tray when you get this useful phone mount. It clips onto your seat tray so you can watch your favorite show hands-free and worry-free since you won’t fall asleep holding it.

Luggage Drink Holder for on the go travel

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Where was this when I needed it!!! I love that this is a travel essential, and when you’re a woman on the go, having one less thing to worry about is priceless! This is why we love this drink holder; it snuggly holds your cup of coffee or tea against your luggage handle. Just don’t forget and tip your bag over to open it πŸ˜†.

We prefer this soft material since it’s easier to pack away when not in use.

Sleep Mask for Women

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Some people are fans of sleep masks, and others are not; we happen to be big fans 0f sleep masks and started using them more frequently because it really does help when you’re trying to get a quick nap in and the sun is out, or your neighbor has the viewer open 100%, and the glaring sun is seconds away from destroying your eyesight ☺️.

Okay, but no, really, get a sleep mask. Itmany will help! We love that this version blocks out the light perfectly and doesn’t let it seep in like a lot of other sleep masks do.

Travel Essentials For Women: Packing

Collapsible Tote – The Perfect Tote Bag

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This is a slept on Travel essential for women, having a collapsible Tote is a game changer whether you’re doing laundry or taking a quick day trip to a nearby city. We used to use duffel bags for everything but once a duffel bag is not the cutest look or most comfortable. A Collapsible tote is just more functional for traveling so we totally recommend if you’re in the market for a new travel bag. This is especially handy on for Packing for Cruises!

Toiletry Bag

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We always used to use Ziplock bags for everything, but then we realized how wasteful it was to continue using disposable items like that, mainly plastic. So we invested in our travel bags for cosmetics and toiletries and etc. It does take up more room in your bag and we do like to travel with less than what this super organized travel bag can carry, but we still thought it would be a great idea to mention.

Waterproof Shoe Bags

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Gosh thinking back we were very wasteful when we first started traveling, and even now e have some bad habits. We used to use garbage bags for our shoes since it was easy to throw away when we were done with them. However what sucked was because they were cheap grocery bags, they always ripped and if our shoes were wet they got the rest of our items wet and muggy πŸ₯².

This is why something like a waterproof shoe bag can be super valuable! We don’t recommend throwing your wet shoes in a bag anyways because then they will smell. However, if you’re in a pinch then you can use these and they work perfectly for storing your shoes in your bag without taking up a lot of room.

Dirty Laundry Bag – Essential Items For Travel

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So maybe we are just lazy or cheap, but again we used grocery bags for all of our dirty clothes. Until one day…. when we were doing laundry on a trip and the grocery bag ripped on the street and spilt our dirty laundry all over the sidewalk….

Safe to say, we will never use grocery bags again for that! So learn from our mistakes and get a good quality laundry bag; plus, it’s nice to be able to pick it up and take it for laundry day on your trip =).

Electronic bag organizer – Don’t Forget This For Your Travel Packing List

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Do you throw all your things in your bag when rushing to your next destination, and then ten minutes later on the train realise you need your charger but can’t remember where you put it?

Well, been there, done that! We weren’t very organized in our earlier days of travel, and honestly, it looked like our bags threw up if you opened them, a whole mess.

So when we needed to grab something like a charger, or portable power bank, we never could and our phones would lose their charge and turn to little paper weights.

So moral of the story? Get an Electronics bag, and you’ll always know where your stuff is πŸ˜€.

Packing Cubes – Everyone Should Use These When Packing

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We always used to roll our clothes, and don’t get me wrong, there are times when rolling is superior to everything else. We cover that more in-depth in our Packing guide.

But, packing cubes are honestly amazing and I used to think they were a gimmick but nope they really do help by sectioning your things into areas so you always know where your bras, underwear, socks, shirts and etc are.

Travel Luggage

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You are probably like, why are you mentioning the most obvious thing a woman needs when she travels? Of course, you probably already have a trusty luggage set. But if you don’t πŸ‘€ then check out this super popular luggage set that is surprisingly not too bad in pricing!

Also! If your luggage is black…… get a new set. No, really like a majority of the population that travels all have black luggage so in the event of lost luggage it’s incredibly hard to tell them apart and reunite the bags with their owners. So get a luggage set that stands out, or decorate your black luggage with something like stickers, ribbon, duct tape, or anything!

Luggage Tags – Don’t Forget This on Your Packing List

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Probably the biggest travel sin we ever committed was never using luggage tags, you are probably like, why even bother when the airline tickets your checked luggage?

WRONG! Those paper tags fall off, get ripped off, or come off with your handle all the time when being handled by airline employees. This is why it’s sooooo important to have good-quality travel tags for your luggage.

Plus, you need to place one inside your luggage as well, as a precaution in case your bag tag on the outside rips off.

However, we will mention we love these bag tags because they are good quality and have metal rings, so they are less likely to fall victim to airport abuse.

Travel Essentials For Women: Electronics

Kindle Oasis that is waterproof

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While I love a good book, bringing a couple of books on a trip is not feasible. Which is why I love my Kindle! I’m due for an upgrade, and this one with the added feature of being waterproof is something that I’m definitely going to want πŸ‘€.

Portable Power bank perfect for busy women on the go

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It’s almost a fact that everyone is always on their phones, which leads to them eventually losing their charge throughout the day. The last thing you want is to waste time on your trip, having to go back to the hotel to charge your phone up.

This is why we love having a good quality power bank with us when we travel; in fact, we usually bring a few portable chargers with us and keep them in our Carry On Luggage.

Bluetooth Adapter For That Long Haul Flight

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You would think everyone would have Bluetooth capability by now, but some airplanes and trains still do not use it. So having a Bluetooth adapter is gonna come in handy when you come across that.

Polaroid camera

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My first Polaroid camera was an Instax Mini, and I loved it πŸ₯Ή. We recommend bringing a Polaroid camera because even though the photo quality isn’t as good as a digital camera, it’s still pretty good. The instant printing of the photo is a must for travel memories!

Travel Camera Mirrorless

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While this is the most expensive item on our list, we think it’s worth the investment if traveling is your passion. We tried traveling with just our phones for a few trips, and now we can’t even use those photos because they are so pixelated, and the image quality is just, ughhh, bad.

I have a Canon D80, and I love it, and eventually, I will upgrade to this camera because I’m tired of the added weight that a DSLR camera adds to my travels. The added lightweight appeal plus the newer technology of the mirrorless cameras has me sold, but I need to save up first πŸ˜….

Women Travel Essentials For Safety And Theft Protection

Travel Insurance – Travel Necessities

Travel Guard

You never know what could go wrong, so having insurance is always a good idea, especially if traveling abroad. I got really sick in Spain, and if I hadn’t recovered, I usually would have had to spend so much money out of pocket for medical care.

Ps. Travel insurance can be complicated, so do your researchπŸ˜… .

Pacsafe anti-theft bag

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Our camera bag is actually this bag. I love it and haven’t had the heart to get a new bag for my camera despite needing room for lenses. This bag is fantastic because of the added security features, such as the zipper lock function, which I always use. The slash-resistant straps make me feel more comfortable when I’m out and about traveling.

Travel Medical Kit

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Always worth a shout-out! Bring a compact medical kit when traveling; you never know when you might need it!

Bandolier Phone Case – Every Female Packing List Should Have This

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Where were these when we traveled worldwide and needed something to hold our phone? Honestly, this is a lifesaver! Especially if you are out and about and need to place your phone somewhere but keep it on your person. Just remember it is a cute phone holder, so it won’t hold up too well if someone tries to steal it by cutting it off 🀨.

Life Straw Don’t forget This Travel Essential!

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So you may be thinking, why would I need a life straw if I’m going to Italy? Well! Let me tell you! While there are various freshwater sources in Europe to drink from, such as public fountains, we don’t trust them. So to be extra safe, we like to bring a Life Straw 😎.

Plus, this water filter is even more important if you are hiking, and we would never go camping or hiking without it and a few spares! You never know!

Travel Lock – The Perfect Travel Essential For Safety

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Traveling alone can be scary, especially if you are a woman. We must be extra careful about everything we do, from paying attention to our surroundings, double checking directions, avoiding alleyways, and other things girls do daily to stay safe.

Traveling solo can be scary, but having an extra lock to secure your door when you are sleeping? That is priceless! We first learned about these on TikTok and wow! We are gonna have to get a few of them for our next trip abroad.

Air Tag – One of the Best Travel Essentials To Bring

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If there’s one thing you should get when you travel, it’s this! We have 8 Air Tags and place them in our carry-ons, checked luggage (yes, they are allowed in your checked baggage!), our day bags, and on anything small and important like our keys.

Honestly, I will probably never travel without my Airtag because while it can’t stop theft. It can help immensely when you misplace your bag or worse it gets lost during connecting flights 😟.

You can get Airtag holders for them, but personally, I only use that on my keys. The ones that go in my luggage or bags are hidden so if a theft occurs it’s harder to find them.

Safety Alarm Keychain – International Travel Essentials

When you’re traveling solo internationally in a new city, it can be beyond scary! Especially at night! So invest in a loud alarm keychain system that will help make some noise if you ever get into trouble! We always like to keep something like this in our bags and hand luggage when traveling between locations.

Travel Essentials For Women: Clothing, shoes, hats, and more

Comfortable Sandals – For That Next Beach Destination

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Okay, this is obvious, but hey, sometimes you need that extra oomph to give you a sign that it’s okay to buy those sandals you really wanted to get for your next trip.

Personally, we loveeeeee our Crocs! I used to be the biggest hater of Crocs. I thought they were so ugly! But when I finally wore a pair all day at Disney World, my feet felt amazing after that?… It was life-changing! Now I have three sets and want more πŸ‘€.

So go ahead, be like us, and join the dark side 😈.

Travel Sun Hat For That Summer Trip

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Sun damage is not cute, no matter how cute that tan is. We almost always wear sun hats when planning to spend the day out. Especially when we go to theme parks like Massive Disney World or Magical Disneyland ❀️.

What I love about hats like this one, though, is that it’s useable and packable. I’m not too fond of traditional sun hats made of straw because they don’t pack well for travel. But a soft and breathable bucket hat? Game over! This one comes in various colors, so collect them all πŸ‘€.

Rain poncho

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Suppose you are visiting a country or city where there’s a chance of rain. Then make sure to bring a rain poncho. We like rain ponchos because, unlike an umbrella they won’t break in the wind 🀣. No, but really, a Rain poncho is incredible for staying hands-free when you travel. Plus, they are pretty cheap and super packable, they are a must for our Disney Packing Guide!

We always bring a rain poncho when we travel, even if it’s a hot destination like, because you never know.

Shoe rain covers

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You might not know what these are, but trust, you might want to invest in a pair of rain boot covers because you never know when you will need them. We love that, unlike traditional rain boots, they are not heavy and thus don’t take up a lot of space either.

However they work amazingly for stopping your feet from getting soaked!

We learned the hard way on a trip to Venice, where the streets flooded about a foot deep. It was disgusting…… and never again will we travel without a pair of rain shoe covers.

Swimsuit for active use

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While looking all cute and stuff in a two-piece is nice, sometimes it’s not feasible for working out. Plus, if you’re going to more modest areas, a one-piece might be preferred.

We love bringing a one piece for this very reason when we travel, and it comes it multiple colors and looks fantastic!

Travel Towel

This is an absolute must if you have curly hair or wavy hair. Curly hair girls know you can’t use any old towel to dry your hair; it has to be a good quality microfiber towel. So if you fall under the realm of gifted hair, then make sure to bring it with you.

We love travel towels, too, because they pack down easily!

Next, you need to know what travel shampoos are the best for your hair type 😎.

Cheap Flip Flops

Bringing a pair of cheap flip-flops when you travel is something that should be on every girl’s packing list. We love using our flip flops for taking showers, walking around the hotel room, or running to the lobby to get something. They slide on easily and are easy to clean.

Women Reusable Pasties

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Sometimes a bra is not going to cut it, which is where these come in! We love that they are reusable too! Less wastage!

Travel Essentials For Women On The Go:

Skincare, Beauty, Hair, and Women Essentials

Sunblock Stick – Ultimate Travel Essentials

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As we mentioned above, Sun Damage is no joke! So get a good quality sunblock. We personally love this sunblock, and we take it with us on all our hot trips. The ease of using a sunblock stick vs. messy liquid sunblock is what makes this kind of game changer for travel!

Plus, because it’s so easy to apply, I actually use it multiple times a day like you should with sunblock in general…. but we never did before πŸ™ƒ.

Sunblock Chapstick – For Chapped Lips Abroad

Like sunblock is essential for your skin, the same goes for your lips. The lips are usually neglected regarding SPF because not many people think of it and instead get regular lip balm. However, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, then investing in a good quality spf lip balm is vital.

Plus, it will help you get into a good habit of wearing spf lip balm from now on.

Eco Friendly Wipes – Accidents Happen

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We love bringing wipes with us when we travel because you never know when you will have an accident or get sticky. Plus, we love that these are also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Hair Ties, Scrunchies, and Claw Clips

If you think you’re going to have time to do a whole hairstyle every day then….girlllll. I mean you might, but why waste so much time every day doing your hair when you can clip it up with a. cute claw clip, or get your hair out of your face on s humid day with a scrunchy?

We always bring a few of each just in case we lose them.

Travel size skincare

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Alleyoop 3 in 1 portable razor

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This Handy Travel Raiser is awesome because it’s a comfortable shape to hold. Plus, it holds your shaving cream bar which helps with getting a smooth shave for those beach days.

Menstrual Cup – An Absolute Must For Travel Abroad

One of the worst parts about being a girl is the lack of menstrual products available when you travel. I had to visit 4 stores to find tampons, and by then….. it was a whole mess.

So from now on, one I’m always gonna pack my menstrual products and bring extra, but another useful feminine product is a menstrual cup! They are reusable which is amazing! Just make sure you clean and sanitize it between uses.

Travel women luxury skincare kit

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The only reason you need. TREAT YO SELF! Okay but no, really, invest in good quality skin care; one thing we noticed about ourselves is we neglect self-care when we travel.

Travel Essentials You Never Knew You Needed: Miscellaneous

Portable Coffee Maker

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Where was this when I needed it after a red-eye flight? This is on the top of my Christmas list for travel gifts for her 😍. Because who doesn’t want the ability to make coffee in the middle of the street? That’s right; almost everyone does πŸ˜†.

This little coffee maker isn’t even that expensive either, I was expecting to pay a pretty penny when I added this to my wish list. But now I don’t feel so bad for asking for it πŸ‘€. If only it came in pink though….

Travel app- Wander App

Because sometimes Google Maps just is not going to cut it for your traveling needs.

Reusable Water Bottle

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We never used to bring water bottles when we traveled because it was so easy to buy a big bottle, share it, and refill it. But we wanted to invest in a handy and packable water bottle for travel to reduce our carbon footprint.

Hat Ring

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These are so handy when you travel! You can save space in your Travel Backpack and clip your hats to the side instead! We love being resourceful and finding new ways to pack things, so when I saw this, I was like, woah! Mainly because I’m a total hat person!

Backpack Rain Cover

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We love having a rain cover for our backpacking bags when we use them to travel. Since backpacking bags are soft material, they can get soaked no matter how water-resistant they are. This is why we recommend bringing a backpack cover for your backpacker bag.

Travel Essentials For Women FAQ

How do I pack for a 10 day trip?

Packing for a 10 day trip guide:
– 6 tops
– 4 bottoms
– 3 dresses
– 1 romper
– 10 pairs underwear
– 5 pairs of socks
– 4 bras

How do I pack for a 7 day trip?

Packing for a 7-day trip:
Bring 4 shirts, 3 bottoms, 2 dresses and one romper to mix things up. Then pack 7 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, and 3 bras.

What should a woman pack in carry in?

Pack a set of clothes to change into, one extra set of undergarments, a small toiletry bag, and your expensive items.

What are trip essentials for woman?

– Travel Lock
– Sun hat
– Sunblock
– Keychain Alarm
– Tote bag
– Reusable water bottle
– Travel pillow
-Rain Poncho

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